First in a Series Cozy Mystery Book Club Announcement

First in a Series Cozy Mystery Book Club Announcement

Hi everyone! Welcome back. I’m Di and today I am bringing you an
announcement for a book club that I’m starting called the First in a Series
Cozy Mystery Book Club. I recently participated in the #SaveOurCozies
Readathon, which is how the idea for this book club came about. I have several cozy mysteries and my
physical stacks and so many series that I’m interested in. Just seeing
everybody’s posts leading up to the readathon and during the readathon, I
added so many more series that I’m interested in to my TBR. So I thought it might be a good idea to
start reading the first books in these series to see if there’s something that
I’m really interested in or not. So I came up with the idea for this book
club because I thought maybe there were others out there who were interested in
also trying out series. This is also a great way to kind of
spotlight the genre itself. This is obviously a work in progress. I have not headed a book club before but
my idea is that we would have all month to read and review the book or books of
the month and then we share our reviews via hashtag and the hashtag I came up with was #Book1CoziesClub and I will put it somewhere down here for you. And yeah, not so much one of those read alongs where you
discussed stuff, though that could happen. I mean I could set up a group
where we could discuss, but as of right now I think just the reviews and
hashtags should be fine. So of course with all of the series
that are out there I had a really hard time deciding on which series to start
off with first, so I came up with the jar. There are 112 books in this jar and they are all the first books in the series. My thought is that since there are so
many, I will pull two books a month and you’re free to either read one or both
or none and just see what everybody’s saying about the two books of the month. Like I said, to find those reviews
you’d search for the hashtag #Book1CoziesClub So I’m going to go ahead and pull the
first book. Ok, the first book is It Takes A Witch, the
first novel and the Wishcraft Mystery Series by Heather Blake. So that is the first book that we will
be reading and reviewing this month and then i’m going to pull another one. This one is Homicide in Hardcover, A
Bibliophile Mystery by Kate Carlisle. So I’ll go ahead and link the Goodreads pages
for both books down in the description box below so you can check each book out and see which one you’re interested in, or if you’re interested in both of them
to read for the month. The book club will start on August first
and I plan on choosing the next set of books for September around August 15. So if you do have a series that you’d
like to start or or are interested in, please let me know before that and I’ll
make sure to jot it down and we can take that into consideration for September. Anyway I hope you’re all doing great and
that some of you will be joining me in this book club. If you will be joining me, please let me
know down in the comments below. Until next time Take care and Smi-Le
Always! Bye

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  1. Hi! What a great idea! I would love to join in. You are welcome to use the Mystery Madness Goodreads group to discuss them. I just used it for a readalong and it is a good venue for book discussions. I will message you either on Youtube or Goodreads and we can talk about it further.
    Meanwhile, I will read the Kate Carlisle book in August. That is one of the series on my TBR too. I only have book 5 in that series, but my sister and I are going book shopping today so hopefully I can find it.

  2. The problem is that it takes too long for the books to arrive here in Brazil =/
    But I'll try to follow the discussion ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Good Luck with your book club Di. I tried cozy mysteries and they are just not for me. I know a lot of people really enjoy them though so I hope your club is a huge success!.

  4. OMG! I thought I was subscribed to you! I'm so sorry. You're wonderful! I'm actually on my way to the library after lunch to return a book and look for Carlisle and Blake again!

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