When you make up your mind to be defined by a vision of the future You’re going to change your energy and when you change your energy, you’re gonna change your life We’re creatures of habit People get locked into a routine when they’re doing the routine they’re not present it means that you got to change it up People have to embody who they want to become walk. Is that personalist breathe? Is that person to become the stars of their own movies? I? challenge people to get beyond themselves When you forget about everything that’s known you’re moving into a very creative process You’re placing your attention energy in that field of possibilities That’s where the magic happens I’m very hopeful that we become a species of human beings Connected to the earth. So creative so over. Joyful Were wired to give we’re the happiest when we’re taking care of one another and that’s what community is about They say that the human race is doomed That we have lost touch with our true nature But the media has corrupted us and that the planet has the future. I Disagree I believe that humanity is full of hope and that our salvation Lies within each one of us My name is Brian rose and my job is to listen the oldest method of learning known to man Each week I seek out individuals that are changing the world people who are living and thinking in a different way their stories will challenge your beliefs make you question your choices and perhaps inspire you to change I Never planned on doing any of this but now I can’t stop Join me on this mission and make humanity something we can all be proud of It’s time for you to man up to once and for all Tell you mine who the fuck this boss. I need a fucking answer. What’s it gonna be? I Don’t know what it is about this fucking sport but it attracts people that really need to do deep work on themselves I Failed in the city All these bad memories. I never really felt like I gave a fuck about me or my life. I Almost killed myself like Think about something that is going to drive you when it really hurts some kind of demon you want to fight This is not pussy man, this is Iron Man Under pressure reveals true character. What are you gonna do? You’re gonna be in Chattanooga, May 20th the woods Dr. Joe Dispenza is back on London real and he’s here to tell you if you can change your energy you can actually change your Life and I love this perspective that he always brings is that you should be able to practice Abundance when you don’t have things you should be able to be grateful when you’re not Necessarily happy with what you have and by projecting this energy outward. You can affect your entire future I always get inspired when Joe comes here He says you can be most creative when you stop thinking about yourself and you get out of these daily routines and these Daily habits that we have where we tell ourselves who we are It’s just the story that we repeat over and over again If you can get out of that I think you can take your life to the next level and Joe really talked about what he does on his retreats the Action he gets people to take over seven days and some of the great stories and big breakthroughs I know you’re going to love this episode with Joe he’s never talked about this stuff before so lock in for one of the best episodes of London real and Inside the world headquarters. We’re getting ready to launch our speak to inspire course It’s six weeks where I teach you how to communicate and persuade others This is a skill that most people forget about but my TED talk that went viral with over 300,000 people watching it showed me the power of communication and this is an online accountability course it’s what we do inside the Academy a hundred people from around the world we go through it as a Bootcamp, and it’s closing now. So check that out, but don’t worry The Business Accelerator is coming after that and all sorts of other cool things. We’re doing inside the Academy Here’s a little bit more about what we do London real doesn’t stop when the conversation ends. You see, that’s when we get started Because everything begins with a thought And then comes the action The London real Academy is our global transformation platform here. We bring together thousands of students from over 75 countries Whether you want to build a profitable business from your passion or learn to speak to inspire or broadcast yourself with your very own Podcasts or accelerate your life to become a high-performance person We have the online accountability course and personal mentoring program. That will make your dream a reality Join us and will take your life to the next level together Our next accelerate of course is starting soon This is London real I am Brian rose my guest today is dr. Joe Dispenza the New York Times bestselling author international lecturer researcher and educator You focus on the intersection of neuroscience epigenetics and quantum physics driven by the conviction that each one of us has the potential for greatness You specialize in teaching people to rewire their brains and recondition their bodies to make lasting changes Dr. Joe, welcome back to London real happy to be with you Brian. It’s great having you back You know, you’re no stranger to Europe. I mean you’ve been back here in the next in the last five or six months Why do you keep coming back to this continent? And what what brings you over here? Because you have a lot of interests around here, right? Gosh, I I guess my whole View all along is in principle that I live by as I I go where I’m invited and when they stop inviting me I think it’s time to do something else but strong interest in Europe, I think started at the turn of the millennium and when he started seeing people really breaking away from traditional religion and cultural Ways and I think people are really searching for something else so so I think Europe is a very practical place and we we love coming because we have a great audience and people are interested in not just learning the information But also applying the information and and when you start applying it, then you start experiencing the truth of the theory of their philosophy so I think this is a time right now where people you know not only want to know they want to know how and and it’s a practical approach and we should be using this stuff but to enhance our lives or to make changes and and Yeah, we love coming the earth. Yeah, it’s funny and we were just talking I was recently in Bordeaux and I went on a tour of one of the wineries and the tour guide said, you know We’re not much in the end of in here, you know We kind of do these things we’ve done for Hundreds if not thousands of years and yet they’re starting to kind of open their minds what’s going on? Whereas you might argue in the West or maybe in America. It’s constantly been a place of information So it kind of reminds me of your stuff. You know. Now this this old-school European culture is like wait a second There are some ideas here and I know you go to Italy and Germany and you must see you know These these societies that are kind of built on their past. Yeah now being open to some new ideas I think it’s I think we’re just a great age right now. We’re in an age of information and in an age of Information I think ignorant is a choice I mean what makes this so beautiful at this current time is that you don’t need an authority really to gain information You don’t need a rabbi or a priest you don’t need a teacher or a doctor? People can access information through technology. So there’s this kind of globalization going on where you keep things that have worked traditionally, but I don’t think things will ever be the same again and because there’s such A pace a quickening that’s going on that more things are happening in a shorter amount of time That people have to stay informed and certainly when I walked out into an audience 15 10 years ago Very different than when I walk out today because everybody has information and and I can start at any level and people Have enough understanding That they’re ready for it. So I think globalization has been created because of information and you’re starting to see this merging of different cultures you’re starting to see well 10-15 years ago as an example the Germans were so interested in facts the knowledge You know the seven functions of the hippocampus in order and as a culture of the Italians were more into the experience, you know They didn’t really need all that information and now we’re seeing just this kind of way that Everybody the Germans love the experience the Italians love the knowledge and no everybody’s just kind of blending together and I think that’s a healthy Healthy a new healthy paradigm. I learned if you could give us you know As rough as you can of a summary of what it might be like for me to come to one of your events I know you’ve gone from the two day and the four day and now you do these 7-day events because you found Amazing success and I know you’ve just had a big one in Cancun. You got one coming up in Toronto You’re back in in London or in Brighton in a few months as well And you know, I know you have different types of people that come to these events But I’m just curious kind of like the people that don’t know you very well What are the kind of things that they would learn from your experience? Wow, so, I think people come to our Events for a lot of different reasons some people come because they’re faced with a health challenge they’ve heard about somebody with a similar health challenge or have read about somebody who with a similar health challenge that Went about making significant changes in how they think how they act and how they feel and over a period of time The disease went away and without any exogenous substance Other people come because they want to create a new life and your job and your career and your opportunity Some people come because they are chasing the mystical and they want to have those profound mystical experiences And I think everybody comes for their own reasons, but what we’re learning now Is that in these seven day events and I’ll talk about why we do those seven day events in a minute But there comes a point where people start experiencing a greater level of wholeness and when you start seeing that kind of Coherence that goes on on the brain and coherence that goes on in the heart and we measure this when you feel so whole and so complete that you’re happy with yourself and You you probably will want less and you’re less reliant on anything outside of you to bring you joy And now I think that kind of is who we are innately So people come for all kinds of reasons And they think it’s because they want wealth or they want health or they want a new relationship But it’s who they become in the process because that’s what you take with you in So we were doing these four and a half day Advanced events. And what I noticed is right around the last day or so people having Significant transformations and I started realizing God if we had just three more days with them What could we what what we accomplished? So we started doing these seven-day events and and the events are an opportunity for people to retreat from their lives To remove the constant stimulation in their external environment That reminds them of who they think they are as a personality You know to separate themselves from the people they know and the places they go and the things that they do at the exact same Time every day and that routine program Long enough for me to remind them what they already know that they are the creator of their life and so if you can combine a little neuroscience with a little quantum physics with a little neuroendocrinology with a little psychoneuroimmunology a little bit of Epigenetics all of those new Sciences really point the finger about to what’s possible so people that come to the weak lungs are People that are experienced in doing this work We we want them to be practicing at home because I’m going to stretch them outside of their comfort zone and the first day is always the big day because when you come people have to get beyond themselves and and after looking at 8500 brain scans I Now know without a doubt that you and I are at our absolute best when we get beyond ourselves, and there’s a formula in Helping people to do that now when you forget about yourself You’re moving into a very creative process You’re not thinking about what you look like You’re not thinking about what you eat. You’re not thinking about your past or all your problems or your pain? You’re not thinking about your name. In fact, you forget about you dissociate from everything. That’s known for you And that’s the creative process stepping into the unknown So the first day I challenge people to get beyond themselves and so they’ll learn I’ll remind them of some of the basics and Then we’re going or going into a meditative process For different parts of the day and they’re working Taking their attention off their body off The people in their life now. Think about this the stronger the emotion that you feel to some problem or some condition in your life or some person in your life the more you pay attention to that person or problem and If where you place your attention is where you place your energy in? Fact you’re giving your power away to a lot of the problems in your life because that’s where your attention is If you’re in a routine of waking up every morning and running through the same behaviors as you did the day before if you wake up in the morning and you have to think about your problems to feel the emotions that are connected to those those memories of those problems are old circuits in your brain and every problem has an emotion associated with it if Thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings of language of the body and how you think and how you feel as your state Of being most people’s entire state of being is in the past So then once they’re living in the familiar past we can know by fact that they’re gonna be in a predictable future So then how do you get a person then to lower the volume to those emotions? so that they can begin to take their attention off the problems in their life and it’s their attention and anticipation of how they expect it to show up that Keeps their observation from a quantum model the reality being the same So then so I’m thinking the same things got the same people in my life so by definition I’m going to experience those same problems or let yeah, well and the best way to say it is that It’s not your personality that’s creating your personal reality. It’s your personal reality that’s creating your personality You’re at effect of your environment and your environment is actually controlling your thoughts and feelings So if you said to me well, I’m angry today because of this person I’m upset because of this problem then what you’re really saying just from an objective standpoint That person or that problem is actually controlling how I think and feel Which means if I’m reacting to the conditions in my environment then for the most part I’m a victim to my environment But but turning the battleship around turning that model around because how you think how you feel? Should begin to produce an effect in your life if you were able to change it So then people have to lay down the very thing that they’ve been using their entire life in The same way to get what they want for something greater to happen. So the first day is about overcoming ourselves it’s taking your attention off your environment forgetting about your body in the emotions and pain and disease and whatever else and Get beyond that program of a predictable future and a familiar past and get beyond the concept of linear time and fall into the present moment and That formula then has a biological effect in the brain and body that we can actually anticipate expect predict when we see a person starting to overcome themselves and after looking at enough brain scans, I Saw them that people were able to get beyond themselves to move into that creative state. So I thought where creativity happens when you separate yourself from yourself Well think about it you have you ever sat at your computer writing an article or reviewing something or studying and you look up and it’s two and a half hours later and you have no idea where time went you lost track of the space you were in and The predictable time of the next moment and when you lose track of space and time If where you place your attention is where you place your energy and you have no attention in this three-dimensional reality then all of your attention is in a realm of thought and we would call that the quantum so now you can’t enter the quantum field as Somebody you have to enter as and nobody’s so when you begin to get beyond yourself What is your environment made of people objects things places? Or your body in space and time. So when you take your attention off all of those elements your disinvesting your attention and energy out of this 3-dimensional reality and you’re placing your attention energy in that field of Possibilities now what’s the relevance of that? We’ll think about it? Most people are their body’s trying to heal their bodies Most people are their personality Trying to change some aspect of their personality There there there, you know, they’re trying to create some new future event But they’re wrapped up in the routine and program of how they live their life in the same ways It sounds ridiculous when you put it that way What about the truth is is that we’re all we’re all stuck in these programs and they’ve lost their free will to a Program because they run the same routine every single day so that knowing it without knowing it So then you need a crisis or a disease or a loss or betrayal or shock or something that you finally wake up, right? so our community of people when they understand that they have to get beyond themselves because when they do now They’re ready to create they’re not thinking about what they look like. They’re not thinking about what anybody else thinks about them They’re not thinking about how long it’s going to take. They they start getting beyond those those Those elements that keep them restrained and attached to their past present reality So if you come to an event The first day is about overcoming yourself that first day. You start seeing people starting to break through Hmm once some people start to break through it becomes very contagious. Okay, that’s your meditation physically uses. Yeah We do a lot of meditation. We do four types of meditation. We do a seated meditation and our students can sit for extended periods of time I would say because they forget that they have a body and they’re good at it and We do walking standing and walking meditations a picture thousand people on a beach a beautiful beach and everybody is starting off raising their energy and opening their heart and then they Begin to embody who they want to become they start to walk as that person is breathe as that person they start to take it on and they start embodying that energy and They start changing the subtle programs of when you’re unhappy or when you’re beating down by your environment you have a certain posture certain unconscious mannerisms, so We’re retraining them so that when they get back into their life, they’re gonna walk as their future self They’re not gonna walk as their old self they’re becoming it and that becomes the new habit and and then we do a laying down meditation and that’s important because in those laying down meditations We are after the mystical so we want to catch them in that realm between half awake and half asleep or that do or the portal of dreams opens up what you have a lucid experience and Again, we now have demystified that process and and we can induce that state So in a week-long event with the fourth Well, the fourth is a lying down there lie, so standing sitting or walk walking and laying down and you know it’s pretty fun because you see a thousand people on Beecher in a park and your person staying at the hotel or you’re just somebody who rides your bike in the park and all of a sudden you see people Just connecting and everybody stays and watches. It’s so beautiful sunrises that we start at 6:00 in the morning and it’s just sentient beings, you know really connecting and so um People make movies. We do these mind movies and we teach them how to instead of watching some ridiculous late-night fright commercial about your immune system getting weaker or you need a flu shot or You need to drink a certain beer drive a certain car to look a certain way or to be To be loved or liked and that’s all programming where you’re relying on something outside of you to bring you some emotion or feeling that we teach them how to become the stars of their own movies and we induce a trance with their eyes open and They understand the science behind trance and when you’re in trance You’re less likely to analyze and what separates your conscious mind from your subconscious mind Is your analytical mind so as they move into trance they slow their brainwaves down. They stop analyzing they increase their level of suggestibility and Suggestibility is your ability to accept believe and surrender to information without analyzing it so Go back to a late night fright commercial where you’re just sitting staring at the commodity v It’s called programming for a reason your brains in trance. You’re an alpha or high-level theta. You’re not analyzing You’re just sitting there and all that information is going right into your subconscious and it’s wreaked ape it’s recording it So then when you start experiencing any of those symptoms? Or you start feeling some lack or emptiness? Your brain is naturally going to create the picture of what you associate as a reason or a way to get out of that That out of that emotion. There’s media one of the most dangerous things we put in our brain. Oh my god I mean if you’re watching television Don’t watch anything that you don’t want to experience because you’re programming yourself for a specific outcome and it turns out that many of the commercials are actually Programming you for the very thing they have a solution for it If you look at it from an objective standpoint So I thought why not get group of people to go into trance and understand the science behind it And then instead of looking at some frivolous commercial. Why not be the star of their own future and When they play a strong song like a powerful song that motivates them and they’re watching scenes of them in their future Just like when you were, you know watching Driving down the car and hearing a song on the radio and it reminds you of a time in your life an associative memory You’re associating that song with some memories From a biological standpoint remembering your future is actually no different than remembering your past and you can program your subconscious Into that future and so that helps people then to get clear on the future that they want to embrace And it puts them in that right energetic or emotional state. So we use a lot of the my movie technology we teach Them how to Specifically create something out of nothing. We teach them how to connect To that Unified Field and to create from the field instead of from matter And turns out the brain in the heart gets highly organized and we do this And we’ve been doing this new thing in our week-long events, which has been really profound and we’ve been teaching coherence healing and we have witnessed some of the most incredible miracles Brian that that I thought I would never see in my lifetime, you know everything from Cancer tumors disappearing right during the event people that have hearing difficulties hearing again people with Parkinson’s disease freed people with crutches walking without crutch people stepping out of wheelchairs blind people seeing I mean we’ve seen I’m and I have to tell you I’m I was more surprised than anybody in witnessing this but um What is coherence healing so our whole model that we use? in our work Is about creating brain and heart coherence when there is a great communication between the brain and the heart people are more aware They’re more healthy They’re more connected They’re more present. They’re more kind than more loving. They’re more caring And so we teach people how to create this kind of brain and heart coherence Well, the coherence healing we couldn’t teach at the beginning of the week because if a person is about ready to heal another person You can’t be thinking about the pain in your back how long it’s gonna take or if you’re doing it, right? You got to leave that on the beginning of the week You gotta you got to get beyond that early on So we do the coherence healings at the end of the week and we call it the cage so we take a person that has a health condition they lay down and we put eight people around them in a cage three on one side three on the other side of the head and the feet and We give them the science of Understanding how it all works because if you look at some of the research out of Yale University in the 40s Some really elegant researchers They came across the understanding that most people think that it’s matter that emits a field But in actuality it’s the field that creates matter in other words They started studying the understanding that certain rodents with certain propensity for certain cancers Had a very specific electromagnetic signature in their field in Every single rodent that had that signature in their field Had the type of uterine cancer But there were certain rodents that had the signature in the field that didn’t develop the cancer yet But they ultimately developed the cancer. So it wasn’t matter that emits a field. It’s the field that creates matter So the question is if you can change the field Can you change matter? and so we given the science and the understanding behind that and then they raise their energy and they have to be in the state where they open their heart because This is the center in which we give and that Center has to be activated and it has to be coherent and they have to be trained on how to do that they have to be able to connect to that field of information and then they have to get beyond themselves and When they start creating very coherent energetic signatures by placing their hands in the field of the person laying there They begin to produce very organized more holistic patterns that begin to disorganize or create an unraveling of matter and then you see this reorganization of manner go on and I’m saying Within minutes, so I’ve seen bodies Shake uncontrollably I’ve seen people arch their back where there’s nothing touching the ground but the back of their head and their heels This is energy. This is a very profound energy. I’ve seen people feel more loved than they’ve ever felt in their entire life and That’s being That’s information that’s being overlaid into the field. And so the more they are connected to that field The faster amount of time it happens. So we’re getting good at it. Okay. We’re getting your surprise That’s what’s always, you know fascinating to me because you’ve been doing this for so long. What is it? How can it surprise you? well, because from a theoretical standpoint it makes sense to me, but if you if you Give people the proper instruction you set up the conditions in the environment I mean and you start to witness people get their hearing back and it happened in 15 minutes you Got to scratch your head and you can’t go back to business as usual You just the things that I’ve witnessed and and still witness We’re still seeing these incredible changes that are taking place even after the event You got to change your whole model of the way you view the world So what are the scientists say when they try to get their heads around this Oh tell them this well We’ll say well my scientist friends right now. They’re they’re really funny. Was your son’s an engineer too, right? Right because I just I you know, I honestly don’t care anymore. I mean, I really don’t care I really don’t care it why I think why well because I know that on some level we’re making a difference in people’s lives So I don’t what’s a doctor for to heal a patient doesn’t matter the method. Well, I I don’t even claim to know everything But I’m interested in closing the gap between knowledge And experience and in I don’t think it’s an if we wait for science to tell us it’s okay to do this We make it another religion, right and but if we go out and do it and we record it Then science has to change their laws to meet up with what’s possible and so I’m surprised more than a lot of people many times because it just it it’s It shakes the present paradigm of my own personal conditioning that of what I’m witnessing is Happening and there. These people are not monks They’re not priests. They’re not holy people. They’re not academics They’re common people and that’s that’s the importance of all this and and this kind of healing By the way has been going on for thousands of years. It was herbs, you know, there is ritual and There was laying on of hands and energetic healing that one that was just part of what people did in many cultures So maybe we’ve gone too far down the science. We’ll fix it all root Well treat treating it matter to matter chemistry to chemistry does work. It just takes time So but if you’re starting to see these effects happening in no time It’s happening outside of time like instantaneously then that’s a quantum phenomenon. So that’s energy changing matter Otherwise if it’s happening in no time that’s happening faster than the speed of light. So that’s the realm of the quantum so then how much of people’s day Do they put on matter their attention on matter? I would say for most people 100 percent of the time very close to it If you had a group of people that they’re taking all of their attention off of everything material and physical and you can explain this invisible field of Energy and information that exists beyond the space and time There’s no people there. There’s no things there. There’s no objects. There’s no places. There’s no planets. There’s no light from the stars There’s no stars. It’s an invisible field of nothing and But just because you can’t see something Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. So then you can only experience that realm with your awareness and when you become pure consciousness You leave this three-dimensional reality behind Now you can execute greater effects on the nature of reality on the material world So in other words then in order for you to heal your body, you got to get beyond your body In order for you to change something in your outer environment you got to get beyond the memory and the emotions that keep you connected to the problem that exists in your outer world and So then people start to figure this out and you’re having them every day Paying attention to this field Keeping their awareness on it staying present with it becoming more aware of it feeling it Moment after moment after moment every single time They have an experience or they feel something experience lays down circuitry in the brain So now they’re laying down the hardware For them to experience that field even more the next time and plasticity works where you have to stretch Beyond the known you have to stretch outside your comfort zone So then as they start to interact with that field with their awareness not with their bodies But with their awareness the brain is tracking it neurologically and so now they’re putting the circuits in place for them to stay connected to the field in and then the side effect of that is they start Producing greater effects on their life because now they understand now what they’re doing and why they’re doing it So we’ve seen all kinds of amazing things go on in these coherence healings, and I want to get better at it I want to I want our community to get really skilled at it and they can work themselves up into the state You can ask people that come to these events. There’s the energy in the room is is off the chart in And people were wired to give you know We’re the happiest when we’re taking care of one another and that’s what community is about. So We’re starting to see this genuine Energetic thing that’s happening where people are just popping They’re just healing and it’s exciting to me because as I said, I’m waking up in my dream I mean, this is my dream and it’s happening and so so many other people are waking up in that dream and and we’re giving people hope Because even the most angry unhappy Selfish person that’s suffering because of some health condition When they finally surrender I’ve seen it happen I’ve seen those people have a very significant change in a condition or a disease that medical science had no solution for so so how do you explain that first of all and Second of all if it’s happening in real time to one person or it’s happening repeatedly. There’s got to be some Scientific model because anything that’s repeatable is science so we’re bridging on this whole new world here whole new realm and and Then the last thing we’re doing is which is really super fun And our week-long events is we’re doing challenge activities now why Challenge activities? Well, We’ve teach brain and heart coherence really easy to do it in a closed environment When there’s music and it’s the place is safe and Everybody’s sitting together and there’s no threats or danger and everybody can they? Practiced it with their eyes closed and they know they can concentrate and do it. But now Why not put those people in? Challenging conditions with their eyes open where they would feel some emotion like fear as an example or a voice or a program saying I can’t do this and now this is the time right in that moment where their body is going through a host of automatic Reactions and you’re teaching them in that moment how to create brain and heart coherence and if they can settle themselves down You’re preparing them for the outside world. They can go back to the lie, and they’ll can they can say hey This is nothing you you should have no idea what I got you. Oh my goodness. I can’t tell you again I want to ruin it, but I tell you I will tell you this the one that we’re doing in Toronto is Outstanding the one I’m so excited about this one I mean we keep upping the scale and we have people, you know, these are courses were you know? They’re they’re they’re physically challenged and we have it but it’s not about Your physical body if you’re in shape, it’s about your will it’s about your heart. It’s about your soul People that you know with Alzheimer’s and rheumatoid arthritis and spinal cord injuries Where they’re very excuse not to do it and I’m telling you they they accomplish that feat and Boy, oh boy they’re they’re no longer in the subconscious belief that they’re handicapped and now their progress their acceleration moves very quickly so we knew this challenge that handicap is is the ultimate manifestation of what you’re doing because that is something they potentially Manifested physically, we’re all handicapped right? We’re all having those you can really see The step change that happened as opposed to if I figured something else out about my own construct about my life that might take months To play out plus where would you wind up on us standing on a pole as an example? 50 feet in the air and challenges and you have to stand up on a plate that’s kind of wobbly and then you have to turn around and Jump, you know, I mean, you can’t look you can’t tell me you’re too old to do this You can’t tell me you’re too sick to do this. You can’t tell me You’re too out of shape too overweight to underweight. You can’t tell me you’re you’re not hell You can tell me any of that stuff any longer because I’ve seen all shapes and sizes do it and and so this community is being built where a set of people competing and and Manipulating and backstabbing you’re seeing this community of cooperation called Collaboration and built-in love and encouragement to soar. You know, he’s just we are you it’s emotional. I mean, it’s just witnessing somebody Doing something like that. Yeah Yeah it gives you permission to do the same and then we have people standing up on the stage and telling their story about how they Overcame stage four cancer not one person that two people three people People overcome depression people overcome whatever it is and they’re telling their story to the audience And it’s undeniable and you’re listening and they don’t look like a movie star They’re not buffed or in shape or young and perfect or whatever. They’re just a common person as You’re listening to their story and it’s not all glorious and it’s not all Mmm, you know movie theme it’s it took some hard bumps. They lost things they they got they got Bankrupt and they they they’ve had their challenges And they never missed a day of their meditation You start looking at those people and you start realizing that Wow All the things that you thought that you were feeling. Sorry for yourself about you You can’t you just can’t so there’s a there’s a there’s a four-minute mile that’s being broken in our community We’re piercing of Val and that veil is so important because it’s happening once we pierce it. It’s in consciousness It’s in the field, which means it’s more readily accessible great But also if you’re witnessing it Miracles that you you see that are so incredible when you witness it and You’re talking to the person next to you about it Now it’s now it’s in it’s in the consciousness of three-dimensional reality You can do the same thing a Four-minute mile, once it was broken, right? You know this year. I’m gonna flee didn’t mean them everybody Everybody was knew that they could do it ourselves. Just the limiting me just a limiting belief. So we’re seeing these people I Love it. I love what happens as a side effect of people because once people Understand it From from a philosophical and theoretical standpoint and then and then they can explain that to the person next to me They can’t explain it. It’s not wired in their brain They got to be able share and build the model and review it and fire You’re and repeated and argue and analyze and think about it and and get this kind of Model in place that’s represented neurologically They’re installing the hardware in their brain in preparation for the experience so the more they Understand it the more they understand what they’re doing and why they’re doing it the more it makes sense of them The how it’s easier because they can assign meaning to what they’re doing So then when you set them up in the conditions and nothing’s left the conjecture Superstition or Dogma? They understand what they’re doing and they get their behaviors to match their intentions, there’s gonna be a transformation and so it’s just like It’s just like this amazing energy that happens by the second or third day if it’s a great group And we’ve had so many great groups It’s just a landslide it’s just everybody there’s just a current that just starts pulling people down and it just And everybody goes and so by how do you keep people from regressing back to their old behavior? I’m on the ball. I’m on the ball. Okay. All right, that’s because you’re challenging them? But because that’s the hard part right going back to that three dimensional space. So it’s a it’s a good conversation because um many people go unconscious again and They return back to their unconscious behaviors and thoughts and reactions emotionally and we all do it and But I’m happy to say that our community of people do the work. They do the work. They’re there. They’re not Philosophers they they’re engaged I’m proud of that that So many of our community make time in the morning to do their minutes if that’s what it’s about This is not a week of enlightenment you go home, and this is really about doing the work when they get home Yeah and but you know when I hit it a thousand different ways and like when we finished Cancun I had so many people saying to me stopping me in the elevator or wherever saying I Got it. I just never understood it like I understood and I’m so excited. They they connect and now They don’t it’s not like oh god, I got to do my meditation today. They’re like The magics happening I want to keep the magic going you want to keep it going So so we have this new thing. We’re doing called leaving the monastery and it’s just the way for us to provide a service to our advance in community where I come on and remind them of what they’re doing and review things so that they can stay connected and be accountable for them for what they’re learning and It’s a way for them to stay conscious and then we finished the event with The the mystical and the interest in activating latent systems in the brain so that people can have an experience that changes them forever that We’re not linear beings living a linear life. We’re in fact, very dimensional and When you begin to activate these latent systems There’s a connection between the physics of the field with the biology of the brain and when that system switches on People really have a very profound full-on Sensory experience without their senses and it’s been really cool because when we did Berlin we had can you engineer this? Yeah, well, we we can make it we can stimulate it In fact, it’s another formula and it happens on the seventh day though after all the six instead we the last two days we do it and we’re up early in the morning because that’s when the That’s when the neurotransmitters are at the raw materials or at their height That’s when you connect with a divine around 4:00 or 4:30 in the morning, right? That’s my time. That’s your preference Yeah, that’s my time. Is this the kind of experience with mystical experience connecting with divine? Yeah. Yeah in in again very very specific science that will we discuss that people have a great understanding of the Process that’s important to you the science. The science is the language Why is that because a lot of people that would do what you do? They wouldn’t bother what the science is it would work Mm-hmm, because the science is the language of mysticism. I mean the moment you start talking about a religious or tradition or an ancient culture You’re going to divide an audience because you hear a certain word and you can’t associate with it or you have an meaning that’s not the correct meaning You divide a community divide an audience and I think science unifies and Plus whoever said whatever a thousand two thousand five thousand years ago that was language of 2,000 or 5,000 or a thousand years ago wasn’t the language of today, you know so so science. Is that language? I think and so so when you begin to bridge the mystical with the science and you start talking about These systems. In fact actually when we are in Toronto We’re going to stream The teaching for this particular meditation called the pineal gland meditation will stream it on on I think it’s on a Wednesday Wednesday night September 4th or September 5th, and then Thursday though. You can join the group and actually do the meditation Well with it with with our community, this is the mystical part. This is the mythical part and boy Oh boy, you know or when people connect and have those mystical experiences I mean the energy and the craziness and the Wonder and all that stuff is pretty pretty exciting so so I love that stuff because um because When you start having those mystical moments You start taking this reality a lot less seriously and and on my own personal journey, I can tell you that well, I’ve had some crazy crazy mystical moments in the last few months and and and in its Mistakes you’re less interested in the way You look us interested what people think about you less interested and so many other things your just your mind is preoccupied with How big this? Reality is of possibilities. So so it’s a full week to answer your question And we have team leaders that help Connect with the community that help them Answer questions, you know make sure they’re doing okay So so they’re big events, but we have great team leaders that work with our community to keep them, you know, keep them going

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  1. I appreciate and praise his points explaining the circular causality between internal states (thoughts/emotions) and external contingencies (problems and circumstances in one's life) — if people start acknowledging and harnessing this circular causality, they can actively anticipate and change their environments in new and creative directions. However, his point about how 'getting out of 3-d reality (space and time) and into your creative reality' is equivalent to entering a 'quantum field' sounds apophenic and pseudo-scientific. It's true, the dimensions of reality described by creative thought processes do not inhabit a 3-D reality of externally-monitored space and time — but just leaping to the conclusion that the alternative is a 'quantum realm'? Not at all a valid inference. The alternative dynamics (i.e. these 'creative' dynamics) may occupy a different dimensional-space, perhaps parameterized by the unbounded dimensions of neural circuits that explore various activity patterns (i.e. higher-than-3-dimensional, since their dimensionality is unconstrained by external reality), but that's still ultimately a biological subspace (whether it's 1-dimensional or 100-dimensional), and there's no reason to just jump to the conclusion that this creative beyond-oneselfness is somehow quantum. That phrase of his threw me off and undermined his credibility, in my opinion.

  2. Toronto attendee here…So awesome. We changed fear into courage by stepping over the edge of a 30-story building and going down the face of it. Thanks to ‘Over the Edge’ who set it all up. Dr Joe is right. I experience my life but with new eyes, mind and heart. Doing the work with joy and gratitude. Thanks Dr Joe!

  3. In reference to the information at 23:33 time on the video:
    Humanity now has available, the opportunity to interpret that energy (of the subconscious, at an aware level); I know that energy is available to human beings because I can digest that information at an aware level -by using the mind as the reader, and the brain as the interpreter of the story, while the weaver is telling the story, through the breath, to move my matter. 🙂 It really IS like Living in the garden Rumi tell us he will meet us -“Somewhere beyond right and wrong, there is a garden. I will meet you there.", which is what engages us human beings at a holistic level -where the matter as the flesh, and the iAm consciousness are in zero time, in synchronicity with one another and working in tandem, neither creator or created better than the other, each holding a different perspective and, in partnership calibrating Living, at the speed of Life, while both in service, of the nameless One.

  4. I don't quite agree with the statements of Europe opening up to new, esoteric for lack of better words, concepts as late as Dr. Joe stated. Carlos Castaneda was very popular in the 70ies. In the 1980ies in Munich there were a lot of activities and resources for alternative methods, again lack of better words. In the early 90ies, I went to seminars with energy workers who worked with angels and ascended masters (Paul Lansley, The Blue Rose), to seminars with a Mexican Toltec shaman, living in Spain, Agostin Orea, just to name a few. No internet when it started, but books. And visits, for example from a regression therapist, ( her name is escaping me right now). After my son's birth in 1984, I went into classic homoepathy, after the initial allopatic treatments he only got homoepathic treatments. Even for head lice he caught in the kindergarten, and he was the only one with total remission, all the other kids got them again. An Ecuadorian friend spontaneously said: "If he has lice, he must be sad." And yes, his aura that before was as large as the room and strong and white, was very reduced, no more shine and had lots of holes, reminded me of lepra. Munich was a special place back then with special energies compared to the rest of Germany.

  5. Love your interviews (and Dr. Joe), just one comment. Mostly men. When will you help change the partriarchal conversation to not only just include some women but actively seek out equal number of women to inspire? We're tired of the crumbs. We need leaders to accept this. We cannot do it without you helping.

  6. Lots of hope….very little actual change, or people who know how to or are willing to.
    The typical NY Alpha male with all his F-bombs ended this video for me.
    If you live life as a competition, with the attitude of me vs the world, you are not going to improve.

  7. I’m a big fan of mr.Joe and have watched many of his interviews and work, his ideas are life changing, yet I can’t help but notice how much anxiety he has (I know so because I have it myself), his short breaths and heavy swallowing and facial expressions give it away, my problem is not that he has anxiety, but the fact that even with his ideas he didn’t overcome it, energetic work is the most powerful and life changing shift a person could make, his words convince me but his anxiety tells me it’s all bs!

  8. Wrote my story. I could choose, be a victim or choose Love. Learnt to Forgive, found love and compassion for myself and for those that hurt me. Wonderful to be free!

  9. I love Joe Dispenza´s work and community. Can anyone recommend other access to meditations besides Rest and Renew.

  10. Humanity is not doomed if we wake up and start changing our thoughts, ways, habits, and rewiring our mind from old childhood programming.


    then all goes TURBO and you just FEEL and SEE and getting a other SENSE experiences like never before


  12. I love this man and I thoroughly believe in what he says, It happened in my life, I encounter with brain cancer 3 years ago and I with the power of the mind, a power that our creature already giving us I'm healing myself, no clue about cancer has been seen since I've started work on myself.

  13. So, Joe is basically talking about what we, black Africans have been doing for centuries. And then white people came to the continent to destroy our religions and cultures. Today, they are themselves going back to what they destroyed.

  14. Ive been following you for quite sometime now joe and i love your work. Id like to know how to find out if you have any events neer Portland Oregon im very interested in coming to your event and possibly helping my dad he has stage 4 canser in the brain, (glioblastoma) tumor. He has a very negative personality but he wants to live. I turned him on to Kevin trudeau's teachings of your wish is your command which gave him some good knowledge. But i think you go into more depth of how this all works. Id love to see you soon thanks again joe you are amazing teacher.

  15. Everyone is complaining because they're getting pitched… I understand.

    So why don't you set up a studio, invite Joe and get him to accept to be interviewed for over an hour, then edit it for us to watch it ALL FOR AN EMAIL ADDRESS?

  16. Do your routine, don't let it do you? Create your own life, but never ever lose your humanity & gritty reality. Be real. Never ever be fake.

    Yeah nice how the Italians are now into knowledge, and Germany is into the experience. That will negate some of my favorite old jokes lol!

    I don't mind the infomercial at all! What is wrong with you people?? So whiny, demanding, spoiled, snarky and selfish!

    He's giving us incredible advice here, for free. He can run his ad if he wants, and every one of you should watch it patiently and with great, humble gratitude. Sheesh.

  17. Thank you for this awesome video! I love the ideas you talk about. I'd always connected to them from a spiritual perspective, how experiences create emotions that then stay in our bodies and create a feedback loop with our thoughts, and it's been fascinating to learn the science behind this. You make it so easy to understand!

  18. are their any clinics or centers around the world or countries where we could be healing HUGE AMOUNTS OF PEOPLE?? Why isn’t this being done?? I HEAR ABOUT IT ON YOUTUBE BUT NOT IN ANY MAJOR CITY OR NO NEWS STORIES ABOUT THIS!! This is a phenomenon?!!!!! WHERE IS THIS GOING ON JUST IN EVENTS OR SEMINARS??

  19. Eve the subconscious mind Adam the conscious mind the Garden of Eden your brain the tree of knowledge the left brain hemisphere!
    It's not me she made me do it the subconscious mind!

  20. The Bible tells us this multiple times. The thing about this Dr, is that he is putting these ancient teachings into modern language that we can understand. Dr. is the messenger, God is the Healer, and this modern science is a way for us to meet and participate with God. Let’s remember that.

  21. When someone calls himself a doctor but he is a chiropractor and when interviewed he keeps saying
    I teach people…, I demand people…., I request…., I know when….after seeing thousands of scans, I …, I…,I, etc.
    you wonder where is the overcoming yourself/no-self-no-time-no-space,-no- thing-mediation/teachings,
    that he says he knows and offers to teach for not a reasonable amount that will transform you forever inside-out.

  22. The Europeans called it witchcraft when they came across it in Africa and the Americas; except the medicine man or woman had it easier in the Americas because they had horses and could defend themselves more effectively.

  23. What I love about Dr Joe is he’s reached a level of consciousness most will never get to. He’s transcended. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks or says. It’s like Buddha. When he had someone negative approach saying negative things to him he said to the man ‘if someone gave you a gift and you refused it who would the gift belong to?’ The man said ‘well me of course’ And Buddha said ‘you can keep your negativity’ 🙏🏼🤣

  24. Joe is talking to us while driving. Is he thinking about other drivers or the area around him?. What is Joe trying to prove? Hard for me to watch because I am distracted with all the movement and what is the
    Point. Please pull over save a life. Pick a place where their is not a whirlwind spinning around you.!

  25. Always enjoy learning from Dr. Dispenza! Note for the host: When the person you are interviewing speaks, perhaps you want to listen until they finish first? Interrupting them with questions while they are still speaking is very distracting for us, the audience, who is listening carefully and want to learn from your guest 🙂

  26. I've done everything to change my energy. Yoga, meditation, hypnosis, paradigm shift practises, going after my dreams….But in spite of everything my body pain has increased, plus I got some new one in arms..I somehow moved from a beautiful, happy inviroment to an awful one… Now I'm like on a bottom of life here broke people all over me….Buildings are awful..Gunned peopke all around…They teach kids how to avoid being melusted..They talk about crime all the time..Am I in hell?!
    I live with a person whose agenda to bring me down. He pretty much succeeded in it ..I lost everything I had (and I was weakthy), I lost my desire to write or to do anything in spite I had huge success – a national award..I'm reminded everyday that Im a piece of shit…. I'm in catch 22..To liberate myself I need to raise my energy. To raise my energy I need to be liberated. What to do? I'm trapped..
    The family including my mother plays majors role to keep me in misery. She is a damn person and an alchoholic who thinks that she has all rights for my life…I don't know how to escape..Joe are there any solutions for me except for transition?

  27. How this can fit on the same channel where dan pena is…
    So is changing the energy of the world for better or just aggressivly follow your own path giving fuck about everyone else … cannot really understand….

  28. How can you go beyond yourself !!?? It's a Paradox . The me it's a construct and Neuroscience has proven it . A play of consciousness.

  29. I like the sound of a lot of the things here talks and teaches but I must say I'm skeptical that cancers and parkinsons have been cured????

  30. So what happens if I only thought of the things I want to happen to me that happened in the past? Is that the same as thinking of the things I want to happen to me in the future? Will the same outcome Manifest? Wich way of thinking would be better? Bc I can remember the feeling better of the things from the past vs the things that never happened to me in the future…

  31. I have experienced this energy various amounts and ways w NLP sessions through trance . 6 yrs going through sessions. when i go backwards, I’m able to catch myself faster. challenging w my life w children and just day to day stuff. Really want to get my enlightment back as it was 3 yrs Ago. nice informative videos . It is incredible what the mind can accomplish for our souls

  32. Dr. Joe's method of meditation sounds very similar to the TM technique, but with more focus on gratitude and intention. I like it…Rock on doc! We humans need as much help as we can get.

  33. He lost me when he started o claim to heal everyone of ailments. Benny Hinn did the same. Shame on you Dispenza for fleecing people with your bullshit.

  34. I respect the work and teachings of Joe Dispenza. But that « globalization » was created « because of information and to create this merging of cultures » and that « Germans were more interested in the facts and knowledge, and Italians in the experience », and that « the blending of cultures is a new healthy paradigm»??? What a narrow-minded cliche generalization to say the least: Globalization is a concept that strictly serves the markets (or the « free market » which is anything but free i.e corporations and all the « good » stuff that comes with it, that is the endless suffering worldwide, consumerism and individuality). Italians have always been interested in « knowledge » and so have Arabs Turks or Argentinians etc for that matter. When did culture start being a bad thing? I know it’s bad for corporate interest and global markets. But when has it been bad for the human being (the « Anthropos » in the Ancient Greek sense of the word)? Culture is good for the people. You yourself doctor Joe, in one of your interviews mention how your Italian roots and upbringing made you who you are. How eating dinner with all the family every single night together was a unique and warm experience, and shaped you as a human being. This IS culture. If we want be human we cannot, and SHOULD not be uniform. That doesn’t mean that we are not ALL equal and should not all have equal rights. That should be a given. But eradicate culture? Eradicate cultural traits? Yes, I totally agree with you if the purpose is to eradicate culture while meditating and only WHILE MEDITATING… but if we want to have democracy and function in our physical body in our three-dimensional human experience (OUTSIDE of our meditative state)… we should WANT culture. We should want CULTURES, many cultures. And in many different countries. This is the only way to democracy and humanity. Not every facet of the human experience is transcendental or meditative. To live together on this planet we need (definitely to meditate) but then go back to work all together, as sovereign cultures, countries, self-determined peoples, all equal among us, and seek DEMOCRACY. Otherwise we will all be meditating but we will be seeing the same Starbuckses, and Burger Kings, and the usual global restaurant chains, and retailers, and banks in all the central squares of all the countries in the world. It’s already happening. There is no « global democracy.» Democracy is local, because you can control it. Try to find your right when you are physically far from your government. So be careful what you preach. Don’t completely eradicate History, Philosophy , Culture and Civilization. You CAN be a meditator and want to be part of one culture which you consider your own, and have utter respect for all other cultures and countries. In fact, only when you respect your culture can you respect other cultures. Very, very disappointed that Doctor Joe Dispenza has not thought those issues more in-depth.

  35. Some of the old ideas are good too. Americans are big on innovation BUT some things are good and valuable to keep from older times too.

  36. I have a question about getting beyond yourself what exactly does he means by that … I have an idea it’s just I would like to hear different perspectives… or even ways people do this … thanks

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