Everything Is Scary Before It Happens | Heather Monahan Podcast

Everything Is Scary Before It Happens | Heather Monahan Podcast

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    1:20 – Heather’s background
    4:44 – The relationship with asking
    9:00 – Story of getting fired
    11:00 – Being comfortable in chaos
    17:00 – My entire thesis of doing
    18:00 – Everything is vulnerable
    22:40 – Stepping into fear
    23:30 – Personal branding strategy
    26:35 – How the algorithm works
    27:10 – Responding to haters

  2. “Stepping into fear” and “betting on yourself”: these two ideas make me feel empowered and anxious at the same time.

  3. Love You bro, been following you for a while. Loved all the points you made, bur damn bro you shoulda let her talk more lol

  4. My wife of 17 years left me and our young children for another man and then died 3years later chasing the loser she left us for, but before then my son was melested by a old man babysitter she left him with,,, then I was in a 13 year relationship and the Last 6 years i raised and loved two of her grandchildren she flipped out with menopause and left and meant a younger man on a dating site, I warned her about this,,and asked her why would he want her,,and watch him around Ada and Jeremiah the kids I raised, well sure enough she caught him with Ada, the world's full of sick bastards like this,,,and I wanted to kill both of these peaces of shit, but my hands was tied by family court and the police, to hell with woman, who needs the nasty bitches, I dated 16 woman in the past 2 years and every one of them wanted to be with me,,,but I lay them and leave because that's all there good for anyway. I'm 58 and never date older then 45..because I know menopause is coming and then they all should be put in a dam cage..I raised my 2 sons to never get married and have kids…not worth the risk in this new feminist country.

  5. garyvee u are the best I need some help I've recently made a youtube channel I need some support I come from a poorish family I really need some support to grow my youtube channel

  6. If a person is physically handicapped but he is making his living on his own but feels like he lost everything.. And he just doesn't want to talk to people. What advice would you give him… Please reply Gary.. Love you alot from India.

  7. Good stuff! Vulnerability Is an asset, only if you learn to leverage it! Growth lies past that divides comfort from fear…

  8. I don't live in the US, is there any way I can join the texting community? I thought that I can join using imess but It doesn't work.

  9. Everybody fails, especially if you start from zero. You don't know what works and what doesn't Don't give up after failing – just continue testing. You can lose, but you can learn from your experience.

  10. So true, Gary! I was scared of affiliate marketing but starting it was my best decision ever. All I did was find a great tutorial and take the first step.

  11. omgg i legit have the same mindset whenever I get called over for something. for example, when I was in high school and the teacher called me to come over to speak about something, I would think of the worst scenario and shit my pants but that would be micro thought. the macro would be that it's okay, there will also be a good reason for whatever happens and I can move on from it.

  12. Hey buddy you make amazing videos but these are really long … makes it sort of boring … but the content you present is amazing …

  13. The moment you rise above fear, you will learn that success has never been as easy as before. Love u Garyvee 🙏

  14. Hey thanks for the awesome posts and the inspiration to start posting… Oh man I dont know but take a look lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkJZZInMzwg

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