[Eng Sub] COEX Mall Gangnam, Starfield Libraryㅣ코엑스 데이트, 별마당 도서관

[Eng Sub] COEX Mall Gangnam, Starfield Libraryㅣ코엑스 데이트, 별마당 도서관

Hi guys, welcome back! Today, let’s take a look around COEX, one of the places I go very often. It’s a perfect indoor place to walk around when the fine dust is raging! You don’t see many people before lunchtime. There are a movie theater, clothing shops, restaurants, aquarium, and Byeol-Madang Library. I used to come to Megabox (movie theater) Coex quite often but I go to Chungdam CGV these days. For your information, the parking fee at Coex is quite expensive. However, you can validate your parking at Megabox and pay 4,800 won for the first four hours. Let’s see what movies are out. Black Money is not released yet. Terminator, Man of Men, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Weathering With You, and Joker. That’s how you pronounce them in Korean. I barely shop in Coex. I usually just walk around. The only shop I go to in Coex is Zara. Taking pictures inside the shop is not allowed. I find it most annoying to try on clothes when I go shopping. I usually buy clothes that are on mannequins. I don’t mind trying on jackets. That’s why I buy clothes online. Because I don’t like trying on clothes. I buy clothes online based on customer’s reviews and the pictures of the model. When I eat alone, I usually go to Hong Dae Donburi in COEX. Wangfujing Maratang or Tteokbokki in the Hyundai Department store. When I’m with my family, I go to On the Border or Spain Club. They are both located in the city airport connected to Coex. I don’t go to Korean restaurants much because my family has a fusion taste. We go to a steakhouse instead of Korean bbq. When I was young, I was addicted to something. Addicted to what? Addicted to chocolates… So I used to buy chocolates from this shop. Koreans often mispronounce it as Godeeva, but its Godiva. I don’t like milk chocolates much. I only like dark chocolates. Just in case you want to give me Chocolate on Valentine’s day. Here comes the most stunning spot, Byeol-Madang Library in Coex. Before Byeol-Madang Library, let’s check out the YP bookstore. Nothing special, huh? Here comes Byeol-Madang Library. Ta-da! What do you think? ‘Byeol’, meaning star in Korean and ‘Madang’ meaning ground of one’s territory. Byeol-Madang Libary has spacious area of 2,000㎡ and consists of two-story tall bookshelves around 13m tall. It is packed with nearly 50,000 books and magazines. The library is totally free to all people and you are free to take a seat, grab any book and read. Since I am already in Coex, shall we go to the Hyundai Department Store which is connected underground? It’s not very crowded in the morning. The food court is also very empty in the morning. I walked to Coex today so I will be walking back after lunch. On the way, I will stop by this famous donut shop called, Mimigo. I will get a donut twist and corn dogs. I’m heading back home now. You don’t get to see my face today. Aren’t you happy to hear my voice? That’s it for the day. See you next time! Have a great day!

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  1. 안년하세요..울리불리에서.인사드린.베드로 입니다..구독.알람.신청후.처음들어와 보네요…코엑스.삼성동.예전에.출근길이였는데…ㅋㅋ..목소리가 너무 좋으시네요…비행기 타고 있는줄. 착각함..영상.잘보고.갑니다…
    평화를 빕니다.

  2. 동선이 너무많이 겹칩니다. 우연히 만날까 무섭습니다. 영상 퀄리티가 거의 극장급이네요…… 방송국 차리셔도 될듯합니다.

  3. 도입부 음악 너무 좋네요~~♡♡ 미세먼지 많을때 코엑스 산책좋죠~저도 온더보더 자주가는데 ㅎㅎ 아이가 나쵸칩 리필 계속해서요~~^^

  4. 영상 퀄리티가 예술이네 👍👍 도대체 뭘로 찍는고야? 편집이며 나레이션이며 정말 고급지네 ㅎㅎ그리고 꽈배기 설탕뿌린거 진심 겁네 먹고먹고싶어 아~~~ 🥺😩😖 오늘하루 제나 상다구 못봐서 아쉽기는하지만 코엑스몰 구경할수있어서 아주좋았으 ㅋㅋ 별마당도서관은 사다리타고 올라가서 책을 꺼내야되는거지.? ㅋㅋ

  5. 언니언니 초콜릿중독이었는데 날씬한 비결은 다크초콜릿이군요🤩 전 밀크가 좋아서 이런 몸매 또르르😢 코엑스도 진짜 오랜만이네요 저도 다음에 한 번 하은이 데리고 가봐야겠어요 도서관 가면 입이 쩍 벌어질 것 같아요😍😍 오늘도 영상 고마워요💕

  6. 코엑스에 다양한게 있군여~ㅋㅋ 저는 영화를 공짜로 보다가 돈을 내고 보기 싫어서 요새는 영화를 안 봐여~~!! ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 아는 의사 장모님이 공짜 영화표를 주셨거든여~ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 밥값 2만원이 비싸다고 놀랐던 놈이 생각나며??? 그러더니 2번 만나고 사귀재요??? 제가 싫다니 화를 내욤~~ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 오늘은 제나쌤 얼굴이 안 나오는군여~~!!!! ㅎㅎㅎ

  7. 이런거보면..한국이 진짜 좋단말야….제나님 나레이션이 왠지모르게 친근하네요 ☺️

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