Easiest Way to Move Final Cut Pro Library to Another Mac

Easiest Way to Move Final Cut Pro Library to Another Mac

Today, we’re going to take a look at a quick and easy way to move your Final Cut Pro library to another Mac, or an external hard drive Hey guys, this is Serge, and welcome back to my channel If the internal drive on your Mac is filling up and you need to free up some storage space, or, if you want to edit your video on another machine theres a quick and easy way to move your Final Cut Pro library using Finder. Now, this method was previously not recommended, But, with the latest Final Cut Pro update, Apple also released a new support document using this method. In my experience, Apple goes through extensive testing before releasing any Final Cut Pro supporting documents, so I feel fully comfortable doing it this way. So, here’s how to move your Final Cut Pro library using Finder. First thing you need to do is connect your external storage device Next, select your library in Final Cut Pro and open the inspector window In the media section, make sure the media storage location is set to library. If not, click the Modify Settings button above, and in the popup window select library from the dropdown menu. Also, if you created or modified any titles, transitions, effects or generators in Motion 5, set the Motion Content storage location to library. Close the popup window, and click the Consolidate button in the Media section, and in Motion Content if necessary. Quit Final Cut Pro. This step is extremely important. Always make sure Final Cut Pro is not open when moving or copying libraries in Finder. If you have Final Cut Pro nested in your dock, make sure there’s no little black dot under it. Next, navigate to your Final Cut Pro library in Finder. The default location is in your Movies folder. To get there, with the Finder open, from the menu bar select Go, and Home. Open your Movies folder, and you should see you Final Cut Pro library there. Press Command N to open another Finder window, and select your external storage device. Click and drag your library into your second Finder window to copy it, or hold down the Command key while dragging to move your library. Close your Finder windows and eject your external storage device. Now, if you want to leave your library on your external drive and edit from there, all you have to do is connect your drive, and double click the library to open it in Final Cut Pro. The main thing to remember is you have to make sure you close Final Cut Pro if at any time you have to disconnect the drive. Remember, always eject your drive before disconnecting. This way, if you forget to close Final Cut Pro, you’ll get this warning message. If you want to move your library to another computer, connect your external drive, and navigate to your Final Cut Pro library. Click and drag this library to the new Mac, where you want to store your file. If you want your library in the default location, drag and drop it into the movies folder on your Mac. Once copying is complete, eject your external drive, and double click the library to open it. So far, this is the simplest way to move your library in Final Cut Pro. And, as long as you make sure Final Cut Pro is closed before you copy or move libraries in Finder, you shouldn’t have any issues. If you want to take a look at Apple’s support document, I’ll leave a link in the description. If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to hit the Like button and come back next week for another video. Thanks for watching, and I hope to see you back here next week.

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  1. Super timing for me as I'm needing to do exactly this. Your tutorials are excellent and have helped me get so much more out of FCPX than I would have just fumbling about trying things. Thank You!!

  2. I always edit using external 7200 rpm drives with a lightening interface. I do this for a couple of reasons, but the biggest one is that I don't want to make the internal drive do all the work while editing. The internal drive does double duty housing the OS, the App. Adding a third duty of the accessing the File slows things down, especially with HD footage. Putting the Library on a fast external drive allows faster editing and less stress on the system. Also with some projects the size the project makes having the files on the internal drive impossible. With 4K files this is even more likely. I have a Mac Pro 2013 and the internal drive is small. This means it fills up quickly and doesn't have enough drive space for swap files. I like to keep it free of work files for this reason… if no other.

  3. But what you really want is to set the default location point to some external fast drive like a SSD with thunderbolt connection

  4. sir plz make a video…which softwares you use for particular purposes…and which softwares are enough for editing and converting etc. ??

  5. Great video, straight to the point!
    I have been using this method of backing up libraries on external hard drives for years, are you saying we were not supposed to use finder in the past?

  6. Just want to say that the step at 1:14 (motion content) is very, very important. If you don't want your clips looking like broken.

  7. Serge, thank you so much for this. Also, what app do you use to move your windows in the corner to make them 1/4?

  8. I'm 65 years old and simply trying to find the best way to move Final Cut Pro X from my old 2011 iMac to a new 2019 iMac I just purchased. Can you point me toward a video or article that explains this? I've searched the internet but come up empty. Thanks, Serge, for any help you can provide

  9. But Serge, you didn't reassure us we can just put that old library from our Movies folder in the trash. can we?

  10. Hello friend,
    I'm having a serious problem in Final Cut Pro 10.4
    I have a library that I'm doing a job, I opened it in the final cut pro 10.4. and he upgraded the library.
    I need to finish the work at the end cur 10.3 but the library does not open,
    it only opens in 10.4 now.
    Can you help me?
    Thank you very much.

  11. awesome video, just a question how big should be the library to not have any issues with final cut my library is almost 300GB and final cut is getting super slow, is has something to do with it ?

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