Genting Highland Malaysia – a heaven on earth جنه الارض وجمال الطبيعه ماليزيا جنتينج  الاطبيعه👍🏻

Genting Highland Malaysia – a heaven on earth جنه الارض وجمال الطبيعه ماليزيا جنتينج الاطبيعه👍🏻

today i came back with a new video today ima vlog see my view , how is the view? today i will go to ill come due to the lighting , i know the view is better god willing we will go to Genting Highland a very nice place and cold and isnt at the same time so many people go there at the weekend a mall a coffee place be with us to show you watch the video we just arrived fro, gombak station to Genting Highland is 38 minute and we will now get on the caple car sorry the machins are too loud so you wouldnt hear me cleary we dropped here we go to Chin Swee Caves temple a chinese temple around eight floors to go down we will go down amd find out i found this place while i was going down i said why not to film it we still didnt reach to the temple that is a temple there are also some left we go through and find out i am stuck raining raining as well see how heavy we are now started going to the temple that is from 1918 till 2007 i dooont know what this is it might be decoration or a god see the view naturally that is a temple no worries you are gonna see everything clear see the view see down oh my god these are gods these are books so if someone wants to join thier religion and that is the greatest as you see and that is third honestly the view amazing and that is the biggest the same like that fell with the heavy raining and the wind some of what they believe in just reached to the mall it is so big but i am so hungry first of all we have a meal i finish eating and then i contiune vlogging i liked it i said why not to upload it as you see how cool it is the mall is big see it so if someone comes with their friends or children maybe if walk more than hour you will not even finish it Eiffl tower a ship there is bowling there is everything im here i will flim the activities and i hope you like it we just reached here it is said you dont have to be perfect to be amazing i wont tranlate of course the place is fantistic i swear that i broght this Nescafe and the sugur because of this weather this coffee star bucks doesnt have like that star bucks is upstairs and i didnt buy that does not mean it is an add foe their or mention them but this and i am not addicted to coffees i came from home for this weather and drink Nescofee here to play blowing see the crowd and it is Monday imagine on the weekend here is a mall down before you hit the caple car all brands we have guess and so on things are so cool if you wanna shop before you go up or come down i still have one hour to the bus i said why not to browse and we end the vlog see the view how great very cool place and dont forget to subscribe and share it with your friends see you on other videos thanks for watching follow my snap to see my life in malaysia

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