ENG) 고민부부 하우스 청소 브이로그, 우리 같이 청소해요! 집순이 집 청소 일상 브이로그 | House cleaning vlog

ENG) 고민부부 하우스 청소 브이로그, 우리 같이 청소해요! 집순이 집 청소 일상 브이로그 | House cleaning vlog

Hello, there you are again. Welcome to the House of ‘GOMIN couple’ 7th story Today is cleaning day. Today is cleaning day. I like cleaning the house. I’m busy, but I clean three times a week. I clean up on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. I stood for a while because the sun and the wind were good. I think ventilation is very important. So when I go to work, I leave the window open a little bit. If the plants in the house keep dying, ventilate them. It’s a gift of sunshine. Robot vacuum cleaners are recommended for double-income couples. It’s set to work automatically at 4 p.m. every day. Wipe out the dust from the shelves and desks with a mop. During this time, the robot vacuum absorbs dust from the top. Turn on the air purifier in the room that is being cleaned. The new Winix Tower Prime. This is our air purifier. It has a function to check the lifetime of the filter and the concentration of fine dust. I use it whenever I need it. Wipe the shelf carefully. There’s a lot of stuff on the shelf, but it’s not bothering me at all:) Attach the mop to the vacuum cleaner and wipe it off. Usually, I use a robot vacuum to remove the dust from the floor. But I also mop on cleaning days. There is also a review video of this vacuum cleaner, so please refer to it. Wash the mop 2 to 3 times. Wipe out the veranda with a mop. I am very happy to complete each room. This is our home room. The robot vacuum cleaner is all over the place:) ‘s coming from under the bed:) Open the window and let it ventilate. Leave the air purifier in the room and start cleaning! There’s quite a lot of dust in bedding. It also keeps the pillows organized. There’s a lot of dust on the bed head. Every time I wipe it, there’s a lot of dust on it. Wipe every nook and cranny. It looks like there’s a lot of dust coming out of our clothes. I’m desperate for a dress The powder room also has a lot of dust and hair. I wear hairdry and make-up here every day, and this place is not well ventilated. Therefore, I clean my powder room every day. We are highly rhinitis-sensitive to dust and humidity. The ventilation is not good here, so I think cleaning every day is the answer. Someone asked me if it would be inconvenient to clean up like this every day. Since it is a clean environment, it is not inconvenient 🙂 Put the chair on the dressing table for a while. And clean the floor. Next time I move, I want to make a dress room. There was a lot of dust. Wipe the living room shelf. Santa also washed 🙂 Plant leaves are usually wiped once a week. It also wipes the side of the sofa clean. I also clean the living room with a wet mop. I also clean the electric billboards. I clean the veranda as clean as my family. It’s already dark. The kitchen is also cleaned. The indelible stain is removed with a tile cleaner. I’m going to upload the detailed cleaning method again later. The next space is the dining room. I’m also cleaning a lot because of poor ventilation here. My husband is helping me clean up after coming back from the house. I also clean the bottom of the table carefully. Hanging plants water once a week. Sprinkle with water to cool. Hang it in the bathroom and drain the water Wipe out the air purifier that I worked hard today. Remove the filter and clean the inside. I only need to clean it once a month. Put it back together! I also opened the top lid and inhaled it with a vacuum cleaner. Clean air purifier is back on. Plants are kept indoors. It’s because they weak in the cold. Cleaning up! It’s so refreshing! Thank you for coming over today. Be careful and see you again! Oh! I like your subscription. Please press it!

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  1. 안녕하세요 고민부부 아내 입니다 ☺️제가 a형 독감에 걸려서… 나레이션이 없어요!
    열이 내리면 편집을 하고, 열이 오르면 약을 먹고 잠을 자면서 편집을 마쳤습니다!! 목소리가 도무지 안나와 이번에는 나레이션이 없어요 😭
    길고 긴 영상인데, 청소 하면서 청소 브이로그를 켜 놓고 청소를 한다는 구독자분이 생각나서 만들어 보았습니다! 같이 청소하실래요?

  2. 집이 영상만큼 예쁘네요 나레이션없이봐도 중독성있어요 집구경이 좋네요 우리집 청소도 못하면서 남의집청소 꼼꼼히보고있는 제가 웃기네요 아.. 집 맘에든다 카페같기도하고~^^ 예뻐요^^

  3. 구석구석 꼼꼼히 청소하시니깐 정말 속이 후련하고 상쾌하네요!! 🦋나레이션 없어도 나름의 분위기와 고부님 분주함에 빠져들면서 재밌게 봤습니다 ❤️ 더 추워지기전에 얼른 독감 나으셔요^.^🧸💛

  4. 어쩜 저렇게 갬성적으로 잘 찍으셨죠?❤️❤️ 구독👍🏻좋아요 진하게 박고 갑니다!! 제 채널에도 부탁드려용 자주자주 놀러올게욥💛💛💛💛💛

  5. 우연히 구독하게
    되었는데 청소하는 영상이 엄청 힐링되네요 ㅎㅎ 저도 오늘 대청소해야겠어요

  6. 우와 장난아니네~~ 나도 청소하는거는 좋은데 주말에 몰아서 하는게 함정이야 평일은 안하게 돼ㅠㅋㅋ 독감 어서 나아~

  7. 독감에 하는 청소영상이 이렇게 예쁘게 나오다니~^^;; 쾌차하시고 차분한 목소리 담긴 영상으로 봬요~

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