Face Off: Salah and Lovren go head-to-head | Cats v Dogs, Pizza toppings & more

Face Off: Salah and Lovren go head-to-head | Cats v Dogs, Pizza toppings & more

It’s not a race, it’s not a fight,
it’s not a competition. Mother of thrones? What-what-what I’m saying? – Something funny?
– Sorry. That is the only one… It’s here. I hope they will not delete this. No, they will not delete it. Definitely not. If they delete this,
I will not talk anymore. The best way to spend £5 when I was young? Keep it in my pocket. Yeah, of course, that’s you. Keep it for yourself. That’s you. Just under the bed. Know what the worst thing is?
You still have the £5 on you. Absolutely! Just funny. I had three or four euros to spend per day. So why you play football then? What do you mean? If you come from a rich family, why do you… Rich family?! Three euros per day –
what do you want? I don’t know what I’m talking about,
I didn’t say 30 euros or something. It’s three, my friend. Three every day? Hey, take it easy, relax. This is not the best way to say that. Next question, please! I’m getting nervous here. Cat. I have two. Of course, because you have
a cat on your head. Not in my head, in my heart. But a cat, the hair of a cat
looks like your hair. Oh, the hair of a cat.
I take it as a compliment! – Compliment?
– Yeah. It’s not the nicest style, to be honest. – My hair?
– Yeah. Oh, absolutely it’s better than yours. I like dogs. I like cats. Pizza… – Pizza topping.
– Yeah. He didn’t say pizza only. – Can you let me just talk?
– OK. I just wanna talk first, then you can jump in. No, because you only said,
like this, “Pizza…” Yeah, I was going to say
I don’t like to eat pizza. You don’t like to eat pizza? Yes, I just eat it once a month
or once every two months. Oh, really?
Now when we’ve been in Naples… What did you say? “Ohh…” I didn’t eat… Oh, he said, “I love pizza,
it’s the best pizza in the world.” I said, “Here is the best pizza in the world”,
but I didn’t eat it. Really. – But I can say mozzarella…
– Wow. The spicy one. Jalapeno. – That’s spicy.
– Yeah? But can you just stop cutting the pasta? Because you eat it like rice,
which doesn’t make sense. I feel uncomfortable when
I’m sitting next to you, because you’re always looking at me,
like how I’m eating… So every day you feel uncomfortable? And then he started to smile and laugh,
and I said, “What?” And he said to me, “Breathe.” Yeah, because, brate, you eat with
this one, and this one, this one… I don’t want to talk,
I just want to eat at that moment! It’s not a race, it’s not a fight,
it’s not a competition. It’s not a competition,
it’s just, like, relax and enjoy. OK, I also like pizza –
that was the main question. No, that was not the question. OK, topic. You say what you like. Yeah, mozzarella also the same. Simple. To be honest, margherita. Simple. I play basketball. You play basketball? Yeah. Let me talk. No, no, I’m just… I was saying NBA at home, PlayStation. Oh, OK, because I never saw you do this. No, I did…
How are you throwing? He plays good basketball, in real life. I like tennis, I like ping-pong… Yeah, ping-pong,
that’s why you lost 21 games. Who can lose 21 games in two days? Never saw a guy who plays striker,
he defends in ping-pong like a defender. I just find a way to win. You never attack, that’s you, you just wait. You told me before we started,
oh, can you play, you don’t know how to hold it in your hand. I say, “Yeah, maybe I can play.” Then – boom, boom, boom, boom. I invite you here – here, so the cameras see – one time we will play in real life,
so they can see how the game goes. And then, and then, who wins this game
in front of the cameras is the real winner. Is that OK? – But…
– No, no! No, don’t – is it OK?
Give me the hand. Can I say something? Can I say something
before I give you my hand? Yeah, you can. How you can lose 21 games, and you are telling me if you win one game
you are better than me. – Ahh, you see? You are afraid.
– It’s true. I am waiting for the hand. Listen, I can give you my hand. I like that. In front of the cameras. But did you lose 21, or no? – Who wins…
– You lost 21, or no? OK, thank you.

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  1. Salah is the only reason LFC is keeping Louvren. This brother has no chance of staying if It wasn’t for Salah 😂

  2. If you heard in the news that Salah have an injury, Lovren is the ons who did it. This guy belongs to WWE 😂😂😂😂

  3. United fan coming here to the dark side just to taunt YOUVE NEVER WON THE LEAGUE HAHAHAHAHAHAHA cuz by May we won’t be able to say that anymore

  4. والله يا صلاح لازم تضل تضحك انت رائع بلعبك وباخلاقك وبحيويتك…… 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿

  5. WOW. Mo has just gone even higher in my estimation. I do not like pizza either. I only eat it when visiting Italy, but no where else.

  6. Who noticed when they were talking abt game of thrones at the beginning .. it must be smth funny but it was deleted

  7. When I see rumours of any Liverpool player to Madrid, Barca etc I think of these type of videos. Why would you go from a top club, doing well, winning things, having a laugh to a club where you'll get booed and they take things too seriously

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