class 6 ncert science book chapter 1 mcq questions answers in gujarati language, science mcq for cla

class 6 ncert science book chapter 1 mcq questions answers in gujarati language, science mcq for cla

Standard-6 Science. Chapter 1 Food: Where to Find? What do we eat? What is ‘content’ or ‘Ingredients’? Example: To make a vegetable, we need different types of vegetables, salt, spices, oils, etc. All of these materials are called shocks. Recipes and its contents From which source do we find food such as milk, eggs, meat, poultry, shrimp, fish, etc.? From animals Ingredients and sources used in the manufacture of food What is the source of foodstuffs like cereals, grains, vegetables and fruits? Vegetation Name any three common feeding animals. Cows, goats and buffaloes Name the products of any four milk products. Butter, cream, cheese and curd Foods that are the main source of herbs Content / Resources / Components The part of the plant from which the material is obtained Take dried seeds of mung or chickpeas. Take a small quantity of seeds and place them in a waterlogged container and allow them to remain for one day. The next day, drain the water completely and allow the seeds to remain in the container. Wrap it in a damp cloth and let it sit on the side. The next day, a small white-like structure may have developed from the seed. If it is, the seeds are said to be sprouting. In what ways do we get the food stored by bees? As honey Foods that animals eat Thirsty animals
Example: cows, buffaloes, deer, goats, squirrels Animals that eat only herbs or herbs Examples: lion, lion, swarm, lizard, snake Animals that eat only animals Mixed animals
Example: human, dog, crow Animals that eat both flora and fauna What does it say in English? Do you think that every organism needs the same diet? No, the organism is mainly divided into three parts, such as thrifty, carnivorous, and mixed. Name the five herbs and their parts used for food. Match Column A and Column B Tigers eat only meat, because it is ______. Carnivorous Deer only eat vegetable produce, so they are ______. Thirsty Parrots only eat _______ produce. Vegetation The _______ that we drink, which comes from cows and buffaloes and goats, is an animal product. Milk The sugar we get from _______. Cane (Sugar Cane) Please Like, Share and Subscribe this video.

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  1. कोई ने क्लास 6 थी प्रिपेरेशन ना करवी पड़े।।स्टैंडर्ड वीडियो मोको बिजी वातो काम नि न होय ऐ रेवा दो।

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