Fix Your REDBUBBLE Cards | Quick Tip for Making More Money on Redbubble!

Fix Your REDBUBBLE Cards | Quick Tip for Making More Money on Redbubble!

Isn’t it annoying how some of your postcards
and greeting cards on Redbubble have white edges? Let’s fix it! Hi everyone! I’ve noticed that many Redbubble artists have
greeting cards and postcards with white edges around their artwork, including me. It’s because the image won’t fill the card
if it’s not the right aspect ratio, but it will be fitted inside the card dimensions. Cards aren’t the best selling products on
Redbubble, but I have sold a few and fixing them up makes your shop page, that shows your
art on random products, look better, so it might be worth fixing them anyway. I’ll go through my gallery and find and choose
one artwork that has white edges to fix by going to my shop page and selecting the stationery
category and postcards. Then I’m opening the artwork in the free image
editor GIMP. It’s a square version of a repeated pattern. The aspect ratio for cards on redbubble is
3:2 for landscape or the opposite 2:3 for portrait. And the dimensions need to be at least 1300×900
pixels. I’ll take the rectangle selection tool and
check the box next to fixed aspect ratio in the tool settings. And then type in the correct aspect ratio. I’ll make this a portrait even though as a
pattern it could be either one. So, 2:3. And then make the selection. If you want to select the largest area possible,
you can make it easier by going to view and select snap to canvas edges before you make
the rectangle selection. That way you can have the selection tool snap
to one edge and drag it all the way to the other opposite edge to get the maximum area
selected. Then go to image and crop to selection and
you’re left with the right aspect ratio. Export the image as jpg or png and to upload
it to redbubble, go to manage portfolio, select the right artwork, click on the settings icon
and choose edit. Go to prints, cards and posters, click edit
and replace image. Choose the right file, and when it’s done
uploading, scroll down, tick the box letting Redbubble know you have the rights to your
own art and click save. This also affects the prints and posters,
but they have more possible aspect ratios anyway. For more tips like this on how to edit your
art for prints and print on demand, click on the video or playlist on the screen. Thanks for watching! Bye!

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  2. Thank you for sharing this, I didn't know how to fix this problem and it was really annoying. Now I can make them all look great

  3. Do you color correct your artwork? I am just getting into the whole POD world and this "CMYK color correcting for prints" thing is making me both confused and frustrated at the same time😅 really helpful videos though😊🙏

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