Good morning Vagabuddies. Well our adventure through Wales is taking us, finally, into the south into Brecon Beacons National Park. We’re staying at the Coach House, which is a lovely bed and breakfast here in Brecon, which has supposedly one of the best breakfast in all of Wales. It’s 7:45 in the morning. We have an amazing day lined up. We’re going go be doing some mountain biking and exploring the Brecon Beacons National Park, potentially some whisky tasting, but before we get too far down the road, we’re going to start things off how we always start things off….with coffee. All right Vagabuddies, we’ve just arrived at Talybont Reservoir, which is cascading over here behind us, and we’re meeting up with Luke. He is a mountain- biker adventure guide. We’re here in Talybont Reservoir a little bit above the base of the Usk Valley. We’re going to go and check out the local area on the mountain bikes. Brecon Beacons National Park is made up of diverse mountain areas, forests, lakes rivers, which means there’s a huge variety of different scenery; there’s a huge variety of different activities on offer, and there really is something for everyone. These roads were actually old tram ways, like back in the day, there were mines for limestone up in the hills ,and these trams would transfer the limestone all the way down from here to a canal that would then float the goods out to Cardiff or to the industrial mills of Europe. A lot of people complain about the weather in this country, but I personally really enjoy it from a photography perspective. Obviously there are lots of clouds, but when the sun breaks through those clouds, you get some really beautiful light playing with darkness. Right as we got down to the river, it just started pissing down, honestly. We’re completely drenched, probably as wet as if we had gone swimming back there, but definitely more dirty and happier. That was super fun. We’re going to wait for the rain to pass, and luckily here in the U.K., there are plenty of rainy day options. We are showered; we are warm, but the best way to warm up is of course… whisky. Whisky is usually associated with Scotland or Ireland, but Wales makes whisky too. We’re in the town of Penderyn, and we’re at the Penderyn Distillery, and we’re going to find out a little bit more about Welsh whisky. You ready? I am. I’m going to do one for the team. I’m going to be the designated driver, so I will be sniffing but not sampling. In the interest of science, I will be the guinea pig. I will be the brave one to test the whisky. It’s only fair because when we were in Bushmills in Northern Ireland, Mark did the same, and I got to sample 15 different whiskys…….. “Enchante, mon frere..” I’m David, and we’re at Penderyn Distillery in New South Wales, and we’re going to taste some whisky. 16 years ago now, a couple local people got together, and they bought this still and started producing some whisky here. What we’re doing is we’re getting malted barley. We’re essentially making a kind of beer from it at first we’re adding hot water to break down the starch and sugar. We’re fermenting the sugar with yeast to get some alcohol and with a purifying alcohol to get a spirit. It’s about 90% alcohol, and we’re putting that into barrels for a couple of years, and we’re finishing it for the last six months in different types to give it the different flavors. That’s really nice. This is a special edition we’ve done called The Independence, Penderyn Indepencence This one was for the American Independence because 16 of the signers were of Welsh descent. It’s interesting how the Welsh have immigrated less than the Irish and Scottish. The largest population of immigrants outside Wales is in the U.S., also New Zealand and Australia, and even Patagonia, but sometimes you forget their influence on our own society. But this whisky is a good way of remembering them. Smells like freedom. See you guys again, and we’ll see you soon, hopefully. Thank you very much. Peace, guys. Pretty excited there, Brother? We have arrived at one of the more Marko places in the world, Hay on Wye. This is an old market town, which has become a mecca for book lovers…… bibliophiles in general. There’s a ton of different used book shops here. It was formed by a media stunt in the ’70s when a local guy declared an Independent Kingdom and named his horse the prime minister and him the king. We’re going to go check out this quirky little corner of Wales, and see what we can find. Apparently Bill Clinton has called this place Woodstock for the Mind. There’re festivals around books there’re all sorts of book shops, but the whole thing started with this guy named Richard Booth. We’re going to go to the store that he founded right around the corner. My name is Patricia Thornton, and we’re in Richard Booth’s bookshop secondhand bookshop in Hay on Wye. What was his fascination with books? I just think you always love books. He was up at Oxford reading history. I think he spent an awful lot of time in secondhand book shops while he was there, and at the time when he started, there were awful lot of big old houses in Wales. They were so expensive to keep going, and a lot of them sold their libraries, and he bought most of them. He was his own best publicist, you know. He came up with this idea of making Hay an independent kingdom… wasn’t serious, but it was fantastic really because it really did put Hay on the map. There’s something about a used bookshop that is an intangible loveliness. I think that it increases your chances of finding a random book rather than an algorithm suggesting books it thinks you’re going to like. It shows you stuff that you probably would never have picked on your own. Oh my god, there’s a book here According to Mark. So According to Mark, this is not staged at all – because we’re in the gospel section here. But According to Mark, Marko, used book shops should exist. This is great one, and it’s perfect rainy day activity. Places like this are super cool because in the modern age we’re just so bombarded by media and distraction ,whether it’s Instagram posts in social media. It’s really nice to come to a place where you’re just surrounded by books. Thanks so much. Take it easy. Bye We got kicked out. We stayed till closing time. Let’s be real. We only got three books. We would have gotten 30, but we spent so much time filming and looking around that by the time we were done, it was closing time. We only bought three books. Cycling and book perusing has kind of got me feeling pretty hungry. Should we go eat? Oh my god, you guys. We just got to LLangoed Hall, which is a five-star hotel and restaurant, which looks like it’s in this giant old manor. We are about to have the best meal of the trip. Let’s go. Getting some Shining vibes in here. Here’s Johnny…….. We have been seated and greeted and given a nice Speyside Scotch, which is made by the hotel itself. This is the hotel and a restaurant, but it was originally a castle. In 560 there was a settlement here where it hosted one of the first Welsh Parliaments. It was later turned into a country manor, restored and then became a hotel more recently. My name’s Nick Brody. We’re at Llangoed Hall. We’ve got an extensive sort of kitchen garden. It started off with a sort of bad patch of Victorian garden, and everything’s being replanted with a smoking house and we’ve got a lot of chickens, ducks, so we’re always using those eggs somewhere along the line in the menus. For an “Amuse Bouch.” We’ve just had a beautiful lobster, squid, prawn bisque, and now we have hen egg for the starter. Scallops with caviar. Oh wow. We’ve gone from white wine to a pinot noir, a burgundy. Well, that was amazing. It was refined. It was elegant. it was superlative in all forms. Honestly, I don’t know what was better… the surroundings, the artwork, the wine list or the food, but combined it was an unforgettable experience. And to put it on top of an epic day here in Brecon Beacons…. I’m pretty much speechless. Anyways guys, let us know what your favorite part of this video was. If you liked the bookshop, tell us what your favorite used bookstore is in your hometown. Let us know in the comment box below, and we’ll see you guys soon. If you like this video, you know what to do: thumbs -up, share it with your friends, subscribe, and turn on notifications if you have not already. And in the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace.

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    Where I live there's books in all the charity shops and books in the market. The market has so many books it might have them all. & there is a library. Apparently people are going off of reading books on computer screens and going back to actually buying the books. Cause they miss the feel of a good book in their hands. Computer tablets don't feel the same. & For me I find that i lose my place too easily and though I book mark I can suddenly find I am on page 132 instead of maybe page 9 and can not find where I got to. Never had that problem with a real book in my hands. As for reading. I tend to read non stop for months and then go about four months not reading till I see one I want and then I'm off again. Reading

    Do you have signs in America that say "Elderly people" like in UK ?

    We turned into a long winding driveway that said it was a restaurant and ended up at this big old posh looking house and we did not know if we'd find anywhere else to eat so went in. It was mega luxurious. With sofas to sit on while you waited for your table and a bar that looked like from long time ago. In a different century. And the dinning hall was posh with long curtains. But I dont think it was where you have gone to. But somewhat reminds me of. I can't remember it's name or where. But was in the Brecon Beacons. Be funny if was same place. I'd have to dig out all old photos to know.

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  17. Love this video. You do a great job.
    I live in California, grew up in Llyswen, close to Llangoed Hall when it was Llangoed Castle and owned by the Christie family ( prominent London hat makers since 1773)
    I had the privilege of staying there a few years ago. I visit the area frequently to see family and friends in Hay On Wye. Also lived near Talybont On Usk.

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  26. Hay-on-Wye, or as it was known in the 1960s and 70s….Way-on-High, due to all the hippies camping up on Hay Bluff mountain. I remember all the shops having signs in the windows saying they will not serve hippies. My mother's birthplace and her place of rest, along with generations past. Nice film.

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  29. When I lived in the LA county my favorite used bookshops were The Last Bookstore in downtown LA and "Gatsby's Books" in Lakewood (it's actually on the border or Lakewood and Long Beach) and now that I'm in Riverside County, there's this tiny, could-be-missed place called Downtowne Books. Really cool! I love used book stores 😍

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  41. This makes me so homesick. I'm from south Wales a few miles from Brecon, and its just so beautiful. I can't wait to head back there for Christmas I'm finally making it home this year.

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  46. Hi, just found your Wales series. As a Welsh "exile" who has in England for many years, I found your series interesting and amusing. Also to be honest quite a "shock" to see you in Wales after all the exotic (to me) places you have visited! I still miss the strong sense of cultural identity and friendliness which exists in Wales, even though I left Abergavenny when I was 12! If you can get past the unpredictable weather, which as you say lends drama to landscape photos, then the Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia National Parks offer a whole world of world-class hiking adventures.

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