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  1. Hi Caitlin, you often ask us to give you some ideas on what we would like to see you cover so I was wondering about traditions around death and burial in other cultures. I know you've touched on it here and there in some of your videos but I wondered if it would be possible to go a little more in depth. Cultures such as India, Japan, Russia, Poland etc. Anyway, cheers from me down under in Australia. Hugz xxx Eleonore

  2. that angry mom post lol. If she thinks all there is to life and being a woman is to be a brood mare then she really needs to re-evaluate her shit.

  3. Dark algorithmic landscape, meaning that YOUTUBE siloed you like so many others. I hope that nothing happens to the channel next year with all the changes and requirements. My wife and I love the content you put out. You are awesome. If anything does happen there is always bitchute or story fire. I hope that you would continue making things if anything did happen. We all love you ya know.

  4. Uuuuhhhh some of this was not taught in my Disney Traditions class when I started with the company. Very interesting info, another side of Walt that is not real known.

  5. What I’m more fascinated by is how perfect your hair is! It literally like wet silk it’s gorgeous! Do morticians know something about perfect hair that the rest of us don’t?

  6. Hmmm..I was 13 when we visited Disney Deathland?(1972)…I really enjoyed it back then…BUT now as a 60 year old …Probably Not..👍🤣

  7. 8:24 As a childess heathen who was planning to take my non-childless heathen mother to Disney are we still allowed in according to this logic? If she goes in without me she technically doesn't have her family with her after all.

    Love the video Catylin and looking forward to seeing my two favourite rides Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion making an appearance in later parts:

  8. Does Caitlin or anyone here know if there's anything like a "Disneyland suicide club" in real life? It seems to come up as a recurring theme in Creepypasta subreddits.

  9. I have friends that work there and you wouldn't believe the horror stories of people spreading ashes of loved ones all over various rides. Usually the haunted mansion or pirates lol. ewww.

  10. The more I think about it, those classic Disney movies I watched as a kid, "Sleeping Beauty" and "Snow White" were both kind of creepy. So, Mickey Mouse was originally named Death Mouse? That is super creepy!

  11. LOL at the "Disneyland is for children" mother! What if it was another child who had gotten the last pretzel? I'll bet she would have been bugling and blatting about how HER child deserves it MOOOOORE! XDDD Disneyland is for everyone, Karen.

    Great video! The Disney/death thing is kinda hard to miss, and your commentary was pretty funny.

  12. If you're into Disney urban legends, check out, they have a whole section dedicated to it and it's extremely informative and interesting!!!

  13. I'm surprised she didn't play the "Hidden Mickey" game with you and make you try to find all the hidden mickey symbols all over the park

  14. This is going to sound fake but when I was younger my aunt took my mom and me and my sister Along with my baby niece to Disney land but somehow my mom got lost because she was at the beginning stages of early on dementia she wondered off when she waited while we were on the ride and forgot where she was it turned dark and we still didn’t find her later on we ended up finding her they kept her safe somewhere idk where but it was intense…my moms brain disease ended up taking her life when I was 20 years old

  15. I feel like he didn’t purposely make everything about death. Death is just a normal part of life and is ingrained in pretty much everything. It would be impossible for anyone to make that many movies, tell that many stories and never mention death. After all, the only thing we ALL have in common is that we die.

  16. I can't believe you went to Disneyland after my time of working there and i worked in Critter Country's attractions 😭 i would have loved to see you

  17. Nemo's momma died like 2min into the movie

    Oh and my dad went there opening day and he said it was amazing and loved it ever since 🙂

  18. ALL MY LOVE but..
    Anna from Frozen is pronounced Ah-nuh, not Ann-uh.
    someone who's name is also pronounced Ah-nuh and has been hearing it wrong her whole life.

  19. When I went to Disney for grad nite I told my friend that if I died there to drag me to the 100 acre woods ride and leave me there.

  20. I first saw these macabre Mickey Mouse cartoons about a year ago and I was so hooked. I’ve never seen anything like them.

  21. Disney actually seems to be embracing their own death as a company through the plague that is known as social justice and wokeness. It's going to be a slow and painful one…

    I kind of feel bad for Walt.

  22. Happiest facade on erff….earth… whatever. I have visited twice and could not shake the vibes i got there, which were morbid AF. I am sure the place is brimming with seeeecretsssss

  23. #ScrewDisney Only good thing that ever come out of Disney was the wonderful employees they hire for their parks. That’s it. But I like cosplay and their community so I really love this idea. I also still LOVE cartoons. I still watch them daily.

  24. i'm more of a skull ring afficionado than I thought I was death obsessed. I've enjoyed your channel a lot. anyway your video reminded me of the michael rodent skull ring. i may need one now

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