Coat Your Mind In Positive Thinking | Motivated

Coat Your Mind In Positive Thinking | Motivated

– You have control of this. This belongs to you. This is yours. You’re the captain, you’re the master, you’re the foreman, you’re the general, you’re the head. Don’t give control of this to nobody. Especially the devil. Do not let Satan come in
here and function and operate because he has one mission
to keep you off course, to make you not think it’s possible, to make you think that God don’t hear you. His job is only to destroy you. To make sure that you don’t become what God intended for you to become. That’s the mission of the devil. Now, if you don’t believe in the devil, this conversation ain’t for you. If you don’t believe in God, this conversation ain’t for you. I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to people who
are spiritually based. If you get control of this, that’s why I’m telling
you these two books. Look, the best book you
can read is the Bible. If you read the book of Proverbs (clapping) over and over and over, it’s the book of wisdom and understanding, it will really help your life man. If you just read. I’m
gonna be honest with you, that’s the only book in the
Bible I’ve read cover to cover. I’ve only read the book of Proverbs. I’ve read some scriptures
every now and then, I only know five or six
scriptures by heart. I’m just gone be real with you. But I’ve memorized them
five or six scriptures and them five or six got me here today. – [Audience] Amen. – I know a lot of people that
know the Bible inside out, ain’t got nothing to show for it. You know why? Because they memorized it
but they didn’t apply it. I have applied six
scriptures to change my life. But these books that I told you about, The Power of Positive Thinking
by Norman Vincent Peale and The Magic of Thinking
Big by David Schwartz, you know what it does? It just teaches you how to this works. Once you get this, y’all,
you can change everything. Do you understand? Negativity, let me just give you this and I’m gonna walk away. Negativity, you can protect
yourself from negativity, and that’s what stops most
people, negative thoughts. You can coat your mind from negativity, it’s a real simple exercise to do. I do it every morning
before I walk out the door. So, I walk out as a positive person. – [Audience] Amen. – You know I get tired sometimes, that’s different from being negative. Because I get mentally
drained from my job at times. But to coat your mind from negativity, the way you can put a
coating around your mind is with one simple thing, gratitude. Gratitude erases negativity. I’m a show you how this works. If you wake up in the morning and you start having negative thoughts, “man, this ain’t my day, “I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, “I’m trippin’, I just don’t feel myself.” Every time you feel in
the middle of the day if you feel yourself doing that, stop. Just stop for second and
start going over in your mind everything you have to be grateful for. Not everything you want, everything you already have. Because what you have is substantial. You just haven’t gone over the list and taken inventory in a long time. But the fact that you can
walk, that’s a blessing. The fact that you woke up,
that’s another blessing. The fact that you can see, think, reason, that’s another blessing. The fact that you can go somewhere and get yourself something to eat, that’s another blessing. The fact that you can go and turn a key and call someplace home, that’s another blessing. (clapping) The ability to dream is a blessing. The fact that you have an
opportunity to get it right is another blessing. The fact that you’re beautiful, that’s another blessing. The fact that you have
any measure of health, that’s another blessing. And I’m just talking to you
and I don’t even know you. I could give you 50 things you oughta be grateful for right now and I don’t even know you. Start coating your mind with gratitude, it’ll change everything for you. God is good, man. You oughta give him a
chance to work in your life. Thank y’all for coming. (audience cheering and clapping)

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  1. When he mentioned the Devil i instantly thought he was referring to Outwitting the Devil. I think those books are even better than the ones he mentioned buy just my 2 cents…

  2. Steve, serious question. I’m 18 years old in college. College is not what I want to pursue. I have notice in 12 th grade towards this freshman of college. I have become depressed and unmotivated lately. I turned to god and I still feel lost and hopeless sometimes. I was thinking of going to a mental health doctor but I always have bad reaction to medication. So what should I do?

  3. can anyone tell me how exactly I can express my gratitude in sentence … It will be really helpful.
    Thank you.

    And to whom should I express thid gratitude.?? to god ?? to universe ??

  4. Steve you is the inspiration for myself and family we listen ur show regularly. We take good point to improve ourself to survived.

  5. Wow ,when he said it’s not about just reading the Bible and memorizing passages but actually applying it to your daily life, which helped him succeed. Great message

  6. Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all thy heart & lean not on your own understanding” Protect your mind by filling it with the truth and positivity. Praying for whomever may be fighting something right now!

    You will make it THROUGH!

    Jazmiera Janay

  7. Amen.. Once I knew the mission of the enemy, my faith strengthen and know all the bad things I thought of myself is a lie. Once the Lord has said it will be done. For i know the plans i have for you plans to prosper you and not to harm you a plan to give you hope and a future…❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏 if i think otherwise i know i am letting the enemy ruin my mind to move away from the Lord.

    Praise God because He is good always guiding me to the right path❤️❤️❤️

  8. Aw that so nice of you Steve. I will never give the devil no room to change my mindset,because I am so focus on every thng I am doing. I will never allow negativity stop my dreams because i am too greatful to God for all his great blessings he has for me in store.Amen and Amen. I know God is so good to me for evening waking me up,and so focuse. I just say God thank you for my life and my families. I handover the day into your hands.

  9. Everything that takes place in your life starts with the thoughts in your head. Thank you Mr Harvey for your honesty. Better to have read only Proverbs (and mastered them) than to have read the whole bible and apply none of it to your life. I know plenty of Christians who read the Bible and go to church all the time…. their lives completely out of order. Reading and studying Gods word ( and not applying it) is the equivalent to working out at the gym and eating pizza and cupcakes when your done. It took me a long time to master my thought life. I prayed continually for God to help me. I found out that God helps those who help themselves. You cannot pray for the blessings of God and walk in negativity, unforgiveness, hatred and bitterness. It just does not work that way. Your words control your world. The people you hang out with will determined your destiny. Nothing and no one is worth you throwing it all away.

  10. The mind is everything in the human body if you set it in negatively way everything in the your system will be negative. So take note #PositiveViceAlways 👍

  11. This is amazing Steve. Thank you for being real and sharing with the rest of us. Stay positive everyone!

  12. Oh my goodness when I went into the scary church that's what happened it was all about submission and not thinking for yourself

  13. That's exactly what they told me a bunch of religious lies thank you Steve glad I woke up this morning to see this 28 years is not too big for God glory to God

  14. God bless you Steve Harvey you are an inspiration to me even if it seems like things are not going my way. when I listen to your motivation it perks me up God is good God is great all the time. Yes we are blessed. God will get me through my situations. I'm not going to give up. Have a wonderful and blessed day to you all.

  15. I see and hear people at my job Complaining all damn day, it's like the wake up with a foot in they ass and another on their necks! I ignore them as hard as I can, As Hard As I Can.

  16. They need to invent this button that tell how many times u can like something this video right here Mann I wish I can like it more than once 👍😫❤️

  17. Your mind is beautiful Mr. Harvey, & you have a wonderful heart. I respect you.. not because you’re famous, wealthy, none of that. I respect you & appreciate you for the way you reach people from all walks of life. Thank you for being a daily light in a world of darkness & always exalting God Almighty in everything.

  18. He may be speaking the word of the lord. But you people need to do your homework I've seen many videos of this Devil bad talking our President and our country and yes he is a racist!!!

  19. Marvellous Job, I totally liked it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , doo check 🙂

  20. I m sorry for that, if the best book was bible's, all black people in this world would be more intelligent and rich than all those people who are not reading bible's: Chinese, Europeans……
    So sorry for that but bible's are not and will never being a best book

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