Finding Library Databases

The University of Michigan library has access to hundreds of databases and sometimes it can be difficult to know which one to use. In this tutorial, you will learn how to find
a library database, which you can search for articles about a specific topic. So, imagine you are writing a paper about
computer programming in early childhood education and you have to find at least three scholarly sources about this topic. First, go to the Library’s homepage at You can quickly find databases related to
your search topic by clicking on the “Databases” link at the top of the page. On this page, you will see another link to
click on that says “Browse all Databases”. You will be shown a list of all of the library databases. You can search the databases alphabetically or by subject. Computer programming and childhood education would fall under social sciences, so let’s find that subject. Scroll down and there is Social Sciences along with Education. Click on “Education” and now you can see a list of education related databases. For this example, click on “Education Abstracts
(with Full Text).” Now, click on the “Go to Database” button. You can perform a search by typing in “computer programming,” “education,” and “children.” Click “Search” to view a list of articles
that match your search terms and look through the results to find the best articles for your paper. Because these databases concentrate on just one subject, they make it easy to search for articles within that subject. Now, if you go back to the Library homepage, you can also use the browse feature to find relevant information on your topic. Click open the dropdown menu labeled “Recommended Resources by Subject.” A list of academic subjects will appear where you will choose “Social Sciences”. Once you have made the selection, another dropdown menu will appear entitled, “Narrow Your Selection”. This second dropdown menu contains sub-topics of Social Sciences and we will select “Education”. Click the “Browse” button to search information on your topic. This page contains lists of recommended journals, research guides, databases, library webpages, new books, and library specialists. You can click on “More databases” to see
a full list of relevant databases. Library databases index many journal articles, often using broad subjects, such as “Social Sciences”. Remember, at the University of Michigan Library, there are hundreds of useful databases to help you find scholarly articles and multiple ways to access them. And if you ever need further assistance finding databases, you can always Ask a Librarian.

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