Fascinating Daily Life of a Project Manager: Wednesday

Fascinating Daily Life of a Project Manager: Wednesday

– Hello and welcome to the
third video in the series of a day in the life of a project manager. Today we are talking about what happened on my project on Wednesday. If you didn’t watch the first
two videos from this series, I do recommend you to start
from the video number one, so it makes more sense and
you will learn more tips on project management and leadership. I will leave you a link
in the description below. So Tuesday was a mess,
but that doesn’t mean that Wednesday should be a mess too. So we are following the plan
that I created the day before. There will be a usual
daily sync up meeting. I have a planned meeting on test strategy that I postponed from yesterday. I still want to finish that big task with the mobile testing
that I assigned to myself. And I’ll have a usual
daily meeting with clients, as I have every day,
throughout the whole week. So as always, I started my
day with the morning routine. But today I tried to answer
as many emails as I can, so that I have more free
time during the day. But I didn’t proceed to the
usual pressing matter discussion with my team leaders. So now I want to tell you
about one powerful technique that you must apply on your project. It’s called listening. Yes you just sit and listen
what your team talks about. You want to identify the main
pain points of the whole team, as well as the pain
points of separate people. So here’s what I heard. Two team members were
talking about banking arrays and the amount that we are
paying for each transaction. It may look like it’s not important, because it’s not project-related, but in Herzberg’s Theory, it’s a hygiene factor, and it may impact the motivation of people if they don’t sort this out. That might be something that should go to our leadership to resolve. Then another group of people talked about some technical aspects of
the project implementation. It’s only constructive, so nothing to be worried about. It’s just a great
teamwork I’m happy about. And then I heard some displeased rant about the production issue
that we had yesterday and the time that we wasted. And that is something that I
don’t want to leave unattended, so my goal is to collect
all these pain points and address them during
our daily Scrum meeting. And my main approach here is to show empathy towards
all these problems. So that’s the first type of leadership that I had to apply today. So as I said, I started the daily meeting with showing empathy. I told them that I understand that we were distracted yesterday and it’s a bad thing that
shouldn’t be happening too much. Nonetheless, I do have results and I have a plan how to get back on track to the project
plan that we had before. So there’s nothing to be worried about and we shouldn’t make
a big thing out of it. And to ensure that there is no real impact on the deliverables, we reviewed all the work in progress and the commitments that
we made for the clients. Everyone agreed that
we’re in a good position and can continue the work normally. Right after the Scrum meeting, I had to go to a strategy
planing meeting with my QA team. And here I had to apply the second type of leadership where I said vision and I used the best expertise
that I have in the team. The meeting is about quality assurance. As a project manager, I know a lot about quality assurance on the level of projects, but if you as a project manager is the smartest person in
all aspects of a project, you did something really wrong. So I started only with setting my vision on how it should all work together as a whole in my project
management approach. So on a high level, I explained that my
expectations are the following. We should comply with the
policies of the client, we should keep all the
information in one too, and we should have an
ability to seamlessly collect the reports of
the work that we did. So during this meeting I only talked about what
needs to be done in general. But I didn’t say anything
about how to do it. So while they comply with my requirements to the project management approach, they can select any
implementation for this problem. And if you have a really strong team and your team members
have great expertise, then they will have the
vision of their own. That’s the benefit of hiring people that has great expertise in
certain area than you do. If you can combine
their vision with yours, you can create a bigger cause that will motivate this
team to work harder. And I believe that’s the only way to achieve really great results. The meeting was productive
and very engaging, and I finished it as a project manager. We created an action plan and assigned responsible
people to these action points and we set a deadline to
review the initial results. Next, I plan to do my big task and finish this mobile testing that I assigned to myself. But again, it didn’t happen today because one of the team members asked to talk with me one on one privately. And if a person comes to
you with such request, it means that it’s really important. They thought about it and tried to select the most appropriate time as they see it. I believe that you should never postpone or reject such requests. We went to a meeting room and I had to apply the third type of leadership this day. Here’s what I want you to understand, if you want to become a
great leader to your people, you need to accept them as a whole. At work, you have not just experts that have certain skills and knowledge, they are people with
their personal problems and personal lives. You need to ensure that you’re aware of and you are addressing
both sides of a person. The professional one and the personal one. This time it was really
a big personal problem and serious health issue. It would have impacted the project if we didn’t have this conversation. It lasted for an hour, but the benefits and the outcome of this discussion is much more important. So what can you do as
a leader when someone comes to you with personal problems? The very best thing that you can provide to such a person is to hear them out and show that you care. Most of the time it’s enough to let them talk this through and show them some compassion. And in some cases, you can provide them a
sick leave, a day off, or unplanned vacation if they need it. Likewise, you can reduce the workload on the project for this person so that they have time to sort things out in their personal life. And if you have a direct way to help this person to resolve his or her problem, that’s even better. That will create a
stronger bond between you. So never, ever reject an opportunity to discuss personal matters of a person. All right, this meeting was difficult, so the next thing that I did
is I took one of team members and we went to the recreation
room to play some chess. That gave me a needed distraction and I proceeded with
collecting the information and preparing for the
daily meeting with clients. On the meeting clients, there was only one interesting thing. This scheduled a long strategy planning meeting right when I wanted to finish the mobile testing and finish my big task. That’s become a real problem the third day in the row I was not able
to prioritize this work. Again and again I will repeat this to you, do delegate all you can
to your team members. You should be available
for the project management and leadership task. So as usual, in the evening I responded to some more emails that came this day and I planned my Thursday. So I moved the big task so that I can do it before the
big strategy meeting. So that was the plan for the day. Did it happen that way? You will learn in the next video. So if you don’t want to miss it, subscribe to his channel right now and do give a like to this video. And if you ever was in a leadership situation like I did
during this Wednesday, do write me a simple yes
in the comments below. If you didn’t watch the previous
videos from this series, do watch them now. Here are the links. See you in the next one.

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