Fusion GPS Founders Pen Book On President Donald Trump Investigation | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Fusion GPS Founders Pen Book On President Donald Trump Investigation | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. If Trump thinks that these two outstanding investigators are lying and defaming him, he should resort to the courts to clear his name, otherwise, they are right in all they have written about him.

  2. Is this an attempt by the swamp, msm and the powers that may be to preempt the Barr Durham Reports because it smells fishy with its timing and substance spin.

  3. Is it possible leading republicans know how bad Trumps past behavior has been and are covering him because they know it will destroy them and the party

  4. not since Benedict Arnold … what to do with a President who was found to have sold out his country to the Russians?? .. Treason carries the death penalty doesn't it?… dont suppose not releasing his tax's would have anything to do with the trail of where his money is coming from

  5. People if it looks like a duck quacks like a duck than it is a duck so people out there still willing to vote for Trump take those fricken blinders off see the quack for what he is.

  6. Federal agents burst into a swanky apartment at Trump Tower in New York City as part of a larger raid that rounded up 29 suspected members of two global gambling rings with operations allegedly overseen by a supposed Russian mob boss https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/09/trump-russian-mobster-tokhtakhounov-miss-universe-moscow/

  7. These two guys are not telling the truth. The President has been involved with Russian money. These transaction helped him . His building was not selling any real-estate and was no fully occupied. many of these people are writing books making money on the dis function of the American political process. The citizens of this nation are being lied to and short changed. And not a political soul is doing nothing about it . Lie after lie changing stories and no one in government is being held accountable. Good by American Democracy. As the leader of Russia during the Kennedy Administration 'we will bury you.' And no one pays any attention to history.

  8. Whatever Putin say's in the morning, Trump say's in the afternoon, and the repigs inculcate incessantly the next day….

  9. So These 2 just admitted that the DNC and Hillary Clinton paid a foreign spy to get Russian dirt on Donald Trump. That's paying for foreign election interference, you paid off corporate shills and brainwashed leftists in bed with warmongers and neo mccarthyites. I can't wait for the civil war. This time republicans will abolish the democrat party and execute its leaders and mouthpieces. No mercy on you zombies.

  10. Compared to the coherent & consistent testimonies given by distinguished career officials about Trump's bribery attempt, his defenders sound like they're grabbing at straws with their conspiracy theories only the Trump base can believe. It's almost comical.

  11. England was always fighting with Russia in history. France fought with Russia as well. Germany? Russians are half germans however Hitler fought with Russia. Intelligence in England needs to spay on Russia. France and Germany may doing that too.

  12. Oh Bogus its clear Trump is clearly unfit to be President of the U.S.A. period 12 expert witnesses proved Quid pro co better yet Bribery😵

  13. Mueller was Not allowed to follow the money, if he had been allowed to follow the money, he would have found something. He was blocked in every single way, including tax returns, including financial records, including his relationship with Deutsche Bank.

  14. Russia owns Trump! All his talk of a coup is right but the coup is of Trump's making! Impeachment hearing's?? I think we can add TREASON to the charges!! Every move Trump makes benefits Russia and that includes making our government weaker by the day!!

  15. Everyone is smelling Trumps demise . Everyone in the know
    Will be cashing in . Trumps exit from office either by removal or election will be front for seats for the country and the world .

  16. Really?! A Conservative Newspaper? Liars extraordinaire! TELL US WHICH ALLEGED #Conservative News Paper? Perhaps the Clinton News Network? These two belong in a gulag. $35 MILLION w 14 Clinton Democrat Trump-Chasing Lawyers more believable. Leave it to MSNBC the premier iteration of the National Enquirer.

  17. Most Trump voters will never even hear any of this even though all of it is easily accessed online in the transcripts of the house and senate hearings on Fusion GPS. None of them have read it and their GOP representatives who were there will not tell them about it. They believe whoever is in their face yelling the same thing over and over again. Trump

  18. I have a feeling that high ranking Republicans had access to Trump's taxes. That would explain all or nothing approach to Trump's defence.

  19. I wouldn't count out Hills opinion about this at all. She has worked amonst those parties for quite some tine. Plus foreign citizens see things more clear, better than Americans. There perspectives are broader.

  20. Morning Joe…Always better with out Joe and his always talked over wife.
    MSNBC..Please put Willy Geiss as the host and get rid of that "conservative" blowhard.

  21. "crime in progress" is a good title for a book, especially one about Trump!

    but which specific "crime" are they alleging is "in progress"?

    or do they mean continual crime in progress?

    living in Britain, I dont completely trust the Mueller report,
    I think its a bit like the british Leveson Inquiry, the Grenfell Tower Inquiry,
    and the inquiries into Hillsborough,

    all these accumulate a lot of important information,
    eg huge amounts of witness and participant statements.
    and you can learn a lot of inside stuff studying them,

    BUT, at the end of it, nothing happens, noone gets in trouble.

    its a lot of genuine thunderclaps, but no lightning.

    the Leveson Inquiry began from the phone hacking scandal of Rupert Murdoch's newspaper
    called "The News of the world", where they would get phone numbers off famous people,
    then they would dial into the answerphone messages using the password 0,

    the phones have a default password of 0, which most people dont reset,

    and Murdochs journalists would snoop on their phone messages using the default password.

    they would then do scoop news stories based on these,

    I think these must have been landlines, but am not sure.

    but at some point they published something that they couldnt have known and their trick
    was exposed. This eventually led to a governmental inquiry.

    with this inquiry, they summoned for sworn testimony all the top people of british society,
    INCLUDING Rupert Murdoch.

    if you want to watch Rupert Murdoch giving testimony, his testimony is the following videos,
    be warned they are very long and the video player software is very fiddly:


    From the endless testimony of a lot of Murdoch proteges, a lot of Murdoch's sinister MO became exposed, eg how he groomed Nick Clegg via Frederic Michel, Clegg was then leader of the libdem party,
    and today is a high level executive of Facebook. Clegg also was involved with high level EU stuff
    after the fall of communism.

    Nick Clegg is married to a high level spanish woman, and so Frederic Michel married a spanish woman,
    they had babies in the same hospital ward etc. the Murdoch MO is like the woman in the film "single white female"
    where the creepy woman copies EVERYTHING the other woman does.
    With Cameron, the editor of Murdochs news of the world paper, Rebekah Brookes,
    she moved in next door to Cameron by marrying his neighbour! And Rebekah would dine with the
    Camerons each weekend. Murdoch is using a similar trick with Trump, via Hannity.
    Hannity isnt a friend of Trump, he is a spy, a friendly spy, the single white female MO.
    Donald Trump jr also has as girlfriend a Fox News journalist called Kimberly Guilfoyle.
    She isnt a girlfriend, she is a spy, like that Kim Carnes song Bette Davis eyes,


    Murdoch originally australian, and now american, admits in the Leveson inquiry directly threatening british leaders
    with quid pro quos, which would be federal offences in the US, but the UK doesnt have such laws!

    eg John Major in the following excerpt says, when John Major says "european policies" he means EEC = EC = EU policies,
    the EU has changed name several times, Murdoch is anti EU.


    Mr Murdoch said that he didnt really like our european policies, this was no surprise to me,
    he didnt like our european policies, and he wished me to change our european policies,
    if we couldnt change our european policies, his papers could not and would not support the conservative government.


    a quid pro quo of "if you change your policy, my papers will support you", illegal in the US, legal in the UK!

    Rupert Murdoch himself mentions a threat he made to UK leader Gordon Brown:

    "I'm sorry to tell you Gordon, we have come to the conclusion we will support a change of government when and if there is an election. not if but when there is an election."


    Murdoch's newspaper got shut down as a result of the adverse publicity,
    but dont panic, Murdoch has other newspapers in Britain eg The Times and The Sun,
    as well as a multichannel tv station, Sky. Epstein collects famous people, and Murdoch
    collects famous journals eg The Wall Street Journal.

    But apart from his News of the World shutting down, nothing at all happened to Murdoch.

    The Grenfell Tower inquiry, is about a tower block of council flats in London, which went up in flames because
    of flammable exterior cladding that had been installed. The inquiry is headed by a retired judge, Sir Martin Moore-Bick,
    with testimony from people who escaped, from victims relatives, from everyone associated with
    the disaster. But so far nothing has happened to anyone.

    The Hillsborough inquiries are about an audience disaster at a soccer match in 1989,
    but until recently, the high level people who did the poor crowd control evaded punishment.

    What these inquiries do, eg Mueller, is they pursue the facts, but they never punish the top people.

    its basically a diversion tactic, misdirection. Say a house is set on fire, they determine who
    lit the fire, what matches were used, the time, whose house it was, what happened to them,
    etc. All factually correct, but nothing happens to the person who lit the fire.

    I had a lengthy dispute myself with a builder company, and the builders had fragrantly broken
    the Building Regulations Act of parliament. According to this act, with certain works,
    the builders have to issue a building regulations certificate to the customer and the building control department
    of local government within 30 days. They hadnt, but when I contacted the building control department,
    they said they cannot do anything because it is civil law. Because civil law, I would need to personally take legal action. But all law firms said not interested because the amount disputed less than their fees!

    So these inquiries are a bit like that, its beyond their remit to press charges, all they do is gather facts.
    It is for say congress to press charges on the president. But with presidential privileges,
    probably the only charges they can do would be impeachment, which is where we are.
    Congress in fact can only build a case, only a totally different bunch of people, senate,
    can remove the trump.

    BASICALLY Mueller didnt have the authority to lift a finger against the president,
    only Congress has that authority via impeachment, and then the Senate has the authority to
    remove the president. It is very binary, either remove the president or dont lift a finger.
    And has enormous inertia, complex lengthy process which is currently underway.

    Mueller did have authority on other people, hence the Trump minions who ended up in jail,
    eg Cohen, Manafort, Stone.

    Mueller also didnt write the report but was more an editor of the report.

    as Mueller is FBI, the F stands for "federal" so Mueller could only pursue FEDERAL misdemeanours,
    hence anything non federal he had to punt to state prosecutors, hence the SDNY stuff.
    He didnt just punt that because too busy, but because his remit is only federal.

    congress, the senate and the president also only have authority on federal matters.
    eg when Trump bemoaned the conditions in Cummings Baltimore, well Cummings had no authority
    on local conditions, not his department, litter in Baltimore is the responsibility of the
    Baltimore local government. Cummings authority was on federal committees and voting on
    federal legislation. Trump also has no authority on garbage collection in Washington, Central Park,
    and Miami. I think garbage collection is not a federal matter. I think also education is a local govt matter.
    congress, the senate,the president and the FBI only deal with big stuff.

    another eg, Trump can only pardon federal offences. So any SDNY offences of any Trump crony
    cannot be pardoned by Trump.

    if Trump has committed offences in SDNY, he cannot just put Pence in temporarily as president to
    pardon him then swap jobs again, because SDNY offences are presumably not federal.

    this small print of federal versus state, is the kind of technicality I ran into with my own dispute,
    where the builders could evade most things. I only managed to successfully oppose them on
    their invoice, there was sufficient law to do that.

  22. It is always a more pleasant experience watching when Joe isn't asking a question of a guest and then continuing to run his mouth about the question or topic and the guest just sits there with nothing to do. With Willy you actually get to hear what the guest has to say in regard to the questions at hand.

  23. In a neutral sense, I believe trump did more than any other president to increase economic activity in one sector , book publishing.

  24. The Mindless Marxist Mental Morons Media Are The disaster squad party of the Democrats in the failed coop Impeachment.. Your empty Squads Are Raking Up Some Useless Points we The People Are Not One Bit Surprised lahlahlah is the song of the soulless Deception Demonic Democrats Mental lahlah

  25. Well all of the accusations against Trump were debunked in the Mueller report after 2 years of nonsense and lies from Schiff. The Schiff Show has no evidence of anything improper by the President, certainly nothing illegal. The American people aren't falling for an imaginary bag of hot air. Certainly not after the 3 years of false accusations. The people remember the day after the election, the communists were protesting against free elections in America. They remember the harassment of the electors, the obscene protests at the inauguration, the bugging of the Trump campaign and transition team, the Russian hoax, now this crazy impeachment ordeal conducted in secret and excluding House members not part of the socialist party. Then for the final few days made the inquiry public and it backfired because people could see it and realized there was nothing there and Schiff had lied yet again. The Senate will not remove the President without any evidence or the support of the majority of the American people.

  26. We have been penetrated big time by the Russians,,, lots of our people are working for them either knowingly of unknowingly,,,,,,,,

  27. You can spin this however you like, but we have been researching this for three years… Good luck trying to spin these facts as they finally come out… This whole dossier was nothing but re-hashed fiction writen by Glen Simpson against John McCain… You people are nothing but deep state propaganda… #WalkAway #Trump2020 #RedTide2020 #KAG #WearRedOnElectionDay #ShowTheWorld #Proof #WWG1WGA

  28. It’s the same pattern every time. They are trying to get ahead of the #igreport that traces the money these shysters took in from the Clinton campaign for the phony Russian dossier that was leaked to illegally obtain a warrant #fisaabuse

  29. And oh yeah, nice hardball interview. I haven’t seen a fluff piece like that since Megyn Kelly interviewed #jamesalefantis #pizzagate #podestaartcollection #cometpingpong

  30. These guys are trying to get ahead of the indictments. I hope you sell plenty of copies so you can pay for your legal bills.

  31. It's time to Protest Against Trump treasion president and REPUBLICANs Traitors it's time for Americans to fight back ..this Trump / Putin is threat to USA National security..our life's and military life's Putin crazy deranged Dictator Trump is for him not us…We The people have to Fight Once Again like are forefathers before us ..Let's Protest like Hong Kong..We want Trump out of *Our White House NOW..We Are The Boss Of Trump and we the people"*FIRED Trump!!!!!!! Protest Against Trump treasion president..Protest like they do in Hong Kong!! Unacceptable not in our country..never again..We Are The United States of America!!! Putin We Are Firing Ur pResident…!! All NATO countries will be placing Sanctions on Russia no more cyber war Bi… PUTIN U lost.. United We Stand ..Trump get out of our White House… ILEGAlly TREASION PRESIDENT NOT IN THE USA get out of are White House!!!!!Protest Protest Against Trump treasion president…Protest like Hong Kong… -Dictator /commustist Proganda/ Putin /Trump +Be Gone ..we will fight for are Democracy.. United we Stand …we are the United States of America!!!!!!

  32. Bernie Sanders 2020!! …Tulsi Gabbard or Andrew Yang for V.P …these are true non establishment progressives who really care for the working class Americans. No Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Julian Castro, Pete Buttigieg, Cory Booker, Beto Orourke, these are political establishment puppets who do the bidding of corporations. ….there just as bad as republican candidates. Get out the Vote, health care is a human right!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJaW32ZTyKE

  33. “Huge amounts of mystery money flowed through Donald trumps properties.”
    This is why presidents should be required to release financial documents and why trump continues to fight it.

  34. This show is always better with Willie hosting MSNBC get with the program, loud mouth republicans like joe is NOT the way start the day,
    yelling,ranting,bad behaviour talking over others, why have guest when he does not let them speak, let alone poor Mika.

    Terrible demonstration of how to engage with intelligent women daily generational change is required ADAPT or perish.

  35. "Trump is cranking up the fog machine"… OH CRAP , and WE have to hear trumps BS, and HE is freaking running for reelection as U.S. president,,, sickening.!!

  36. Glenn and Peter, you guys are the true hero's in a vast swamp of American politics. Lies, bias, protectionism, fear, ignorance, need to be uncovered and clarified.

  37. There is a ton of stuff that Mueller dispersed to multiple state judiciaries that is still being investigated and corroborated. The money trail will be exposed soon enough.

    The Trump University scam. Trump using money from the Trump Foundation charity to pay his own bills, and channeling donor money from his charity into charities set up by his sons (a common way among the ultrarich to launder money and avoid taxes). The Kazakhstan/Georgia money laundering scheme, which involved Trump and Felix Sater. Trump's shady connections to Putin, and to the Italian Mafia in New York since the 1980s, all this has been documented. Trump's several bankruptcies, with him being bailed out by Russian oligarchs and the Deutsche Bank. Trump's connections to Prosperity Gospel Church fundamentalists. Trump's attempt to swindle his own father to get sole control of his father's wealth. His adultery. Oh, and also Trump's connection to Stephen Bannon the right-wing demagogue of (then) Breitbart infamy, who has openly stated his goal is to sow chaos to bring down Western democracies because he believes democracies are weak and that chaos will give him power. (Well, until Donald Trump threw Bannon to the wolves.)

  39. The west thought the fall of communism in Eastern Europe would automatically bring about capitalist democracies. It’s been a long road, but we’re finally beginning to see the nasty effects of kleptocracies that want to insulate their power while spreading their wealth and influence. The Saudi Royals were cool because they played ball, so was the Shah and Sadam for a time, but Putin and his boys are a bit of a different story. I’m personally sick of doing business with the companies they finance and watching the sports teams these people own. Anyone in the west who pays taxes and plays by the rules should be disgusted by it. It’s pretty clear to anyone who wasn’t born yesterday that Trump wants no part in stopping kleptocrats from spreading their wealth. And to MSNBC, stop saying “Russians” or “Russia”, it’s not a country with a national motive, the people are good people, it’s Putin and his band of criminals.

  40. The GOP will literally lie about anything.. They started the investigation into trump and now place blame on the Dems… what a crock of $hit…

  41. "… you two have a right to remain silent… otherwise we'll throw your own books at you so you can do your own corrections in the gizmo… for good… right now!"

    Just a friendly reminder…

  42. I can't get behind a lot of political opinions, but the comparison of the christopher steel dossier to the reporting of the attacks on pearl harbor was the flimsiest things I've heard in quite some time.

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