(ENG) korean lesbianㅣ레즈 문꾸의 크리스마스 쇼핑! 간식리뷰! 레즈비언 부치와 팸은 어떤 옷을 골랐을까? [LGBT]

(ENG) korean lesbianㅣ레즈 문꾸의 크리스마스 쇼핑! 간식리뷰! 레즈비언 부치와 팸은 어떤 옷을 골랐을까? [LGBT]

HI everyone. I’m MUNKKU I will go shopping with my lover for Christmas. Eat, drink tea, shopping I’ll show you my normal day. I gave 100,000 won to my lover for chirstmas Marry christmas I went to the bathroom and my girlfriend was gone. I’ve been looking for purple hair for a long time! Where’s my baby? Baby- I’ve chosen everything I want to buy. Already? As soon as you come in? To pretend to be close She paid 69,800 won in five minutes. It also paid the remaining 30,000 won. She is quick. I ate Thai food. Rice noodle Pigs’ Feet It’s a little salty to my taste. I finished shopping. I’m going home. I bought the padding guys. I came home after shopping. There are things we shopped in the back. These are the things my girlfriend bought with 100,000 won. This and this. And this is mine. I’ll show you what we bought. I’ll show you what I bought first. I don’t like to go shopping for clothes.
Because it’s annoying. It’s been a while since I bought clothes.
I wanted a short padding. When I go shopping, I imagine what clothes I want. Then, go into the first store and buy the most similar clothes. This is cheap! 59900 won. at SPAO I liked the design for the price. Simple shot padding I’d like to try it on. I feel uncomfortable with thick clothes because I have a car. I think it’d be nice to wear this. I’m very happy with the price. I’m gonna take this off now. I’ll show you what my girlfriend bought. this She bought it in 8 seconds basic knit Black Basic Knit And, uh, this is… My girlfriend bought it, so I asked her why she bought it. She said that this dress was pretty. I thought she was kidding.
I don’t know fashion. This shape is like the floor of a classroom when I was in school. I can’t believe you like this. It’s like a floor. I’m gonna have to step on it. But I think it’d be pretty with black knitwear. My girlfriend bought it and introduced it to me, but I’m not interested. throw away She’s already spent 70,000 won on this. She had only 30,000 won, so she couldn’t live anymore. So, my girlfriend bought some small things. I will show you. snack I’ll change the table position! Again, snack This is candy It’s got square candy in it, so I wanted to try. This is a grape jelly. In the past, grape jelly was popular in Korea. I bought grape jelly made in Korea. And this is a Christmas light bulb. I do tree decorations every year, and the light bulb broke last year. That’s why I bought a new one. I think it’s prettier. This is my girlfriend’s mascara and lip gloss. My girlfriend likes matte lipstick. But I put on shiny lip gloss today. It was pretty. i said “u so pretty… i love you baby” Then she ended up buying lip gloss. Lastly, this! It’s my lipstick. It’s mine I bought it because my lips were not fresh from the camera. I still put it on my lips. But I ate it all on the air. That’s all the reviews.
I think the video is short, right? I’m gonna try some of the snacks I bought. I’ll finish the shoot after eating this. Please do not refer to your purchase as it is your personal preference. I’m going to eat something I bought today. Snack, Candy, Jelly I’ll try the jelly first. I’m not good at this. This is a four-piece. 3500won This looks like this. Surprising. There is a similar ice cream in Korea. The turtle egg. There used to be rabbit eggs. It’s not very big. The smell is good. The smell of grapes. I’ll try it. The shell won’t come off easily. Bomb This is delicious. It tastes like grape jelly. It’s 800 won each. I won’t buy it for 800 won. My girlfriend ate it It is said that the way to eat is shit. Eating one more. It’s just a grape jelly The shortcoming is that the skin is weak. I think I’m gonna have to crack it with a needle. Um, the manual. They’re telling me to use a needle. No wonder This is a Nougat cracker. It’s one by one. only five pices What is the Nougat cracker? I asked my girlfriend. Don’t you know? Sweet and salty, sweet and salty I’ll try it. It’s my first time eating it. It’s my first time eating show.
Sorry!!!! Mosaic for viewers. The cookies are salty and the white ones inside are delicious. It’s like caramel. It’s delicious. But…
… I don’t want to eat it again. They say it’s delicious if you melt it in a microwave. This is candy. It looks pretty. I like a turkish delight. Is that what it feels like? It’s not candy. It’s jelly. It’s Jelly! wow~ Delicious! Sugar on the outside and jelly on the inside. It’s like the jelly you used to sell at the market when you were a kid. Its name is not Jelly. Jerry. blue flavor It was so good but I’m tired. I’ll have it next time. That’s the end of today’s video. Thank you for 45 subscribers. My video is scheduled to be uploaded every Sunday Please enjoy the video when it’s uploaded. Thank you for watching today. Bye~!~~~!~!~!~!~

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