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  1. I can HIGHLY recommend Hagseed, it's incredible and you'll be able to read it reasonably quickly as it's quite small, but SO worth the read! The writing is stunning, the story is mad and fascinating, and links to Shakespeare in so many cool ways. 5 stars! 💕

  2. I support the de-cluttering but you should definitely read Fahrenheit 451 and The Picture of Dorian Gray – just get them from the library some day because they’re both so good!

  3. This is exactly my sort of content! Loving the new channel! Feeling inspired to go out and buy some books myself now, even though I have no intention of decluttering my shelf in the near future! Another book arriving right as you finish was hilarious lol

  4. I'm reading 'Twas the Nightshift Before Christmas' by Adam Kay because 'This is Going to Hurt' was amazing and I couldn't wait til Christmas time to get started on his newest

  5. Not hating, just fascinating – I love how content creators can basically tidy up their homes (wardrobes, bookshelves, etc) and consider it work 😀 😀

  6. It to give you ideas of anything, but one book you would LOVE is The Lucky Galah by Tracey Sorensen – or at least the audio book 😍😍

  7. A very short introduction to American Politics is really good! We use it all the time when studying political science in Uni!

  8. you think that needed decluttering??? hahahaha im so glad you can't see my shelves right now (i have more horizontal than vertical books)

  9. I have gone back and read a number of classic sci fi and fantasy. While many of them weren't bad books, so many of them either didn't speak to the struggles of modern times, were clearly original in their time but are cliche now or just were not interesting to me. Read what you want to read.

  10. Hannah: "I've had these books for so long. Am I ever going to read Fahrenheit 451? What is it even about?" throws it into the donate pile
    Me: "Noooooooo! Don't, it's so good!!!"

  11. I tend not to re-read books (except for those with sentimental value) so for the past few years I've given books away to fam and friends as soon as I've read them which has helped SO much with stopping clutter from building up. It also feels nice to give a book to someone when you know they're going to enjoy it

  12. I've moved a bunch and I'm going to once more in the near future, and lugging books place to place is obnoxious. My husband and I have really stripped them down. Public domain classics? The library has them all! I keep sentimental, reference, and things I will actually read again now.

  13. the pain of seeing you chuck aside a ray bradbury and a john wyndham at the same time is painful as a 20th century scifi lover BUT they're very slow reads to it's understandable

  14. As a feminist woman you sure spent a lot of time worrying about your hair/looks? Just a little food for thought from an old feminist!

  15. This inspires me to de clutter my bookshelf when I get home. 🙂 I’m currently reading The Illustrated Mum by Jaqueline Wilson, and then I’m going to read The Shining by Stephen King 🤓

  16. Currently reading "A Well-Behaved Woman" by Therese Anne Fowler. There is a really wonderful balance of history and feminine empowerment in this novel. I really didn't know what to expect when I started reading it but I just can't put it down.

  17. Nooo Hannah you don't get rid of them – there's worse things in the world to collect than books! You could have a library service for your friends 😛
    I actually love rereading my favourite books, even if I do know what's going to happen. It feels nice and cosy and friendly haha (that includes the hunger games series).
    I also have 25 physical books I haven't read, countless others on the kindle, and an amazon wishlist containing 270 books I'd like to read… oh dear.

  18. There is an uncensored version of Dorian Gray that's out right now, if you want to read it, read that one or the Penguin Classics edition with the footnotes of what was cencored/removed from the original text. It was quite interesting to compare and see what was missing. The prose was a delight to go through, I don't know much about your taste but if you love beautiful sentences, you might give it a try on one of those days that you're feeling dramatic and flamboyant.

  19. Watching you put The Picture of Dorian Gray in a give away pile hurt my heart. Mostly because I own like 30 copies of that book. (I wish that was an exaggeration) 😂

  20. Well done! I am not reading anything atm because I am struggling with precisely what you described, finishing one and deciding for days what to read next. I shall try your idea!

    I decluttered over 1000 a few years ago, went from books I had no intention of reading, ever or again, to a well loved collection that makes me so happy. If I read a book now and don't like it, it goes immediately to another home. I will always have lots of books, because I love them, no need to keep ones I do not love. But still painful to see them go!

  21. Hannah! You simply must read the Half Bad trilogy by Sally Green if you haven't already! They are as good as Harry Potter in my opinion, although rather more intense. Young adult fantasy (witches), and there's some lovely representation in them as well! I've read them three times and haven't gotten bored yet. Hope you're doing well!

  22. Currently indulging in a nostalgia fest and re-reading Harry Potter, I’m in Order of the Phoenix at the moment. This is a tactical move because it’s stopping me buying the books I’ve mentioned to my boyfriend that I’d like for Christmas.
    We have a similar size bookshelf and it’s full, so we now have a rule that I need to remove a book before I’m allowed to buy a new one, so I’ve sneakily just taken to buying Kindle books instead 😂 Love the video! Book content is the best!

  23. I like to check out classic novels as audiobooks directly onto my phone through an app from my library. That way, if I don't like it there is no pressure to continue or I can increase the playback speed if I get bored of an entire chapter describing the layout of Paris in The Hunchback of Notre Dame XD

  24. Wow, this was fascinating; I love books but have severe dustmite allergies so while I have 20 or so physical books for my son, I digitized my whole collection to avoid the dust buildup/cleaning, but even when I had many physical books I never had more than one at a time I hadn’t read.

  25. Was finding this so soothing (organisation nerd over here), and then you started ripping pages out!!!! As an ex-bookseller I am begging you, keep the whole book

  26. I use my library lots and lots and it really helps me control my book collection! It sometimes means you have to wait a wee bit for new and popular stuff, but you can often pre-order popular books. Honestly it’s so great

  27. I'm reading The Age of Vikings by Anders Winroth. I'm reading it for a class, but it is similar to the kind if thing I would read anyway. I love historical fiction, and while it isn't fiction, it does sprinkle in old myths and viking poems and stuff. Its pretty cool

  28. Please read a picture of Dorian grey!!!! It's so good, the dialogue is so sharp and whitty and the characters are so interesting! It's not as difficult to read as you'd think! The ending messed me up as I just finished it a day ago!

  29. the last book I read was Red White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston. pretty sure I saw it somewhere in your bookshelf (or I could just be projecting and thinking every pink book I see now is RWRB cos that's what I want it to be) either way if you haven't read it yet ya should, its just a really good damn time, maybe even the BEST damn time.

  30. Fahreinheight 451 is about worldwide banning of books by Robert Heinlen. The book title comes from the spontaneous combustion temperature of paper, 451 degrees Fahrenheight.

  31. Hannah looking at a basically full bookshelf: "oh my god the bookshelf looks so empty! it's weird…" hahaha same girl same

  32. "Am I ever going to read Fahrenheit 451? What is it even about?"
    Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature at which paper burns, and the book is about book burning, censorship, and government controlling citizens' lives. It's a great story!

  33. I read Fahrenheit 451 in school and it's actually not terrible. Was forced to read a lot of books in school and although the majority of them were bad I found my favorite book through that. In Cold Blood.

  34. if ur looking for a way to get rid of the books u dont want, i'd recommend checking out books beyond bars!! they send books to lgbt prisoners <3

  35. Umm 🤔 obviously that’s the only reason you get out of books to get my books, what am I currently reading OK shortest way home by Pete Buttigieg. American royals, the woman’s hour by manage loan

  36. What is Fahrenheit 451 about? Mostly it's about the value of reading books. Kind of ironic that you tossed it without reading it. Also, Ray Bradbury just writes beautiful prose. If there's one book you jettisoned which you should read, that's probably it.

  37. Farient 451 is a brilliant book! It's sci-fi and based on a future society where books ar banned. Highly recommended! [Also, film of same name]. Cheers, Alison.

  38. The Tattooist of Auschwitz is such a moving book, if you haven’t got rid of it already, please contemplate reading it! Clean is a fantastic read 😊

  39. that is a good idea with the ripping out dedicated pages thing !! i feel like i couldn't do it but i appreciate the idea 😂😂

  40. There are actually no books in my bookshelf. All the books are in boxes.
    I haven't read a single book in over 15 years.

  41. My wife and I used to be such book hoarders but last year we started our minimalist/declutter journey and we got rid of 90% of our physical books. We now both have kindles with a couple of hundred books preloaded on them and only keep non-fiction, sentimental and first editions/limited edition books on our bookshelves.

    Going digital for our fiction has been a game changer as we now both read so much more (we both have multiple books on the go at once) and take our e-readers everywhere which is so much more convenient than lugging books around.

    We still love reading physical books but now it’s become so much more special because we don’t do it day in, day out. I know e-readers aren’t for everyone and we resisted going digital for so long but now we both wish we had done it a lot sooner.

  42. Very satisfying, you’ve inspired me to organise my bookshelf, I hate when there are horizontal books on top! 📕📗📘📙

  43. Currently reading 'a wise mans fear' from patrick rothfuss and omg so good, recommend the previous one 'name of the wind' for everyone as well!!!

  44. As soon as you said "unread" and Pachinko was there, I planned my comment. When you got rid of it, my comment idea deflated. That book, is the one you should be reading next.

  45. Fahrenheit 451 is, like 1984 or Animal Farm, a warning about what can happen if you let government control go too far. It focuses on what can happen if you eliminate books completely in favor of televised entertainment. It's somewhat dated, due to being written before the advent of home video recorders or video games, but it gets its point across. It's a quick read, especially compared with a Game of Thrones volume, and I do recommend you just sit down and have at it.

  46. Hannah, so you want to have storage unit somewhere… I strongly advice you to create an Excel (or similar) list where you list everything that is in your storage unit!
    I would order that list by categories like "important", "keep, but not that important", "i don't care for this". Having a list helps with finding stuff and just knowing what you have!
    I love your organization videos! Took me 11 months (with breaks) this year to sort though all my stuff (with archiving documents, and sorting though all digital belonings). And I love it now!
    Greetings from Germany!

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