Culture & Vocabulary: Major religions of the world

Culture & Vocabulary: Major religions of the world

Hi, guys. I got a secret to tell ya. Do you have a religion? Yeah? Most people do. I don’t. I am what is called “agnostic”. “Agnostic” means I do
not believe in a god. Do you want to turn the video off because
you’re offended by my religious views? Go ahead, but you’re going to
miss a great lesson on religion. My whole point of this educational video,
if you will, is to preach tolerance. Because guess what? You have a religion, I have a religion-no I
don’t-and other people will have a different religion than you, especially
when you’re travelling. So, let’s say that you leave your beautiful
house and your beautiful country, and you come to another country. Guess what? There are going to be people that don’t have the
same religion as you, and you get to respect them, and hopefully they
get to respect you. Unfortunately, the world has
kind of turned against us. Thank you, media, for making all religions a
point of war; which it shouldn’t be, because most religions
should teach love. Oh. Where did that go wrong? So, what I want you guys to understand is
that I don’t have a religion, I don’t want to have a religion, and it’s my choice; as
is it’s your choice to have your religion. But respect goes a far way. So, let’s dive right
into religion. What is it? The cool thing is when I was researching this
is the dictionary didn’t really have a distinct definition of “religion”, but it said this
– it said: “Religion is a cultural system of designated behaviours”-so how you act in
your culture-“practices”-so things that you do; no matter what your
religion is-“and world views”. So, this means how religion
sees other issues in the world. You with me so far? So, religion has nothing so far to do with
anything that is violent or bad; it has to do with someone’s
opinion of a culture. We have two words to start off. The first one is “atheism”. “Atheism” means that you do not
believe in a god; nothing. There’s no god that exists. It’s kind of close to “agnosticism”,
which I told you that I was. “Agnosticism” means that you have no proof
that god exists, or any gods exist. So I teeter-totter between being atheist and
being agnostic, but I don’t have a religion. I think religions are amazing, but “atheism” is a
belief that god doesn’t exist, and “agnosticism” is a belief that: “I don’t know
yet, so don’t ask me my question. I haven’t decided.” What I’ve done is I’ve written down the four
top-and by no means best-religions of the world. In our crazy world we have 10,000
different distinct religions. 10,000. But over 85% of the population
are in the top four religions. Now, statistics: I don’t believe them, so
when I tell you percentages and stuff, it’s clearly all from the internet and I don’t
believe half of it; but let’s see if you do. Apparently the biggest population in the world, 2.4
billion or 33% of the population are apparently “Christian”. Okay? Apparently this involves people
who are atheist and agnostic. So that’s statistic is blown out of the water
right away, but Christianity is supposed to be the religion with
the most followers. So, first word to learn
is: “monotheistic”. “Mono” means one, and
“theistic” means God. So, Christianity is a religion
with one god, and his/her… His/her… God’s name is God. Is God a him or a her? What do you think? Yeah, you don’t know, do you? Okay. So, this… Christianity is based on the
teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Okay? We like to shorten his name
and just call him “Jesus”. And Christians believe that
Jesus was the son of God. He was born to a virgin… What? In a manger. That doesn’t make sense, scientifically;
don’t tell my mom that. The holy book that Christians use is called
a “Bible” or “Gospel”, so this is where all of the teachings of Jesus
Christ are written. People who practice Christianity
are called “Christians”. And the important thing that you guys have
to realize is that if you are Catholic, you are Christian; if you are Protestant, you are
Christian; if you are Eastern Orthodox-these are the top three-you
are also Christian. So you have to be careful. You can’t say to someone: “Oh, well
I’m Catholic, but I’m not Christian.” Well, damn straight: You’re both Catholic and
Christian, because these religions practice Christianity. Okay? So be careful what your ideas of…
are from your country. Christians believe that when you die-which
we all will-you will either go to Heaven or Hell. Other religions, like Catholicism (Catholic
people) believe that there’s a purgatory. And purgatory is kind of like the waiting
room; that they haven’t decided if you’re good or bad yet. So, you can go to Heaven or you can go
to Hell, or be rested in purgatory. Where do you want to go? You want to go to
Heaven, don’t you? Okay. The next one we have is 1.8 billion
people; 24% of the population. So, there isn’t a big difference in the size
of the population, if the statistics are true (which they’re not). This religion is called “Islam”. It is, like Christianity, a
monotheistic religion: One god. In this religion, God’s
name is “Allah”. I think Allah’s a man;
sounds like a man’s name. And just like Christians
have Jesus… I can do this. Just like Christians have
Jesus, Islam has Muhammad. Now, Muhammad is apparently
the messenger of God. Jesus was the son of God, but Muhammad is
the messenger of God; so he directly told the people what God was saying. Interestingly enough, in the Islamic religion,
they have prophets: Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus… What? Muslim people or people who are
Islamic – they believe in Jesus. Jesus was a prophet. Okay? So, all of these guys: Adam, Abraham, Moses,
and Jesus, who exist in Christianity are also prophets in the
Islamic religion. But they believe that Muhammad was the last
messenger of God, so he’s the most important prophet. Just like Heaven… Just like Christianity, there’s a final judgement
where people go to Heaven or go to Hell. Well, that sounds really
similar to Christianity. What are you guys
fighting about? You all go to the same place;
you do good, you do bad. People who follow Islam are called “Muslim”,
and the holy book is called the “Qur’an”. So it’s a book that
has the teachings. Do you see a lot of similarities
between these two religions yet? Open your mind. Have a look. The next religion is “Hinduism”. Hinduism is polytheistic
or monotheistic. So, I’ve told you that
“monotheistic” means one God. What do you guys think
“polytheistic” means? “Poly” means many. So, Hinduism is polytheistic
or monotheistic. Or, if you choose-it’s your
choice-you can be “atheist”. What? A religion that
can be atheist… Oh yeah. Hinduism – this is pretty cool. So, check this out: It was made in India and it’s
the oldest religion in the world, apparently. And it’s based on dharma, and
dharma is the way of life. It’s like a life path; telling you what
are good things and bad things to do. Check this out: There are
no religious authorities. What? Nobody’s telling me what to do? Well, this is pretty cool. There’s no governing body,
which means there’s no… Again, there’s nobody telling you what to do;
there’s no one god, there’s no one person that is almighty. There’s no prophets, and
there’s no special holy book. This sounds very open-minded. The pronunciation of the
common Islam faith… I forget. So, we’ve got Sunni, which is 75 to 90%, and
we have Shia which is 10 to 20%; I forgot about that. But if you guys look
at the Hinduism… These words are very difficult
for me to say; I do apologize. Let me go to my notes;
my pronunciation notes. So, we have: “Vaishnavism”. If I’ve said that wrong, I do
apologize; it’s not my intention. And then we have:
“Shaivism” and “Shaktism”. Again, if I’ve done
that wrong, I’m sorry. The Hindu people… So people who practice Hinduism are called
“Hindus” – they believe in “reincarnation”. So, “reincarnation” means: When you die, your
soul doesn’t go to Heaven or Hell; it comes back again, maybe to this Earth, and
you live a whole other lifetime. Wow. Do you believe in reincarnation? I do. I think I’ve lived many, many times; and I
was probably hanging out with you at some point. We were like: “Yeah! This is great, Ronnie!” I’m like: “Yeah.” Okay? So, reincarnation is very
different from Heaven or Hell. Okay? Reincarnation means you are
born again and you live again. Amazing. Super cool. And the last one is “Buddhism”. If you guys have ever been to China or if
you’re from China, you can go to a beautiful Buddhist temple. Awesome. Like Hinduism, Buddhism has no personal god,
so you don’t worship one person; but it’s based on the teachings of this one guy
who was a real person named Buddha. He’s pretty cool. He looks nice. So, this is based on his
teaching or his ideas. All right? This only makes 520 million; 15 to
16% of the population of the world. Again, statistics. Basically, Buddhist people believe in
rebirth into five realms of being. Check this out. The top one would be heavenly, so this means
you’ve achieved all the amazing things you should in your lifetime; you would not be
reincarnated again and you’d be heavenly. We have demi-gods; humans, that’s me and
you; animals; hungry ghosts; and hellish. Now, hellish, obviously
would be the worst one. Maybe some humans are actually hungry
ghosts and hellish – I don’t know. So, Buddhism is based upon
the teachings of Sidda… Sidda-ta… Siddhartha-I’m sorry; I
can’t do it- Gautama. If I said his name
right, amazing. That’s it. So, I want you to think about your religion,
and I want you to also think about the people around you. Do you know people who
have a different religion? Do you know people that have a
religion that’s not written down here? Cool. Talk to them about it. We have a saying in English that you shouldn’t
talk to people about sex, religion, or politics. I’m not talking to you
guys about politics ever. Love people; don’t hate people. I’m out of here.

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  1. It was always strange that in English you cannot be sure how to pronounce foreign names if they are written. In Russian we can pronounce it unambiguously if it is written in cyrillic alphabet. Example:Sidhartha Gautama will be Сидхартха Гаутама – sid-hart -hah gah-oo-tah-mah

  2. Buddha was an agnostic monk and Buddhism is not a religion. No god involved and nothing to worship in Buddhism . See what's happening in Burma, Thai, Cambodia, Laos etc. There, name-only Buddhists do opposite to Buddha's teachings

  3. Hey! I'm a Sikh
    I don't know whether you heard about Sikhism, but wanna tell you a bit about Sikhism.
    So, Sikhism is a monotheistic religion. Sikh means a disciple, seeker or Lerner. It's one of the youngest religion of the world, it was originated in Punjab, in the northern part of the subcontinent around the end of the 15th century.
    Sikhs shun in worshiping idols.
    Believe in 11th Guru (Guru Granth Sahib Ji/Sikh's Holy book) after passing of 10 Gurus among which Guru Nanak Ji was the first who found the Sikhism.
    The basic there principal of Sikhism is as follows;
    • Naam Japna: All the time keep God in mind
    • Kirat Karni: labour and honest earning while remembering God
    • Vand Chakhna: Share with others in need {example: in Gurdwaras free food for everyone (rich, poor, black, white…of any religion and sex are allowed sit to together and have food with everyone}.

  4. we have religions to talk a lot, work hard and fight, otherwise life will not make sense. Whoever practices his own religion will surely have rewarded, there is no doubt. If you work for paradise, you will have heaven and if you work for hell, you will have hell to the degree of your bad deeds. And that's the Mdame NATURE.

  5. Such an important subject! even though there are some imprecisions. For instance, in Catholicism, Purgatory is not a place of rest where is not decided whether you're good or not. In Catholicism, Purgatory is a place where you pay for your sins before going to Heaven, so, it is already decided that you're going to Heaven but you have to purify your soul first. And BTW I agree with your message of respect an tolerance, so I don't understand why the sarcastic expression when talking about Jesus having being born to a virgin in a manger: not cool at all. Best wishes anyway!

  6. I love is girl. she does not care about the opinions of others, she acts as she wants, she is an excellent teacher and that is my example to follow!

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    from cali colombia

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    Muito obrigada.
    The sheep I is amazing,I laughed long time

  10. Hello Ronnie you are the best teacher I’ve ever seen. Thank you for sharing your videos with us, thats really help

  11. Dear Ronnie, I like you even more than before! I'm an atheist and I'm completely sure that agnostic perspective should be treated the same way as any religious points of view – with respect and neutrality. I believe in Evolution and scientific approach to life, but despite my personal opinion I have many religious friends, so it's crucially important to be able to know all the useful words and phrases on the subject. Thank you, teacher!

  12. Good and informative video.People should accept each other beliefs and the way of living,because we are human.I hope we all live in peace and love.Thank you Ronnie.

  13. Most people have a religion? Depends on where you live. Also Agnostic doesn't mean you don't believe in god. It means you don't know. If you don't believe in god you are an atheist because atheism addresses belief…. what you believe. Agnosticism addresses knowledge… what you know or claim to know. However the two aren't mutually exclusive.
    Most atheists are also agnostic and so are some theists.

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  16. You are confused about agnostic and atheist. One who doesn't believe in any god is an atheist. Agnosticism deals with knowledge… what you know or claim to know. Theism and atheism deal with belief.

  17. My opinion
    You don’t meet Jesus that’s why you couldn’t believe in him
    Question to you ask him to declare him self to you ?
    If you did, please let me know what happen ?

  18. Your last point was love, God is love.He deserve "respect" We all have choices what we believe, that why God gave, us a will.Your lecture on all religion is a waste of time,Jesus said their one way to the Father. John 14:6: God blessed.

  19. Very good video!
    I'm also interested in some common use of political vocabulary! If Ronnie can do one that will be awesome 🙂

  20. No I have respect for this lady and her beliefs although I don't agree with hers it doesn't make me feel like she's a bad person or that I couldn't like her.
    Ppl act as if you are to hate a person if they don't agree with you .

  21. Great video your big mistake you made with Hinduism.we Hinduism has a holly book.the name of our holly book is "Bhagbat Gita"..❤

  22. well Always great…. thanks for one more…… just to add something… Religion etimology says that the word means RELICARE, RELEGERE, meaning remake the link, connect again.

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