Facebook: Announcing & Inviting

Facebook: Announcing & Inviting

This is facebook. Facebook is like a hallway in a hotel where there are lots and lots
of doors. Some of the doors are closed and all of
those doors are like different people. Some of the doors are wide open to open
one room to another like right here, some are just sort of
cracked open, and even others might say, “Shh!” So, how are we going to both announce
and invite people to our Facebook events when Facebook is like a hallway in a
hotel? I am so excited!! You guys, I’m doing this
new thing called Usborne Books & More and it’s a business and I am loving it! I don’t like stoked – I am meeting new
people, the books are fabulous I’m learning all kinds of new stuff and I’m
going to have a Facebook party so you guys can all find out about these fabulous
books! Um, ok, like I said, um, I’m having this Facebook party I … I’m having a Facebook party… I’m having a Facebook party! I’m having a Facebook party? I’m having a
Facebook party This isn’t working. Oooh! This door is kind of cracked
open……maybe I’m having a Facebook party? Can you hear me? I … I think I .. I have to stop announcing.I…I might have to INVITE someone! So, how am I gonna invite? I think… I think
we’ll try this: Hello? Hi, Brenda? Yes…. um… could I come in a second? Who is it? It’s Beth… your friend Beth. Oh, Beth! hi, could I come in? Well, hi! Of course! Please, come in! Awesome. I’m so glad to be here! Oh, look you’re
staying in a hotel this is so nice. It is lovely, yes. Oh, that’s awesome. Say, I…. um…did you happen to notice
that I announced on my wall that I’m doing a new business? Hmmmm I don’t think I saw that. You didn’t? Well I am! Have you ever heard of Usborne
Books & More? I have! are you doing Usborne Books & More? I am! I’m having a
Facebook party to launch it tomorrow night at 8:30, are you around? I am! Boy, I wish I’d known about it,
though, earlier… I know! Did you try to… I did. Well, I kept putting it on
Facebook. I… I put the link on Facebook and I and I think I might have even
tagged you, but I I know I really just needed to tell you personally and invite
you to come to my party so that you knew how much I wanted you to be there
because you’re my friend and I know you love books! I do. So, I’m really glad that
you’re able to come! So, it’s 8;30 tomorrow. I’ll send you the link okay.. um… you need to RSVP yes otherwise
you won’t see any the posts ok? So, wait a minute I I do what? I R… You RSVP “YES” yes yes ok and then um and that will
make sure that you see all the posts in there and then… you know ….there will be
lots of information and videos and stuff and just answer the questions. There’s going
to be quizzes and fun and all kinds of things! Prizes?? Prizes! I love prizes! I know so I really am so glad that I invited
you to my Facebook party – I will see you… well see you online but I’ll see you
tomorrow!!! Ok, bye!! Thanks!

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  1. I love the comparison (it's TOTALLY like a hotel hallway LOL) but what do we do when all our invites and announcing is met with silence or "I'm working" ?

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