Funny Face (3/9) Movie CLIP – Funny Face (1957) HD

Funny Face (3/9) Movie CLIP – Funny Face (1957) HD

Frankly dear, your modesty reveals to me Self-appraisal often makes us sad And if I add, your funny face appeals to me Please don’t think I’ve suddenly gone mad You have all the qualities of Peter Pan I’d go far before I’d find a sweeter pan I love your funny face Your sunny, funny face! For you’re a cutie with more than beauty You’ve got a lot of personality for me You fill the air with smiles For miles and miles and miles Though you’re no Mona Lisa For world’s I’d not replace Your sunny, funny face!

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  1. I used to watch this scene (as well as the Bohemian dance Audrey later does) as a teenager and I would pause it after every step they did was finished and I would draw little "thumbnail" sketches (as they call them at Disney animation) of the positions they were in-never tracing just looking at the images on screen and draw stick figures as opposed to full out drawings of Audrey and Fred

  2. After I got my wisdom teeth pulled out my friend recorded me singing this song. Hahahahhahaha. Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepern are awesome.

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