Ellen Celebrates Her Writer Lauren’s 40th Birthday

Ellen Celebrates Her Writer Lauren’s 40th Birthday

Today is my writer
Lauren’s birthday, and I won’t say how old
she is, because she’s 40. So, I love Lauren
so much and anytime we need someone to
do something stupid, we volunteer Lauren for it. She’s a good sport and she’s
given us so many great moments over the years. So here’s just a few of
what Lauren has done for us. Lauren come on out here. [MUSIC – THE TURTLES “HAPPY
TOGETHER”] Don’t look at her. Do you want me to help you? It could be– your eyebrows. Watch what happens when
you hit this button. Lauren is wearing
the Adjust-a-Bust under her sweater. All right, so when the officer. So then she just does that. OK. She just does that. Next to him is his
new wife Krystal. Just do what you came
out here to do, OK. You betcha. No, Gina– Gina, no,
that’s not edible. Huh? So good. Oh, my goodness. Bye. Oh, Lauren, I love you so much. Oh, you need the robe back. OK. I’m free. Thank you. [MUSIC ENDS] Happy birthday, Lauren. I love you. I love working
with you every day. We’ll be back. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. I love ur show so much! I’ve watched it with my dad a lot and ur channel is really funny! To be honest I had no idea that dory playing finding nemo inter movie had a show and YouTube channel! U really inspire me to watch more of ur videos. I love how u do nice things for people!

  2. I have a magic trick for you Ellen. Pick a random number From one through nine.
    1. Add 2
    2. Multiply by 3
    3. Divide by 3
    4. From the result, you subtracted it with the number you have chosen.
    The answer is 2, like if it is correct

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