Flosstube #3 – The Out of Town Engagement (No, not THAT kind) (cc)

Flosstube #3 – The Out of Town Engagement (No, not THAT kind) (cc)

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  1. I'm so glad I found your videos. I love the tours of NYC. Your FFOs are awesome. I look forward to your next video.

  2. I’m really enjoying your videos. As an Australian seeing where you live has been amazing! I went onto Sue Hawkins website and found the Pansy collection!! I’ve ordered the scissor keeper and the pin cushion 😁

  3. Hi Carmen! Enjoyed my visit with you. Your finishes are amazing especially what you did with that Ground Hog Playbill! The needlepoint box is beautiful. You choose such beautiful colors for it! Enjoyed the NY tour. Have a great week! Happy stitching! Lori S at Once Upon a Stitch

  4. I don’t just like your videos – I love them! I love visiting NYC vicariously through you and all the Broadway info. Loved that bookstore. Those little flippy things are flipping cute! I dabbled in needlepoint in the 70’s before I started cross stitching. My class piece is still a UFO and it’s in shades of orange and brown – very 70’s! I would love to try stitching the scissor keep. Looking forward to more videos. Somehow, I do remember you from Stitch Con. I hope we can chat more at next year’s.

  5. Aaaagggghh DC is my next favorite city!! Next time you go check out Ford’s Theatre and Museum…its were Lincoln was shot and is still a functional theatre. Then go across the street to tour the boarding house where he died. I’ve been trying to order that tea online during your video but their website isn’t working—I’ll keep trying!! Enjoyed the NYC tour and your video! Those puzzle cubes are SO COOL!

  6. Your cubes are AMAZING!!!! I love the box as well. I have done some counted needlework, and really enjoy it. I put one in our State Fair a couple of years ago and it got Honorable Mention. They weren't cubes like that though – WOW!!

  7. Loved your visit to the Strand. Nice to see so many people in a bookstore! The puzzle cubes are amazing. Great job with Groundhog Day!

  8. Please go to Washington Square Park sometime! I used to go to NYU and stayed right off Union Square so it was fun to see that again. 😍

  9. Love your format! Feel like I got a mini trip to NYC on this Sunday afternoon! So nice visiting with such an interesting lady!

  10. Thanks so much for the shout out! I love hearing about New York. I’ve been twice, but my husband has never been. I feel like we need to vacations there. One for just shows a one to see everything else! Watching your video makes me want to go NOW!

  11. Love the infinity puzzles! The Groundhog Day one is so cool! I am a huge book nerd and The Strand is definitely on my list of places to go when I finally make it to NYC!

  12. I am obsessed with you!! I love your videos! That Groundhog cube is absolutely amazing!! You are so talented! Thanks for taking time to share your love of stitching and theatre!!

  13. Heard you mention that you enabled me with the gingerbread cottage. My grandkids are constantly saying now “is it done huh, is it done.” All I say is Before I die!

  14. Thank you for the trip to The Strand! I could definitely spend an afternoon in there and then sit under a tree in Union Square and read my books. Both of your infinity cubes are amazing!!!!
    Sabine-running off to see if McNultys has a webpage because I'm a sucker for flavored teas
    and coffee

  15. I was crushed when City Quilter closed. I took all my quilting classes there. I went into Gotham Quilts and while it wasn't on the City Quilter level, I did find some fabrics to bring home with me. Absolutely love your Groundhog Day cube!

  16. Your needle keeper is adorable! And I am going to have to make one of those blocks for my son. He's all into rubrics cubes and stuff like that.

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