Dù Gió Có Thổi  –   Tập 75  | Phim Tình Cảm Hài Hước Việt Nam Hay Nhất 2016

Dù Gió Có Thổi – Tập 75 | Phim Tình Cảm Hài Hước Việt Nam Hay Nhất 2016

Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven. Eleven packs…Means 3 packs for 3 people…. The rest will be…. Phượng!! Here, I bought these cup noodles for you to bring with. Mom, where can I even find boiled water for the noodles? My god, just bring it with you, we can buy some boiled water anywhere Huh? What are these? This is sticky rice. Tomorrow I’ll wake up early and make you some to bring with you. Preparing for a holiday just like we are preparing for evacuation. Stuffs that they sell there are very expensive. Bring these with you will save some of your expenses. Oh my, If Mr Tậu hears this, he will be pleasured. Phượng, Mom has already ironed the clothes for you. Thankkkkksss Mom=))))) Oh hey, I’ve also washed Tậu ‘s shoes What shoes, mom? Those shoes last night you left in the kitchen My god, those shoes are soo musty that creeps me out Oh Mom, those are Mr Tậu ‘s shoes right Those shoes cannot be washed with water Why??? Those shoes are leather made, It will be damaged if you wash it with water!!! Oh my god, I didn’t know that Who just called,son? It was onee-chan, she called to say that she will be home late tonight. It is because of work,mom. We can’t predict anything sometimes. Always working, If you love working this much, who’s gonna take care of the house? Where’s Thư, mom? She’s baking. This girl is very good in studying but comes to cooking, she’s so clumsy. Even though she’s like that, you know a while ago, I said the same thing to her and she shouted at me. Hey son. Is it true that she is seeing someone from your company? I don’t know, mom. But it seems like they did go out together. Yes he is, too good=)))) I’m serious here!!! I’m also telling the truth,mom. I wanted to ask but I wouldn’t dare to. Nah, don’t ask about that topic, mom. Just let her be. Mom, It seems that they have a date tomorrow. What will you do tomorrow? I’m free tomorrow, I’ll be at home with you,mom. Call Giang and tell her to come here tomorrow. Come to eat the cake that Thư’s making. Haizzz, my god, I only tell you to bring the leather shoes not telling you to wash it with water like this, such reckless. It was because….your shoes are so dirty… Do you know that my broter gave this to me 5 years ago and I haven’t dare to use it even once?? Why did you put it in water??? It is because you haven’t used it in 5 years that I forgot. I was afraid that it will be broken that I wouldn’t dare to use. Keeping it with such care and now you ruined it, so annoying. It is just a little wet, just clean it and it will dry in no time. Still dare to say? I’ve already told you that leather shoes cannot be washed with water Hey son, sticky rice is done, put it in your backpack. Ok, thanks mom. Wow, looks delicious. This sticky rice is not only fill your belly but also very delicious. Yes, luckily we have you mom, waiting for my wife would take forever. Mom, you go with us two,ok? No, I won’t go. Please, go with us, it will be fun. You guys just go, I’ll stay home and take care of the house. I’m old now, my leg hurts, how can I go? Please go mom, Minh will be happy to go with you. Without me, Minh will even be free to run around, I’m old, you will be slow down by me. That won’t happened. Minh only like to hangout will his grandmother (Yes) Just go with us mom (Yes). Kids are simple, going on a holiday is enough for them to be happy. Being happy will also encourage them to study more. Let me go call for Minh. It was because of you being frustrated that mom refused to go. I was scolding you. But were yelling like that, who can be happy? What are you doing In here? I can wake him up myself. You mad at us,mom? How can I be mad? Yo’ve already take the blame on the shoes for me. Tậu usually grumble but he is not aiming for anything. Don’t be mad, mom. Okay, I’m not mad at all. Then, will you go with us? It’s not because that I’m mad, I’m old now, I’m not suit for those places. Take Minh with you is enough. How can we not worry if you don’t go? Don’t worry, staying home is more comfortable for me. Just go, you guys be happy is enough for me. Dad, do we go anywhere today? Your mom have to go to work today. So boring. You always take us out to play every year. How about I tell dad to take you kids out okay? But we want you to go with us too, mom. Why are you such a baby? It’s not your business. Mom, why do you have to work on New Year’s Eve? Because my workplace doesn’t allow holiday break. I’ll take you guys to eat ice-cream instead, ok? Bach Dang ice-cream ok dad? ok, Bach Dang ice-cream then. And you, where do you wanna go? I wanna go to the bookstore. We will go to the bookstore after eating ice-cream. And the movies too. Movies?? Then we will go to the movies after the bookstore,ok? Yay. Mom, what time will you be home, will you go to the movies with us? I’ll take the kids to get you and we will all go to the movies. 6 pm is good, pick me up at 6 pm ok? We can go with mom. Have you think of today’s menu? Yes I have. You plan to treat us with hot pots and mixes? There’s more, there are also Che with Garlic and grilled onions. How special! Any dishes wil need these materials, just take these first Should have stopped by the bookstore earlier . You mean that we should have bought me a cookbook huh? No one can understand me like you. I’m telling you, I’ve been cooking for dad and Giang all these years I know that, how can I despise you. I’m afraid that you don’t know wat dish to select, just follow the book,right? Actually I’ve already picked what to cook. I planned to make a mixes, a hot pot and grilled meat but I don’t know how much is enough. I think we just buy as much as possible. How come? You don’t understands we “mothers” If we cook too few we will be called selfish, too much and we will be called careless. That’s why it has to be just enough. My wife is a genius. Hey, we are not married yet, you can’t call me your wife. Then…. What a good housewife that girl is. I was talking about someone else’s wife not you, babe=)) What’s wrong with you? I complimented my wife and my mouth hit me. People are watching. No one is looking. You got a day off, won’t we go somewhere,son? What does that suppose to mean? I means that my knees are tired . What? My knees are tired. Then just say it from the start, speaking non sense, how could I understand? But dad understand that, ask dad and you’ll see. What have I eaten to give birth to such an insolence child. It was because you ate the goose eggs that is halfly cooked. Not even cooked or raw. That’s why you gave birth to this maniac child. Shut up, so, that’s mean no dating today? Date with who? With the girl name Xuân. Not at all. No dating at all…Hey, don’t tell me they didn’t come to the date? Hurt huh, so it is true then? I’m telling you, she kneeled down and beg me: “Mẫn, please give me some love, give me a date” and I didn’t go to the date. Really? I told you so, of course it was real. Why are you keep asking? I’ll go meet Ms Xuân then and ask her who did she go out with today and leave Mẫn all alone at home,ok? I told you, me and her have nothing together, there won’t be any wedding. Become close to her and you will face your own consequence. What consequence? If she wants to get married, you will marry her not me. So funny, speaking like that. I gave birth to you but sometimes I look at you and I see boring stuffs, such ugliness. How I hate you=)))) Is this a love smack or an angry smack? Then witch one do you want, huh? love love… Woman always say yes but means no, the same for love. What fun, postcards and stuffs and now she is just vanish. It hurts momy. What are you doing here? I’m just seeing how are you doing? Don’t worry, look at all I did. Can you really do it? I already told you, just go out there with the kids. Mr Hoài Biệt said that you are an “eager to win” Why do you belive him? Mommy Dũng come play with us. Go play with the kids. Just leave them be . Why are they calling you momy? Who knows Is it not because you like it? Not just eager to win, you are also a war maker? It is the truth. I came here since I was a Uni student. Most of my friends are now busy, I’m the only one left. One time I was here, I told them that they are all my children and they are now always “Mommy Dũng” That’s right, everytime you come, If you are not sewing their clothes, you will be baking cakes for them, they are right to call you that I’m not always sewing and baking here. This time I’ll be baking, ok? Can you really do that? Yes I can. After the eggs, now to beat them. Where’s the egg-beater? huh? We don’t have it here. Then how do we beat the eggs? by hands of course. by hands? I’ll be out to play then. uh… what will you play? Singing, elling stories and stuffs. Singing? I love singing. I can sing very well. I’ll be singing with the kids, you beat the eggs and when you done, just call me in,ok? I’ve divided the missions: you beat, I’ll sing. Bye Come on kids, let’s go out and sing, go go. You just leave it all here? Darling, Tậu and his wife are taking Minh to Đam sen park. You have to let the kids go out sometimes to relax. I’m not happy because of that kid’s school grades. Just be patience, maybe after relaxing he will want to go back to school. Do you plan on cooking something today? Why are you sitting…. I’m not cooking today. I don’t want to be the cook. Biệt will take Hương Giang home and they will do the cooking. You finally agreed? I’m not agreed, I felt sorry for Biệt so I allowed him to take her home once. hey, I’m telling you, you must not do anything to make her think that I agreed ok? I know. I’m not gonna change my mind. I know, stop repeating that. I’m home. Hello sir and ma’am. So you’re here. We’ll go inside and greet grandmother too. Grand mother went out with her friends. Brother Hê rode her out? Maybe she will be home at night. Then we will greet uncle. Is uncle in his room? Yea, he’s inside go in and greet him. What are you trying to do? Your mom forgot all about us. I’m sorry, what do you want to eat? How about sticky rice? Oh my, one big bite it is. Can I go to the ice house later? Okay, we’ll go after we done eating. This place is beautiful right? Today, we will play to our hearts content You can eat anything you want, bread with chả or sticky rice Do you agreed? It’s a rainbow It’s so beautiful It has been so long since I saw a rainbow I remember when we were in the countryside, we can always see rainbow out in the feld We can only see houses in the city Can’t see any rainbows Daddy, how was the rainbow made? Do you kn ow why it’s rain? Because there is the sun When the sun shines we can see the sun light right? But do you know the colors of sun light? I don’t know You don’t know right? when the sun shines down we can see the sun light We usually can’t see the color of the light But actually it has many colors Really honey? Of course it’s true Then what more,dad? Like I said it before We don’t see any colors in the light But when the light reflect through water, we cant see a lot of colors They call it rainbow do you understand? I don’t understand we can only see the rainbow after the rain but the sky has no water dropping why not? Because rain drops are all on the ground now That’s right It is true that the water are on the ground but there is still mist in the air don’t you see? Do you feel cool after the rain? yea That’s the mist Do you understand now? Yes I do I ask you this dad How could the light reflect many colors through water? It belongs to physics, If I answer you now you won’t understand That is why you have to go to shool for more knowlege If you don’t go to school you will not know anything Mom, why don’t you know anything even though you went to school? It was because when the teacher teach this lesson, I got a stomach ache so I stayed home Honey I saw that mom is not happy right? I think she’s quite normal No she’s not I tell you this, don’t tell anyone I think she’s just trying to be serious Nothing to be worried about You planed it to be just enough but now grandma is not home, there will be leftovers I reduced the amount But if there are any left over, you can just eat them all for me OK, yes ma’am Watch the grill meat Oh my Did it burned? It’s all burned up I told you to watch it It cannot be burned with this oven You mischevous Yes, yes, I know yes, deffinately You’re home son Did grandma say to pick her up? No dad She said she will take the taxi Is that so? dad I will be out in a minute You won’t have dinner? No dad Company’s customer invited me for a banquet It can’t be help then Dad, do we go now? I tell you this, I’m gonna be busy You kids stay home and have dinner with grandpa And I’ll take you out when I return It will take forever if you go for a drink It’s not a drink, It’s work Dad Common Be good and I’ll pick you and mom when I return ok? Linh, look after your sister Return soon ok dad? I promise Such a whiney princess I’ll go now One two three Please sit here uncle Please sit Sit here Trang What do you want to drink? I want soft-drinks We have to call here madam now, not aunt Is that right Việt? Can you open this for me? You have a little drink too, honey You and uncle just drink, dont mind me Then do you want some soft-drinks to? ok Oh my god, this 12 alchohol comes with this hot pot is just perfect Where’s Linh? She’s probably fell into some Korean movie Tell your sister to come out and eat too Let me do it for you Come here and eat I don’t want to eat Why? I’m not hungry yet But you will be later I will eat when I’m hungry You don’t like my cooking? It’s not like that If not then come out and eat I’m watching TV I’ll eat later You like national news? Then when you are hungry,come and eat ok? Linh said that she is not hungry so she will eat later This child Why doesn’t she eat when it’s time? She’s watching TV? You come and get her ok Just let her be honey, she will eat when she’s hungry You just pampered her I pamper your grand-daughter, not someone else Cheers Let’s eat ok It has been so long since I saw him this happy I’ll make lots of free time to take you guys out But next time I won’t bring any food, I noticed that only our family do it, such embarass Because my wife is soo talent that she must bring some food with Fly fly I’m so happy Minh, Minh We’re here Are you tired? No mom Dad, can I go to the planes? ok I have to admit You look like an old man today You just try to beat all those eggs and you’ll see It was your fault We don’t have the egg-beater, why didn’t you bring one? but you said you’ll do it I thought you prepared But you didn’t say anything, how could I know? right? Yes see? I’m sorry Hey, if you have to loose to someone, you couldn’t bear it right? But you are a good singer And I admit that you’re a good actor Act? What else? What acting? I remember that at first You were modest, honest, brave And now You’re all just talkative really? So I’m talkative? Maybe it was because of you that I’m like this Are you hungry now? Not yet Got get some food I’m not hungry yet, I still wanna watch Tv I’ve never seen you watch TV like this before Because I have a day off so I wanna watch TV a lot today Are you trying to get a Guiness record? Yea, I wanna see how long can I keep on watching TV Just one day ok? It’s not good watching TV too much ok I’m going upstairs now, go get some food when you’re hungry ok? hey, get me some apples Why don’t you go? Just get me some Make it two You two Where’s grandpa? He went back to his room Young Uncle is in grandma’s room? no, he went outside Why are you eating apples, not rice? Go get some food No, I still wanna watch TV Just go get some food and eat while you watch No… She’e trying to get a world reccord what reccord The one that watch TV the most Oh my Can I watch just some more? Just a little ok? ok I’m going home now Eat some fruit then leave I ate it a lot earlier I have some work so please pardon me It’s Sunday but you still have work? Doing work today so she can rest later Giang only work for one day and take days off all week Ok, Just make sure to get home early Please pardon me I’ll take Giang home and I’ll be back soon Most of the kids at the shelter are all orphans? Most of them have family But they are too poor so their parents had to send them to us Really? They are from all over From Cần Thơ Long An In the Middle we have Quảng Ngãi Thanh Hóa Anywhere Sometimes their parents come They took the home sometimes That’s wierd Why did their parents left them there when they have the money If they are orphans,but here they still have their parents…but still It’s because of the pound But they are still fed and they can go to school They can work to make money to They also go to work? What do they do? Some do the shoeshine in the morning some selling lottery ticket Some just go and do what they can At the shelter they do the beaed make paper, and many more But in the afternoon they get to learn English Learn to read and do circus tricks Really? Better than in the countryside just goofing around But nothing better than staying with your parents But mister Việt said that you moved out since college I’m different, I’m matured now I planned to adopt one before But I affraid that I can’t take care of him So I passed But they have Parents, how can you adopt them There are still orphans Left ouside the gate And our shelter kept them That’s why I think life is just funny Some just do anything just to have a baby And here they just left there kids in the shelter I also planned to have a baby before But by artificial insemination You know that? Really? But I cancelled it Because I’m affraid that I can’t take care of it Then let’s cooperate Let’s raise it together Where is she? We’re home Oh my You guys are home Greet grandma Did you have fun? Yes I did What are you doing mom? I’m cooking dinner for you guys to eat Just let me doit for you Just rest I can do it myself Are you tired? Let grandma get you some water No I don’t need it Can I play some games dad? You can play all you want Yay, this is my most happy day Oh my little puppy Come inside wanna drink anything? Thu Giang is out? She went back to Nha Trang oh, is that so? She got some days off so she went back to vist her dad

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