Driving an HD44780 LCD display without a library

Driving an HD44780 LCD display without a library

Initialization sequence Data Writing, 4 bits at a time DDRAM memory change to second line first column Data Writing again Clear display Displaying data in different locations Creating a progress bar Sending data on other location of the display Progress bar without delays Clear display Data Writing, without delays (except line change) Clear display Repeating the loop

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  1. Do you have the diagram for the board that has the Attiny2313 and is it connected to a PC with a serial connector?

  2. what is happening while the initialization stage? It is the only thing that i didn't understand from this video..

  3. The idea of using discrete LEDs to show the bits being banged into the display is brilliant. I might do that with my next HD44780 project just to have the blinkenlights.

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