Documentary: A Glitch in the Matrix (David Fuller production)

Documentary: A Glitch in the Matrix (David Fuller production)

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  1. In Voodoo, spirit is like water. And the more humans there are the more spirit is diluted. And yes, user content will draw the like minded together. And I can't wait for the western way of thinking to fade.

  2. It's not like we don't know who owns and controls the world, all the media, and jewtube. Yet, he some how forgets to mention this. Classic shill behavior. Ask him about WTC7. That is the litmus test of shill.

  3. At 6:40 he mentions of a long list of names, one of them being one of his favorite to talk to, and the list is all jewish names. …yet, …he forgets to mention the jews own the world, and his mind.

  4. None of the shill channels have real view counts or real subscription counts, or even real comments. This is so shilly I am going to throw up.

  5. Love this video so far. Im at 12.38 and DISAGREE with the gentlemans statement "we are conscious beings…. we are effective to the world IN GROUPS – NOT AS INDIVIDUALS…." stop right there. Each and everyone of us has energy. Our energy is what pushes this life experience in any given direction. You and I give purpose to life. Not that life gives us purpose. I know Im "splitting hairs" to this statement. I just dislike when anybody puts down people, or makes them seem insignificant. He probly didnt mean it like that, but still. We are powerful individuals who can make positive change alone or in a group. And i agree, a fractal universe needs both groups and independents the transform the next wave of purpose.

    Thats my rant.


    Dont give up on people, because I won't give up on you!

  6. What Kathy Newman did to Mr. Peterson is exactly what liberals do to others on a daily bases. Just not as intense.
    Watch any news station here in the states interview a conservative about abortion or global warming.

  7. Every living thing loves its own kind,
    every man a man like himself.
    Every being is drawn to its own kind;
    with his own kind every man associates.

    Is a wolf ever allied with a lamb?
    So it is with the sinner and the just.
    Can there be peace with the hyena and the dog?
    Or between the rich and the poor can there be peace?
    Lions prey are the wild asses of the desert;
    so too the poor are the feeding grounds for the rich.
    A proud man abhors lowliness; so does the rich man abhor the poor.
    When a rich man stumbles he is supported by a friend;
    when poor man trips he is pushed down by a friend.
    Many are the supporters for a rich man when he speaks;
    though what he says is odious, it wins approval.
    When a poor man speaks they make sport of him;
    he speaks wisely and no attention is paid him.
    A rich man speaks and all are silent, his wisdom they extol to the clouds.
    A poor man speaks and they say: “Who is that?”
    If he slips they cast him down .

    Jesus O Savior
    I know not if you are real
    Come live in me ..
    Save me
    Amen and Amen

    Revelations 22:17
    The Spirit and the bride say.
    Let the hearer say,
    Let the one who thirsts
    come forward,
    and the one who wants
    receive the gift
    of life giving water.

  8. I think one thing that people are missing is that the archetypal battle between Peterson and Newman was not actually an archetypal battle because in that setting the woman was restrained.

    If that exchange has happened in private I think the woman would have resorted to physical violence against the man on because there's nothing worse S2 the Liberal feminine than logic common sense that Peterson was spewing in bucket loads

  9. A huge example of what he says eg how the Internet is spreading an alternative view is the exposure of the scandalous dietary advice governments and main strain media have fed us for the last 50 years

  10. I am, simply in being. The forms under which I exist are subordinate to the actuality of my existence. When I mistake these forms for that actuality in my thought and feeling, I am splitting myself destructively.

  11. @Jordan B Peterson ~ Wouldn't it be nice if we could help people, who wouldn't get the chance otherwise, to go to college and learn about the Power of Myth? Classical Liberal ? I get it, I've been there…I'm still there. I also think there are times in life people need help. I also think all the inequality is injuring socialist as a whole! Until a person knows and believes they can sustain their efforts and better their lives, it just won't stick. I also think somethings only Government can do.

  12. many people fought and give their lives to in heritage you freedom in past, and now you let outsider aliens forces trying to steal you that right, what happen with US? what about Defense Against Enemies, Foreign and Domestic?

  13. This guy is spot on. I was once a Democrat. Then the left started calling me a sexist for being prolife. Started calling me racist for calling out obama after i voted for him. Started lessening and dismissing my opinions based on my race and religion (white male chritstian) it slowly turned me away. One day i found myself enjoying trump bullying the people who vilified my beliefs. I dont support trump becuase i see through him just like i did obama. But it was nice to see someone attack those who attacked me

  14. Interestingly, these divisions bear close relationship to two opposing trends in philosophy, identified by Buddhist philosophy as eternalism and nihilism, two ways of falling off the horse of reality which is understood via the Middle Way (Madhyamika). In eternalism things are seen as solid and utterly real so it tends toward reification, whlle in nihilism nothing is seen as real (of course these are extremes). One can look at history of societies as always being somewhere between these two extremes. Thanks for bringing that eternal concept back to public consciousness.

  15. The other side doesn't care about the debate. You could be the side that wears red, that's all they need to distinguish their enemies.

  16. Toxic masculinity isn’t as bad as a woman’s toxic desire to kill a fetus from their bodies. Women are killers. I think more women have killed than men. They think because it’s a bug or a small fetus that it’s okay to kill it. More murders have happened at the hands of women. They think they are so friendly. BS.

  17. Not a new thing. The overton has been shifting a while now. Also you cant attack some one with a keyboard you absolute BABY. Obviously the jewish narrative is still strong in your head from working with them those 16 years to produce fake news.

  18. As a woman, I hate to see men being torn down and minimized and essentially destroyed in Western culture!! I’m not for this!! Why can’t both (yes…2) be celebrated for what they bring to “the table”?! We are created different for a reason. One is not better than the other because neither would exist without both! Men, please stand up and help your young boys stand up to this destructive practice!! Women, stand up for yourselves by yourselves instead of feeling like you have to stand ON men to do it!!

  19. Why show the Church ?…I have a gadget called chrome cast / tube machine I load the cell phone or lap top and play the list on tv…Its a handy lil gadget also you get less globaal interfering commercials'

  20. Since the western societies are already very fair how about if you go to Saudi Arabia and march and protest there for a change. They need the message more than the west.

  21. My liberal family hate the truth and know nothing about anything outside of themselves and are attacking me for being a conservative beyond words.

  22. Peterson is one of the great intellectual gladiators of our time. Ignoring people like him will lead to disaster in the future. Perhaps we deserve it.

  23. You got it all wrong. The right became strong, because we learned what we thought was conspiracy was true. That our taxes were being stolen and wasted, the political parties were one in the same, those in control were manipulating us to fight among ourselves so we would pay attention to them. The media was directing our thoughts, and we were slaves to never ending debt. There is no alt right, there is only the right, a few degenerates within us, but there numbers aren't worth mentioning.

  24. TV is dead no1 uses it i dont even own a tv it liberating you will wake up once you turn it off for a year.its been 10year since i watched tv and i feel great my brain works now…fk getting spoon fed by tv like a baby

  25. Jordan Peterson is the wisest and most articulate man I've ever heard. I have been listening to his lectures for more than 170 hours but I can't find one that I saw in this video. Could anyone give me the link to the full version of his class room discussion that started around 22:50 of this video? I'd be very grateful.l

  26. People like this enjoy making other people look stupid with their comand of the langauge + they get good money for just talking its what they call work Everytime they do another you tube vid their numbers go up and so does the advertising revenue and their money , if you a life boat with people like this they would end up as shark bait .
    In the vid he did with the Jewess she lost the verbal pissing competion and said oh you got me there = Ker-ching !

  27. Very good, gosh i was deceived there are suits with intelligence… Clever is the shadow of intellect 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🙏🏼☀️🤞🏾🤣

  28. Too much talk not enough being… ie Human being Ok? Peace joy completeness ( monster) comes from within seeking to love & be loved… King archetype JESUS CHRIST 🔺🔻♥️ True lover of the Soul of jack & Jill… 1st Adam+ Eve 🎭🎻♟🧩

  29. In the end it comes down to romanisation. It's still there and it needs to be abandoned in our roles models and scripts, where it is causing harm. We need to rewrite our scripts and remove these destructive components. Most of such components causing problems came into our ancestry in the time of romanisation and christianization. Think of the high rates of abuse in the catholic priesthood, think of why Scandinavian countries are more gender equal. Its a collective trauma. Rome has gone too far in the suppression of females, especially the legions. Rome dictated religious change. But not only woman where abused. Rome terrorized, took slaves for pleasure and war, and has put every opponent on the cross until the world was changed for ever. Until our scripts where changed for ever. It was an horrible nightmare for the defeated. And Rome has defeated many. No wonder then, isn't it?

    Feminists are fighting against this and mistake it for the male's principal essence. But it is Rome's heritage, not a male's nature. Males are suffering because of this, too. It is the romanisation of our scripts, languages, beliefs and legal systems since centuries that is causing female anger and male frustration in the western world today. It is the western world. The western world is very much the product of the collective trauma of romanisation. And that is because scripts can propagate through generations fairly unchanged. For a script, a thousand years are like a day. Until once, awakening comes, and the wounds are hurting again, but then healing can happen. We should remember…

  30. Left wingers have destroyed everything. It's time for their destruction. If we are ever to regain power, we will never allow its return! The left is a cancerous drug. People get high on virtue and the resulting purity spiral metastasizes into every aspect of society.

  31. Here's the purple pill.. Learn from your own mistakes and do your best to be good, kind, honest and most of all humble..I'm humbly saying this.

  32. 41 minutes in and you are touching on the reasons that I think some lesbians are making the decision to transgender…when I hear a man or woman doesn't identify with their gender….I ask what is a woman to you? Or what is a man to you? They reject themselves and the role they think they have to play…

  33. Around 6 minutes in the guy tells you all you need to know: this is the main opposition of the mainstream media. This is the alternative one is presented with when one looks for something more then the usual mind-control drivel. Perfectly designed to keep one safely in the treadmill of debates about a.b.and c. Divide and rule. One thinks one is "woke" and gets stuck in the Mind once more (perhaps even deeper, on account if thinking one found unpopular "Truth"). Distraction from the real alternative information, wich is way more far out there. Way more dark and waaay more interesting. Like a real live Horror/Fantasy/Epic Saga and there are Solutions too! ( hint: <3 ) This docu, enticing though it may be be, is Controlled opposition.

  34. I dislike every JP video that auto plays and blocked this channel and they still push this deceptive subversive crypto into my auto play feed. JP will lead you down the wrong road and make you develop a lonely victim complex, because individualism is good, friends and support systems are bad and if you think there is a movement in place to kill off white ppl you're crazy and need to take meds.

  35. The MSM always has an agenda that it pushes to the forefront of society, for whatever reason, and we are left to figure out their endgame. I think divide and conquer mentality keeps us confused and weak as a people and that's what they want, so we are more easily controlled

  36. Very strange that I see at the end in the photo of
    the group of cheerful wisdom rebels without
    exception male figures.

  37. And that’s why trump will win 2020! And after that a new conservative will rise. Then Finally this country will be back to morality and expel evil (the leftist scum)

  38. Crazy algorithmic… disliked this video long ago, still keeps pumping up… BS. Probably is the part that says Shittube will replace TV, that's might be the pushing

  39. All of this is null and void if you just simply read that book they call the Bible. And the Betrayal that the mainstream media is just simply not trusted is an understatement if you don't know by now that they are completely 100% control and contrived and scripted but you just haven't been paying attention. People don't have a healthy level of distrust between themselves and those they view as Authority. This Is How They are so full on so many levels this is why they believe that doctors are there for their health this is why they believe that politicians are there for their well-being in life this is why they believe then churches care about their spirituality and soul and why they believe that they are on a ball spinning add an ungodly amount of speed through an infinite black void having no feeling of any motion whatsoever. This is why they cannot see that all religions from the worst to the best or just simply religion even Christianity is a religion and at its root anti-biblical they are the leading front for an antichrist Doctrine.

  40. Is there another way to view the Jordan Peterson/Cathy Newman Channel 4 interview as the above link is blocking me from viewing?

  41. My Lord! I can see that this guy really did try to understand and still this documentary is so gynocentric! So apologetic for women, so dismissive of their responsibilities… horrible! Wake the fuck up!!!

  42. so much vacuous and innane comments and arguments, great for psuedo intellectuals. what a waste of my time. an idiot leader for idiots.

  43. There is only one mainstream media personality I believe mostly tries to tell the truth and that’s Tucker Carlson from fox

  44. Women are for the first time are getting in touch with their own personal power as a greater part of society. Women have suffered at hands of men more so than by the hands of women in general. We have also been protected and nurtured by men. We are also engaging new roles such as being a soldier. We are forging a new way of being feminine that our previous roles could not afford, because our society was too uninformed, and weak. Now women cannot afford not to take up these new roles. Previously our society had too much conflict and was too dangerous for women to safety explore their personal power. How is it that Israel being such a small country with women at the front line alongside with men protect their country so well? God’s Grace and maybe God’s design? Compatible help. We need to improve the line of communication between men and women. We wish to see men comfortable in there own masculine power, and not feel threatened as we take up our own power. Women will make mistakes “to error is human”. A gentle correction sometimes is all that is needed. Women alongside with men keep our society whole and healthy. Women do not typically go to war, engage in fisticuffs or sue over a disagreement we usually respectfully verbally correct each other. Because we care about the health of our society in which our children will grow we try to correct peacefully. We need men to be strong but we would like to give them the ability to see other ways of dealing with conflict as well. Women inherently watch out for the most vulnerable in our society. Because we inherently know society is only as strong as it’s weakest members. We all need to look for some common ground where the feminine and the masculine can be celebrated and used to build an even stronger society. A society where no one is a victim. We are tired of not being in our own power because have allowed ourselves at times to be victims. This part of our identity we are learning to change and overcome. It sometimes spills out and over into our best intentions. We also need to have real conversations on how to protect our most vulnerable. I sometimes feel that we are not forgiven as easily as men are when we screw up. Lately I have seen too many women being made examples of by sending them to jail or verbally assassinated. My hope and dream is someday we can forge a society where all talents and skills can be fostered, developed, celebrated and used weather it’s considered masculine or feminine by society’s definition . I personally would call this a bold new world.

  45. The "Transgender" at the end knows that there is a difference between a man and a woman? I highly doubt it. I love how her queerness is mentioned and has nothing to do with the conversation. Can we have a woman talk about mens issues without it having to be about her. It sounds like she only cares about how hard it is for men because in her mind she will become one and she has to make sure the world is perfect for her "man" self.

  46. God tells us in his word called the Bible that all of mankind is stupid because they are void of the wisdom and spiritual understanding of God which only comesthrough the holy spirit of God whom God gives to people who will accept his son who is Jesus Christ the truth the word of God

  47. Great documentry it's hard to understand how some one could see the facts and still argue for the Newman point of view. It speaks to the severity of the situation. One side doesn't care for the truth

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