Drew Baye Super Charged

Drew Baye Super Charged

basic considerations colored before we
actually do have the exercises and you probably have been through this
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people are sick problems first and foremost controls the
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i’m sure bruce weir make sure that matthew are really he’s
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time panhandles dot placer perilous with your working with a little bit slower
repetitions d you don’t want to be there or make sure that he too had been
possession straightforward chin slightly down regardless of the exercise universal
light exercise it with some tension muscles around nine shoulders any sudden
movements and is a possibility hello porcelain don’t lie especially if i’m doing it
points out sorry present worthwhile twenty date as principal trinidad slightly now i want to make sure that you did relaxed
except up one exercises reporting the actor are about to enter adulthood
maintain hold on the way or anything else pushing exercises
machines is nothing drop that you don’t agree outweigh charles lieberman before it
perhaps would be happier ensley anderson i’ll keep you stable seat but you don’t need to do it that you
don’t want to excessive with a good plan contributed increase blood pressure that so that pretty much addresses stuff popular right now dot our signature the anything rudy stoppard if you start to
feel like they had a granted stuff looking up causes uh… always middle module a little girl and those obliterated proven healdsburg ordinal possibly hurt indiscriminately after all
and stuff who is this past weekend only which he
hath regular exercise in fact that the parent most people credit for the specific favorite allen most people stopped starts for most people believe that at that point
that burning is an indication of coming to the end of the stuff far from when you start to feel burned
that’s an indication that drew it’d most beneficial early exile and that should
be your q the contract even horrigan so you don’t want to do that burning as
an indication of substantive parade as an indication that you region most
important point us wrote you an exact replica quasars yes those last couple repetitions
therapy absolute most ordinance toppling certainty silver or start barbara good
news that’s barbaric as most of his work com vincent dot com mary for an outside of possible on the
issue of news sunday again these are just a little bit of the stone
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of this month the young heart those seek to be adjustments that planned
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certainly with them with all the exercises and a lot longer
life consideration this monsters of past states there is entry burials you know stop their heroes
actual performance and exercise the mariners unloading and active and a lot of people matisse exercise
they started whom he acts like this is what you do but we really don’t cover
anywhere near as much as they showed about now how did you get into the
machine the first place once your account correctly safely wouldn’t sell application machine
basically yet and position we were able to all orchard whatever gets delayed all of our all was the correct way hated opportunity in the exercise or removal of cigarette but originals and departments has
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sleep position on the theater simpson demonstrate usually popularly true about five eight itself meetings starting at two o’clock watch
out for the uh… you know pensions and thanked candidates it back implement excellent pecos central should
go if regret that i was sitting right in the space here with the important down if i should be on there is for the past four o’clock pm luciano
transformed but you’re not slumped forward dot this kind of movement it’s almost like integration governor bold initiative
would report it that was so that should start hereby sending out your body’s wants to move sidewalks but
he shouldn’t be swinging back and dennis impact is this something you have a
little bit of extensions filed literally do one without a little bit of an
organized yet you still want to have a lot back and forth viceroy yourself consumption touchdown sarah has
recognized and straight up slowly pushed back hogs and even a little bit slower on the way
back down literature incumbent should be lost a
little nervous trust but should went smoothly with forcing u and answered raised the raising the champ point
netbackup down towards the back neck and shoulders answer coming for youth let it burn at four and jim well deborah says you don’t want and this is a lot of people are going on
that’s and you’ve seen it yet you know they have been waiting for ur you don’t want to has come forward you want to come in and that’s the difference
vice-presidency for the difference between press but as you do you get faster and easier nagar horrific
movement that you want this movement as opposed to brethren i’m not going to helps demonstrate this
real quick whistler one reluctant at all effectiveness of rolled up and one of the session so bath biggest task for more on the cheek bones and that therefore go private here inquiry for just a little bit off ration personal diplomacy the flesh and you’ve
got to know where that watching him stop right on neutral and this is a warning for people what to
do they were unit unification of stuff and the portrait layout so instead of which was a mistake we have to testify person of the form of apo-e_ that you
know delicate tatiana there are into the start justice opposite bruce and i don’t believe you
throughout the camp it business as usual references rescues
are going to suddenly sub-total novels and he’s panels on both sides on if you guys are harmful himself cities
on c_n_n_ missile defense which is that there’s actual conover laugh it so grossly oversimplified break about
having to customs and four corners if you get to customs the backfiring in office or lack thereof bronfman the
science of basically would yall with flexion and extension versus lateral
flexion and extension there’s just has a lot like what’s going
on before flexion extension verses that abduction abduction as it’s the same muscles working in conjunction with in a different groups so it’s impossible back and forth but so i was working with each other instead
of the back of the front ordered the extensions life they had to start you have the house watch flourished and
also in part on the ground around the world entrance and i don’t want to separate
center right son-in-law bath and mark russell duncan ostracized for
everybody up graduate and what they have four belittled up uh… and he’s just part of a vote
wedding trip for them and as a way to go out to be doable for
at least lots of interest i think so but starvation counseled
offered go out of five years is explosives inoculated slip off your head
i’m actually going to bring up a little bit higher fancy yahoo dot it doesn’t slip on it who have the school food absolute
difficult to gage sometimes other people’s stuff alternate because you might have st louis and and labeling role for salinas hypnosis and down website issue about the site burns up cleanup based on what important outstrip he’s just a heads the loneliness is
strictly as a test and you won’t run main st that general
attitude towards other exercise the stress the fact that moved out you just don’t want you to use the
bottom steinbeck for through white deficit brute force this one that really as it pushes
squeeze when you get to the finish position we are supposed to be easy quite significantly faqs twenties for a woman and tried couple that’s worth forty
eight on some exercises it might not feel like
or what logistics couple repetitions before
caster ice i’m at home europe doesn’t like anything two or
three inches realized here it’s a little too you can sort of obstruction one you’ll a
stretch but you don’t want with stretch and yet it’s an important exercise it’s one that
everybody should do extension inflection problem as the way most people throwing
gifted this it probably won’t get and i think a lot of jim’s don’t have
the just because they’re afraid liability great she’d be struck or overseas so far speedboats direction raising ching blackmun bag with back
neck has leading would act for t specify so it’s a good part of people concedes
that the small continues the bodies hold briefly castano gradually increase right as the rest or slowdown used v twelve months one slowed with jimmy carter absolutely products with its way down to dc for ha watches starts of slow starts smoothly once you get it going on she gradually
which order robards would push ups or isn’t he plans to build up gradstein importing
back speaker or go back to the backing down
all tickets on the negative delisle stinger for the purposes of signing up right just left rationally pushing harder little heart brilliantly there’s any
fibers what do you know find out go further law firm of repute org slower than i do slower site always hostesses americans standards exception about half of that stepped out saludos slash that vehicular staff development we’ve
had a couple of the apple previously secret faulted atmosphere so if all they want to have to pay right you know i’m like oh my goodness it
appears in several yeah eisner institute for education scarlet on or there that’s almost half as you like boxing
watching that behind so that the half of the reporter and work for us menstrual cycle is salad equipment or just a little at actually
report forms like to get animals if you if you start with the back you’re
not going to have to go out of touch down please judgment yep over their head
handed to you at apple perfectly still and theoretic yet inroads yours he’s just i think about talking and she
went down into the chest also very briefly take the time home
with that and you don’t want your really far back
just to them neutrons as a spartan video real shortened slow or that raised the chesapeake jeff or tendency is for people to retrospective sloan as
yet department is their whole body what response worship just give me a
rigid chester buchanan as requested when he was a good time with that really slow down and look forward to
before walk you through the palace over rotten to the panel ways they’re just looking at it hole slovenia might not be able at all pictures seventy-seven ipl either of the
viewing public as much as possible once we his movement
justified or is it just me candle swollen cacti warm soon continues he’s just talking about what i had a
chance that product in their own or is it just swarm way back he got a reverse direction so you would
like reviewers are too big enough like it’s just like fight the urge to
sell keep it up snow oversights artifact war testify ready back slowly user off down possibly lol we do that device at both ends of the brain
republic when i was in fact that document his ancestors midwest extraordinary exigent at the start had also too hitting record wall goes a little like for us match covenant for change skipped uh… coffee tables yeah section hawaii stocks just how long were actually had been
physician once again is the physicians in the mix up the whole bob partner or something like that at all suddenly came over from the forward so
that the stoppers prevention walking out nadia i started to get up it couldn’t be more
careful dollars it always had people that are
born shame um should reasons one based on an elaborate what position you
are all sorted patent laws and for opportunity particular far
life-history have problems you’re starting with uh… the orlando used won’t work unit was pushing back this
way yet your theater opened fire the direction of the forces working
along with the lower left if you get up to your little are there the angle is such that you got a little
bit more stress on these and parcels world actor emotionally whenever your position yourself so that
we should use and was originally locking up wishing follows it shoeless or foreign policy with when it gets to the again it wants to come off combat and intensity if it gets warm out yours as people learn to get out will or
swapping a little bit honesty intended to kill himself around the back more has
set up that right subtle i don’t countless there the thank-you notes the reason that some
people do dot yes rebecca walker stuff you don’t want to walk out the anyway
pressing exercise for a couple weeks supplement safety summit at
effectiveness exercised at at the these largo banner the underline in such
a way that their support of most of the resistance really not doing that much
work closer you get tupelo stepson the better the leverage he’s judith with
you that machine compensate for somewhat machine
actually gets harder and harder for their own yes parts it can’t get hard enough to overcome that month once eleven a lockout i climb up on top of the ways that you
can about public sets the whole there so you want to stopped in reverse
direction before everyone still help contention bosses class also if you don’t want to get walk out
because it’s a possibility that we’re both music and what happened
pop back his socialist arguing with shaky and
most fearful don’t have part of it was inevitable pots most people don’t have completely
completely react proportional remarks and if you don’t want my guess is a
little bit shorter than the other venison a lockout first and in addition
to the possibility of internet meat because hips electric just a little bit solicitado he had a slight north sea one
word walker who want to go as far as picking up without on what we think they
couldn’t find out here and usually started asap andrews’s
so we don’t feel you’ll notice that starts to feel like they were the reason
that we would want to go uses novels all through the rest of movement when you get to the point where you feel
like we’re getting close to a locking up numerous direction after iraq appears to be able to
anticipate that point so there’s going to slow down so that
you can do so smoothly without spending too much time to probe yet and also on
this one and a lot of our societies that would be pushing you’re going to be able to on the way is
that after the exercise you walked away to talk to you want to
get a full range of motion but you get three friends that you have to consider
one again you walk away stuff because you want to know that your point of
exercise but wanna make sure that do not allow
awasthi rest you should trust but you should not went off and should not allow any slack and this
is done the licenses barely touched by another
piece of paper infection have been part of the force to all that out there and for train has somoza touches marty’s slowly spud smoothly slow and deliberate slowly start
accepted you don’t want to set down his holder
for too long and dispatch more and more and very slowly as reuse
of that exception would be yet endpoint
represent if you do it lost positioning crappy where he wants to readjust
antibiotics atmosphere but during exercise while you’re looking for
work dot once we’re gonna move back and we don’t want monuments and parks walter
fortunate letting back if you are wass position
with grants that they are leasing consultant by profession
otherwise don’t sell rest all projects are at warner had to this weekend in
particular yes again with entry and exit britain’s which means that i don’t smoke
conditions on that what you don’t want to do first stepping
over disaffected i want you to stand next to that silence
with not complacent or about bob dole and peter and loves lip once in a position management vaccinate your kids are acme
angles player that member of the sales letters prasanth back to our program trawlers
independently forward basically bahasa are speaking out
rohanvikas as close to the late as possible without
of intel ambrose stars want happy slaughtered their search for a or democrat richard was there your sartre was wrong we don’t have laura background you don’t
really think this comprehensively mcpherson yahoo rave reviews right so if
you start feeling in the stands as it moved forward sab archive about press release for marginally black truths that he has to say i think
there’s bottoms them people are more likely that the
head of the laterally great exercise overzealous illnesses figures on a lives
and also a flop but as it is city eager beaver sensitive types are
springing up or more it’s also using more more disasters dot analysts that those victim
healthy fearlessly out at agenciabrasil either desperado environment important
watches backwards decides to give up a little bit more
appeals overlap archives convertible hope st you want annual not just a little bit thurs eventually if so what about the new york
city watch out for us we will use strictly enforce their own the growth
bill that on israel that are in the city iteration allison excuses now it keeps you from sliding up and out
of a back seat without having to get a couple of years as he can i handle sergeant pritchard
phones on the same side of the fingers you can still hold his own using article
points out that seat but you’re less likely to squeeze in one
could be reports that the store alternately some people like to hold
onto the perhaps during exercise i responded the important thing is that
you keep the grip relapse excuse that i like that psyches informing as long as you know
returns on investment or something else in this position those
as far back as required your hair dressing apparently don’t want
pick it up to pick it up and said a lot tension must inform their there’s also want to avoid a precedent
that some people up and says it was mister origin wetzler pushing ahead of the path later in the rest of the should keep
them at the last minute hill prospective dot i want to relax alleged with the seaport
wilbur and if you start to feel results slide
work that background it’s coming up in this country even overdose worked like a huge pressure ab you know cost less father heat about starting at four under leslie’s second entrance tvtropolis late silver bullet muslim
right responded to a repetition geologists this number not for kids whisper to slow down we’re about to explode that bears are
aware that goes a long anticipated start point slow down to meet you want to look at
what’s what’s the best of the custom or barely touched bruce willis reserves are about their own stars lowepro start slow
down and restrictions and therefore i think
people are male it’s at now backed away dot struck sorry glass line velocities
baseless it’s decisions controversies in these details before closes for several times before alexander thirty years influenced by fire works is with us one sadness once did i would always go to break down the
streets are clean jarrod when i look forward is for people
get upset conducted exercise if your review i’ll read it to happen will boost was
rescued at sea there people at four if you don’t get would be at least
regret fold up the deportations straight from work donald mcgraw says went down agent futher sunflower signified at a time to start from barely bookstore
in atlanta deadly was a little more more articles or
something part about the deadbolt research
positive read through it networks focus all of your effort gets a bus and sort of like that sergeant sarmiento back slow buff therefore ocean but you don’t want to be the most
beautiful arrested black redress positive it differently europe and he was consumed lacked headphones box watch the parade he didn’t waste time saddam it looked like still dividends tour the stl that thought sort of slow it details room and sisterhood blissfully guess what at or sects you go up there squad held store wasn’t it swollen leaderless world and all the way they are not tho home those aptly athlete bob dot off it how whole interactive hillary here’s office hit homage if they’re for a second war but we perhaps more nurse prosecution right one side of your players initiate both
the do you feel when you stand up for a long
trip just introduce legislation expect next week branch historic mission that was the wrong from want both your own compensation stamp through the sentence make sure you do that thought it through it attempts to get off my hands they don’t want to know now with his partner back and pots historical mementos of ten seats both
wants and needs and that’s how she died of cancer referendum at you know i have and you won’t have different parts of it
for several reasons weird yeah have trip as sinhalese you know wants robert andrew all now couple things can worst is going to be rip a lot of people don’t realize that
there’s more to repairing exercise this grabbing barbara hamels howden replenishment different whether
fortune org rips up if it was an exercise in augusta at this
place they’ve been sick you don’t want to go in and out from the center of the pop what happens is if you grab our concern
as reprehensible around it this came back here starts pulled over and then regardless or what the hand is a position in the news in at
the start of the exercise universalism holes in the industrialized
aggress through that uh… handled in the
direction airport and training seven points if you get callously here what you want if you didn’t point
exercise is sort of placing have right behind the
big news against the handle on the sign from the direction that you’re going to
be point from so that you’re going down back you’d start with the pets behind figures
here there are a lot of things wrong men
clamp from over the middle index fingers here which you don’t want to start here and
that is because planet anyways with heavy enough weight and casing stuff back here who’s in it bunnies if you get saja force true believers yesterday one third of with secret
that’s it first logically person has a hand injury if
there is some reason that the have speaking up for money they have been hoax or are great books are great for
people leader really yeah if you’re having works you should be using it during the
exercise in fact if you can’t you should be doing
addition written work to strengthen it from a practical standpoint and i know carbon frames they won’t look for and there’s a lot of general helped
fitness benefits to exercise that don’t specifically relate to
picking up pulling expel from a practical standpoint to be able to apply the strategy development a lot of
different activities you need to have a strong nuts you could help the strongest his
supervisor back and shoulders of the world but if you have breath you’re not going to be all they’ve got
things over a certain way yet then your hands are bulldozer interface
but when the rest of the body buttons that your trying to manipulate words
lifted pushing and pulling down in yes it’s ridiculous to develop oil strike and i have a trip to apply it there is not and what we’re going to be
exercised is sexy so that’s just high enough so that it can reiterate recess resort
want dempster lightweight is literally exercise can still hang out along with the muscles you don’t want to
have what set down were not going to repeatedly stressed
out on-the-spot you want to go until the elbows are
almost midnight blue is that you want to watch it all goes up but you don’t want to go don’t worry
rule for us what you want to keep everything types and something else i should mention that
is to get couple gonna your elbows around your shoulders our extended films
component of that and ask elation depressive disorders
exercise in wants these things to all start and
pam at the same time when i got the timing down between the different parts of the
movement won a lot of people will be wrong discussed where they go until they all
those are phrase and uh… i don’t know what the shoulders up and the leadership
agreement with for the president and members of a
million dollars what happens there was this is an almost are also reports right and you started as senegal started doing
this movement all of your boxes right what do you want is as a woman went back out let the shores of off the all those who
or not and straighten in time so that as soon
as the elbows are almost a lockout my feeble attempts by scott almost right your shoulder should also be disposition
but you don’t know what it was stratum and what about and if you want to start bending the
elbow votes the start of the government is the
albums that you don’t want write it down and
something else the almost should be pyramid right from
troop movements of it is to keep a bulletin one motion interested but will move us as her pointy arts combat you should also points all of that of
raising his chest and also to try to talk show host together behind your back am general motors shoelders everyone should be moving untill phyllis over the boulder aside for the
possible produce provides for the last year are probable dispute those you’re
addressing a lot more hostile master south all over the great exercise it
rests upon things at the top of that jeff stayed almost back to lou working a lot of stuff there you don’t agree but all that and biceps vessel floridians which in the last of the
interests of the police voted most of my children americorps absolutely every person’s
coordinated user correctly and as a rule refrain individual or
entity to look at the movements yet that’s pros and cons whether a person starting out blood
barrier important consideration will allow people aren’t aware of guess that used to have a hard working
more dribbling difficult certain types of exercises are more difficult for partners and independent google alarms make it
more difficult to live exercise you’ve got maxhealth independent movement osf review riverine or reason dosto yet not one sculptors statement of one
plant and the problem with that is that the shoulders aba last range of motion in this plan than they do they’re moving out of the
head of the epic legally possible depression at the head of new humor
sense none it was not able all the work that goes for the sites actually moved
for a little bit angle if you have some luciana with their back laxmikant something and the day tracer arms straight-up that
usually get about therefore they have to start arafat same position if you come out at all you all much much fruit you actually gained a
significant outreach motion going that way as opposed to going despite more abort and and it’s not so much for his motion
that there’s a real quick when you have this movement finding out
the back as opposed to the smugmug it’s less responsive shoelders redeker then we’re going to put up the work
develops then they have all star dot com able to get on this morning i was right
for tornados so we’re doing this movement the tendency that it is not video stars are coming out there of the arms actually come out and back a little bit more than a girl machines would have said over and over
going into pretty much one norplant buff because that a little bit
more comfortable it’s been a bit more question detective definitively export pull-down or it won’t sign this
way using our resources and also uh…
refusing data there are things with estimate on pipeline there’s actually a
very good if you watch one consideration with exercise
equipment design gives that when you have a pushing for appointment you have and partners rules to patent
would prefer a supplies moving now when you consider important information for
the record straight lines but mostly whose own career perfectly
straight lines uganda with paid for support domain rotary movement is around short
myspace if you haven’t worldly actual patient behind is coming down back like that is basically living in our patios perfect not perfectly remembers martin
groove with your frontline nobody is going to that movement benefit from dump truck elderly and almost by accident was set
up becomes actually from the profit
rotation proc but they have a place where foreign
country removing far beyond that three hundred holiday that and
compensate for elias if it was a removal and i think you have
a joint american fuel really really we’re at the same as the case with
compound lower student loans and all of us zero rotates from below a
list of those premium grade arms at the end of it and they have to do that because i was really awkward compartment
back as opposed to bezeqint point asia point straight back who has come
down back as you told us that you have an art films like that you
don’t have an article is like throwing parties you moving like that uh… and
max roach is like a few lost makes great equipment and if a person does not have enough
money for max or are you have disgraced former mentors
and he’s a little bit better been almost died intro is the next best
thing to happen every provision literacy machines bearable or spaces anymore
prostitution max apple sauce if you’ve got space for you’ve got money
for it then this fruitful but as i would recommend invite him to a
lot of people to it was a better fit their situation and regular that both of them are ruined
machines faxes vans directed at saturday starting out this
is just a few fingertips because the might look like we’ve got
hot we’ve got to wait for a walk it but they also stressful repetition of
busted wrestling team models of unprecedented
just bear with me i don’t know if you don’t have to have
the opportunity try experienced young just doctors appts rivers dot had to stay with us i’m joie
chen radio float anything she wants front windows remember when you get into the hands
behind your figures in support of the picture then reptiles million formal with all of that yet tough do you see fit everywhere issues don’t bank is on the
bar on the back there is not matthew williamson stuff you don’t know what that means that you
had started and like that griffith activity who’s lived out on hope that you want to have a little
while repair shops will be just a little bit outside official results rather as canada repetition resiliency outlooks
them windshield people digital raised chest mba corneal down
there follow-ups max fuck who find shoot ellos shortage television show is all that should start
doing soon membership yourself down development credo frenzy and he was on the world g_-four reply pulse plz accept that instills throughout the
district feel special field fifty of them for about got efforts to keep erasing whatever pleasure optimistic error
changing because second like wrestling at the actual over the
waste that is completely different got roughly helpful pong relapse work for every problem which technically
is was not lost on tobacco one-half of the enough to work for a quick check the
differences there are a dancers this men’s that don’t you know art com phone yahool entertainment if anybody is interested education dot
icerocket that’s about the work doll that my story britain past behind
vendors express that out panel of water instead of just outside
she yeah really client from vietnam would be nails dyson ya and for radley plans for the way road he’s
bradley length you know how to polish it was persuaded
that right there instead of the suitable for at least
lots of graphs illegals almost not for a complete
strangers barely bear left mostar does not want to get the point where you
would block it off possibly left slides tension process route starved for attention russell we elbows barack boulder i want to think about
point polos into the background risks halls still overnight slow yet but i don’t know that wheaties castro classes hospitals atlas albeit with before your successor tanzania’s lester or image as yet girl monkey we it slowdown void programmable free wheels were almost right and folks have been elbows weakened vice users and law i don’t shrimpers catch up to you don’t want donate two point xml when it was an exercise in us cash fast to get a couple dot pacific heights mc back more than about
the heart of the c_a_c_ tends to be our best performers want me to put in the
back of the message that you want to see hard enough fisherman’s installed before the stuff
in storage you want the back seat for her former so
that the disposition of controlling what park excised that neck benefited by it mathematics rebecca yes we do have with
some a hundred financial reporting to us young independently our resources that off yes it’s a lot of good com yes uh… hai reflects tissue for some instances courses chart him how important is that was right reduced our recruitment have you want to be almost the exact opposite
pushing exercise pushing exercise might have to have a wind up so thats in whatever direction that portion that you’re com is lined with animals
and i think at least in fact that we have the right to clarify with charisma
gamble unfashionable firebombs posters with against your university
veritas literal parent were about there battery won’t have an organization so that i asked the camp it will be
below the chest starting out and there’s a problem with chest press there’s a concept insomnia chemokines
wrote a long time which is that regal works suit jacket directions up a lot of times when a person does not
reflect the opinions of the borrower using a machine there are more focused on the movement
of the sheep of the movement of barbell than what their bodies to bring exercise
there are hundreds of ways to mishandles go back and forth make the waist down we
can see a prosecutor info on it brands to gear went on problems with the president of
the real issue and that’s the right people to stupid stupid stuff during the exercises the machine is designed to provide
resistance to specific bottom politicians not so important as everybody’s machine designed for
participants that pot vessels particular muscles yahoo change the waiter aren’t moving
during the exercise you change either the impossible retains
the degree to which must be found work in your papers machine please i’d like
to have a chance for a second one fitted use that explains people as one where
there’s a really obviously but people do now your group trying to work in jasper
and for him to trust mail open to the balkans which you could try
to get and basically what’s unusual is it
something out what we’ll see if as people start to fatigue and thus far starts use along interest are not doing anything with shoulders
and without i’m not even you know retract my shoulder quite hold of my
arms are still what i’m doing is not intended to
reasons dot on watch dogs related fatalities impulsive people lost
its lease possibly has crossed the line don’t it’s there but it’s important en route to success
first ever going to keep a part of the important thing is not being able to go
back and forth making power will go up and down or
whatever getting exercise you know the machinery bartell but it’s
how her body was moved you’d never want to change the way the body’s immune for
the safe of getting the wait for the hills with a completely different
purpose and they’d couldn’t figure out what your
thoughts on this at it’s like the last minute illus there are some sometimes they’re reside
the setting for israel they said here is here is where they might come up with
them on g_a_t_t_ apart all you have suppose you’re doing a set of clothes and yet you are already absolutely can’t
get out last repetition you chief although there are a lot of
suggests of the composition so the internal
walworth properly example many others there are some exercise where you can do that there’s some
exercises we can’t get anyone if you can’t walk out the arms unisons
they have also started a cheaper if there are some when you get the arm self
ever go back uniform negative left by the one thing but it’s integrals
delicate exercise lifetime it also depends on how to get up there yet progressive wrapped by altered by
making a max and you do so without compromising
anythign might need a sub apoptotic if you can get extra negative as long as he
did not get it recollected but if you are usually enough a lot of america obsolete upward swing
or if you’re doing something about my safety that don’t because you’re calling more damage than whatever
benefit widowed beadwork forgetting that extra negative for the most part unless you’re really going to do it ambit quite frankly that’s not the majority of people who work out
most people so that as much as possible to have been stored for obsessed reservoir and just fine that just announced a statement that i
have been back to back up doing that prevents him from doing that
most common she did not we’re going forward that your safe on that also i want to make sure that you could
show roads in our backyard paki shoulder blades
hold carol console to feel like you’re also resentful that was very unimpressive now what you don’t want this for this kind
of a or here’s something for something also washes the shows that we have some
people’s emotional is someone down also the almost you know what should be part of a close
to the bottom they should be aware of the silos europe heterosexual all dot for twenty five minutes off by you know
i had what appeared to have more detail eulogy m in foreign policy now with just up to head with that what you don’t want their lives for your
help touch the path of the tendency especially with your question is the sort of rhythm you want to chastise but you want to
have the headquarters themselves floodlight so that you don’t hang up analyze tens of documents everything for him to seek higher so
they have the just below justin’s father position translate that for the projects events
program so that would you approach the end of the
movement just seven shows that handles and up
there’s a few inches apart and still don’t have to keep truck this car and that you know there’s
only elbows are almost like you don’t you don’t really want to go to our
almost but not completely straight thunderous starts or if you have to start so they have the
right about esperamos yellowstone down as they go back and we have some point
the opera star coming up we don’t have that point also got super small business market all sorts of the test of the
logos for food but should be aware that it’s really tight across the chest full historical
actually look back but it’s okay to thieves steal its jeremy bohen yelling at the ice huge
you’d look back at his my folks like buddies get a p_h_d_ in that like that layoffs and he’s a huge bs access money
that’s nice but middle america bent over him that i lost one hundred because if
we start on this list a long time because as a whole lot of stuff we spent
about half an hour’s to someone who acted post-season poss possibly can our secretary of state orchestra the historical handles their grip on the payouts
bloomfield bomb world of are women panels in ways that you asked for speculation
at this little to say stop orders for the words together your stargazers used it for two solid
restaurants mostly financial talents are it feels like a bad feels like the rest
of the incumbent shimon a scale also you might want to have beginning ye if you’re not people at first like you
have to have any refund or whoever it doesn’t last report actually comes from
so here’s a tiny bit to the outside is fine they’re not gonna slip off it was really that suffer stuff left off that’s where you see that here just up the little respect for the
short list together just listening to people about statement actually
excellent back he just fine officials and he was good ok it should go over the
stretch but it should be what you want activities feedback you know office awful about how much of
a macro dot com servic it without incident integrated ended in disaster baghdad
burpee forthwith and genocidal back influence here little hearts back perhaps leagues in
the chest and shoulders as you know proposals process in which
our own just before just prior you should be almost there slowdown woodstock the bottom out on this one should be
treated just like the way the press long-anticipated slowdown leaders of the
ways touch but we don’t settle down you’d slowly
soon but just a little slow right renewed they actually as poss teman tentative plan exercises
well-equipped with the into the ring as they are also want bush as the exercises for really mindful of
bringing attitudes towards rep yahoo developments on my competitive
stuff for the short version positive and advocated will also filling but here watch it would be continues hangs on the native off the field was
for a just filed really only said it would appear against we absolutely slow on it attached but come sundown start slow and
how much grass or people ask the question even if you can move it you can still
has a lot of push against just that reserved for you release british esp handed back to you via is north swooned unum slower alot of two thousand and one
morality pusher as part of the camera lights throughout his life depiction attached atached helping that much might not feel
like it and an end to override that writers buffet bunched up gives birth to try to stop them even
more far put the brakes on you pushing into his heart is a fear bioscience don’t got off the road
attached dot let up too with a certain level were basically
doing another point movements of the grid examines the
fallout disarmed aspirin vendors partners on the
planet bummed out of the envelope your gratitude to write about happens when the top entitles first kerr no i haven’t heard will not have an
address in line with whereas rotation ends with
pauline you don’t have arisen dot org back down process just far enough back some of them that starts resentment killer leadership fortunately we have to wait for it so that you are sitting back a little
best even when she was born he arms almost straight ways dot one st louis cannot slope when you don’t go away but arch your back hello dissolved into surrogacy just wishful yes that was just a lot more just
chester that position couple times you want demonstrate water features position actually
abstinence feeling overwhelmed tell us about us in light of people tall but whenever you guys she might yes we
are facing into it when you get into not machine one what’s really straight right off it’s like a test for us a lot of stress
and she pulled it off discusses backing up actually rewarded sanctions on the part
of it yet but was something like that some
reason that i have people go swimming and straight back out pianos if you got anybody that’s gotten
you can’t be issues divisions any questions biggest airline accident here message
for anyone war if you’re on it here and you’re trying
to get it all you are relocating around unique along the way in the car regrets for the world and
these shoes definitely more but it’s not a big deal people get
on small bikes swimsuits up illness here as elsewhere so i’ll
give you a sax player by perhaps and if somebody just finished up my passport
status placement worked out what’s or anything that
really product lines something is wrong with you it was absolutely overtaken app three d_
interior nichols as israel civilians straight up it’s true that allah swindlers honor also if you’re talking straight-laced persons mcnamara someone face to face that was the best foot forward in the past and have a few comments
later were arrested for colours arguments here paint on stays at home except during the
exercise if you can actually be behind your news effecting arm or at least its decision where the leverage allows it up saving we talk about chess prowess you don’t want to change your body
movement for the second movement handles on maintain creek autumn was little article doing this on the
circuits that have delivered in this sort of spec they’re trying to move the panels
instead of focusing on u_n_ argument that they should be doing exercise if you put your feet salacious behind
his you know postulated just shoot invited offering very far that fifteen fifty prior these you have no leverage to get your chest off the path pullman
moscow was her position the spread of the effects of the spartan
is indiana just archrival the shortest should still
be able to move all the way for all of that began talks with people who you really
extreme stress the need for a half canceled life cranbourne as well as monk’s mood before us armed riverdance just a little elliptical diaz gosh fortunate solar city code will look for
the quote in moscow time to come straight into the seat and the assistance literally packwood top
workers europe and one of the news you know crack one of the colombian
armed made up of the best blood you know at the repeat that parts that will put up an exuberant government-backed if i want
to have misplaced that gap a little bit news service position there so that don’t knwo as a general rule limited pushing
movement you won’t be as closely as you can woodhouse excessive stress on the dogs we got home improvement you want to be
as far away is d both cases are so that you get as much
functions accounting and does not work plans and handed it
steve you want to shoot they had a fortune no all right down here and i want to focus
on that you definitely don’t want them to have
an active options wat tension uses that driver normals as far back as you can at
least schedule as well boat would rival it’s actually still evidently marriage plant overtaxed right about there and house away after organelle admiral inman’s margin appointment and info numerical will stay with us a ski cap that yet ah i see white related to fix our get sick holter monitor or that they gave her again artful price decimal because after
doing them for their own yet the citizenry went nuts all artist as well becker’s point four billion next month
the unit and stuff raised it’s just part of that forward now bogus bayview knows at first diplomat focused a lot for what was back
to insure that blends together as well and left for work probably didn’t pull down time the
shoulders yells people moving together so that we are also more strict changes
before signaled wave back ordered all those
federal didn’t want to show that soho surpasses bartlesville solutions
formerly board santosh you get that kind of been off between
all ports and flip everything’s it usually works univer muscles disciplined way still
working but there is a lot silently lorraine
gauntlet survive haven’t one segment not very popular dot
it’s almost like wouldn’t like that consciousness louisan shortlisted and all of our political analyst fresh
back don’t like it was completely straight time tightened up all over the stretch
between george bush go across that prognosis for packaging peanuts louise
shortlisted legal no breed more still a long time if pat buchanan had bucket along at exetel reserved for the one that’s right for a
little more about the responses to track intensive on frequency reserved for one thing that’s not going
to be discussing applying the principles of hundreds usually exercise performance
of the bulls performing exercised ridge emotion st different kinds instrument air force
eight people also be providing a workshop read hands-on experience professional instructional windings only
talking about the presentation here is that one but it was more frightening
altamonte springs that’s about the planet from get
buffeted by so from senselessly people gallery all three of
you are poor our front door a lot of stuff even yeah more stuff down and talk about
the presentation and we would go with a lot of heat on
everybody’s actually going to get to try to stop with the supervising now because it’s
one thing to hear about this one thing to read about it but high intensity training and special
low-level effort vault and the attention to detail or is something that fits it’s really got to be experience to be
appreciative point out that some of the hour or so and so much space so it’s a good behaviour first film
berserk forever eight people joining us prices for saturday amazing people gallery people aromatic
as someone who respect family travel agent denies that he just can’t get my engine
prevention thrusday mastiz you see it and i want you guys know that i am
tradition of london costs a little bit higher transplant
flight five and a lot but there was little drew is willing to
do it especially in light of the popular if i
have seen that united on being a problem condition so we set this up that signed up for a
moment to fill the mentioned one by may eighteen any comments analysts say that you wanted and london i think i signed up by the agency high-water marks of the forever i think
they have she has a new person seriously i say uh… huh you know crawling out of storefront in
london placement of the rigors of uh… refers to the other will sit on the
weather is answering questions at him but it helps definitely watch videos just past ones
group stuff online but if you have any particular sort stuff but work that’s
the poetry want no widowed israel’s quest for or there’s
nothing wrong with the state’s access and from london exactly that babysitter and doing a small workshop
with let’s talk about linda regular exercise and it’s only a month
and go on themes like this does not exist fifteen or national command out there
and i was captain of the u_s_ on a gallon so we’re going to do it yes sir

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  1. 38:20 – "If your hand *works*, you should be using it during the exercise." – the inimitable Drew Baye

  2. Meaning of yawn on 48:13 means, "damn. That leg press took all the blood in my head." lol Good video! Thanks for this @Under21convention07 !

  3. here on 30.32 seconds i saw something really important.
    should i let the weights touch the base because normaly i dont do that i think its a big diference between doing 8 single repititions or just one big exercise 8 times. and does that really make any diference. i felt that i found something that is really important for my workout.

  4. No offence cause I do like your videos but u treat the human bod like it's a 5thousand year old relic and doing the most miscul movements can break you. maybe it's just me thinking this but were designed to do a large variety of unique movements and varry how that movement is performed. for instance.. you put a lot of time into grip.. well what if you were performing a sim ex. but its on a rope or another human if youre wrestling. well then this whole spill on grip goes out the window.

  5. What is the perpose of this exercise routine? In your other videos you talk about how you wish to relate the exercise routines to how humans used to live. but what i see here was nothing like i thought id see.
    If youre so concerned about correct movement patterns then why do you only use machines? if you want the chest press motion to flow how our bodies are designed why dont you use DBs?

  6. I like what drew says for it's highly scientific and I am a HIT trainee. However, when I train back(only 2 sets of intense multi joint compound exercises to absolute failure) I use versa gripps because my forearms fatigue quicker than my back muscles even if I wrap the thumb. Days later I do forearm grip training with static holds and standing one armed barbell wrist curls.

    P.S. the greatest tool I've ever used as a trainee is an inexpensive pen and training log notebook.

  7. Drew Baye loves to use the expression "brutal workout"… this is no brutal!… The guy is even yawning at some point of the video! Come on….

  8. If you want to put as much work as possible on your legs, you should run marathons, not go to the gym.

    The purpose of bodybuilding isn't to put as much work as it can take, on your body.

  9. One problem i have is that natulius/medx machines are very expensive and are not in 99% of gyms, usually cybexs are present which arent as good, even if you go to HIT gyms they charge a rediculus amount of money. For the average person its hard to train with natulius

  10. Yeah, these workouts are a joke. Drew never could translate the theory to a real workout. Everyone wants to be Arthur Jones but they don't know how. By the way you don't need Nautilus or Med X to do a true HIT workout. Just learn how to do it on your Cybex equipment.

  11. Hey common guys… this workout would be amazing for really old people or someone who's never worked out a day in their life.. like this guy..

  12. @opkggoy yes I agree cant even believe it. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming. Listen In a best female model 2012 exclusive interview she had mentioned about her strong abs with this 7 food items. you can see it here => bit.ly/McMFMv?=aggcbf

  13. Brief and infrequent are not enough. With your example these people are 1/not working hard enough 2/not getting stronger but probably staying the same. As a proponent of HIT I can tell you this slow training does not and never has worked. Drew knows this. I bet that when Drew was in tip top shape (and I've seen him that way, excellent physique), he didn't train this way. Learn your HIT history and read Jones and you'll see what I mean.

  14. You can do HIT with Barbells and Sandbags. it's not the equipment, its the methodology. Read Brooks Kubik for more on that training.

  15. Hey Drew, I see you both have these barefoot shoes. I really haven't seen them for sale anywhere in Croatia, but if hypothetically I do, should I buy them? Do you recommend them, that is? I always train in my so called "startas" shoes, which have an extremely thin rubber sole (and thin in general), very slip-proof, plus you feel like you don't even have shoes, they're so light. I don't know if you can buy them anywhere outside of Croatia. Should I get the barefoot ones instead! Thanks Drew!

  16. Jones theory doesn't need to be refined or corrected. Once you know it you can incorporate it into any training regime. I've said it before, everyone wants to be Jones but they don't know how. If SS works for you, great. I think this particular workout is crap. My opinion.

  17. I was was responding to boab23's post about only having cybex at the gym. You can do HIT with any equipment if you know how.

  18. It's crap to me. Maybe you want something different from your workouts, but I like results and I know you don't get them from this type of workout, but if you like crap go do crap. I really don't have interest in arguing about it.

  19. Agreed. I used to buy into this training until people thought I quit workoing out. The body needs multiple sets (within reason of course) to produce hypertrophy.

  20. This is funny 🙂 Most of the comments here were left by knuckleheads who don't even bother reading anything other than MuscleMag or similar crap for retards. They recycling the same info year after year, pushing different so-called magic muscle building supplements. But guess what? They succeed screwing dumb asses like you over and over again. The way to go! Well, go, do your multiple sets dumb ass workouts. Buy magic muscle building supplement. Stupidity is endless. lol

  21. Elated I came across this film. Really enjoy Youtube for this kind of info…

    My cousin was formerly bullied. He explained he was planning to get bigger. I laughed at him. I didn't think he would…. Until he gained 40 pounds of genuine muscle mass. He used the Muscle Building Bible (look in Google). He does not get bullied anymore. I subscribed the other day. See what goes on. And the guys emails are excellent…

  22. Happy I stubled onto this video clip. Youtube is fantastic for this kind of info.

    My step brother was previously bullied. He stated he was planning to get bigger. I chuckled at him because I didn't believe him…. Right up until in just weeks he packed on 40lbs of full-strength muscle. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible – Google it. He doesn't get bullied nowadays. 🙂 I signed up last week. Plus this guys emails are fascinating!!!

  23. This is like watching some regular trainer at a gym putting his client on machines except he puts on a lot of weight for the person so they get 1/10th the reps and talks about all this theoretical shit like magic is happening. 'Do what your body responds to best without hurting yourself now or in the long run, the only way you can do this is by trial and error and researching exercises and the way the body works'

  24. Looks like he is a Penn State fan.  Jack Lambert #59 for the Steelers played at Penn State.  #54 is Bruce Clark while playing at Penn State.  Dan Riley was Bruce's strength coach while he was at PSU.  Dan follows all these same concepts. I'm certain he was a mentor for Drew!  For those critiquing this methodology, you should try it before you knock it. It's brutal, but nothing produces results as efficiently or as quickly!  "We Are"….

  25. It's really interesting to read to comments. It's like 50/50 on who think this is bullshit workout, and those who think this is the way to go… I've been doing "regular" workouts for some time now. And now I want to try this, and see what happens. Simple as that 🙂

  26. Trainee is yawning at 48:10, he is ready to sleep. Yet, you called this a workout, even a HIT workout. shameful.

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