Christian ‘Science’ Book On Electricity

Christian ‘Science’ Book On Electricity

there it is gained fourth-grade
christian science book that was brought to my attention today and i thought i
would share with you guys if i was that a fascinating and out of this adtech
spoke with actually created for homeschool curriculum ok so i’ve been
some christian parents would our home school their children they would use
this pacific science textbook it’s the sad side is student text grade four that small its title tilted
and and it was also published on the fourth edition was published in two
thousand three by bob jones university dot wildly so he it’s only trouble bob jones university is a clown
university uh… for a long time they did not even
all the way up to the the last decade they did not allow
blacks and whites today content started consular they are okay so i want to read
you apart of the book where they talk about electricity and i i just thought this was delirious
ok so they say electricity is a mystery no one has ever observed it or her date
or felt sick we can see any here and feel religiously does we know what it make it we know that it
makes light bulbs are about ya’ll eyeball shine and iron speed up in
telephones ring but we cannot say when electricity itself is like so then i am
a step forward for the last paragraph it says how would you have to change the
way you get ready for school if you did not use electricity and manages randomly
says uh… and songs uh… we’ve converse advise audio adam morrison by thunder
was in the havent the lightning lap lightnings light and the world the earth
trembled and shook that you know i a m looking now i’m
going to be illuminates it’s because you know that i you know i mean i think i
don’t great so they have to desperately look for a
has risen above this two thousand years old but doesn’t have the answers to
where the trees it comes from as as it doesn’t have as civility away
judy up i don’t know where i come from that’s great we’ve gotten it right i found prefers rat that has lightning
that’s pretty close hence got most of the referring to that
up through the person there who will confuse people anodal of course some seventy seven eighty no guys the whole point of that business you can see electricity and no one has
seen electricity you mister jones you would like to see
his done but you see some allergy to god no one has seen god you can’t touch
gotti case planet doesn’t mean you even exists itself that’s what the whole
thing about it is another way of brainwashing about this whole belief
system honestly i didn’t know that this label will be here was god i’m sorry i now look understand of course this is an
all christians bob jones’s fairly radical very fundamentalist uh…
homeschooling et cetera et cetera right now uh… they remind me of another bat crazy religious kinda uh… who also
does it have explanations of things and well let me tell you explorer anything retarded kids here at the
meetings is approved this case by using the example of the contents of
this house so similar to the swatch tigers inside is that never
miscommunication you can explain that you can explain why
the kind of like those inside the what is it time commission and it goes out missus silverman but the caitlin charismatically so i
don’t even know that i can tell you about a month ago way and this is
something can explain it got bigger

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  1. I just love the way Silverman repeats "tide goes in, tide goes out…?". It's that perfect moment of "what the hell are you talking about?".

  2. @PumaFau The big bang states that the universe began expanding from a small volume with extremely high density and temperature, not nothing. And I believe in neither because neither have that much proof at all, but I do think that the big bang theory is far more likely than a creator

  3. FAIRIES!!!
    Fairies live in the lakes, when the water goes through the hydroelectric power stations, they're separated from the magic lake water. They then travel via the power grid, through your domestic circuits and to your lightbulbs. And as we all know, fairies glow – bada bing.

  4. @charms71 OK. Obviously, you have no idea what you're talking about. We're talking about science books that were written by people who just happened to be Muslim. Where do you think the basis of physics, algebra, anatomy, astronomy ..etc came to Europe from? Muslims studied old Egyptian, Greek, Persian and Indian books and contributed a whole lot to that science. They have always had books on all the different fields of science. Just because you didn't know that doesn't mean they don't exist.

  5. @tkimesmvp Uh, yeah, that's why religion is running rampant and causing wars, murder, death, bigotry, suffering, hatred, lies, corruption, and oppression. That worked out well, dontcha think?

  6. @Meathead36
    You sound really paranoid, like there's a conspiracy. First of all, how do you know that all science textbook writers are theists? Second, why does that matter? The point of having multiple sources of information, be it different textbooks or the scientists themselves, is that you can obtain information from different sources to try to uncover the unbiased truth. And btw, I know of the Primordial soup, but that is not a "chemical soup", it's a metaphoric soup, like saying "stuff."

  7. @SIC66SIC66 i think its more like idiots are for religion. It's not fair to the majority of perfectly normal people who say they practice a religion in some way.

  8. @gorogawa you wish I had no idea what I am talking about lol. We are talking about a fundamental group's book without knowing the real facts behind an issue and you are trying to teach me general knowledge history. I have lived under Sharia FYI, so think again! "Just because you didn't know that doesn't mean they don't exist."…again, an arrogant claim. You are diverting from my argument regarding how TYT ignores sick Islamic teachings. I've also lived in London & Birmingham among muslims!

  9. @strwy2hvn94 Believing in a magic man in the sky is not normal.
    Believing there was a world wide flood and Noah and his boat saved all the animals is not normal.
    So what was your point exactly?

  10. Why no one explaining electricity is flow of electrons created from mechanical energy (most of ac current dc would be mostly chemical)using electromagnetic effect.bcos some ppl may end up believing its god if dont explain it in video bcos they wil think cenk didnt explain bcos even he doesnt know and he is just a prick.

  11. @charms71 "Just because you didn't know that doesn't mean they don't exist." isn't an 'arrogant claim', it's simple logic.
    You claimed Muslims didn't have any science books and you know that's incorrect. Of course, they don't write them to lie about what science knows about natural phenomena but they're still Muslim. THAT is ALL there is to know about Muslims that's relevant to this particular story. TYT do other stories where they express their opinions regarding Sharia law. Go watch those.

  12. @gorogawa Let's not forget how this started. I was talking about a fundamental sect with little or no knowledge of the topic they were talking about. And I said this gave people "a perfect opportunity to attack all Christians based on this book" Go back and reread the posts…only slower this time. You spin things just because i touched a nerve? Okay, Sharia is BS! Are you hurt some more? I have been a TYT subscriber for 4.5 years…save your breath trying to preach here. I stand by my opinion

  13. @charms71 No one is trying to change your opinion. BTW, not you or any other YouTube commenter can make me upset. I'm not sure what you mean by "preaching" so I'll ignore that.
    Back to your comment, it wasn't about the "perfect opportunity to attack all Christians" part, it was about the rather idiotic "why not attack Muslims?" remark and about the stupid "TYT ignores sick Islamic teachings" thing. You should know they criticize Sharia law if you've really been watching them for that long.

  14. @gorogawa finally someone is turning around. "idiotic"? you are a 27 year old, please act like one. Tantrums only show immaturity. I have been on here 4.5 years and they seldom criticize Islamic stuff, Christians on the other hand are usually the target. And again, I stand by my point that yes they should take on Sharia.

  15. @charms71 "turning around"? stop saying random words.
    "Tantrums show immaturity". So me criticizing your question is bad, but you calling other people's religion "bullshit" is absolutely fine? What nerve! Ever wondered why they don't talk about "Islamic stuff" as much? Because this show is very American-centric. Do you think the number of Muslim fundamentalist "activists" in America is the same as that of Christian ones? You just can't expect coverage on both to be equal in amount or frequency.

  16. @gorogawa not random. You were trying to change my opinion. "Other people's religion?" Sharia is not a religion, Islam is. [ever wondered if I once was one?]. That's something for you to think about. "You just can't expect coverage on both to be equal in amount or frequency." Oh but you are wrong, Islam gets very good coverage in Liberal media. I am going toe to toe with a daddy [you] here and I might leave the scene unscaved lol. Go find someone dumb to intimidate. Still standing by my opinion.

  17. @charms71 Sharia is actually Islam. Please, don't try to teach me about my own culture.
    Aside from all the sentences I couldn't make anything of -but what do I know, I'm just a foreigner-, do you actually believe "Islamic stuff" are getting as much "Liberal media" coverage as "Christian stuff"? If so then why did you even make the first comment?
    Again, I'm not trying to intimidate you or change you opinion and I am clueless as to where you got that idea from. Why are you acting so insecure?

  18. @gorogawa well, it's a culture we both once shared buddy. Is that clear enough? Islam gets a more favorable treatment in the "Liberal media" when compared to Christianity. I am not acting insecure at all. Is is because I made fun of your age? Well, you weren't a saint either throughout the debate pal; so don't play victim. I am firm as opposed to insecure throughout our argument. Anyway have a nice day.
    It ends here as all is fruitless.

  19. @charms71 Well, judging from your comments, I don't think you know as much as I do about that culture. I am a Saudi born and raised and I have never been outside of this country. Pretending to be something you're not during a debate is absolutely sickening.
    BTW, if saying "you can't change my opinion" at the end of every single reply isn't acting insecure then I don't know what is! I guess it was my mistake in the first place to have engaged in another YouTube debate with an immature teenager.

  20. @SIC66SIC66 There are degrees to everything. All I'm going to say is that everyone is entitled their beliefs, as long as those beliefs aren't imposed on anyone else. That's why the books shown in this video are disgusting. Don't knock someone for what they believe in their privacy of their mind. But if they get in your face like, say, a fundamentalist, laugh 'em out of town for all I care.

  21. @FireProMMA That is because certain christian churches spend a lot of money sending their kids to certain schools, to do missionary work and that kind of thing.

  22. @blue4arekkusu There is the problem with homeschooling right there, it is almost completely impossible to make sure all the materials are adequate to the needs of modern society.

  23. @PumaFau That is where the evidence points, and scientists are investigating why and how this happened. That is why they have created scientific instruments like CERN and the Large Hadron Collider and the Hubble Space Telescope, so we can learn about why the universe appears to have exploded, and try to surmise what was there before this event. Meanwhile, the christians answer all questions with "god did it". Having that answer to all questions stops all scientific inquiry and advancement cold.

  24. @eqsmooth so… I have to ask Bob Jones Unversity why they believe that? Fukkit, I am not going to bother. I have better things to do than talk to an institution dedicated to making people dumber.

  25. HAHAHAHA 4th grader book. Now if you people still wonder why the chinese kids beat our kids in math and science, just look at your bible and it must be god's purpose for our children to be dumber than the chinese kids. HAHAHAHAH

  26. What a lot of people forget is that a lot of early scientists were Christian who wanted to explore and explain the intricacies that existed in the world (and here you'd add the basic creationism spiel). Basically the problem is that this isn't a science book the way a lot of us have used-christian and not alike but propaganda using science.

  27. there is no such thing as christian science. there is only science. "noone has observed electricity"? really? never observed lightning, electric sparks, static electricity, or clear lightbulbs? smh

  28. Cant you see electricity with a Tesla Coil? Isnt seeing a lightning strike seeing electricty? Let them teach this is in their books hopefully, their progeny will be smarter and realize what a sham religion is.

  29. @orchoose Everytime a Republican badmouths Islam, Cenk is quick to point out the BILLIONS of Muslims worldwide who have nothing to do with this.

    Need I go on.

  30. Cenk…STOP calling yourself agnostic. You're either an agnostic theist or an agnostic atheist. Or a gnostic theist or gnostic atheist.

    Agnostic by itself has nothing to do with whether or not you think gods exist or not…only whether or not you think they can ever be proved one way or the other.

    You are an agnostic ATHEIST…man-up and come out already. You believe there are no gods, but you can't know for sure. That's how that works. Now suck it up already.

  31. Electricity, Fire (heat), Water, Air; all of em awesome and necessary for life. All of them can also kill you. Life and death are in them all.

  32. You can see electricity duh.. ever seen a spark? THAT is electric current overcoming the resistance of the air between two leads.

  33. Liberty U in Virginia had this on their course catalog online for biology;
    "There is a strong emphasis on God as the Creator of our world."
    Sad, just sadness all around.
    Also, the Chair of the Bio/Chem dept is David A Dewitt, PhD but he is also the Director of the Center for Creation Studies. See, there seems to be a little problem with those two positions. Bio and Chem have NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with God or Creation. Wonder how this guy does it and keeps a straight face?

  34. Form 2 groups : 10000 trained scientists of various disciplines in the first group and 10000 christians fundamentalists in the other group. Put each group in a close environment with an abundance of resources and starting materials. Same amount for both groups. The 2 groups are separate and each have to survive and thrive or perish. My prediction : after a few generations the scientists are about to colonize space, and the religious still have not figure how to use electricity.

  35. so they say you cant see electricity and then they talk about a bible verse that mentions lightning. someone please explain this dumbfuckery to me. Is their real claim that you can't see an individual electron?

  36. @JohnSnowstorm I thought I was the only one that caught the fact that the verse they used seemed contradictory to the "can't be seen" bit.

  37. This is referring to a natural science school textbook that is evidently for Christian children. It should not be confused with the Christian denomination "Christian Science"

  38. The word "Science" as used "Christian Science" refers to the laws of God and to God,Mind "knowing all" as in "omniscience"

  39. Hahahahaha….Can't beat that, anywhere/anyone else would have classify that piece of 'science book' as nonsense.

  40. wow. they claim that you cant see electricity but they talk lightning in the same page? are they fucking insane?!

  41. Right Wing christians are doing stupid shit like this to make atheists inadvertently say "Jesus Christ" when they say "Jesus Christ these are some dumb motherfuckers."

  42. No, they'd be wiped out by disease. The Christian scientists would rely on prayer not medicine and they wouldn't think of investigating why they were all getting sick so they'd just keep drinking the same tainted water.

  43. You don't even need dependable science to outdo jesus. (I am plagiarizing the following quip) Jesus promised to return, but he hasn't; Odin, on the other hand, promised to exterminate the frost giants…well, look around, do you see any frost giants?

  44. If a science book tries to "interpret" science, it is not a science book. You can't "interpret" science. Metaphors to explain? Sure, especially for fourth graders. Making up explanations that fit your belief system? Not a chance. Never thought I'd say this but… ban that book. Or at least force them to stop printing it as a science book. It's false advertising. A lie. A myth. Just like your God. Okay, a bit far, but still.
    Don't butcher scientific principles f-cking Bill Nye will get you.

  45. Homeschools probably produce more geniuses per capita than government schools. Proof? Thomas Edison. It's a fact that about 100 percent of all kids enter school with optimistic attitudes, but after five years of dictator teachers, 85 percent are depressed and ready for alcohol and drugs. Those are the stats that your local school district won't tell you.

  46. I'm 13 and I know how electricity works, electrons on the "valence" or outer shell of the atom are bumped and start to flow from one atom the the next. if this current is contained by and insulator, it will flow in a path, creating an electrical current. HA! Take that christian so called "science" book!

  47. Can't see elictricity? Take two wires from your speakers and stuff them in your socket and see what happens. Fucking morons.

  48. Just a note, don't confuse this with the Church of Christian Science, a whole different thing. It's still a bunch of crap, but at least the people are full on aholes.

  49. how stupid are these people? We can explain what electricity is, where it comes from, how it is made, and basically everything about it. Also you can see, hear, and feel it, here are some examples…. you can see lightning, hear thunder, and feel static. It is not a mystery, ask a question about it and we have an answer.

  50. Just another reason homeschooling should be illegal save for extreme cases. If your kid is disabled or mentally retarded or something like that then okay. Fine. I guess that can work in some cases. But it needs to be regulated and we need to have tutors working for the state. Don't let parents educate their kids. State tutors should exist for kids who really need them. But I just think homeschooling is a horrible, horrible idea.

  51. Bob Jones University….South Carolina, self-explanatory. …..why did anyone pay any attention to ludicrous man, O'Reilly? Hard to believe such insanity still persists, exists and is allowed in the "future" and 21st century. Is there a wonder why I hold no optimism?

  52. As an EE-in-training, I know exactly what electricity is, it's just a bunch of little leprechauns walking around in a metal tube carrying crates of Guinness to power up any devices that they may come across, and than they just go back to the battery to collect more crates of Guinness!

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