EFSC – Virtual Tour Titusville

Sara: Hey. Welcome to the beautiful Titusville
campus. Are you ready to check it out? Let’s go explore. Building 3 is the Student
Center where you can get help with everything from admissions to student
government. Speaking of admissions, let me show you
around student services. This is where you begin your college
journey. Here you can get assistance with registration, scholarships, financial aid,
and support from your advisor on choosing your classes and building your
schedule. Everything you need to reach your college goals. Plus, we have the
Career Center that offers resume writing and job search assistance. Student
Services is here to help you succeed. Our next stop is the student government office,
but I’ve got a few things to show you along the way. Right next door to student
services is the brand new Smart Market where you can get a drink, a snack, or
even a full meal. This part of building 3 is where you can hang out and relax. It’s
also where you’ll find the bookstore and the SGA office. Let’s take a look inside.
Hey Teddy, can you tell us about SGA? Teddy: Sure. The Student Government Association is a
huge part of student life here on campus. SGA provides an opportunity for
networking, leadership development, friendship and lasting memories. We can
also connect you with the many clubs on campus, like Rotaract. Sara: Well thanks Teddy for all
the amazing work you do here for the students in Titusville. Teddy: You got it! Sara: I’ve
got a tutoring session scheduled so let’s go by building 1and check out
the Learning Lab. Hey Kyle, could you take over this tour for
a bit? I have a quick tutoring session scheduled and school comes first. Kyle:
sure thing. At the Learning Lab there’s a whole team of tutors for all subjects
here every day to help students and it’s free of charge. Our writing tutors can
help with anything from picking a topic to drafting and revising your paper.
Plus there’s tutors for math, biology, chemistry – even business and social
sciences. Now let’s head upstairs. You’re really going to like this next stop. Oh hey Haley. Haley: Hey Kyle. Kyle: Can you tell us
about the biology classes here in Titusville? Haley: Sure. the biology classes here
are really great, especially if you’re going into the medical field. The
professors make the subjects really interesting with lots of hands-on work
to reinforce the book learning. They really give you a great foundation. Kyle:
Thanks Haley. Sara: Oh, hey, I bumped into you guys again. You know, I can take care of the
tour from here. Thank you so much for your help Kyle. Kyle:
Sure thing. Sara: So we’ve got one more stop and that’s at building 5. Let’s go! Here we are, the library. It’s the place
to find reference materials, get computer access, or hold a study group. It’s also
where you can find a quiet corner to study without interruption. Well, that’s
it. I hope you enjoyed your time here on the Titusville campus. We look forward to
seeing you back here soon!

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