“Confessions of a Wildlife Filmmaker” – Book Trailer

“Confessions of a Wildlife Filmmaker” – Book Trailer

Hi, I’m Chris Palmer. My new book:
Confessions of a Wildlife Filmmaker is part memoir, part confession and part indictment of the television networks for failing to put conservation, education, and animal welfare ahead of ratings and profits. It’s also about the
mistakes I made while struggling to excel in a profession that I love. The state of the wildlife filmmaking industry seems to worsen every year. It’s time for wildlife filmmaking to move in a more ethical direction. Which is why I
wrote my book: Shooting in the Wild five years ago. And why I’ve written This new book: Confessions of a Wildlife Filmmaker We must make broadcasters, like Animal
Planet, Discovery, National Geographic, the History Channel, we must make them do better. It’s time for viewers and filmmakers to fight back. Please check out Confessions of a Wildlife Filmmaker and join me in standing up for what’s
right. Confessions of a Wildlife Filmmaker The
Challenges of Staying Honest in an industry Where Ratings are king. Available now at your favorite bookstore, and at amazon.com

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  1. The early films of NG and Discovery turned many sensitive individuals into conservationists and conservation film makers.  But this audience is fast turning away from these channels.  Thanks for taking up this issue.

  2. It's time for integrity over profit and compassion over egocentrism.  Thank you, Chris Palmer, for your leadership and noble work for all nonhuman animals and giving them a voice. Best of success with your new book. – Director, Cry of the Innocent: The Voices That Can't Speak http://www.cryoftheinnocent.com

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