Franklin’s Flying Bookshop: Review {cc}

Franklin’s Flying Bookshop: Review {cc}

Hi Guys, I’m Shelly and… I had a lovely, beautiful book arrive in the post yesterday. And that is, Franklin’s Flying Bookshop by the wonderful and lovely Jen Campbell. Jen is a booktuber, and a writer and a poet. And a all round just champion of books and lovely person. And this is her first children’s book that she has written, it came out yesterday. Now i’m not one to usually review children’s books, but Jen is special. Jen is just one of those humans, where if she writes something, you have to read it. And…….goody, just all the goody thoughts and all the loveliness. So, here it is, it’s beautiful. It’s illustrated by Katie Harnett, who is magical. Here is Franklin, he is a dragon. And here is his little friend Luna. Who I have to say, reminds me of (Katie) Morag, have you ever read the (Katie) Morag books? With flaming red hair, and she has a wolly jumper on, it’s kind of like the Argyle Jumper that (katie) Morag wears. And it just gives me all the feels of when I was a kid. And….just look how pretty it is, with the shiny, it’s really big as well. So really good to hold and everything. It’s just….it’s physically really pleasing, does that make any sense? Franklin is a dragon, quiet obviously, who loves books. He loves stories. And his aim in life, is to find somebody to talk to about all the stories in his head. But he’s a dragon, and he scares everybody. What a surprise, he goes towards people and they’re like “Gahhh dragon get away from me” And then he meets the lovely miss Luna. Who you can see here, in these beautiful pictures. Who has her nose stuck in a book, she looks up, she see Franklin and… It’s a dragon, she’d not scared of him though cause a dragon is in her book. She is reading about dragons right now. And they become fast friends over stories and things that they love. And they decide to open a bookshop. And I won’t tell you the rest cuase…. lets have a little bit of mystery in it shall we. But ahhh, it’s so pretty and it’s so magical. If you have ever read Green Smoke by Rosemary Manning, You;ll see the sort of links…I think, that Jen has put in. I’m not sure, but yeah. The dragon and the little girl definitely reminds me of that. Which just gives me so many fuzzy feelings, cause Green Smoke is my favourite Children’s book ever. What I have found a connection too, reading it as an adult. Is ….I could just be putting this into the book and it’s not actually there. But I love the fact that Luna, as a little child can look past the fact that she is talking to a dragon, and they have become friends, because of books, because of stories. It explores friendship through stories, which I love. I love the fact that you can have nothing in common with somebody, And yet, if you like the same book, you’re friends. If you like stories, you’re friends. And somehow you can just cross massive divides. Because you love the same book. And I think, that might just be like, a hidden message inside the book, or a hidden moral. I hope it is, and i’m not just reading into it. And I wish that this had been around when I was a kid, but it’s around now and I get to read it. I will leave links down below to Jen and to where you can get signed copies of Franklin. I may have gotten it signed, just cause it’s so pretty….. It’s completely adorable and I’m sort of in love with it. I hope you guys are good, I hope you’re having a magical, flying day…….. I’m just high on cute stories now…..Bye! Puff the magic Dragon, lives by the sea….dadadahhh dadadadahhh da da dam dap pooh!

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  1. I'm looking forward to reading this one; it releases on my side of the pond a little later, but I already have a hold on it at the library.
    Also, I read The Beginning of the World in the Middle of the Night this week (proof copy), and it is freaking delightful.

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