Changemaker, Karey Killian | A Librarian Restores

Changemaker, Karey Killian | A Librarian Restores

– I grew up on a farm. Really small town. A lot times, what you know and what you see around you, you think that’s all that there is. Books are windows to the world. And my job is to introduce
the world to the students. I live about 20 minutes away. So on my way to school, sometimes there’s Amish buggies, sometimes it’s a school bus, sometimes it’s a deer. Welcome to Milton, Pennsylvania. (laughs) – The books are really important to read and I love them. – I like to come to Ms. Killian’s library because we use robots,
like tablets and stuff. We get to read books. – In order to prepare our students for their futures, they need to be involved
in using technology. – [Cathy] Libraries offer
knowledge, knowledge is power. – The Milton area’s School District is delaying the start of
school by three weeks! – First days of class
delayed because of mold. – Mold.
– Mold. – Mold. – Air quality concerns. – Air quality issues. – The heavy rains we’ve
experienced are being blamed. (electronic blip) – People came into their classrooms, and into their buildings emptied. If anything is mold-infected
it needs to be removed. To see 30 yard trailers being discarded, and that was catastrophic. The library lost thousands
and thousands of books. We stood back and said, “Oh, my gosh. How are we going to replenish everything that’s gone?” Karey rose up. And she said, “What am I going to do “to help fill these shelves up again?” – [Karey] I had no idea how much was lost. The hardest part for me was just being strong for the students. – [Girl] I miss the books
that were in the library. – [Girl] We’ve lost a lot of books, and a couple of them we
lost were my favorites. – [Karey] Mrs. Killian my
favorite’s books not here. And I said, you know what? Just please write that down for me, because there’s going to be opportunities to us to get new books, and I’m going to need
to know what they are. – [Boy] These are the books that I really want back in the library. – [Girl] I really want
these books in the library. – [Girl] I really wish we had these books back in the library. – [Boy] The books I want. – [Girl] These books are, Bad Kitty… – [Girl] Piggy and the Elephant. (students clamoring answers) – Every library class, I have students that say, “Hey, did you get that
book that I asked for yet?” And I said, “I’m working on it!” (laughs) – [Cathy] This community
has stood together in the face of fires and floods. We are survivalists as educators. We’re figuring it out, because we’re so creative with resources to restore what was lost. I feel like we’re a phoenix rising out of the ashes. But you didn’t really have ashes to see, we had mold. (inspirational orchestral music) – [Karey] The students are fantastic, when I try something new, I’m like I have no idea what I’m doing, do you guys want to be the
first ones to try it out? Their eyes just always light up, yeah, we’ll be that first class! A librarian is so much more than just keeper of the books. This is a space that we can offer learning activities for every child in the school. – How many different types of species has Yellowstone Park found? – [Karey] Students have access to more than just what’s in their classroom. More than just what’s in their homes. They’re going to try something brand new and branch out and find a new passion. Start to learn and understand different cultures,
different ways of life. Think about things in a different way. Because I want them to
be global collaborators, and I want them to be connected learners. What do my students
need to learn for life? (inspirational orchestral music) – Please join me in
welcoming Karey Killian. – [Karey] (laughs) Thank you! – I have a surprise for Karey. She doesn’t know this, while you’re here, Microsoft employees are gonna be trucking new books to your libraries, to create… – [Karey] (laughs) Oh, thank you! (laughs)

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  1. Karey is a wonderful resource for our children! We're so fortunate to have her and so many other caring educators in the Milton Area School District!

  2. Karey, you continue to amaze me each time I learn about another example of how you have made a positive impact on students. You have transformed what it means to visit the library. Your passion and enthusiasm for teaching and learning is contagious. Thank you!

  3. For the love of god, could someone put on a respirator and scan the books…. Someone….. someone… perhaps forever lost knowledge.

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