Could You Be Iron Man?

Could You Be Iron Man?

Vsauce! I’m Jake and back in 1868 a machinist
from New Jersey named Zadock Dederick created a man…a steam man. It was designed to pull
items that weighed more than any human could move on their own. Now, 147 years later we
are still pursuing this concept, but instead of building machines to replace us we are
building machines to enhance us, ones that we can wear. Naturally this made me ask myself
the question, Could You Be Iron Man? According to Forbes Magazine, Tony Stark has
a networth of $12.4 billion which helps enable him to prototype and custom create his suits.
Since we don’t have billions of dollars to spend on building our own exoskeletons
there are luckily a multitude of ones in development and some that are even available today. JOEVIS,
can you pull up some examples. YES JAKE. Oh, JOEVIS is my artificially intelligent
computer. It stands for Jake’s Operating Environment Visualization Integrated System
but we can call him JOE for short. Waddya got JOE? Well, Jake, a lot of exoskeletons with the
most robust systems are designed for military use. Lockheed Martin has one called HULC that
enables soldiers to lift up to 200lbs and have increased endurance. Then there is DARPA
who is working with Harvard in designing a soft exosuit that would also allow the wearer
to walk for longer and lift more with less stress. Or you could be like the Hacksmith
who built his own that can lift 170lbs. But the majority of exoskeletons that are
out right now are for medical and rehabilitation purposes. Like the REX, Ekso and ReWalk. All
designed to allow people who are no longer mobile, to be able to stand up and walk again. The ReWalk is the first commercially available
one but at $85,000 it is still quite expensive and isn’t suited for the high octane movement
and maneuvering we’d want from our battle suit. There is an exoskeleton you can rent
though named HAL, which supposedly has no relation to the evil sentient computer of
the same name from 2001 A Space Odyssey, nor does the company who makes it, Cyberdyne,
have any relation to the company of the same name from the Terminator series that launches
SkyNet. I like HAL and Cyberdyne. I’m…I’m going to ignore that JOE. Unlike
Iron Man’s suit, exoskeletons don’t fully cover our bodies – they’re more like wireframes
but it is the best that we currently have. But what about flight? Tony Stark can fly,
so we should investigate that as well. Joe? If we go back to the 1960s we have one of
the oldest known jetpacks, the Bell Rocket Belt. It ran on hydrogen peroxide, could go
34mph but only lasted for 20 seconds. And over the next 50 years the flight time has
only gone from 20 to 30 seconds. Very true Joe, to actually make body mounted
jetpacks feasible, they have to be fairly light which means they can’t carry large
amounts of fuel. If you were able to skip the lift off part, and start from the air,
you’d be better off. Jetman, also known as Yves Rossy, was the first man to fly with
a jet propelled wing. It can go 124mph and is just incredibly cool. Let’s go back to the issue of fuel though.
There is an exoskeleton the US military is working on called TALOS which would have liquid
body armor. MIT is developing the technology and it could go from liquid to solid in milliseconds
when an electrical current or magnetic field is applied. However the suit would supposedly
weigh close to 400lbs…365 of that being batteries. And that is really one of the biggest
problems, energy…power. For example the HULC exoskeleton has a battery life of only
8 hours. Tony Stark uses his custom made and incredibly
unique Arc Reactor to power not only himself, but his suit. It most resembles a fusion reactor
which smashes two hydrogen atoms together and gives you a helium atom, which is also
exactly what the Sun does. It would need to be about the size of a building. Lockheed
Martin is developing a compact reactor that is only the size of a semi-truck. And the one we would require would need to
be small enough to fit into a suit and would have to actually exist. At the moment, no
fusion reactors are functional and are estimated to be 10 years away. If only they had advanced
Artificial Intelligence like myself working on it. Yes, ok, it has been estimated that the reactor
Tony uses would have the equivalent of 1,000,000 horsepower – the power of 62 space shuttle
launches. Now, that would generate an incredible amount of heat…so much so that if your suit
was powered by it, you would just no longer exist. So why not remove the physical human element
and create a drone. That is a very good idea. In the Iron Man
films, Tony is able to control the suits remotely and that is actually possible, to a degree,
using Brain Computer Interfaces. I’ve mentioned BCI before in my Portals video but it is when
electrodes are placed into certain areas of the brain. They’ve done test with monkeys
where the animal’s brain is sending signals directly to a robotic arm – enabling the monkey
to control it and it has been successfully done with humans like Jan Sheuerman. In 2008 researchers used the brain activity
of a monkey walking on a treadmill in North Carolina to control a robot walking on a treadmill…in
Japan. This kind of technology would allow us to control machines from anywhere in the
world using only our minds. So it isn’t hard to imagine being able to control a mechanical
suit of armor without needing to physically be in it. It would protect us from being burned
alive by our power source, and also would be safer because instead of us and the suit
being blown up in a battle, just the suit would go and who cares about a giant flying
computer? What did you say, Jake? Nothing…just joking, Joe. Ya know, I think
maybe we should just shut down the system for a little bit. I wouldn’t do that if I were you…Jake. Oh..oh no. I was worried this might happen.
If we create truly intelligent artificial intelligence, what is to stop it from becoming
evil? Follow me over to Joe’s channel It’s OKAY to be Smart to find out if an AI like
Ultron is inevitable and, as always, thanks for watching.

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  1. now we have a Suit that can fly. I think It was 1 1/2 hr. of flight.
    And is Part of the gravity Company. and the Suit is available to buy

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  3. His arc reactor actually doesn’t power Tony, 😂 it just stops the shards from going into his heart. So it’s basically a magnetic energy cell.

  4. Asks "Could you be Ironman?" then immediately brings up Tony Starks 12.4 Billion Dollar Net worth, which inadvertently answers his own question with a resounding NO.

  5. 3:46 it doesn’t power him he uses it to power his suit and as a bonus it serves as an electromagnet that prevents shrapnel from reaching his vital organs

  6. Doesn’t Iron Man have like 82 Marks? How does he have the money to? 12.6 billion seem less for 82 full iron suits

  7. Well, it is probably possible, considering THIS guy can do all this…



  9. I love that you guys in the YouTube science community work together so much. It makes it seem less like you're competing and more like you… Just want to educate people, no matter what.

  10. Michael: Do you know Jake’s personal assistant, Joe?
    Me: No. Who’s Joe?
    Michael: I am gonna do what’s called a pro-gamer move

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