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Hi guys, welcome back. I thought it would
be fun to let Instagram control what I do for a day. I had such a great time and this kind of
met one of my personal goals for 2020 of finding more time for self-care. enjoy
the video. Here you go. So it is the night before I start my
vlog. I just posted my announcement of what I’m doing on Instagram. Hey guys so
I have kind of an exciting announcement. Tomorrow I’m gonna be doing a video
where I let Instagram control my day. Which means that you guys are going to
get to vote on a series of polls. There’s also gonna be a couple of opportunities
for you to make suggestions and I will probably just pick maybe the most
frequent suggestion. Because I don’t have like a million followers on Instagram,
I’m putting up a lot of these polls tonight so that I give plenty of time
and opportunity for a lot of people to participate. I’ve seen some other people
do similar things and I think it’s gonna be fun, and hopefully a kind of a good
day for me to do one of my new year’s resolutions: finding more joy and time
for self-care in my life. So I’m about to put up my first poll which is about
which coffee I should drink in the morning. I’m a big fan of Bones coffee.
These are the two choices people will pick between. We have Wunderbones which
is like a salted pretzel. Salty Siren which is a salted caramel mocha. They’re
both good but one’s a little more savory than the other, so we’ll see the people
pick. The first pull is up. The next one that I’m gonna put up is about which
eyeshadow palette I should use. So I have Midnight Masquerade by Colourpop. these
are the colors there. Or the ever popular Naked Heat by Urban Decay. So
I’ll put that poll up and we will see what people pick. The next poll is gonna
be about what I should wear: stripes or florals. Definitely gonna be wearing jeans
or leggings with either option so I can easily move around the city. I also put
up a poll for what I should eat for breakfast – I love that filter life
especially at the end of the day when my makeup is looking a little sad. This is
much better. So I pretty much always bring a book
with me when I go places, and especially for a day like tomorrow where it’s about
self-care, I’m for sure gonna be carving out some time for reading. I have two
very exciting upcoming releases this month that I’m planning on reading, so
I’m gonna let instagram vote on which of those two books I’m gonna start reading
tomorrow. I think I know which one’s gonna win but you never know and to make
it fair I decided to try to include two books that I think people are actually
gonna be excited about. So we’ll see what happens.
So at some point tomorrow afternoon I will be going to Starbucks for a
caffeine fix. Suggest what drink you think I should purchase. And while I’m at
that bookstore tomorrow, what book should I buy? I pretty rarely go to see movies
but again it’s a self-care day so which of these two movies that I’m
interested in should I see? For my evening, I have a
couple of different options I’m considering. I could do something I very
rarely do and go get my nails done, or I could go to a book event. What should I
do? And thanks for all of your help.
Tomorrow at the end of my very long, hopefully fun and relaxing day, what
should I do to wind down before bed? Should I read a book or watch an episode
of Witcher? Good morning! So people have been voting all night long and we’re
gonna see what the results are like so that I can go and make some coffee and
breakfast for myself and get ready for a very exciting day together. I have my
phone. Let’s look at Instagram. The clear winner for Bones coffee was Salty Siren,
which is the salted caramel mocha. I’m not mad about it. I am happy to drink
that. Like 81 percent of you thought that I should use the midnight masquerade
palette instead of naked heat. Also I noticed I have a typo here. I wrote Naked
Hear instead of Naked Heat so yay me. Great job Bethany. For breakfast 76% of
you think I should have eggs instead of cereal, which again I’m fine with. So
we’re gonna be having salted caramel mocha coffee and eggs for breakfast. And
it looks like we’re gonna be wearing florals today. 60% wanted florals. It was
so interesting watching this one because it was so back and forth. Okay so let’s
look at some of the other ones. I think some of these that are closer maybe I’ll
just let them keep going until we get closer to actually when I’m using them.
So in terms of which book I should start today, I’m actually kind of surprised at
how many people were interested in Network Effect over Chain of Gold. Of
course unsurprisingly Chain of Gold is the winner. I
am gonna be doing a reading vlog for this one. So my friend and patron
Isabella over @thefeministbookworm was kindly given a arc copy of this
which she sent to Melanie from Meltotheany who sent it to me, so I’m going to be
reading this. I will start this today. Very excited about that. Starbucks drink,
we’ll look at that one later. Which bookstore should I visit? This was close.
I wasn’t as clear with this. I used like emojis, but maybe people local to New
York could figure this out. 47% went with the Strand 53% went with Books are Magic.
So, I have mixed feelings about this. I love The Strand.
It’s my local indie, I go there a lot. Books are Magic is a great bookstore, but it’s
a little more out-of-the-way. It’s in Brooklyn, but it’s a really great
bookstore and not one I get to go to very often. So it looks like we’re going to Books Are Magic today! Ok the other big one that I wanted to know now is which movie
should I see? Again this was one where I used emojis to look at it.
76% went with Knives Out. My options were between Bombshell and Knives Out. Both of these are movies I’m excited to see. I need to know this now so I can sort of
plan the structure of my day for the next few hours since movie times matter.
So I’m excited about this. This should be fun and my friend Mara over at Books Like
Whoa did a whole video about Knives Out and really loved it. I know it’s like a
funny, traditional murder mystery type thing. I’m excited. I am gonna go make my
coffee and my eggs and do my makeup. Okay so I finished my breakfast, still
drinking my coffee, getting ready to start on my makeup, and I’ll stop and
show you a little more of what I’m doing when I get to the eyeshadow look with
the palette. But in the meantime, I’m gonna be watching some booktube videos
which is usually what I do when I do my makeup in the morning. So I thought I
would share a few of the people that I’m watching today. It’s actually a young
adult science fiction story, but I think that has a lot of appeal to a wider aduience. It can definitely be read by people who normally only read adult science fiction… In 2020 I’m going to be using a spreadsheet to track my reading. I’m still gonna keep track on there… …adore it. Um I loved the first cover, I love this one. And we have the same map as in the first book but this map is aqua color and then…ooh that looks really pretty on camera. This ultimately is a story about self-love and immigration and family. About the force and power our own culture has over each of us. But also doesn’t fail to explore the desire… I’ve been watching some YouTube videos. I’m gonna take a break to tell you about my eyes for today. So I’m
gonna use the Midnight Masquerade palette and I want to make a look that’s
gonna match the outfit you guys picked. Which is the floral one so it’s got like
some pinks and purples in it. You know what maybe what I’ll do is I’ll go with
a matte pink eyeshadow and then put some of this chunky glitter on top. It’s like
supposed to be a fun day, let’s go with a fun look. Why not? Let’s do it.
Okay I’m gonna keep watching YouTube and you’re gonna get a time-lapse. There you go!
Finished makeup look using the midnight masquerade palette. I’m gonna go do
something with my hair and get dressed and in case you’re wondering what’s
happening with my children, it’s a Wednesday which is usually a workday for
me, so I have the babysitter coming at 9:30 to be with my little one and my
oldest one once he gets home from school. The bookstore that you guys picked, Books
Are Magic opens at 10:00 a.m. and so I’m hoping to get there around when it opens
and then we’ll take a look at Instagram and see what book I’m gonna buy there.
The movie time I’m looking at is at one, so I think I should have time to get
down to Brooklyn, browse the book shop a while, come back, maybe eat some lunch,
and go to the movie. And then we’ll go from there. I will be back with my
outfit. What are you doing? “…I like to play with glitter.” Playing with glitter
glue? “Yeah.” Show me how you do it “That. That. Like that.” Nice. “That’s it!” Yeah. Okay so I am dressed. I am
pretty much ready to go. My babysitter should be here in just a
few more minutes. I am here at Books Are Magic in Brooklyn. And let’s look at some of the things
that you guys recommend it for me to buy while I’m here. So the first
recommendation I had was Kill The Queen by Jennifer Estep, which I actually
already own. I haven’t read it yet, but I do own it. So I have that. I had a
recommendation just generally for a middle grade book, so that’s a definite
possibility. Someone else recommended Mazes of Power by Juliette Wade, which is
funny because I actually have an arc of it which I’m planning on trying this
month. So we’re gonna say that’s probably a no. And then the last suggestion I had
was The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa. So I think our two real options are The
Worst Best Man, which is a romance, or a middle grade novel. So let’s go inside and take a look. Okay so this one is a staff
recommendation and it sounds right up my alley. About like gamers and nerdy kids
so we’re gonna give this a try. It’s The Game Masters of Garden Place by Dennis
Merkell. It looks like fun. Okay so it’s a little
early but I’m kind of hungry and ready for lunch. I checked to see what the
survey is saying and it is evenly split between salad and sandwich, so I think
what I’m going to do is head back to Manhattan and go to Panera and get a
half sandwich, half salad for lunch. That works out pretty well and there’s one
not too far from the theater that I’m planning on going to, so let’s head back
onto the subway. So I finished with lunch and now I’m
headed to the movie theater to get tickets. I’m gonna be seeing Knives Out,
which I’m super excited about. Hopefully it’ll be a good time.
And I did start Chain of Gold. I read a little bit. So far it’s intriguing. I’m
not very far in but I’m just so excited to get back into this world with these
new characters. So apparently I have 15 minutes till they open. I guess I’m going
to one of their earliest showtimes. That was so much fun! I’m so glad I
saw it. I know, I get why people have been raving about it and Mara loved it. Great
actors, interesting plot. What I was thinking might have been going on wasn’t
what was going on, but it was like a really good time. Really really happy to have
seen it. Definitely recommend checking out Knives Out if you haven’t seen it
yet. Let’s just appreciate the view from up here.
Hello New York City. So it’s like 3:30. I could definitely use some coffee, so I’m gonna
take a look at what recommendations I’ve gotten. It’s cold and I don’t usually
like iced coffee or frozen coffee unless it’s really hot outside, so I’m not gonna
do that. Well let’s see what options I’ve got,
what suggestions I got. I have a couple of like iced coffee and like Frappuccino
recommendations, which I’m not going to do. A couple people recommended
matcha lattes and chai lattes, which are fine but I really want more caffeine so
let’s see what else we have. Ooh coconut milk latte with blonde
espresso! That is delicious. I’ve had it before, I would do that again.
Caramel macchiato. Good, a little sweet. Almond milk honey flat white…ooh! Maybe I’ll try that. I haven’t had that before. I feel like I should try something new. I’ve had
the coconut milk latte, I know I like it. I want something with more coffee in it, but I haven’t tried the almond milk honey flat white, so maybe I will try
ordering that one. I’ve got the almond milk honey flat white. Oh! Yeah it’s not bad. Not something I’ve had before but its, that was a good pick. I finished my coffee. It was delicious. I
feel a little more energetic. I’m definitely tired. It’s been a fun day but
a long day. But most of you guys voted that I should go to this book event
tonight, which I’m kind of excited about because I have read the book and I did
like it. This is gonna be the New York launch for This Train is Being Held by
Ismee Williams, which is a really great YA contemporary romance that’s
retelling West Side Story with own voices Latinx representation, so I’m really
excited to go meet the author and bring the book that was sent to me to get
signed. So I am going to be heading to the uptown Books of Wonder all the way
up on 84th Street, which is a hike for those of you who know New York. But yeah,
that should be a good time. One other thing I wanted to update you guys on is
I have been reading a little bit of Chain of Gold. I read the first like past
section and chapter one. It is really interesting. I will say, there are so many
characters to keep track of and its really making me wish that I had gone
back and reread some of the short story collections, because I know I’m
forgetting pieces of who’s who and all the backstory. And I know you don’t have
to have that, but I like to have it. So I feel like I’m *loud honking* welcome to New York! …feel
like I’m kind of missing pieces, but I’m still enjoying it. So I will do more of
an update on that later as well. All right I am here, I have my book and uh,
somebody here actually knew that I was doing this today for Instagram, which is
kind of wild. So had some fun talking about Dragon Age and waiting for
the event to start. So maybe will get a little more reading done. I think most of us live in New York or spend a lot of time in New York, which means we spend a lot of time on the subway. It’s such a slice of all of New York City. A man in a business suit, who’s
standing next to a construction worker in the vest, and then there’s the
delivery guy with the bike, and like the young mom with like one kid on the baby
bjorn, and one kid in the stroller. And sometimes these, you can see these
strangers make connections and it can be really heartwarming. I knew i want to
write a romance, and i’ve always been drawn to romances where the couple
is sort of star-crossed. Right, they’re sort of ill fated. You know I did not grow
up in New York City, but I do have a Cuban mother and my Cuban
grandparents lived with us and helped raise us, so I wanted a character that
sort of straddled both worlds. Hey guys so I am back. I am tired but happy. I had
such a fun time. I’m really glad I got to go to the book event. I got there early
and ended up spending some time hanging out and chatting with some of the book
sellers at Books of Wonder who were great. And yeah, I just, I don’t know the
last time I took a day like this for myself. Knives Out was so fun. If you
haven’t seen it I would definitely recommend it. The cast was great, it was
funny. Bombshell I do still want to see as well. I think that would be fun,
but this was just like a great pick for a fun day. It’s just been great. However, I
am tired and I don’t really want to go back out again. So what I did is I got
takeout ramen from a place we really like near here. And I know Instagram
wanted me to have a cocktail instead of wine, so what I did was I went to my
local liquor and wine store and apparently there is such a thing as
pre-made cocktails. I don’t know if these are any good or not. We will find out
together. But I got two options. We have a gin and tonic in a can, or this lovely
craft cocktail in a can. It is a vodka soda with lime, blood orange, pomelo, and
rosemary. Very fancy. So these are my two cocktail choices. I
will try both and probably make my husband have some of it. We’ll see how it
goes. But I am worn out. I am ready to chill out
with Chain of Gold. Read my book, wind down. So I’m gonna go get on PJs, take off
this lovely makeup I’ve been wearing all day, and get ready to get cozy. I will be
back with you shortly. Alright, here it is. The delicious ramen I will be having for
dinner from Ramen Takumi, which we really like. It’s a local place if you guys are
ever in the area. We’re gonna be fancy and use mason jars. First up, this is the
gin and tonic. That’s good. I actually really like that. If you like
gin, if you like a gin and tonic, this is like a nice easy way to go. Then we have
our fancy craft cocktail vodka soda, which looks a little more like
water. So let’s try this. Not bad. Much more subtle flavors. Kind of
tastes like a spiked sparkling water, which I like. Neither are bad, especially
considering they were like from a can. So I’m gonna go have a drink, eat my ramen, and settle in with a book. I
hope you guys enjoyed this. This was really fun for me to do. I would love to
do more videos like this in the future with vlogs. Talk to me in the comments
down below if you guys have any comments to make and I will talk to you next time.

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