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  1. The difference in the guy on the left with the blue jacket in intellect compared to JP is drastically appalling… the guy in the blue jacket wants to bash, gossip, slander politicians while offering no solutions, and when JP takes over the conversation he offers solutions and doesn’t gossip. Says a lot about a real man, with real problem solving solutions as opposed to a man who offers problems to solutions. Sad.

  2. JP speech on speaking truth is maybe the greatest thing no ones ever heard. and i mean NO ONE HAS HEARD IT besides the number of views this video has. No one says that at all during school or in writing or movies or tv. Its amazing

  3. I'm hoping the young boy in the audience was happy to hear the topic on sex. By the way, that interviewer needs to see a clinical psychologist, oh wait.

  4. The most shocking thing i find in this video is how young Tammy looks and she's almost glowing at that point, in comparison to How Dr. Peterson looks (at least) 5 years older than her – and i believe she's actually at least one year older.

    I'm surprised not because i have this stereotypical idea of women would looker older or more mature than men in the same age/race, but the fact that i never suspected this whole thing might have "aged" Dr. Peterson in some sense – with that fantastic beard win.

  5. Regarding atheism, Solzhenitsyn declared:

    Over a half century ago, while I was still a child, I recall hearing a number of old people offer the following explanation for the great disasters that had befallen Russia: "Men have forgotten God; that's why all this has happened." Since then I have spent well-nigh 50 years working on the history of our revolution; in the process I have read hundreds of books, collected hundreds of personal testimonies, and have already contributed eight volumes of my own toward the effort of clearing away the rubble left by that upheaval. But if I were asked today to formulate as concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous revolution that swallowed up some 60 million of our people, I could not put it more accurately than to repeat: "Men have forgotten God; that's why all this has happened."

  6. Dr. Peterson, I will watch this entire conversation later tonight when I am at work, however I was listening to Voltaire's clip he took from this. In the clip he took you talked about the sociological change with sex and our culture today. I think a huge portion you may not have gotten to was the problem with the access to and the exposure to pornography/promiscuity in society/internet/TV and it's implication with unexpected expectations and perceived permissible actions with one another. I'd love to have you delve deeper into those aspects, and if you did, please forgive me since I haven't yet watched this in it's entirety.

  7. No wonder JP is so hated by anyone to the fringes, he's trying to bring us all back to the middle to discuss things. Can't do that.

  8. the idea that America is a the freest place in history is bullshit. You cannot have freedom if you have fear of being shot by a random idiot.

  9. we live in the freest country in this world due to CHRISTIANITY because satan focuses on destroying the most CHRISTAIN country in the world with this so called freedom

  10. you will oppressed when you learn (research it people) that the USA needs no foreign oil whats so ever. the US has all the oil it needs and isn the leading oil exporter… why its insistance on controling the oil in the world.?

  11. 1:38:44
    Jordan: "Alright Dave, I guess that's about that, eh"
    Youtube subtitles: "oh yeah penis that's about daddy yeah"

  12. The fundamental core of the division we find ourselves in currently is that the left want to refuse all personal responsibility (unless theyre attacking someone else) and individual accountability.

    This is why they support an expansive state, they want to replace their parents with the government so that they can continue living a life of perpetual childhood.

  13. I was watching youtube shows about the SJW nonsense plaguing Hollywood and it has spread far worse than into movies and TV now. This nonsense has infiltrated damn near every facet of life today and I suspect it is coming form the Universities because that is where the push was strongest in my own personal experience. anyways I saw the thumbnails recommending the Dr. Peterson so I watched a few the other night. It is great to hear a professor with such insight. thank you Jordan for the truthful and uplifting words. Im working on getting my room in order.

  14. I am happy that I could watch and learn from this conversation, so I can realize something about me, people in my potentional reach, and get my thinking straight.

    Day by day, I can get to the bed little more wiser than I was before, thanks to people like you.

    You are doing an amazing job Mr. Peterson.

    I believe, that one day, a lot of people would see a many discusions like this, so they can get more clear image about things that they are interested in.

    Thank you.

  15. The cameraman keep focusing on so beautiful woman, I completely lost the track several times.

    Amazing talk anyway!

  16. So to shorten this for you
    Peterson says:
    "Its not OK to blame others for everything. Take responsibility for your actions and mistakes. But its Communists fault for everything… They never did a single thing right…"

  17. just because my life is better than my grandparents doesn't mean I am not experiencing some forms of oppression………………………………………………………………………………………………………..the war on drugs is oppressive

  18. Dave, with respect: there's one blindspot that I've noticed you verbally express in multiple videos, and I'm only mentioning in case you do want to grow in your ability to understand a different perspective (and because this PARTICULAR blindspot seems massive in our culture right now). You said that Ben, being an orthodox Jew, thinks "BEING gay is a sin." I'm an orthodox Catholic so can't speak for Ben, but I'd say there's a fundamental linguistic (and therefore philosophical) error in that sentence: "Being gay" (probably better expressed as "experiencing same-sex erotic attraction") isn't the sin; "engaging in same-sex erotic genital stimulation" is the sin.

    This honestly seems like a type of leftist linguistic trickery (that you may have gotten trapped in) that has left people falsely believing that our experiences/attractions are our "identity", and that the only way to live a fully integrated human life is to act on every attraction that the Left tells us is core to our human identity. (i.e. "If I FEEL attracted to [erotic stimulation with a man], then I must [BE GAY], and of course I have to act on that particular attraction! Otherwise I'm not fully integrating all parts of 'who I am'!")

    But core to our human identity is NOT "I feel attracted to eating 20 burgers per day and then vomiting them up" (which is disordered based on the natural law of what eating is for) or "I feel attracted to mutual masturbation with someone whose genitals are identical to mine" (which is disordered based on the natural law of what sex is for). Core to our human identity is that we are created in the image and likeness of God, for real purposes that cohere in our bodies, and in truth and goodness. And living that reality in an INTEGRATED way means living in a way that incorporates ALL truth (including acknowledging hard truths), including the truth of the shape of our human bodies and the reality and reason and goodness of male/female complementarity. Feeling an attraction to living in a way that is contrary to this reasoned order may certainly present a challenge for us to overcome — but true integrity, true integration that encompasses EVERY element of our humanity (not just our attractions to activities like bulemic binge/purge, or masturbation instead of sex), but also our reason, and bodies, and souls, and relationship with God) is found in conforming our lives to the order of the highest good DESPITE those attractions — rather than abandoning integrity of our full humanity and throwing our entire lives into conforming to only the part of ourselves that is misaligned from the fullness of the true and good order.

    I hope your relationship with your partner is wonderful, Dave: I hope he reminds you to be a better person, and he reminds you of the same. And I'm glad if you materially support one another along your life journeys, etc. That much is beautiful, and helpful — and exactly what friendship is. It's only that one little thing — that one part of the relationship that's been inserted: genital erotic stimulation — which Orthodox Jews like Ben, and Orthodox Catholics like myself, will not ever turn around and call 'good'. And I'm honestly sorry and sad if to you, that means you couldn't be truly our friend; I can only say that we only say it because we DO consider you truly our friend. And friends try to help one another achieve what is truly good, rather than lying to each other.

    TL;DR no, Ben wouldn't refuse you a cake "because you 'are gay'," just like the Christian cake baker NEVER refused anyone a cake on the basis of them "being gay." The refusal is a refusal to participate in celebrating a very specific genital action, which is exactly what a 'marriage' ceremony implies is planned to take place. I'm sure Ben (and the Christian bakers) would bake you a birthday cake, Happy 4th of July Cake, 'Congratulations on surviving your brain surgery!' cake, etc…. it's not about denying a cake to 'people who experience same-sex attraction'. It's about declining to actively celebrate and affirm a certain ACTION. And no, I don't think Ben will "come around" on this unless he loses his sincerely held religious beliefs.

  19. I love how they just let Jordan Peterson talk without interruption. At minute 29:00 he gave a huge golden nugget about your truth.

  20. The West is surely in decline as the cancer of postmodernism crushes our traditional values but it can be reversed. The question that stands before us is will it be accomplished by ballots or bullets?

  21. the whole reason for the Comintern was to seed generational distrust in the west of people for their government.

    it seems to have worked beyond their wildest dreams.

  22. Peterson is the best evangelist without being a believer, these precepts are essential to humanity and the recognition that we are broken, we live in a fallen world, and we can’t fix it.

  23. @21:00 mark we get JP relaying a story about Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and his writings

    He gives us the true insight of what it meant to live behind the "hammer and cycle" flag of The Soviet Union. These snowflakes have often stood behind such a flag and shouted down Jordan Peterson on his lecture tour of colleges.

    They think that communism is such a good idea, it just needed a little "work" around the edges to make it great.

  24. My sister did foster care for years and the system loved her methods. She gave these kids love, structure and responsibility rather than pity.

    She fostered then adopted a girl who was kept in a cage by her father and treated like a dog, literally. He would make her do tricks for treats. When she arrived at my sister's house she ran on all fours, growled and peed on the ground or floor. I'll skip the other habits and abuse.

    My sister had to first convince her she was a beautiful little girl, not a dog. Inside it was heart breaking but my sister knew pity and coddling would not help this little girl. She lovingly held her accountable and gave her responsibility. It obviously took time but my niece is now in high school and has been functioning like a responsible teenager and will be getting her license soon.

    This is an example of a person who was literally oppressed, raped, and abused. My sister could've treated her like she was still a victim and my niece would not have a mostly normal life now, she'd not have friends, go to camps, help others, earn money, have her own horse, goats, chickens and other farm animals, go on cruises, etc. My sister has been saving all of the money the state gives her (for adopting my niece) to give to her for a home when she is old enough and ready to move out. She wouldn't be getting her own place if my sister treated her like a helpless neverending victim. Victimhood is damaging.

    I just can't get over these women and minorities crying this victimhood nonsense when this teenage girl was treated like a dog by her father while the mother sat by doing nothing (kept in a cage for years and other awful things that were done to and in front of her). Her own parents! Yet, she has forgiven them, moved forward and has become responsible in life.

  25. Dr Peterson is simply waking us up, from a deep sedation. We are fed with propaganda that, convince us that we can't live together, as a race but, we sure excel in blowing-up each other !

  26. You can only find Jordan Peterson deep if you've never seen a left wing intellectual in your life. Peterson showed his ignorance of leftism in his debate with Zizek. He's hoping you'll take his word that communism and anarchism are evil and not do any digging yourself. You've been predisposed to think these things are bad by your socialization in our society, of course you would look around at your society of liberal capitalism and conclude that it must be natural and great, your capitalist media is systemically incapable of providing an alternative idea of society because it is run on money. An armed gang known as the government holds us hostage to cruel exploitative labor practices and structures of division of labor to benefit an elite class of property owners and the rich. Stop being stubborn, read Marx's capital, read the bread book, read the desert book. Lets be free together.

  27. I really like Dave, but man, what a tough spot to be in. The other responder is Jedi Master Psychologist and you're regular high intellect good guy……its like being the toughest kid in 10th grade…..

  28. There was a Japanese martial artist who explained in his book that he became so depressed one day that he wanted to commit suicide, but his culture would not permit it until all his debts and troubles were first righted. Funny enough, he explained, that once he fixed all the wrongs in his life he np longer wished to commit suicide. Maybe the same can be said for entitled leftists as well.

  29. I love Jordan Peterson. I always hear the media ask why he seems to resonate with young men, but I’m a woman, and I love hearing him.

  30. That is interesting though when Peterson mentioned putting your house in order first before going out and changing the world. That idea is comparable to Confucian's idea of being a dutiful and responsible man to yourself, then to your small family and finally to your country. And the essential element of those ideas is to correct and to discipline yourself to become a better version of yourself each and every day! Love and respect that!

  31. How good that Russia exists. You always have what a who to critisize. Look under your nose and you will see a lot of things in your history and presence to be terrified. Peterson is a too big expert in the questions of russia and communism. The west is a perfect anjgel…for sure?

  32. What a joke. The man who corrupted our main water system through his National Water Commission Bill 2004 interviewing a bloke who burbles against collectivism in support of the Koch Brothers. Anderson's santimonious posturing is unendurable. We will soon have his Christian propaganda. "Freedom …is not licence". Really, John. Tell that to your oligopolistic mates. If you really are worried the future of our country, John, piss off and take Peterson with you.

  33. Peterson is laughable. The choice is an authoritative leader or personal sovereignty and nothing in between, What a fraud. This is just what you would expect listening to a Koch Brothers champion. This is a man on the edge of madness selling his bile.

  34. What an outright fraud Anderson is. When he is not arguing climate changes all the time he is picking villains to blame for it. Here, just before this year's election, he seeks to blame Labor for it. Yet, no-one worked harder to promote the fossil fuel mogul's interest and destroy our renewables industry than his Coalition leader, Howard. This is the sort of collectivism that Jordan Peterson either doesn't see or doesn't want to see. The Koch brothers have bought him a special pair of glasses through which he only see socialist collectivism in its various forms. This is just a continuation of the propaganda campaigning that has left most of us stupid and selfish.

  35. A large portion of people I know, have less status and comparable income then their grandparent had, which by force of circumstance did not get conveyed down to them.

    Only a fortunate well enabled person, who has had a good family foundation provided to them,

    would consider this to be unusual, such as apparently this Rubin fellow.

  36. John Anderson's opening statement is truly a breath of fresh air. Particularly the bits about public policy/debate, and harmony/progress.

  37. Throwing a dart on the timeline to see if JP makes any sense on anything, at 1:10:30: 'When I do an interview, I follow a rule, do what is meaningful, I don't think here is a bunch of things I want to convince you, I am here to hear the questions and try to figure out what I think, and then to say that and to see what happens.' [Wait didn't he say his rule was to be meaningful? What is meaningful about him wildly gesticulating with his hands and telling us that his process is listen, then think, then talk? Help me Jesus.]

  38. 1:32:40 "we're not having this conversation, we're waiting for their to be an indecent and responding" (i paraphrased that a bit)

    it's interesting to me to compare the comment to the way we address law in common law systems: to take case law and extrapolate from case to case and create a rule from that (ie: jurisprudence). Maybe the french system would serve us better in this instance being not a "specific case to general law" system but a "general law to specific case" system. So to write up a general rule set that we can modifie and sharpen and mold as the case by case comes to pass and start to create the bedrock of the answer of how do we treat sex in the modern world.

  39. So much can be achieved when you sit down and listen. We’re not all that different. We need to stop the divide and realize that we all have real problems, we all worry about the future and the more power we hand over to the government will cost us dearly.

  40. What Jordan Peterson usually states so clearly should be written down and delivered all over the world including the tiniest and most remote countries in this world…

  41. People in England have it much worse than their grandparents. Back then you could buy a house for hundreds of pounds and you could leave one job on a Friday and be in another Monday morning. Society has become much more totalitarian and dangerous. These people are all academics/media types who are disconnected from reality.

  42. I love when Jordan Peterson said the following (slightly paraphrased):

    Detach yourself from the outcome .. because sometimes the outcome is not good at that very moment

    It can't be "did I get what I want in the next second after". …

    Without faith in truth, you don't get to have the adventure of your life

    With truth, you're revealing your being

    When you reveal your being, you're there in the world, you're there, you're present

    That's what's going to justify your life: your adventure

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