Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@TheRock)

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@TheRock)

– We took a lot of pride in trailblazing, and how the game was played. I knew at that time, when I was eight, I wanted to be an entertainer. And I loved the idea of that. It wasn’t me, personally,
that they didn’t like. It was that I wasn’t being me. Life brings drama, and you’ve got to deal with this person, and maintain a healthy relationship. Yes, I get up at crazy hours, whether it’s three o’clock in the morning. By the way, when we
were talking in London, I was getting up at three ’cause I had to be on set at four. It is the worst mistake
you will ever make. He said, “You’re ruining your career.” I love action, and I love kickin’ ass. But the goal is to become a better actor. Get your ass kicked, get back up, and put the gloves back
on, and you swing away. When I was 16 years old, that was the last time
that I was arrested. I don’t know how it happened, but my cousin, who was on tour with us, actually just got busted with prostitutes, and my name is attached to it now. – He’s a Canadian-American
actor, producer, and semi-retired wrestler. The Rock is considered by many
to be the biggest superstar in WWE history. His autobiography debuted
at #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List. He’s Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and here are his top 10 rules for success. – We were bad. We intimidated, we dominated, but we took a lot of pride in that! We took a lot of pride in trailblazing, and how the game was
played back at that time. We would intimidate teams, and we would want to dominate teams. But also, too, we also
had the thought process that a team was never going to outwork us. We were going to be the hardest
working team in the country. And check this out. What we would do, for example, we would have a big game
that has a lot at stake. So we would go into the
Doak Campbell Stadium, and instead of going through
your general practice, what we would do is do things
a little bit different, just to intimidate them. So as a team, we would
kind of all line up, we’re in their stadium,
we’ve got their staff, we’ve got some players
who are watching us. Instead of going through our plays, we would just start to give cadence calls. So, for example, the whole team, we would say things like– – I don’t know, maybe you scared them! (Dwayne laughs) Don’t hold back, Dwayne! – We would say, “All us
Canes, we got an itch! “Florida State’s going to be our bitch!” (audience laughs and cheers) Like that! I wanted to entertain. When I was eight years old,
I thought I was a combination of these guys. I thought I was a
combination of Chuck Norris, Richard Pryor, Harrison
Ford, and Rocky Balboa. And Harrison Ford from Indiana Jones. So I was like all these
guys, and Elvis Presley, too. Yeah, eight, right? (laughs) – [Announcer] Lofty
ambitions, right? (laughs) – So I knew at that
time, when I was eight, I wanted to be an entertainer, and I loved the idea of that, and what it meant. And when I was eight, I saw Indiana Jones for the first time, and I love that character. I’m like, wow, that guy was
so heroic, he kicked ass. I remember I had great angst every night before I went out, because
I was not able to be myself. (announcers shouting) (audience cheering loudly) My very first Wrestlemania,
the biggest show of the year, the Superbowl of wrestling. That night, 20,000 fans started
chanting, “Rocky sucks!” (laughs) It was a sobering moment. And that was the beginning of the end of my initial run in the WWE. A few weeks later, I
tore a tendon in my knee, and I was out for the rest of the summer. I came to the realization
before I went back that it wasn’t me, personally,
that they didn’t like. It was that I wasn’t being me. I wasn’t being real,
wasn’t being authentic. Who is this guy, in
wrestling, who’s smiling when he’s getting beat? A few weeks later, I
got a call from the WWE, and I spoke to Vince McMahon. He said, “When you come
back, we could continue “to shove you down people’s throats, “or we could your heel because
they want to boo you anyway.” I said, “It’s a great idea.” And I said, “Before we get off the phone, “I have one request.” I said, “When I come back, and we go live, “I just need two minutes live. “Me, talking to the audience, live. “Two minutes is all I’m asking.” He said, “Okay, you got it.” Couple weeks later, I came
back, we were on live TV, I grabbed the microphone,
fans were already booing. They started chanting, “Rocky sucks”. In arenas across the country, I heard chants of “Rocky sucks”. (audience cheers) I said, “I may be a lot of things, “The Rocky might seem
like a lot of things, “But ‘sucks’ isn’t one of them.” But ‘sucks’ isn’t one of ’em! In that moment, The Rock was born. And about a month later, I was the hottest deal in the company. (pensive music) And things were on fire. And the greatest lesson
about that is, be you. Be yourself, whether
it’s in entertainment, whether it’s out in public, whether you’re a celebrity
or not, whatever. The most powerful thing
you could be is yourself. Yes, I get up super early, generally. I have this thing where I
like beating the sun up. If the sun is down, I have to get up. And how do I do it? It’s just important to find balance, and I try to do things
that I really enjoy doing. And a lot of the times, it’s like in life, life brings drama and you
have to deal with this person, and then have a healthy relationship here, and all these things. You try just to kind of balance
them out as best as I can. I have a great team around me, by the way, who really, really helps
me, allows for me to come in and work 12 hours a day, 14 hours a day. Get up at three o’clock in the morning, send out an Instagram
video where I’m talking to my cardio machine like a crazy maniac. (audience laughs) Yeah, requires a lot of people around. Yes, I get up at crazy hours, whether it’s three o’clock in the morning. By the way, when we
were talking in London, I was getting up at three ’cause
I had to be on set by four. I’m sorry, by seven. So whatever time my
call-time is, and I tell this to studios and directors and producers. So my call-time is at seven,
then you back your clock up four hours and then that’s when I get up, and I train twice. I get my cardio in, breakfast, and then I’ll go hit the weights. Clangin’ and bangin’, we
call it. Jackin’ iron! – But like, what time do you go to bed? You might shoot really late at night. – On a movie, I probably average
about five hours of sleep. I found that with depression, one of the most important
things you could realize is that you’re not alone. You’re not the first to go through it, you’re not going to be
the last to go through it. And oftentimes, it happens. You feel like you’re alone, and
you feel like it’s only you, and you’re in your bubble,
and I wish I had someone at that time who could
just pull me aside, and, “Hey, it’s going to be
okay. It’ll be okay.” I wish I knew that, you’ve
just got to remember, hold on to that fundamental
quality of faith. Have faith, and on the
other side of your pain is something good. After about a month and a half of staying in that little apartment and cleaning, I got a phone call from
the head coach of the team who cut me. Head coach of the Calgary Stampeders. He called me and he said,
“Hey, I know we cut you, “but I’d like you to come back.” I said, “Okay, I appreciate that, Coach. “Thank you very much,
I’ll think about it.” And he said, “Okay, great.” I hung up the phone, and my dad said, “You’re going to do it, right?” I said, “No, I don’t think so. “I think I’m done with that.” And he goes, “What?” I said, “My gut tells me I’m done.” He said, “What are you going to do?” I took a deep breath, I said that I’d like to
get into the business. He said, “What business?” I said, “The wrestling business.” He said, “You are throwing it all away. “It is the worst mistake
you will ever make.” He said, “You’re ruining your career.” I said, “Maybe I’ll be
no good, but I feel like “in my heart, I have to do this, “and I either need you to train me “or I need you to not train me.” My dad rose to the occasion, so I trained. And it wound up being one
of the greatest chapters in my life. The goal, and this is
my 10th year of acting, the goal is always to work, and I started in the action genre. I love action, and I love kickin’ ass. But the goal is to become a better actor, and so, for me, in
order for me to do that, I had to work in all different genres. I wanted to explore
family movies, comedies, action-comedies, family comedies,
mix drama into it as well. So that was important to
me, just to get better. I knew I wanted to be something, and it was important
to me to be something. It was important to me that I didn’t fail. By the way, if I did fail,
what was also important was the lesson. And I didn’t realize
that until I got older. ‘Cause when you’re in
it, you’re in the grind, you don’t really recognize those things when you’re younger, but
I can recognize them now, and the importance of them now. And in terms of the drive
and the determination, a lot of it was experience, too. Get your ass kicked, get back up, put the gloves back
on, and you swing away. When I was 16 years old, that was the last time
that I was arrested, and at that time, we
were at an all-time low, I think, with our family. At that time, we were living
in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. And I am already a pretty
big boy, 6’4″, 200, maybe 225 pounds, I had
a very bad mustache. I had a chip on my shoulder. Fresh into this high school
in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Freedom High School. I wanted to use the bathroom, but I didn’t want to use
the regular boys’ bathroom, because the boys’ bathroom
smelled like smoke, and all the other fun stuff
that boys’ bathrooms smell like. So I ended up going into
the teacher’s lounge, and a teacher comes in, his
name is Jody Swick, tough guy. He says, “Hey, you can’t be in here!” I kind of pause, look over my shoulder, “Okay, I’ll leave when I’m done.” And I continued to wash my hands. I slowly dried my hands,
and I walked by him, and I kind of just looked
at ’em as I walked by, he looked at me, didn’t say
a word, but he was fuming. I went home that night and I felt bad. I just felt bad. The very next day, I found him, and I went to see him in
his class, and I said, “I just want to apologize
for how I acted yesterday, “and I’m sorry.” And I stuck my hand out. And he looked at my
hand, and looked at me, and he looked at my hand again. And he shook my hand. I’ll
never forget that shake. He wouldn’t let go. He said, “I want you to
do something for me.” I said, “Yes?” And he said, “Why don’t you come out “and play football for me?” I said, “Okay.” He said, “Alright, I have your word?” “Yeah, sure, you’ve got my word.” I didn’t think much of it, I thought, okay, I’ll play some football. I like playing football, it’s cool. And I went out, and I played
football for Jody Swick, and he was our head football coach, and he became a father
figure to me, and a mentor. I fell in love with the game of football. My grades got better, and
I started getting recruited from every college across the country. College coaches would come in and say, “There he is, Dwayne Johnson, 6’4”, 250. “Plays both sides of the
ball, very aggressive.” My thought process started to change. That’s when I started
thinking about goals, and what I wanted to accomplish. And I love that man. I’ll never forget the impact
that he had in my life, and the reminder that I might take away from that amazing relationship that I had was the empathy that he had for a punk kid who treated him so rudely
and disrespectfully. He looked past that B.S., and said, “I believe in you, and I
want to turn you around.” Oftentimes, when I see kids, and they have been labeled,
“Oh, they’re punk kids.” True, but there’s good in ’em, and we’ve got to see that potential. And I enjoy that today,
seeing the potential in kids, just like he did. Especially kids who are kind of wayward. And they’ve been going through it. I know what it’s like, so thank you, Jody. Thank you, buddy. I love April Fool’s, but
the thing about it is, my April Fool’s runs the entire year. Because it’s like, April
Fool’s, everyone’s expecting it. So there’s past around Christmastime, when we’re getting ready
to make a big announcement for a movie, and I called
my agent, I was overseas, and I called my agent, Brad Slater. I woke him up in the middle of the night, and I was like, “Hey man,
I got to talk to you.” He was like, “What’s
going on, what’s wrong?” I said, “I don’t know how it happened, “but my cousin, who’s on tour with us, “just got busted with prostitutes, “and my name is attached to it now, “and it’s all getting
ready to hit the press.” He started freaking out. I was like, “Brad, are you okay?” He’s getting emotional. “Oh my god, what are we going to do?” And he goes, “I’m going
to be calm in the pocket, “I’m thinkin’ about this, hold on.” And I was like, “I don’t know what to do. “There’s like, multiple
prostitutes with this thing.” (audience laughs) “There’s a whole ring over
here, and it’s unbelievable!” I had him going and going,
and finally, I was like, “Oh, Brad!” And he was like, “What?” “December Fools’!” (audience laughs and applauds) (Dwayne laughs) – [Announcer] That’s ridiculous! – And that’s the thing, I’m
like, “December Fools’!” You’ve got to say it like that, and there was a long pause. – Thank you so much for watching, I made this video because
David Uyan asked me to, so if there’s a famous entrepreneur that you want me to profile next, leave it in the comments below
and I’ll see what I can do. I also love to know which
of The Rock’s top 10 tips meant the most to you, is going to have the biggest
impact on your life and business? Leave it in the comments,
and join the discussion. Thank you so much for
watching, continue to believe, and I’ll see you soon. (swooping)

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