FAU Professors Debunk Myths

Oh, five-second rule… totally safe to eat. if you drop food on your floor,
especially tile or a wood floor, throw it out immediately because transfer of bacteria from floor to the food is almost immediate. One of my graduate
students started to address this question by testing, ‘What is the
sensitivity? How low can you go and still detect this order?’ It turns out they
could detect a single part in a backyard swimming pool. My students and I have had
lots of opportunities to test this. We go into big nesting colonies. We take small chicks from the nests. We handle them, we measure them, and we place them back in the nest. We find that within moments of us leaving usually the parents are back, and these are successfully raised, healthy chicks. Every part of your brain is busy doing all sorts of things when you’re not paying attention.
The brain is responsible for motor functions, such as walking, and
involuntary functions, such as breathing. In fact, brain imaging shows that most of
the brain is active most of the time. In the 19th Century, they created this myth that people in the Middle Ages really were not very scientific, so they thought that they foolishly believed that the earth was flat. We know that when Columbus set out on his voyage in 1492, he knew the earth was round. People knew as far back as the time of Aristotle in 400 B.C. that the earth was round.

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