Dù Gió Có Thổi –  Tập 02 | Phim Tình Cảm Hài Hước Việt Nam Hay Nhất 2016

Dù Gió Có Thổi – Tập 02 | Phim Tình Cảm Hài Hước Việt Nam Hay Nhất 2016

Tired! Put all in the refrigerator Don’t prepare a birthday party anymore Look at me? Store all in the refrigerator quickly Yes yes Sister ! Price of this cake is 240.000 VNĐ What do you say about this? Yes yes Oh my god ! Oh my goddd Grandmother! Mom What’s wrong ? Change, change, change, to black color No black left You need to finding others and buy it for me I will change for you in short time , please wait for me . I don’t want to say again Mom You make me delicate I like it , I like it Change for me , right now Okay , I will Of course You have to do that Mom Grandmom? Grandmom… I will die , right? I need to go right now . Protect yourself okay? Phuong , Phuong Don’t call my name , please Here! Wow! So beautiful Are you call them yet? They traveled for their honey moon in abroad When they come back? You don’t know? That’s means 1 week later , do you understand? You don’t wait them? No I don’t They certainly will back They have to return my cell phone , that’s it! So you don’t have phone until now ? I had others Alo Dad? Yes , I know Dad You see , I still live Who ‘s that? Come here! Grandmom , It’s me ! Are you tired ? I bought it for you You need to save money Today is your birthday Do you remember ? Everybody know But my parent wil prepare for your party in the next year so… May I cook something for you ? What do you want for eat ? I don’t need Everybody doesn’t like it You remember my birthday. I happy then Oh my god! Hello It’s me Really? Okay , I know Who ‘s calling? My husband He said that he busy and can not shuttle children , I will Okay you go quickly But you wil alone at home , are you okay? Your mom is at home yet? Not yet Oh my god ! You need to pick up the kids You will find , right? Alright I will take them go to the bookstore Okay My father will get back soon Okay, go Bye bye Oh my god It’s so formal Oh my god Hi Dad Hello son Your car is fine? It’s good Are you pay all already? What? You have to pay money for this car , don’t you? Few months later This car really necessary for you? You can move by motobike Finding job is really difficult , salary is not high And you have to pay too much as installment , inssurance and fuel How much money do you have for life ? Don’t care about me , I can do it I know , you really like business But you need to know this job is suitable for you or not To me , you should find another job which can make you improve yourself That’s okay If you fail in business , you still countinue . Finally you are the loser It’s so terrible I know your point I will not fail on a second time Whatever Hello mom! I’m back Oh Are you stay alone at home? How about my wife? I don’t know . She isn’t here Where is she? I told her that we have a date in evening Mom What? Sit here , please ! What? My company has a party tonight . Please go with me No , I’m so old I want to go with you . You are my mom Don’t say that You raise your children growing up Go with me Okay? Come on ! You need to change your suit Wait for minute okay! Sure sure I will Hey! I feel so uncanny. What? Who will at home? Oh mom ! We just need to lock Go , go mom! Okay But where is your wife? She wil come later . I don’t know where is she? Go with me okay ? Prepare quickly Okay. I will change clothes Let’s go Your wife know this party? Yes she know it She need to go with us I can’t do anything to connect with her We’re late . Let’s go mom Give me the key For what ? I need go to the toilet I will take you No I don’t need Go ,go Waiting her ! Yes Hello Tau? You go home right now . I have something to tell you Remember ! You need to wait for your mom at home . When you met her , take her to the party , okay? What ‘s wrong ? Just do it Don’t forget Take your mom quickly Yes yes yes I’m coming Oh my god Minh ! Come here So beautiful , right? Hey ! Grandmom is coming Grandmom! My wife prepare everything for you , Mom Happy Birthday to you , mom Alright alright Oh my god What’s that? We need to keep secret to make you surprise Oh my god Thank you Mom . I have yet changed your sofa No problem How about Thu? I don’t see her She ‘s busy . She will send gift later Mom . You will 80 years old in next year and all of them will prepare a bigger party for you Your friend and all of people in town are invited , are you agree? I still live in this time? Grandmom! You will live over 100 years old, don’t worry! Grandmom ! This is our gift for you Happy Birthday to you You don’t need to spend a lot of money for me In the future, we will make more money and we give you more Oh my god Bravo Grandmom! Wish you… I forget… Happy birthday to you . We have a little gift for you It’s really little Shh! Forget! I think this cover is so thick Thick but money is small Shh Forget as well ! Don’t open ,please ! Poor me He will shy He really saving money . Therefore you can understand his heart , right ? He only spends under 10VNĐ per day Everybody ! Please quiet ! Listen to him It’s my turn . Happy birthday to my grandmom Alright Yeah Oh my god ! Mom ! This is our presents for you No I don’t need your gift . Both of you spend a lot of money to organize this party for me Mom! My husband will sad if you don’t receive this gift Let’s star the party Do doors still open until now? Mom ! Mom! Grandmom! Oh my god ! What’s wrong with house ? Oh my god! Take care children ! Oh my godddd Oh my godddd Do you lose anything , Mom? Luckily ! Bird’s nests cake still remain Lucky… Honey Everything lost Are you okay ? What’s wrong? I lost all money Lost all? Oh my god ! You need to say your opinion after eat , please . How tasty? Sweet? Bitter? Please tell me Don’t keep silent ! Biet Something new? Yes… If you eat chewing gum @ , you don’t need brush Oh my god ! It’s so dirty , Biet Something is wrong? You can eat them when you don’t have time to brush your teeth It’s okay but…better than? Run your brain , thinking better Thuy Tien Minh Ngoc Yes? What is your opinion? Yes…. Chewing gum @….. Hm… Can I return this… I have no idea It’s ungainly Sorry but I can’t stand… Focus , please ! How about Thuy Tien ? What ‘s your point? Yes , I have Okay , tell me I think we are so lucky because this is slogan of chewing gum If this is slogan of toilet , I should enter to there lots of time per day . I will die for sick She is funny Don’t joke anymore This is really important That’s our job , do you understand? We have to find an amazing slogan for this advertisement . And then , you can eat chewing gum or my body , It’s up to you Please make up your mind I got it What? Chewing gum @ is breathing of new age It’s ungainly What’s up? Oh my god Disappointed ! What’s wrong with you today , Biet? Can I help you ? Tell me your problem Yes… To be honest , my house was stolen last night I can’t keep calm right now But that is personal problem , you can’t do with job. You need to separate both of them You need working hard by the best of effort for the next advertisement Think carefully ! Boss ‘s true , Biet You are the heart of our team . Your activities are really important It’s true . We will die without you The most important of snake is head Boss is tail. Without head snake can’t live , okay? Hey ! What head and tail? Alright alright I promise I will overcome and focus to work Try your best ! Fighting Run your brain Hello! This is Kham Pha Company Yes yes , please wait for me Hey , your mom is calling Alo ! It’s me What’s wrong Oh my god ! Mom calls , girlfriend is sick , accident on street . Everybody pay attention and think carefully Yes yes i know.. Eating and thinking Hello ! Honey Will you have lunch at home? What’s up? Mom wants you to come home and have lunch together , it’s okay? You are at home too? Where is mom? She went out already Will you eat luch at home? Of course Yes , I will tell her Honey ! We save a lot of money because of that meals . It’s so happy ,right ? How could you said that ! I don’t like it I think you like it . You always save money for meals Stop here ! I give up . I will back home at lunch Sure I’m sorry Hey , Miss You call me ? Oh sorry, wrong person What’s wrong ? May I ask you where is nerve area? My sister is here Do you have anything else? Mom said that you need to eat luch at home No , I cannot go anywhere . Only you go home. I am working Why are you angry with me? Are you sad? Nothing Look at your face ! Do you inquire me? No I don’t . I’m worry about you Can you share with me ? Your face is really stress. You will old and nobody love you I don’t want to get married Never say this again , okay? You need to get married soon Never Never? Come on ! Go home with me . Mom scold me Okay…wait minutes Oh Hi Mom ! Hm Hi Mom! Im back Mom, you pick Minh up too? No problem Yes Do you call Tau already? I do . He back soon Are you tired? He is tired and hungry also . Let’s him eat Eat more , baby Yes Go, go I want to meet your sister. Okay Sister ! Mom calls you Mom! It’s me Why you don’t lock door? I have You need to lock by key You know it will be so dangerous . You are not careful Okay I wil Linh This glass is dirty . Clean it for me , okay? What are you doing? You should study in your room But grandmom said… It’s fine . I will do it . Both of you should study at room Yes Linh. Cleaning table now Yes Bring it to the table for me Hm! Puppy! Woof woof Dinner , huh? Eat a lot for growing up , son . Mixing with soup okay? Why ‘s soup so cold? You need to heat this Duong Yes Heating up now No no he doesn’t . He eats like this day by day Doesn’t need? He have to eat hot food for growing up You make glass broken? Why don’t you carefully? what’s happened? why do you hit her? Let me see Are you ok? Are you bleeding? Have your legs step on glass? Don’t cry Be bear yourself! why do you scold her? what’s wrong? the house hadn’t have enough trouble The person who isn’t carefully to let a thief to encroach on our house is me talk with me if you want don’t scold them what do you say? I don’t think that Nobody blame you Actually , I really miss my assets 100 million VND , that’s a large money . I need to pay for this house My fault , okay ? I will responsible for my mistake but you will miss them forever? Money can make family happy? But I have to say them to respect asset . Don’t waste money to another things That’s mean I’m not careful , right? So thief can go home and rob your money? Oh my god Mom , why you always misread me? You are not? That’s my birthday . The person who doesn’t lock door it’s me . Everybody can blame me , angry with me . Poor me! Mom…mom Grandmom… I’m really old.. Mom..Mom Hello grandmom! I’m back Mom! I have gift for you Hi everybody Sit here! Biet ! What do the police say about our problem? It’s okay, Dad Because they know realistic scene and take fingerprints already . Therefore I just sign in application Okay Thief ! Thief Hey Hey Don’t joke Come on , babies Do you know what happen in our house? Sure ! The thief go to our house Because grandmom don’t lock doors Alright So do you know the fairy tale talk about The men who lost his horse , don’t you? Y Linh You are oldest sister . Do you know this story ? No I don’t Her aunt doesn’t know as well So can you tell us this story , can’t you? No…anybody doesn’t like That’s okay , I will show you this story Once upon a time , there is old men live in border between China and Ho . He had a horse Someday , a horse ran away . Neighbor appeased him too much . But he made everybody surprise because he said that This was not unlucky Few months later , a horse backed with him . Furthermore , it brought a lot of another horse together. His neighbor congratulated him a lot because of his assets . But he said that this was not lucky Finally , his son was broken legs because he wanted rode a new horse How about this horse? It’s okay After that , everybody still appeased him . He said his opinion that broken legs was not unlucky And then when this area started wars . Men had to go army. Except his son because of broken legs , he could stay at home You see Everybody said that He doesn’t care about lucky or unlucky because he doesn’t know And that’s like our problem Thief went to our house in this perious But we dont know this is lucky or unlucky So everybody doesn’t think about that too much Especially mom and my wife You need to take care your health and live happy . That’s the best I agree with you Dad Maybe we wil win the top prize in a lottery, right? Alright . Grandmom need to change all of name family Shh Let’s eat Enjoy your meal Thanks Alo Yes? Yes Okay , thank you What’s wrong? Police said that they have a result of fingerprints And what? They can catch thief? What do they say? Don’t worry! You can share with us It’s will make you scare Don’t worry about it Tell us please! I’m inquisitive The police said that we have to carefully Oh my god ! That’s not important Of course we have to carefully already No…That’s means… The result of fingerprints is that the thief who rob our asset is really professional and dangerous But they rob money one time. They ‘ll never come back again . Dont’ worry But police…. That’s police’s predict The thief who go to our home is just amateur But after that they will come back and rob a lot Oh my god.. Last time they only rob in mom ‘room and grandmom’room Next time they will rob all of house What do you say? It’s so bad Therefore the police will protect our house? What are you looking for? The government and police have to protect us , right? Yes yes Don’t worry ! All of us will fight with them I am a leader Me too me too Do you reserve food? Of course Honey honey ! We will stay here or not? What? You ‘re kidding me? Oh my god It’s unexpected misfortune Keep calm! you’re screaming We lost 100 million VNĐ and you think that’s nothing Oh my god I can’t stand I have to pray for God to avoid them Duong Duong Yes You have to remember lock all of doors and windows , okay? Yes I know I will help her No no just Duong She’s really careful .You don’t So….Are you finish? Done mom I’m not Okay you’re countinue and come back home . Pay attention ! Remember lock doors and windows , okay? Duong . Don’t forget I remember Oh my god Oh my god Come on Grandmom ! It’s me You drink orange juice please You need to hang out and breath fresh conditioner Everybody will say I’m useless Don’t say that My mom worry about this and she said a lot make you sad Here Oh my god However That’s my mistake Everything will be okay if I ‘m careful Everybody has mistake I’m over 80 so my brain is so bad I think you’re really strong Because of me make everyone ‘s unhappy I don’t think so We always hope you live forever You are docile . You make this family happy Don’t think too much I wish have a lock can remind me everytime I forget locking Grandmom I will foget if I have it You’re imagine There are alarm lock Really? Take a rest ! I have to wash dishes I know it You need to carefully Don’t think too much Take care your health Okay Don’t worry about me You’re not sulky with grandmom Everything will be okay I know that’s her fault but she has reason for this On her birthday , she went out but came back, right? Yes she went to toilet and forgot locking doors Mom. She didn’t go to the toilet . She called me that I have to take you went to the party Duong Duong Yes I want to talk with you What’s wrong? Do you see grandmom go to? I just saw her in the afternoon . She’s sleeping? No she doesn’t stay here . She hang out I heard a noise at 2pm But when I went down I still see the doors lock And then I…. I think she go to the toilet Because I don’t see her in room I don’t know… Where is she? Don’t worry . Maybe she hang out to play Playing? She never do that Maybe she go to pagoda? She always go with others Oh my god Because she sad, she want to alone It’s so late She have to back right now Maybe I’m angry with her so she… I don’t think so I don’t know where is she Oh my god Where is she? It’s so late She will back soon You will back in 1 hour? What? Nothing nothing I just wanna call you But mom…mom She’s okay Mom said that she wan you back soon But you can late , it’s fine Honey… To be honest , mom… Grandmom back Honey ! Mom come back Mom…mom where do you go? Call him now Who is he? The person who will fix lock Grandmom always go with others She’s great She can do everything Beacause of her mistake How about my home? You need to back soon He care for a thief , not my house My house don’t have anything A joke in bad TV , video recorder and a lot of thing Oh my god Poor thief if they go to my home Why? Because TV is really oldest Everytime watch football , I can’t see player and ball He is antiquarian , don’t joke I think both of you should open museum Honey , that’s mean it’s so value . We need to buy alarm lock No , Come back home now I never seen alarm lock before Me too It’s that Why it call? When thief catch them What? Thief Oh my god Thief thief What’s wrong? Oh my god Grandmom? What’s wrong? I think it doesn’t call What? Mom , What’s wrong? It’s so noise Grandmom , you try ringing the bell? I see two strangers around our house so I try ringing Really? And then? I… Stop here Take her rest Don’t ask her Yes Go to your room , mom It’s so late , come back home honey . We need to take son go to school tomorow Minh don’t like going to school? He likes somebody else so he don’t like go to school Like me? I think he can stay at home Hey , are you kidding me? What? What are you doing? Mom . It’s wars Get out Go back home now Go Where is my son? MINHH go homeeee Oh my god It’s late Minh go home . He doesn’t hear me Go He is going now What’s this? I will tell you later Yes

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