Five Enough | 아이가 다섯 – Ep.40 [ENG/2016.07.10]

Five Enough | 아이가 다섯 – Ep.40 [ENG/2016.07.10]

(Episode 40) – I’m sorry. / – I’m sorry. I don’t like the color. It’s tacky. I was talking to myself. Hold on… We’ve met before, haven’t we? We met at the restroom of a movie theater. Right? Maybe we did, maybe we didn’t… What are you doing here? It’s right here? We’re on the third floor. It’s marvelous. My family moved here. Oh… You’re the building owner’s daughter? Oh, how interesting. I can’t believe it. It really is a small world. I live on the third floor. I have lots of kids, so it might be noisy. That’s okay. There is no elevator here, mom. You’re here. Why are you standing out here? I was getting some tofu. – What is it? / – What’s wrong? I think Sangtae’s parents are here. I ran into Ms. An outside. It’s that way. Careful. – Hello. / – Hello. Hello. You think you’re the only one unhappy to see me? I’m unhappy to see you, too. How rude! Why I oughta! They must be having a housewarming party without us. You made so much food. Wait, how come Sangtae’s sister isn’t here? Yeontae’s boyfriend proposed to her. Yeah. It looks like Yeontae’s getting married. Her boyfriend asked her to marry him. Yeontae has a boyfriend? Yes. Mom and father love him. They love him more than me. I think you and Mijeong might know him. Who is it? Remember that golf tournament your company hosted? It’s the man who won there. Mr. Kim Sangmin. Kim Sangmin, that jer… You mean the golf player Kim Sangmin? Sangmin knew the man I had a crush on for seven years was Taemin. And Taemin knows that the person I’m dating is Sangmin. What do I do? His parents must be waiting for me. It’s seven o’clock. She’s meeting her boyfriend’s parents. Shouldn’t she be here already? It’s rush hour, so let’s give her a break, honey. Let me go call her. See? He can’t pick the right one. Maybe there was an accident. If not, we should be glad. He’s wasting his time. He’s such a fool. And I’m sure the girl is not good enough. She might become our eldest daughter-in-law. Who cares how long we have to wait? Honey, I’ve told you over and over again. The part of the eldest daughter-in-law will be played by Taemin’s wife, not Sangmin’s wife. Look at what’s happened. This is her first time meeting her future parents-in-law. She should’ve considered the traffic and left early. What shall we get? Tsk. What do I do? What do I do? (Mine) Sangmin… Hi, Yeondu. You’re on your way, right? Take your time. We just arrived. It’s rush hour, so it’s okay if you’re late. My parents don’t care about stuff like that, so take your time. I can’t come. What? What was that, Yeondu? Something came up. I just can’t come. I’m sorry, Sangmin. Hey! Yeondu! What’s going on? Your call is being forwarded to an automated… At his victory press conference, he mentioned Yeontae, didn’t he? What did he say? “I’d like to thank Yeondu, who has brought color to my world.” I memorized it. And that Yeondu was Yeontae. Wait, but how long have they been dating? It’s been a while. He’s been to our house several times. What do you think of him, Sangtae? Mijeong, what do you think of him? Do you think he’s a decent guy? I don’t think he’s all that great. Well… I… Why? You don’t like him? He’s not a good person? No. It’s not that… We just don’t know him very well, but he’s pretty nice. He’s talented and very popular. Right? I knew it. He was so friendly and polite when we first met him. We both fell in love with him. Tell them the truth. That he’s rude and insufferable. He might not be that way to his girlfriend. But that jerk is going to marry Yeontae. People were against our marriage, too. Remember? Argh! I just don’t like him. What is it? You don’t like him either? It’s not that. The food is so delicious. Did you make these? Oh, I didn’t do anything. Mijeong cooked everything. She can cook just about anything without even looking at a cookbook. She is so good at everything. We have good news. Honey, we should tell Sangtae. Huh? Yes, right. Hotae is going to be directing a TV show. Whoa, really? Is that true? Well, it’s just a morning drama, and I’m directing the B Team, not the main team. That’s how everyone starts out. They hired you because you’re good. That’s so great. Congratulations. So much good news. I think our daughters-in-law have brought us luck, making these great things happen. This is our room, grandmother. Wow, it looks great. That’s Wuri’s bed and that’s mine. But last night we slept in my bed together. Wuju sleeps with my grandmother. Oh, I see. Wuri, can you help Wuju wash her hands? Okay! – Wuju, let’s wash your hands. / – Okay. Come here. Bin, Does your stepmom treat you well? Yes. Ms. An cooks me lots of delicious snacks and tells me lots of fun stories. I like Ms. An. That’s great. But why do you call her “Ms. An” instead of “mom”? Ms. An and dad said I could call her that if I want. Don’t do that. You have to call her mom. Don’t be rude. But I’ve never called anyone mom before. I don’t even remember my real mom. But you still have to call her mom. People might think it’s weird. Why is she living with someone named “Ms. An”? Your neighbors will think that. Tell your brother to call her “mom” too, okay? Mom, come have some fruit. Okay. Sangtae, why did you let the kids call you “Mr. Lee” and “Ms. An”? You can’t let them do that. Even if it’s awkward, you have to make them call you “mom” and “dad.” I moved some heavy things today and my arm hurts. But you goofed around all day. They said the building was sturdy, but the noise is really bad. Are you sure it was a good purchase, dad? You just bought it because of Sangtae, didn’t you? – Hey. / – Jinju, it’s a good thing we moved here. If it were some random people, they’d go upstairs and pick a fight. When are they going to find out? Better sooner than later. It’s so nerve-racking. I went to take out the trash but had to rush back. Take it out now. I think they’re eating now. Honey, come to think of it, I’m hungry too. Should we order some black bean noodles? – Okay. / – Black bean noodles. I don’t feel so happy, Sangmin. We were on a ten-hour flight, you brought us here straight from the airport, and now this happens? There wasn’t an accident or anything, right? I doubt that. You two are coming to my place, right? What? We were thinking of staying at a hotel. We’re not going to stay in Seoul for long, so we don’t want to bother you two. We’re not bothered. No way. Why go to a hotel when I have an apartment? Come to my apartment. You can find it, right? What about you? I’m going to go see her and then I’ll go home. You should stay and finish your dinner. Sangmin! Hey! I don’t believe… Can you kids come and sit with us? Okay. We are all family now, and you’re my grandson and granddaughters, okay? Yes. You are all siblings now. Do you know what being siblings mean? You must love each other, share everything, and get along well with each other. Aside from your parents, your siblings are the closest to you and will always be on your side. Okay. Oh, I almost forgot. Before I leave tonight, write down their birthdays and give it to me. I need to know. Okay, mother. Ms. Jang, please look after my grandchildren. Please adore them, but scold them if they don’t behave themselves. That’s a given. They are my great-grandchildren now. What? No one’s home? Yeondu! This is crazy. What happened? What if she got into an accident? Lee Yeontae! Yeontae! Sangmin’s girlfriend stood you up? Why? There wasn’t an accident, was there? I’m not sure. Sangmin didn’t seem to know anything about it. He left without eating his dinner. Have you met his girlfriend? What? Why didn’t you go to meet her? Don’t you care about your big brother? I’m sure she’s a nice person, mom. I wonder if he met someone weird. Your big brother looks sharp, but he’s so naive. He’s a child. And he has no common sense. If he had met someone weird, you think he could’ve won that tournament? You told me on the plane that you were worried. Taemin, I’m very excited about your girlfriend. When am I going to see her? After you see Sangmin’s girlfriend. I gave up on Sangmin. Let’s choose a day. I’m so curious about your girlfriend. You’re excited too, right? There you go again with your favoritism. Sangmin would be so hurt. Psh. Have some. (10 missed calls from Mine) First new message. Yeondu, I’m in your neighborhood. I’m at the steps. I can’t believe this. Are you sure you ordered the noodles properly? Maybe you gave them the wrong address. I ordered four noodles and sweet and sour pork. And I gave them the correct address. – Why aren’t they here? / – Why? They were complaining about closing time, so what if they just canceled our order? What? No way. I’m starving to death right now. Call and ask. – Should I? / – Hurry up. Kids, next time, you have to come to my house for a barbecue, okay? Okay! Goodbye, grandmother. No, Wuju. We should walk them downstairs. Mother, father, let’s go. Okay. – Goodbye. / – Bye. Who’s that? Black bean noodles. We didn’t order any noodles. It must be downstairs. They moved in today. Oh, okay. Black bean noodles. The noodles are here. Dad, give me your wallet. Okay. Oh boy. All this time for a bowl of noodles. Why did it take so long? We waited forever. The deliveries were backed up. But I brought you free dumplings. You did? Thank you. – Here you go. / – Thank you. Thank you. – Enjoy your food. / – Thanks. What the heck? There’s no sweet and sour pork. Sir, the sweet and sour pork! Jinju? Jinju? What? Aunt! Hi, kids. Aunt? Sangtae’s sister-in-law? What are you doing here? Sangtae’s sister-in-law? Jinju, what are you doing here? Sangtae… What? The noodles are all stuck together. Where is she? Where’s the sweet and sour pork? What’s taking her so long? Hey, the sweet and… Grandmother? Grandmother! Grandfather! Grandfather! Open the door! – Grandmother? Grandfather! / – Grandfather! Grandmother? Grandfather! – Grandmother, open the door! / – Open the door! – Grandmother! / – Grandmother! Grandfather! Mom, dad, they saw us. Come out. – Grandmother! / – Hello there. My gosh! They moved here? Hello. Long time no see, Sangtae. Long time no see. – Mom. / – Ms. Oh! Ms. Oh, wait… Oh my… Oh my… Unbelievable. Well, Ms. Oh. What happened was… Why don’t you take the kids home? Yes, that’d be best. Okay. – Kids, let’s go back up. / – Okay. Let’s go. What’s going on? Sangtae, you didn’t know they moved here? And if she’s the daughter of the building owner, that means they bought this building? I’m sorry, Sangtae. Grandmother. Grandmother, our grandparents moved here. What are you talking about? Your grandparents moved here? Our mom’s parents. They moved downstairs today. Ms. Park, how could you do this? What was your motive behind moving into this building? What? Motive? We just moved here because we missed the kids. We don’t have any other motive. I’m sure you have a motive. You did it to break up their marriage. Mom… No, that’s not true, Ms. Oh. Sangtae, that’s not true. Let’s put Sangtae and his kids aside. But think about how my daughter-in-law must feel. Knowing her husband’s deceased wife’s parents live downstairs, how could she even function? How could she sleep at night? You’ll run into each other all the time. Imagine how hard it must be for her, having to look after such a big family. Ms. Oh, you just got a new daughter-in-law and you’re already so concerned about her? I mean, if she keeps getting stressed out, she and my son might grow apart and things could get really bad. Isn’t that why you moved here? Mom… Ms. Oh, you are being too harsh. My wife isn’t an evil person. She was crying day and night looking at the kids’ empty rooms, so I went ahead and did this. It was me. She had nothing to do with this. It was my fault. I can’t believe this happened. Mr. Jang. Even so, this is really unreasonable. How could you move to the apartment below Sangtae’s without saying anything? What we did was wrong. There are no excuses. It was wrong. Very wrong. Dad, we didn’t really do anything wrong. Why are you apologizing like that? Mr. Lee, we moved here solely because we missed the kids. We didn’t want anything else. You have to believe us. If we continued to live apart, the kids would forget us, and after a while, they would stop visiting us. We’d be like strangers to each other. But my wife, she can’t live without Su and Bin. I was afraid she was going to get sick, so I asked her to move here. That was what happened. Father, you should’ve talked to me about it. If he did, you would’ve told us not to move. Still, you should’ve been more patient. Don’t you think Sangtae would’ve taken the kids and visited you regularly? Did you really think he would heartlessly sever all ties with you? I used to see them every single day and raised them their whole lives. How can I just see them sometimes? Put yourselves in our shoes. You hardly ever saw them, so it’s okay for you, but it’s not like that with us. It’ll be once a week, then once every other week, then once a month. When he gets worried about what his new wife thinks, he’ll stop visiting altogether. Still, how could you do such a thing? I felt so embarrassed in front of Mijeong earlier. If you do this, what would she think of us? What would she think of Sangtae? Ms. Oh, my daughter was your daughter-in-law, too. And that daughter-in-law gave birth to Su and Bin. If it weren’t for my daughter, Su and Bin wouldn’t exist. I moved here because I missed my precious grandchildren that my late daughter gave birth to. Is that so wrong? Don’t be so harsh. I moved here because I missed the kids. I didn’t move here to pick on your daughter-in-law. Still, this is absurd. Please move back to your old house. Please do. The house hasn’t been sold yet, right? The house is available, isn’t it, Jinju? You have such a big house. Why move here? We’re not going back. The kids are here, and now that we’ve moved, this is our home. We’re not going anywhere. We can’t and won’t move. If that’s what you want, there’s nothing we can do about it. You move out. Rent your apartment out and move, okay? What are you going to do? Are you going to stay here like this? Move out. I’ll cover the moving cost, so find another place. Easier said than done. Moving is a big deal. And think about the kids’ school. What will he say to them? Let me talk to my wife about it. What is there to talk about? She will definitely agree to move. This is unbelievable. I can’t believe they were my in-laws. Ugh. I’m worried about your wife. She must be in shock, so make sure you console her. Goodbye, mom. Take care. Take care. Goodbye. Don’t cry, mom. It’s not like we didn’t expect this. Yeah. They wouldn’t actually move. We’re both their grandmothers, so why was she blaming me? Why? They’re the dad’s parents, so they boss us around, but because I’m his first wife’s mom, I have to tip-toe around them and beg them to see the kids. To be honest… To be frank, when Sangtae was too busy to look after the kids, who raised them? We raised them. We did. They were too busy making a living to care about the kids’ well-being. The fact that my daughter is dead is unfair, but this is just too much to bear. Jinyeong, why did you die? Why did you die and let a stranger raise your kids! It’s so unfair. What did I ever do wrong? I think Mijeong is going to have a very hard time because those people moved into the building. I know. But I have a feeling they won’t affect her. I think Mijeong will be fine and won’t be bothered by them. I haven’t met her many times, but she seems like a nice, smart person. You know how some people just feel reliable? I feel the same way. When Sangtae said he was getting married, I figured he’d met someone decent, but he actually met someone amazing. They look great together. Yeah. And the kids are so gentle and nice. I hope they’ll get along well with our Little Rock. I’m sure they will. Huh? Hotae, isn’t that Kim Sangmin? Hey! Nose Bleed! Side Dish Container! Hello, sir. Sir? Uh, hi. Where’s Yeontae? Hotae, don’t be silly. I’m sure he just dropped her off. Oh… Did Yeontae meet your parents? They like her, don’t they? Everyone likes my baby sister. You don’t know where Yeontae is either? I think there’s been an accident. No, no. She told me she couldn’t come, so there was no accident. But I can’t reach her by phone, so maybe there was an accident. There’s nobody at your house. Do you have any idea why? Maybe something bad happened to Yeontae. Hurry up and call her. Okay. Oh boy. Yeontae! What happened to you? You were at home? If you were at home, why didn’t you come to the housewarming party? There was no accident? Hotae, let me talk to Sangmin. What did you do to Yeontae? Why is she so angry? Please excuse me for a moment. You… Hotae, they look like they had an argument, right? Why that little… He’s going to drive Yeontae mad. That jerk. Ms. An, I’m so happy my grandparents and aunt moved here. I see. Bin, did you miss your grandmother a lot? Thinking about it, we live with our grandmother here, but Bin and Su had to say goodbye to theirs, so they must have been sad. Yeah. So I was thinking, can I sleep at my grandmother’s place? Uh… They moved today, so things must be kind of messy. Once they’ve unpacked everything, we can ask them, okay? Okay. I heart the people who moved downstairs are your former in-laws. Yes. Oh… How could they do that? I always knew your mother-in-law was unusual. Where’s my wife? She’s putting Wuju to bed. – You’re home. / – Yeah. Wuju is asleep? Let’s go for a walk. Yeondu, why are you acting this way? Is something wrong? You don’t look like you’re hurt. Did I do something to make you upset? You have to tell me. When you hung up like that, do you know how worried I was? I went to your house. Did you hear me? I even left you a voice message. Did you listen to it? Did your parents go home? They are mad, aren’t they? No, don’t worry about my parents. They are pretty understanding. I’m worried about you. Why are you doing this? What’s wrong? Sangmin, don’t you have something to tell me? What? Like what? You and Taemin are brothers, aren’t you? You two already knew, didn’t you? Yeondu, actually… When did you find out? You proposed to me and were going to introduce me to your parents. Sangmin, when were you going to tell me? Yeondu, please listen to… Knowing how I felt about Taemin, what did you think while watching me fall for you, completely clueless? Was it fun for you? Why didn’t you tell me? Why? Because I knew you’d be uncomfortable! I knew you would react this way if you found out Taemin and I are brothers. I didn’t care. You had a crush on… My brother Taemin a long time ago. It wasn’t like you dated. You just had feelings for each other. And now you don’t. Now you like me. That’s why I didn’t care. What could I possibly think? I couldn’t believe how much you liked me, and I really loved it. What else could I possibly think about? But you’ve seen how much I liked him and how much I cried because of him. Yes, I have. So what? You like me and I like you. That’s what’s important. Not the past. I don’t care about that at all. I mean it. What about Taemin? Does he know I had a crush on him? Does he know about that? I’m so upset and embarrassed. Yeondu… You know what? My feelings for Taemin were innocent. I never wanted to tell him about it or try anything with him. I just wanted to keep it to myself as a nice memory. So I never even told my close friends. You found out about it by accident, but I never wanted Taemin to find out. I didn’t know either. If I knew my brother was the one you liked, I wouldn’t have told him about it. I’m sorry. Don’t cry, okay? Don’t cry. How am I supposed to face Taemin now? I can’t. How can I keep being friends with him as if nothing happened? We’ve been great friends until now, and he was such a special friend to me that I never told him I had a crush on him because I was afraid of losing a friend like him. How am I supposed to face him now? Yeondu… I don’t think I can keep seeing you. We have to break up. Hey, Lee Yeondu… I don’t think I can do it. I can’t keep seeing you and Taemin together. I just can’t. I’m sorry, Sangmin. We have to break up. I can’t break up with you. Ever. Think about it again. Sangmin… I know how you feel. I understand. And I know I made a big mistake. So please, please think about it again. I can’t go on without you. Lee Yeontae, I can’t live without you. I’m sorry. My parents-in-law were… Just a second. Let me go first. I’m sure you’ll apologize first, ask me to understand them and be kind to them, give me the reasons why I must understand them so I’ll have no choice but to understand them. I don’t like that. So I’m going to go first. Go ahead. I’m really angry at those people. That woman, she better not try to order me around now that she lives there. I’m not going to let her get away with that. You think you’ll win if you fight with her? Of course I will. Let all three of them come after me. They can’t beat me. Don’t you know me? I was going to tell you we should move. I’m embarrassed to say this right after our wedding, but why don’t we move? Things will probably become complicated if we don’t. I’ll think about it. But it’s not that easy. We can’t move far because of the kids’ school. And we don’t know if we can find another apartment like that within our budget. And even if we do find a place, it’s not like we can move right away. Su and Bin might think it’s weird. We should be focusing on helping the kids adapt, so how can we move now? But I do want to move. No matter how much work it’ll be, I want to move, to be honest. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. It’ll be uncomfortable and difficult, but when you make up your mind to move, let’s move. Okay. Give me one week to think about it. Sure. Sangmin, you’re home. Where are mom and dad? They’re sleeping in your room. They were tired. But what happened? I heard Yeontae didn’t show up and didn’t even call. What is it? Yeontae wasn’t in an accident, was she? She broke up with me. What? She found out we’re brothers. She also found out that you knew she had a huge crush on you. But how… So what did you say? What could I say? I told her to rethink her decision. Taemin, I can’t break up with Yeondu. I know that. I’m sure she didn’t really mean it. Here’s some delicious marinated beef. Why did you come alone? Sangmin’s not having breakfast? No. I knew it. He met her, didn’t he? Everyone fights while dating. Wow, Sangmin must be in a real relationship this time. Don’t you think so, honey? She must be really something to make Sangmin starve on top of standing us up. Mom, don’t say anything to Sangmin. Even though I haven’t met her, I already don’t like her, Taemin. Forget about Sangmin. I want to see your girlfriend as soon as possible. I’m so curious. Okay. I’ll introduce her as soon as possible. Let’s eat. Su and Wuyeong, you’re going to keep taking the taekwondo lessons, right? Right. So you can keep going there. Su’s cello lessons are on Mondays and Wednesdays, so Bin and Wuri can have piano lessons then. But Wuyeong doesn’t want piano lessons, so you can take essay writing lessons then. Okay. Wuri and Bin, for the dance lessons, you can take an after-school class on Mondays. And for English and math for Su and Wuyeong, these are the classes at the apartment mall. I’ve heard the teachers are really great. Wuri, are you sure it’s okay for you to quit taking art lessons? Yes, all I need are those two. Dad, what about the worksheets I’ve been getting? I was getting them for five subjects. About that… You’re taking math and English lessons, so let’s reduce that to three subjects, Su. Dad, I also want to take ballet lessons in the second semester. Can you please let me take them? Bin, let’s think about ballet lessons after the vacation before second semester starts. Okay. Dad, grandfather moved downstairs, so can I take English and cello lessons at grandfather’s place? Dad, I want to do that, too. Can I take the piano lessons at grandfather’s place? Su, Bin, remember what I told you before? No. Hello. This is Su and Bin’s grandmother. I told you Su and Bin won’t be taking cello and piano lessons anymore, but I actually want to continue them. Did the moving go smoothly? It did, but as we expected, the trouble came afterwards. We knew nobody would be happy that we moved there, but watching them get upset made me so sad. Did you talk to your parents about our marriage? No, I haven’t had a chance. To be honest, my parents didn’t even notice the ring on my finger. Even though I’ve been wearing it every day. I told you. They don’t care about me. I’m sure that’s not true, Jinju. Your parents are sad and confused about losing the kids they’ve been raising. That’s all. I hope your parents like me. How can you say that? Of course they’ll like you. Oh yeah, how did they like your older brother’s girlfriend? I think something came up. They didn’t see her. Really? When do you want to see my parents? When are you free from your classes? Why not have dinner with them tonight? – Tonight? / – Yes. Uh… But I’m dressed too casually. You look pretty, Jinju. You look great. I’ll call them. Bring the rice rolls. Hurry up. I see shadows! We don’t have time. Hotae, thanks to you, this drama’s going to get way better. Standby. Action! Who do you think you are? How dare you come here! Get out! You’re violent. As usual. I told you not to see Taeho anymore! How dare you slap me! What do you think you’re doing? Stop it! Stop! Get lost! If you show up here again, I’m going to ruin your life! Stop it! The “Rolling Rolling Couples Bowling” meeting is at six o’clock this evening. Let’s have some fun today. Oh… I think my eyebrows are crooked. Do I look okay? You look very pretty. You’re always pretty, but tonight you’re prettier. I’ve never met anyone’s parents before. It’s so awkward and nerve-racking. You’re not acting like yourself. They’re my parents. You can treat them like you treat me. Parents are different. Then… Treat them like your own mother and father. Taemin, I can’t believe you. That’s not right. You don’t know how I treat my mom and dad. Your parents might faint. Yeah. You’re right. You shouldn’t do that. Hey! You feel less nervous now, right? No, I’m shaking. Wow. My son! Mom! – Taemin. / – Mom. It’s nice to meet you. Wow, you’re so pretty. You look like a doll. Doesn’t she, honey? She does. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Taemin’s dad. And I’m Taemin’s mom. This is for you. But I didn’t get you anything. These are so pretty, mother. Hello, I am Jang Jinju. Sit down. Sit. You’re the first girlfriend Taemin has ever introduced to us, so I couldn’t wait to meet you. As expected, Taemin was dating such a beautiful young lady. Thank you. My mom never says anything she doesn’t mean. It’s really nice to meet you. Me too, father. Yeontae’s not coming tonight? She is coming. I’ll take a break until she comes. I’m glad the sandwiches didn’t get wet. I liked everything. I liked going to the bookstore, I liked crossing the stepping stones, I liked getting wet, and I like this sandwich. And I like you, too. I’m bowling by myself, Yeondu. Hurry over. I’ll be waiting. (Turn off) So if you’re the same age as Taemin, you must have graduated from college. What do you do now? She started late, so she graduates next year. She’s talking nail art classes now, mom. Which university do you go to? Juseong University. What? – Juseong University? / – Yes. Honey, where is that university? Uh, well… I’m not sure. It’s in Paju, mom. Oh… It’s been so long since I was in college. Anyway, I’m glad you found what you want to do. Jinju is good at what she does. I’m going to support her in any way I can. You’re acting like her husband already. Of course. Like dad, I’m perfect husband material. Thank you for saying that. I forgot. Can you give me your phone number, Jinju? That would be okay, right? Of course. I saved your number too. Good. Let’s be friends, Jinju. Of course. I’d love that. Let’s eat. Eat, Jinju. Did you go somewhere? Did you get my text? I was great at bowling tonight. I was alone, but I won first place. Everyone said they can’t beat us together. I came because I missed you. Now that I’ve seen you, that’s enough. I’ll come back again. Goodnight. It’s your first piano lesson with Wuri, right? When you get there, your teacher will send me a text. Come straight home after your lesson, okay? Okay. Su, your cello lesson is today, right? It’s your first day, so introduce yourself to your teacher and friends and don’t forget to bring your cello and your book. Okay. Enjoy. The more I think about it, the more furious I get. I even bought a pregnancy test. Hyeonju, go to the storage room and bring more cups. Okay. Why are you dwelling on the past? I mean, he can’t get anyone pregnant, and I was acting like an idiot. So you’re going to keep sleeping in my room? Don’t be such a child. Wait, where is Incheol? Why isn’t he here? I’m sure he went to see his kids. He even bought cell phones for them yesterday. But why now? Mijeong is married, so he wants to contact his kids himself. Talk to him when he comes home about what to do in the future. Are you going to keep letting him stray? I don’t know. I get annoyed when I see him. Wuyeong! Hello. – Hi. How have you been? / – Good. You go ahead. I’ll see you later. See you at home. – Goodbye. / – Bye. Why did you come here? What do you think? Because I missed you. How was moving? Here. Take this. It’s a cell phone. You can use this to call me when your mom and grandmother aren’t around. Cool, huh? No. I don’t need it and I never want to see you again. Wuyeong… Hey… Hello? Hi, Bin. What? Su didn’t go to his cello lesson? What do you mean? He came home from school, ate some apple slices, then took his cello to his lesson. He left over an hour ago. Okay, grandmother. What did she say? Mr. Lee… Did he go to his grandfather’s apartment? It looks like it. Mr. Lee, you have an executive meeting, right? Let me go home right after I visit the Hongdae shop. I will deal with this. How will you deal with it? Either we move or they move. I think I should go to Sangtae’s apartment. Why would you? I should talk to Mr. Jang and Ms. Park to figure out how to resolve this. I’m sure Sangtae and Mijeong don’t know how to handle them at all. So I’m going to be the villain for their sake. Don’t you agree? I’ll be right back. Hello. It’s been a while. Is Ms. Park inside? Ms. Park and Mr. Jang went up to the third floor a while ago. But that’s my son’s apartment. Okay. Oh my. Mother, what are you doing here? Well, I came to see Ms. Park, but I heard they went up to the third floor. What’s going on? What? Oh my… Wow, two of them are sharing this room? Su must feel cramped in here. He used to have a huge room all to himself. Is this Su’s desk? Or that one? Is Su doing well at school? Let’s go. Let’s go. Hurry. Honey, I want new security bars for the kids’ windows. What if there’s a thief? Yes, I’d love to get those for them, but… Hello, Ms. Oh. Hello. We just… The plumber came to clean the water pipes, so we wanted to take a peek at the kids’ rooms… Ms. Park! Yes? You didn’t get the owner’s permission to enter. How can you be so rude? I mean, who does this? Look, Ms. Oh. We didn’t sneak in. We brought the plumber, and while we were here, we thought… Are you the plumber? You just used that as an excuse to check out how Sangtae is living. Well, I’m their grandmother, so it’s okay for me to see how they’re living. Ms. Oh, don’t be too upset. There’s no need to explain. Please leave this apartment right now. Ms. Oh… Didn’t you hear me? Please leave this apartment. Wait, since when have those two been getting along so well? So now you’re on the same side, huh? Ha. She’s my daughter-in-law, so yes, I’m on her side. How can I see you if I’m dating him? He was really worried that you’d find out. He wanted to protect you. I don’t think I can do it, Taemin. She must have been so sad because of me. I don’t know about Sangmin, but I thought Taemin would never disappoint me. It’s not fair for her children. You’re saying we’re ruining the kids? I can’t believe this. Sangtae, you are being so harsh. Why are you calling her “mom”? I can’t help it because I have so much stuff. I let her have the closet, why do I have to give up the dresser, too? So many people are angry because of our marriage.

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  1. I'm here and watch this drama just bcoz of Sangmin and Yeontae. And i feel sad now, hope will be happy ending for both of them TT

  2. Sooooooo the writers put down all the most awful mothers in the world right ? Last but not least, right, Sangmin and Taemin's mother … Really ? She's a mother and she don't even try to hide her favoritism ? I wonder how Sangmin grew up as this person, because some people gone bad or mad with less :'(

  3. Sangtae's parents are being very mean towards the in-laws especially his mother. She was against mijeong from the beginning and she hated her and now she pretending she cares about her she'll meet Sangtae's in-laws. Sangtae's mother is really a mean, selfish person and doesn't care about others feelings.

  4. if sangmin was my boyfriend I'd be mad at him for going bowling while I'm upset with him i don't like it when people pretend things are fine to make me feel better but well that's just me

  5. if sangmin was my boyfriend I'd be mad at him for going bowling while I'm upset with him i don't like it when people pretend things are fine to make me feel better but well that's just me

  6. oh my goodness!! Why does yeontae only think about taemin. tbh sangminXyeontae is the reason why I watch this drama. and now this happens…

  7. 1) Sangtae's mother was terrible pre-wedding, but she's making up for it in a big way! His father was spot-on when he said she would become Mijeong's #1 ally! 2) I love how the ending music reverted to the cute As One song post-wedding.

  8. We dont talk anymore, we dont talk anymore, like we used to doooooooooooo!❤️ -cold water lyrics 😂😂😂 is this the time to comment this?


  10. imagine you're yeondu and you find out that the guy you're dating is the brother of your 7 year crush like how tf do you remain calm??? sangmin knows about your crush on his brother for 7 years and confirm will tell his brother about it right? Wouldn't that be damn awkward like now she feels like she has to choose between sangmin or taemin and ofc she's conflicted soooooo stop guys

  11. I know Yeontae is devastated learning the fact but it isn't right to get angry mostly about Taemin knowing about her big crush on him. She should think about Sangmin rather than Taemin.

    Next, the in law really get on my nerve. They're too clingy and childish moving downstairs.

  12. This is how I see it: the in laws need to burn🔥🔥, except for jinju I like her, taemin a bitch for not standing up for his brother more in front of his mom knowing she shows favoritism, sangmin should have told told Yeontae but Yeontae should have also been kind of rational, who cares about your crush on taemin, he obviously knew about it and acted the same around her, so that should have told you something right there, Sangtae finally growing some balls even though he should low key just cut all ties with the in laws, and take his kids, but that can't work, I'm starting to like his mother the most cause she redeemed herself

  13. I think the character yeontae was overly dramatic. you had a crush on someone later u came to love his brother and you cry over this? it's not like they dated😑😑

  14. Oksun is so rude. I just want to pull all her hair out. It is true that her daughter died, but its just rude to move in and not tell anyone, and then tell them not to move, and then say, WHY DID YOU LET A STRANGER RAISE YOUR KIDS! Why?

  15. I dont like Sangmins mom she treats him horrible , Sangtae,s in laws have crossed the line , them being there interferes with Mijeong getting to know the kids as well as them getting to know her, I dont feel sorry for them it just shows when people have money they just do what they want and not think of others and last Yeontae I get where she coming from but dam its not that serious Taemin isnt even thinking about that old crush crap, but she is very young and inexperienced so I guess thats why shes bugging out !!

  16. yeontae is so annoying. should just go meet the parents because the meeting was already set. whats the big deal. just her ego

  17. At first, I felt like Sangtae and Mijeong were the main couple. But now I feel like Yeontae and Sangmin are the main couple😂

  18. Taemin is a terrible brother and friend, how do you say nothing when your mom is being so mean to your brother and his gf/your friend!

  19. Oksun (Jinju's mom) is too much. She only sees Su and Bin. She is crazy too. Moving into their old son in laws house. Interference is an invading privacy. Image how Mijeong is going to feel for the rest of her life.

  20. poor yeon Tae, actually she loves sang Ming but he saw her crying for his brother that is such an akward and embarrassing situation, so i understand that she feels that she doesnt deserve sang min's love.

  21. whats the big deal about living in the same building, ok the Grand parents have to keep a little bit distance but they are not evil people, they just want to be close to their beloved grandchildren so i think sang tae's family is overreacting.

  22. The scene when Sangtae's mother go in with Mijeong and then she did all the complaining and Mijeong just stand behind and nodding her head is pretty funny!

  23. All the mother in laws in this show suck as far as I can tell. They're doing an amazing job playing their roles!!!

  24. Taemin should be standing up for his friend/brother's girlfriend, not let his mother talk behind their backs!!!!!

  25. why 50ish eps drama always disappointing in the half or 3/4 to last eps… its like the writer want to grow the story but become so unreasonable sick..

    i have symphaty to jang family, but i think how much stupid they are, its still unreasonable act very childlike behaviour to follow ex son in law because they cant handle their lonely feeling..

  26. It really annoys me that Taemin isn't doing anything about Yeontae and their mom is just so rude to sangmin.

  27. wait did they sell their big house to move into an apartment to live next to their​ ex son-in-law. and I bet their daughter regrets being mean to the lady not knowing that her brother-in-law was gonna marry her

  28. Now that I think about it, Sangtae was a bit at fault here, too. No matter how much Jinyoung's mother grieved, he shouldn't have taken the kids to live at his in-laws house. I know he meant well and he didn't think he'd marry again, but that was how everything started. If the grandparents didn't live with them, they wouldn't be so hung up about having less time with their grandchildren, and the grandchildren would be less spoiled than they were.
    I can understand Yeontae being upset. She was the type to dwell on her life decisions too much so she gets shaken when she faces a situation she can't control. She's just confused right now. It would be too absurd, too, for her to just accept everything lol. I'm sure she loves Sangmin enough to come around later.😁

    Still, my heart hurts. 😭💔

  29. I have started to really not like Sangtae, he seemed like a nice person in the start but he is really quite selfish, first he moved away from his own parents because his late wife's family was his priority and now he is cruelly moving away from his kids' grandparents because he has found a different priority. He is really not considerate of other people's feelings.

  30. 21:41 thank you lady seriously i never thought she might be this normal towards her daughter in law bravo!
    22:33 are you sure about that –– she even talked like she own the children when he told her he wants to remarry. . . Dont forget that she always acts as she doesnt want them to see their other grandparents –– go adopt children and love them then if you want to obsess over someone ?
    ahhhh the way they talk it out like real adult and see what can they do about it together<333 i just love them together

  31. i'm so angry about taemin and sangmin Mother . Why so bias ? And more angry with taemin , he must defend Yeontae the fact that they were bestfreind

  32. i'm so angry about taemin and sangmin Mother . Why so bias ? And more angry with taemin , he must defend Yeontae the fact that they were bestfreind

  33. i'm so angry about taemin and sangmin Mother . Why so bias ? And more angry with taemin , he must defend Yeontae the fact that they were bestfreind

  34. i'm so angry about taemin and sangmin Mother . Why so bias ? And more angry with taemin , he must defend Yeontae the fact that they were bestfreind

  35. I think Yeontae should have gone to the meeting anyway, and dealt with Sangmin afterwards. It's rude and selfish to stand someone up like that.

  36. I haven't watched the episode yet, but from the comments, I'm not sure if i can handle it. I love Yontae/ Sangmin

  37. i an really hating on yeontae and taemin. i agree that its really unfair how sangmin is been treating by his mom. poor sangmiiiiiiinn!!!!

  38. Sometimes i hated the mother of Sangtae, acting so righteous but no consideration to the maternal grandparents of Bin & Su. You cannot shut them forever they are grandparents who lost a daughter and the only memory are the children 🙁 i'm beginning to hate Sangtae & Mjeong, too. I fast forward when the story is about them! Sad situation to the love story of Sangmin and Youtae 🙁 i hope it will not get worst! I like the character of Sangmin, successful & famous but still preferred a simple girl <3

  39. Sangmin's mom is the worst kind of mother. Sangmin is obviously upset yet she has no empathy for him and already said mean things about him and his girlfriend. The father loves him more but only makes feeble attempt to defend him. If Mr Lee were Sangmin's father, he would have gone to Sangmin's room and talked with him about his problem. Between Taemin and Sangmin, I like and admire Sangmin more. He grew up well, succeeded early using his talent and being disciplined and became famous, loves his brother without reservation, and chose a really fine woman. He is optimistic, assertive and goes after what he wants. He has his flaws but he is a genuinely good person. If such a guy actually exists, I would want him as my son-in-law.

  40. Re ex-in-laws buying the building where Sangtae/Mijeong moved to and moving in a few days.
    I see nothing really wrong about moving in the building the Jang family owns. It's their building and their prerogative. However, the timing and strategy show lack of consideration for the new family of 8. It would have been better if the Jang family waited a month or so to give the new family time to gel as a real family without the distraction of in laws and ex-in-laws.

    Sangtae also mishandled the "separation." We know he is protecting Mijeong and his new family from further interference from his parents and ex-in-laws. But as ms park said, they cared for the kids for more than 5 years and are terrified at the idea of permanent estrangement from the kids. To reassure the Jangs, Sangtae should have consulted Mijeong prior to the move about a specific schedule of his kids' regular visits to the Jangs and informed the Jang family about the visitation schedule.

    Jinju should let the elders talk and just listen and learn. She thinks her parents did nothing wrong. She has not yet developed a sense of propriety in human relations. Marriage to this woman will require all of taemin's patience and understanding,

  41. Jeontae is way too sensitive sometimes. I agree with other commenters. Jeontae agreed to meet Sangmin's parent. She therefore had obligation to meet Sangmin's parents. When she found out that Taemin and Sangmin are brothers and became upset on many counts, it was understandable that she had to cancel to process this new information, Good manners dictate that she call Sangmin to cancel ASAP. Well, Jeontae is not perfect but she is innately a very good person and will realize her impulsive overreaction to the situation.

  42. I hate santae so much..I mean y does he have such a shitty personality tho…he always breaks his former in laws heart like that….I feel really bad for them..

  43. I really hate some people's role here. First sangmins mother ( favoritism )
    Second su and bin ( theyre too spoiled and theyre too picky )
    Taemin ( he's doing jothing to save the relationship )
    Grandparents ( i just hate then from the start 😂 )

  44. When taemin and sangmin's mom meet theyre girlfriends im sure theyre mom will be dissappointed on taemins girlfriend and will side on sangmin. . lol

  45. I hate sangmin n taemin mom…😤😤😤😤how can she differiatiate between her son like step mother……n I hate heroin too…though sangmin is putting too much effort but she always hurt him…..crazy bitch ……U don't deserve him😤😤😤

  46. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 why did you break up with him i mean you had a crush at his younger brother and he didn't know he just figured it out when you started dating his younger brother didn't that you were his older brother girlfriend he also just figured it out even tho ……….. he just let it pass away cause you two are dating now and the crush thing was in the pass I know that your sad but ……. don't break up with him 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 why is this sooooo sad

    Fact: he even said that he can't leave without you -but you guys still broke up it really sad like if you a gree to all of this I am not blaming any one but it just so sad 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😒😒😒😒

  47. And so it begins…Selfish in-laws move in, over-ride parents decisions and arrange for the cello lessons in THEIR home, invade the privacy and snoop around in their home. They are disgusting.

  48. LOL nice after school activities. Mine was doing chores in the house and watching tv. Making your kids do music lessons will not make them talents either, my Tiger Asian sister tries with my nephews in failure. Perhaps here OZ the only after school activities kids do are sports, like footy or basketball.

  49. sangmin mom is really mean it is normal for a mom to love her younger child but at least sangnim is still her eldest

  50. why is Sandgate behaving like this he just kept quiet and was looking at them if it is to scold them he should

  51. I’m really disappointed that Taemin just allowed his parents to badmouth Yeontae like that. He obviously enjoys being the favored son more than he cares about his brother.

  52. Yeontae why do u have to act this way…why!💔💔💔 poor Sangmin😭😭…come back to ur sense Yeontae

  53. Grandmother of Su and Bin only thought of herself, not the pain she is causing to others. I agree with others comment about visitation etc. No need to invade a new and developing family. Maybe after they had time to grow as a family, then move closer.

  54. I love the telepathic conversations between the characters of this drama.

    11:58 Also I like the sight of Mr. Lee's big family minus the Jangs for once (I don't hate them, they just need to back off for once).
    Imagine Sangmin and Yeontae in it too. If Sangmin's mother doesn't want to appreciate her eldest son properly, he can just go to this family instead. Let Taemin go to Jinju and her parents.
    If she forbids having in-laws marrying her sons, technically Yeontae and Jinju are no longer in-laws because Sangtae is now married to Mijeong. Their only tie now are Su and Bin.

    Taemin disappoints me. He's disregarding his 7-year friendship with Yeontae just to be together with Jinju. I know all's fair in love and war but this is cheating!

  55. …if those parents, especially the woman favorite child is Taemin, how come Sangmin, the older brother is the one supporting Taemin's schooling?… Taemin is ingrate….

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