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The Russell Nye Collection began in about 1970, based on Russell Nye’s writings. He was a professor here, and it tries to capture those parts of American Culture that were not traditionally part of Academic Libraries: textbooks, Sunday school books, fiction. In the genres: Westerns, science fiction and harlequin romances, and of course comic books, which is my favorite. -1947- The comic book collection is the biggest library collection of comic books in the world and we have about 240,000 items in our comic book collection. They come from all around the world so we have enormous collections of French and Japanese and Mexican comics as well as good samples from 50 or so other countries as well as 200,000 American comic books just the regular ones we all know about. -When I was a kid, Batman was my favorite.- The typical user comes from a class where they have an assignment to study some aspect of comics, like women’s representations in comics, things like that, or from far away. We get users from Europe, Australia who come to do serious dissertations usually. -Normally, I would take this out to a patron.- -And the patron would be warned,- -“Handle very, very carefully. That’s an expensive comic.”- -But we don’t know. We don’t actually price our comics.- Sometimes they come with historical ideas, they want to see how comics have changed over the years, this would be a study of comics as a medium. For the most part though, people are studying culture through comics.

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  1. I don't represent the library, but I understand that comics and other items from special collections can only be viewed/studied on-site, in a special viewing room. Nothing leaves.

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