China Pushes “Happy Tibet” Propaganda in US Libraries

China Pushes “Happy Tibet” Propaganda in US Libraries

The Chinese Communist Party is pushing propaganda about Tibet to unsuspecting Americans. Welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. Tibet: It was an independent country in the
early 20th Century. Then, in 1951, the Chinese Communist Party convinced Tibet to officially become part of their new People’s
Republic of China— by invading Tibet and liberating the Tibetan
people… from their freedom. And their religion. And their lives. Good thing they believe in reincarnation. Although even that won’t save them now. To be clear, that is not a joke. China really did ban unauthorized reincationations. Anyway, the Communist Party quickly integrated
Tibet into Chinese history books, with the new narrative that Tibet has been a part of China since ancient times— despite that being clearly not true, because you don’t have to invade a place that’s already part of your country. And in the seven decades since then, the Communist Party has pushed the idea that Tibetans are so much better off under their benevolent rule. Look! Tibet has been liberated! Look at Tibet’s bountiful harvest, thanks
to Chairman Mao! Look! Tibet’s capital is the happiest city in
China! But the challenge with pushing a false narrative is that you have to repeat it over and over
again to get people to believe you. So in the year 2020, while the rest of the world is busy worrying
about all the other terrible things happening in
China— the deadly coronavirus, the concentration camps in Xinjiang, the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, and THE DEADLY CORONAVIRUS— it’s easy to miss how the Communist Party continues to push false narratives about Tibet. Matt Gnaizda has more. Queens, New York. Famous for America’s worst airport; That weird spaceship thing from the first
Men in Black movie; And Chinese Communist Party propaganda. Ok, it’s not famous for the Chinese propaganda. That’s part of the problem. Chinese propaganda is hidden in plain sight. And it’s making its way into the nooks and crannies of mainstream America. Even here, at the Queens Public Library. Obviously, someone at the Chinese consulate
screwed up. I mean, who goes to the library? The answer to that rhetorical question is:
Tibetans. They came here to protest what they call a “politically motivated, oppressive exhibition” at the Elmhurst branch of the Queens Public
Library. I went inside, and indeed—there’s a small
exhibit that tells people how great Tibet is under the Communist Party’s rule. “Unfortunately, the library is supposed
to be a place where people are learning, a true education,
true knowledge. However, unfortunately we see some false propaganda with the partnership with the Chinese Consulate
by Queens Library.” That’s right. This exhibit was sponsored directly by the Chinese Consulate in New York. Of course, it doesn’t say that anywhere. There’s just this “introduction” about how China has improved Tibet’s literacy
rate, economic development, and environmental protection. And there’s seven beautiful photos to prove
their point. I mean, China built them a train! How could they not be a happy ethnic minority? “What they have inside the library right
now is an exhibit talking about Tibetan identity and Tibetan culture that is created by the very people that have suppressed this culture, that have tried to virtually extinguish our
culture, and now they’re allowing them to have the monopoly on telling our story. So that’s why we said it’s not an issue of
points of views, but rather it’s an issue of cultural appropriation, and it further silences Tibetan people who have already been largely marginalized.” “So you’re upset about the government taking away your freedom of speech and you’re upset about cultural appropriation. Are you far right or far left?” “I see that it’s not a left or right issue. It’s just an issue of humanity.” So Tibetan activists met with Queens library
officials. Officials told them they plan to keep exhibit up through the end of June— and that the Chinese Consulate actually plans to sponsor exhibits at seven public libraries in Queens. Officials told me in a statement that the “Queens Public Library is a forum for many different points of view, including those that stir passionate debate.” And nothing stirs passionate debate like blatant lies from dirty communists! That second part’s not from their statement. Anyway, the library did agree to at least
add a label saying it’s sponsored by the Chinese Consulate. But for the roughly 9,000 Tibetan people living
in Queens, that’s not enough. They want the propaganda exhibit taken down. They say it doesn’t exactly show a truthful
perpsective— considering that the Chinese Communist Party is guilty of mass genocide in Tibet, and continues a ruthless campaign of cultural
destruction. The Dalai Lama has called Tibet a “hell
on earth.” Surely Tibetans wouldn’t think so if they would just follow orders, and take down their portraits of the Dalai
Lama, and replace them with Chinese party leaders. And show loyalty to the Communist Party. Those who refuse, of course, are tortured. So Tibetans in exile, understandably, want Americans to know what’s happening
in Tibet— and not from the perspective of the Chinese
consulate. “Having an exhibit that is sponsored by the Chinese Communist Party in our local library, when we have Tibetan-American students like
myself that like to visit these libraries, that is silencing. That is silencing for an entire group of people, an entire community. Having this exhibit is an automatic way of further marginalizing an oppressed group.” “What I’m getting from this is that young people still go to the library.” Maybe that’s the problem. If only people could be a little dumber, and stop going to the library. This is Matt Gnaizda in Queens, New York. Thanks, Matt. So what do you think? Leave your comments below. Once again, I’m Chris Chappell. Thanks for watching China Uncensored.

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  1. Were you happy to learn China is pushing propaganda in US libraries? YouTube wasn't! This episode was demonetized for being "too controversial." Please support China Uncensored on

  2. Tibet was sort of part of the Ching dynasty which was the the Manchu people's rule over China. After the revolution China went through 3-5 republic governments but who's counting? Then the communist took over China. So Tibet hasn't been part of the Manchu people for at least 4 regimes removed and NEVER part of China.

  3. Americans: criticizes China
    Leftists: what about American atrocities?

    Seriously, just because America isn’t perfect doesn’t mean we don’t get to criticize atrocities elsewhere.

  4. What is the big deal? China put some pictures of Tibet on one of US's libraries. That show US has freedom as any party in freedom country can show its opinion. IF US will not allow these pictures in library, China can argue that it has more freedom than US: At this moment, China still allow many Hollywood movies which normally promote US's value/culture in China every year. These movies actually are part of US's propaganda anyway.

    According to this Article its been pulled.



  7. Again, you got to low the amount of jokes in your videos. Well it is fine to a certain extent, you have taken them too far in some cases. The over reaching joke that I have a problem with here is when one of your guys asked if the protester is far left or far right. I don’t think she realized that the guy you sent there was joking, thus causing her to lessen her trust in you guys. You got to find a balance between humor and news but in this case (along with the American Uncovered Yemen video) you took the humor too far.

  8. Who is this new reporter at the library?
    He is trying to immitate Chris and failing miserably, he just passes as someone who keeps saying in your face he doesn't give a fuck.
    Even Borat doesn't throw stupid jokes so out of place!!!

  9. So China has bought NY City too. Good to know. Communist Marxism uses capitalism to destroy reality and freedom. When are we going to learn?

  10. Saying "cultural appropriation" in English with a straight face when you aren't ethnically European… 🤣 Agree that this is bullshit though, Tibet should be for Tibetans. Why does the UN allow this?

  11. Ok. If the library truly believes that, then the library will allow a 6 month tibetan exhibit after this one closes?

    Call their bluff

  12. If only India and Tibet had merged before China took over. Tibet would be safe from the clutches of China. I'm sure India and Tibet could have worked out something. India could lend it's military strength and in return Tibet could act as a natural barrier to China.

  13. Wait a minute…you mean…China did/does exactly what the US have been doing in the Middle East?? As always, biased beyond belief.

  14. Imagine being so woke that you want to extinguish your own culture in the name of oppression and openness.
    Everyone: Huh?

  15. I'm shocked! More stunned that the NY Library would put up such propaganda, and aghast that it refuses to bring it down!! 🤔 What on earth is going on??
    What's next? Nazi displays? Glorifying domestic abuse? You know, to 'allow for discussions and various points od view'!? 🤔 This is beyond bizarre! It's scandalous!
    The NY citizens need to boycott and publically protest such libraries!

  16. wow 3 days later i got the notifications for this vid….. and im not even kidding lol
    and wtf banning reincarnation xD xD xD xD

  17. If ANYBODY believes the library is not getting paid by ChiComs, I've got a couple of bridges in New York I'd like to sell them.

  18. Does anyone wonder why the Dalai Lama is in exile? No they don't cause they never went to a library to read books. They only started going now to read shit the communists are feeding them.

  19. Interestingly enough, Swedish state media just pulled a series of documentaries from their program schedule because they found out that the production company was partly owned/controlled by Chinese state media (as if there are any independent ones left at all). I'm curious why Tibet became such a hot topic all of a sudden?

  20. The Coronavirus will be the curse that will take down the CCP for killing thousands of Tibetans, Uighurs, Falun Gong practitioners and Tiananmen Square protesters.

  21. I keep randomly seeing on Instagram videos of Tibetan women in traditional dress dancing for the camera to modern music. It always seemed off-putting and now I suspect these videos are part of the smiling propaganda.

  22. もうおせーよ、糞アメリカのルーズベルトが日本を虐殺したから中国は共産化したんだよ。そのことに気がつかないで、こんな阿呆な動画を作っても無意味。チベットも台湾も韓国も日本も反米化してアメリカに核ミサイルを落とす。これだけは確か。

  23. Stop culturally appropriating cultural appropriation. This is something only far left SJWs are allowed to use. ;-p

    Just kidding. Keep up the good fight, Tibet.

  24. To bad for you that that lady lost me at "cultural appropriation" chose your words wisely most of the people that would side with you over china now wont over that phrase

  25. "You don't have to invade a place when it's already part of your country." Very well said. Definite illustration of CCP nonsense.

  26. Keep up providing all those headlines and sources. It definitely gives way to further exploration of the issues. Thank you.

  27. You will be a slave! Now please me! China Uncensored looks like a pc of chicken. No you cant Ginpeng me! I always thought how did thier population get out of hand. In the world thier not to sexy! Now lets start that party! Masquerade style! Oops did i just cough on the asians

  28. i bet you look at the bank accounts of the people in charge and you will find a ton of Yen there, the land of freedom to bribe and corrupt .

  29. On the other hand, instead of shutting ot down the Tibetans could combat the misinformation with their own exhibit displayed right next to the CCP's exhibit.

  30. it be great if some one with money/influence would stand up to this kind of thing. I know, I wouldn't would my breath for that to happen.

  31. If you repeat the same propaganda line often enough, people will start to believe it! Oh, by the way, you guys are doing a great job. Keep up the good work!!

  32. Tibetans are always grateful that the Chinese Army has liberated the Tibetans from their country's property, land, beliefs, mineral resources, etc. Sometimes they are liberated both health and life. Their Dalai Lama was liberated to India.

  33. LMAO, just noticed China Uncensored has been deleting and censoring my posts against the anti-China trolls, so much for being uncensored eh, Falun Gong err, I mean Chris. hahaha

  34. Before 1959, all except 5 percent of the Tibetan population were slaves or serfs in a feudal system in which they were regarded as saleable private property, had no land or freedom, and were subject to punishment by mutilation or amputation by their cruel Tibetan religious/aristocratic elites The serfs were liable to be tortured or killed. Economy and culture were stagnant for centuries, life expectancy was 35.5 years, illiteracy was over 90 percent, 12 percent of Lhasa’s population were beggars, all these were maintained by the religious elites represented by the Dalai Lama as they brooked no opposition. Of course, the Dalai Lama now pretend to be the victim to the world along with their elite supporters aka pseudo-protesters..

  35. Thank you so much for supporting Tibet and the truth . Free Tibet China out . Long Live His Holiness The 14 Dalai Lama , Save Tibet

  36. China lies people dies shame on China , shame on CCP Free Tibet China Out . Dog eaters China out of Tibet coz Tibet belongs to Tibetans. China is future threat to the world .

  37. Dumb young Tibetan woman (no doubt from NYU) complaining about cultural appropriation is exactly the WRONG way to gain sympathy and understanding on this issue. "Real" Tibetans know nothing is permanent, their way of life was bound to change, whatever the circumstances. I have a special place in my heart for Tibetans, they've been handed a bad deal by fate – or perhaps – by karma. Who knows? All that is obvious is the CCP are human poop, garbage, liars, cheaters, stealers, and worst than amoral. Tibet will never be the same, no matter the out come.

  38. To the Tibetans (and everyone else with a brain, education and the love of liberty), this exhibit by the Chinese Consulate is the equivalent of Ribbentrop extolling how well the Nazi party have treated Jews in "holiday camps" (read extermination camps). Don't you ever get sick of the political cant, spin and lies?

  39. At the end is a uighurs propaganda commercial. I always find it hard taking sides on this one =on the one had you have communist POS on the other you have the followers of the child rapist.

  40. The bad things that is happening now in communist china is the result of the bad decisions that they have done in the past. The oppression of the tibetans, the militarization of the South china sea, violation of human rights, the killing of endangered animals… Now they will pay! Curse the communist party of china!

  41. 0:15 Tibet wasn't an independent country. It was a protectorate of the Qing dynasty, which as far as I can tell, was similar to being a Special Administrative Region (SAR) that exists today in China.
    Protectorates were/are parts of countries.
    Yes, after the fall of the Qing dynasty, Tibet and Mongolia announced their independence from 'China'
    But it's not like after the 13 colonies in America announced their independence, no war was fought… …
    Mongolia, with the help from Russia, was able to gain independence.
    Tibet was not so lucky. So in 1951, that was Tibet's war of independence, but sadly, they lost, so they did not achieve independence.

    Facts are facts, as sad as they may be at times.

  42. Tibetans were serfs and Tibet was a theocracy with Dalai as GOD much like the leader of the Fallen Dong cult. Now Tibet is an autonomy with it own languages, religions and cultures alive and kicking. The Tibetans are enjoying prosperity, freedom, education, permanent warm housings, own lands & business, They are no longer serfs under Dalai. Dalai himself said that CCP is doing a great job for Tibet. Yet this "China Uncensored" is spreading Fallen Dong directed fake news.
    There are a lot of famous Tibetans in entertaining business in China and successful scholars, politicians, etc. There is a train line linking the once isolated region, bringing wealth to Tibet and connection to the China proper.

    This channel goes crazy bashing China from the Virus, to Tibet, to Muslims, to Hong Kong, to Taiwan, to SCS all under the directive of the former Chinese gain clerk turn GOD of an evil, Jim Jones kind, cult. He funds this channel and Big Tang Dynasty TV and a dance group. He is outlawed by China, so he is bashing China to get even. He is living on donations from the sucker-followers in New York.

    YouTube shall censor this sick channel off the air.

  43. Culture appropriation no stop; using that phrase takes credibility away from you try a different strategy please. Free Tibet

  44. Dear Tibetans, Indians show solidarity with you. Keep protesting till they remove all that crap from the library. The CCP is trying new methods to subdue Tibetans even more. Keep protesting. You are in America. You can voice your anger!!!

  45. this is the true map of tibet

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