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  1. We see… we see, and we can certainly smell the bias from the media and the leftist news anchors. I only wish we knew who is driving the biased media coverage.

  2. How do you know if your president might turn into a Dictator? Take the Test.

    1. Weak commitment to democratic rules or norms.
    Q. A willingness to violate the Constitution.
    Q. Use of anti democratic measures banning certain organizations, or restricting basic civil or political rights.
    Q. Undermine the legitimacy of elections, for example, by claiming unverifiable mass voter fraud.

    2. Denial of the legitimacy of political opponents.
    Q. They describe rivals as subversives.
    Q. They claim that their rivals constitute a threat, such as calling opponents socialists or communists.
    Q. They baselessly call rivals criminals, traitors, witch hunters, etc.
    Q. They baselessly say their rivals are secretly working in alliance against you.

    3. Toleration or encouragement of violence.
    Q. They have ties to armed militias, paramilitary forces, white supremacy groups, etc.
    Q. They encourage, or suggested, mob attacks on opponents.
    Q. They endorse violence by their supporters by refusing to unambiguously condemn it.

    4. Readiness to curtail civil liberties or voting rights of opponents, including the media.
    Q. They support the restriction civil liberties, freedom of the press, and punish those who speak out against them.
    Q. They threaten legal or other punitive action against critics, or the media.
    Q. They praise repressive leaders or actions taken by repressive leaders?

    If the answer is yes to even on of the above questions then you have a wanna be Dictator on your hands.

  3. I love to stay home and bake cookies for my family, and I love our POTUS!!! I want to go puke in Nervous Nancy's lap she and her ilk make me want to hurl.

  4. I’m sure this will be a good book. I’m sure Don Jr. wrote this book. ( not all do )

    Follow DJT Jr on Twitter, very intelligent and takes no crap.

  5. Your time is coming Hannity. As soon as your heart stops, "you are going to go through some things", like the fires of HELL. tRump can't help you there, he will be in his own special place! All goats better start praying to the TRUE GOD(The Son of Man) or the next cross you burn, YOU will be on it! Pray the ROSARY while there is still time…Wisdom

  6. If nepotism is illegal then Jared Kushner & Ivana Trump are both guilty of using their family connections to get their jobs? Nepotism stinks but there is nothing illegal about it whatsoever. But guess you really do anything to avoid talking about the public transcripts released today showing the FOURTH white House official to confirm there was s quid pro quo & that the Whistleblower's complaint was correct, especially as today's transcript was by the huge Trump donor & supporter, Gordon Sondland?

  7. I'm sick of listening to liars and crooks calling everyone else a liar and a crook. People don't want to believe that elected officials are scum bags. Not all, but the dirty ones make it hard for the others to try to prove they can be trusted.

  8. Quite right, much of the Fox audience aside, most American people are sick of this deplorable corrupt Trump clan and hangers on.

  9. Mike Pense and all of the other Eunuchs will buy this book by truck load. And this Bozo wrote this extented rant like the Dotard wrote the tAotD.

  10. Jr needs to get ready to visit daddy in prison! 🤣😂😂🤣👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 God bless America!

  11. The only people who are pissed off are people who voted for Trump in the first place, so "crawling over "broken glass"to vote makes no difference to the numbers, Conversely there are millions of Democrats who were so sure that Trump couldn't get elected in 2016 they didn't even bother to vote, of course they won't be making the same mistake in 2020 meaning a huge boost for whoever stands against Trump, when you add the fact that more people voted against Trump in 2016 than voted for him you have to admit it's gonna be interesting.

  12. This administration and everybody affiliated with it, is like one big crime ring. WAKE UP PEOPLE BEFORE WE LOSE OUR COUNTRY.

  13. Redistribute funds from the book sale, make it affordable for all and spread the info.
    Show its not about the $, Truth shall prevail.

  14. Sean get somebody with credibility on your show whose child or relative they call out their parents this interview was f**** stupid but what am I supposed to expect from Fox Trump's family television Broadcasting Network

  15. Okay you got Don Jr on here and then you're going to convince me that your bias you want to debate if Trump got booed at UFC okay what happened at World Series lock him up you didn't report that

  16. He's his father's son. A word salad trips off the tongue, speaking 13 to the dozen, overstating his message, churning out repetition upon repetition, often by attempting to bamboozle with facts or assertions that have nothing to do with the matter under discussion. Another mega Snake Oil Salesman out there in Trump's World. The really worrying thing is that there are far too many people out there who fall for this verbal shtick…

  17. A lot of people are sick of you D Junior coming on Fox and making no sense. Now you'll be everywhere selling your book like a glib douchebag. Everywhere except places where they ask real questions unlike Fox where everything questio is a leading softball.

  18. The american people are sick of seeing this short lil Donald Jr freak on the news… he's a nobody! He's just a richkid who desperately tries to be heard… have a voice

  19. Just like i am sure, the syrians are absolutely sick of america, and trump stealing syrians oil.

    You the trump family may work for israel, but that does not give you a right to syrian oil. Your plans, ie trump carried on supporting isis and failed in his attempt to steal syria for israel.

    Trump shows the world, he is an absolute criminal, by stealing syrian oil.

    Stop pretending he is not a criminal, as he absolutely has proven it now.

    Syria belongs to syria, and america, uk, israel, and saudis never achieved what they wanted, ie to steal syria, for a greater israel.

    Syrian oil belongs to syrians, and the american military under trump has no rights to it. Trump shows the world in there face, how much of a criminal he is, while pretending he does nout criminal.

  20. A bit to dazzling for my taste 🙂 Everything about DonJr is way to artificial to a point that it is almost to much… dunno what Trumps campaign is aiming for by putting Don in the spotlight but to attractt regular people is clearly not their intention. If they are going for investors that will not fly either for obvious reasons. This part of Trumps campaign needs some rethinking and Dons image also needs some refurbishing. Less polished more down to earth look would help much more than this bizarre over the top perfect look.

  21. Republican loss on Kentucky…..hahaha……I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that treasonous Trump is the most hated man in the world

  22. Look, republican idiots, if a man comes into a bank, hands the teller a note, robs the bank and leaves,
    And there is another teller who never got any notes and was not robbed, tells the police they didn’t know anything about any robbery,
    They are telling the truth, but the fact is THE BANK DID GET ROBBED, whether they knew about it or not. Their testimony doesn’t change the fact the bank did get robbed. And the robber is GUILTY.

  23. "You can't let that happen to me!" Trump said at his Kentucky rally Monday night, imploring Kentucky voters to go to the polls for Bevin. He did not want the the narrative to be: "Trump suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world."

  24. Sean hannity sucks! So does Orange jr. like father like son liars. Lol his twitter he’s in denial Boy your daddy got booooood.

  25. Who in there right mind would buy this adderall saturated fools book? Not likely to make the best sellers list. Maybe I'll pick it up at a yard sale in a few years.

  26. Trump supporters seek Russian control of America! All they can do to save Trump and his insane rule of this once great nation. Now Republican's and Trump are paid in full by every Russian oligarch looking for the U.S. to lift all Russian Sanctions!
    We real Americans will not surrender this nation to Putin and his most useful criminal fool, Donald Trump!!

  27. Don and Eric Trump are so cringy 🤦🏻‍♂️ Don has such a punchable face 🤷🏻‍♂️ Let me write a book and capitalize on my fathers presidency while I talk about how corrupt the Biden’s are. Look I think what the Biden’s did was wrong but don’t tell me the Trumps aren’t doing business while daddy’s president. GTFOH

  28. who cares about biden? he has nothing for the American People.

    biden is the poster child for multi-national corporate bankster elitists and other
    government subversives.

  29. Funny thing is…Donald Trump Jr. is the most easily triggered meathead on the planet. There’s no need for an automatic rifle because he is always in full-time triggered mode! Talk about “projection”…

  30. Don Jr hasn't shut up long enough to write a book. Someone gathered a whole mess of Republican conspiracy theory talking points and threw them into a book with a junior high school style title. Hope he paid them well. Pfft.

  31. The American people should be sick of this. Impeach the clown and find someone, SOMEONE who is not corrupt, not an idiot and can say out loud that Nazis are not good people; and elect that person.
    There has to be at least one person like that in America. Yes?

  32. First two seconds of hannity in this video are the most intelligent things out of his mouth (and fingers.) DJTJ could never come close. bububububububuubuh! go hannity! BE BEST!

  33. "the case for imeachment" started with trump's first criminal activity buying his election with his fealty to Putin. Why should it stop there?


  35. Need to start to sue Newspapers for Damages and Character assassination and liable! There is plenty of real evidence out there, instead of hearsay!

  36. There are tons of things Trump hasn't yet accomplished which he promised, but seriously the Russia collusion, and impeachment are nothing burgers, let's get real.

  37. D.J. Jr. and the Mrs. did one brave thing in going into that den of man-eating lionesses today – The View. They did very well (considering the ferocity of the opposition) and survived. Might we detect a growing, spontaneous brilliance within D.J. Jr.? I like courage and quick-wittedness. He seems to have both. Good fellow!
    . : .

  38. 👍Donald Trump Junior is 100% correct about: 🚨 Quid pro quo Joe Biden! you’re the person that should be under investigation for what you did as former Vice President to Ukraine. Using Ukraine US foreign aid to be held up unless an investigation is stopped on your son Hunter Biden. Now the dirty Democrat Party and fake news folks are trying to deflect and pin the tail on Trump who did nothing wrong. Sorry Joe Biden you’ll never be president but you will be at three time loser if you run in 2020.

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