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  1. I think even James can agree that all the sisters are thankful for the glow up… not even his face!! The bun needed to go 😂 That intro too… and those brows 🙏

  2. I didn’t realize that this was connected to my Alexa and Whenever I turned in the video my brother was watching tv then all the sudden you hear “ HI SISTERS” blast at you at full volume. Lol

  3. Hey doll, I wanted to see how I could get in touch with you, I remembered seeing a vid a while back about people selling fakes of your makeup I think I stumbled across one and wanted to chat.

  4. I watch your channel all the time and I went back to watch this gem (kick ass man bun btw), my fiance was laying next to me and doesnt even know you but you said "Hi sisters!" And he goes "hey james!" And goes back to playing xbox 😂

  5. When James Opened the contour palette, The brown was Fucking broken And James Said What The Fuck!?!

  6. I was wondering could you please do a how I wash my make up brush video as I'm trying to wash my brushes and I don't quite know what I'm doing I don't know if I'm doing right or wrong

  7. "That's a not really bad shade match.."

    not even 3secs later (maybe not even that)

    foundation in orange!!!

    No hate,just funny x

  8. this was the first video I've seen on this channel, I do not remember how many subs James had back in 2017 is there a way to find out??

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