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  1. never commented before but been loving your channel and your videos for quite a while already and love the joan you have been showing us~ fighting! =)

  2. since your 1st vlog , you made me happy and enthusiast for living my life and i picked you as a model .. so Thank you so much for being a part for my life Joan .. i support you and i love you Girl

  3. Omgg Joannn! I am so thankful for all the things you did for all the fans. Please have sometime of your own when you can do whatever you want. I totally understand and I am very happy for you to see you having your personal life back. Stay positive and live your life to the fullest!!! You will always have my support <3 loveeeee

  4. You're such a strong and hard working person. 鉂

    Just do what you want to do with your channel. I'm still going to watching because I love your vlogs. Watching your vlogs feels like not having a barrier (screen monitor lol) with you and your viewers bc you're so sincere and a fun-to-be-with kind of person. It feels like you're really communicating with us. And that's what i like in your vlogs.

  5. Dear Joan, sorry for watching this video late as I just finished off my finals. I don't always comment on a video but I wanted to let you know that people do change. Don't feel bad about your change and I know it's real hard to ignore those comments and all. I love both your Season 1 & Season 2 vlogs, it's awesome!!! I mean, people do change and of course, everyone wanted their video contents to be different and not always just stick to their old way of contents and all. And yes, you shouldn't be too hard on yourself and you don't have to always show your personal life to other. Just be you and share whatever that you like and just don't share anything that you don't want public to see it! Although it's easy to say it but it wasn't easy for you.. But here all I want you to know is that I support you and I love everything that you shows. You're the best.

  6. You rock! If there are comments that you have changed then it means that you have changed and grown.
    People change they grow and become more organised and more structured.
    You have made videos more content oriented than previous ones.
    You鈥檝e literally built yourself with hard work.
    Thank you so much for this video coz now you are more relatable and more like us.
    It was so nice and courageous of you to open up to your viewers coz you are not just some rich kid who travels and buys on parents money.
    It鈥檚 all hardworked.
    So you earned it that includes all the appreciation and love coming your way.

  7. Hey Joan, I鈥檝e been watching your videos (both main and blogs) for more than a year now, and honestly I don鈥檛 quite see the difference between your styles of videos. I think the fact that you鈥檝e grown could鈥檝e contributed to the fact that your stylistic view of your video has changed. Honestly if walking shots or the car shots are no longer your thing, then there鈥檚 no need to force it back into the videos (just as an example). I think a lot of us watch your videos for your personality although the style of the video may have attracted some viewers, I think it鈥檚 safe to say that the majority of us watch your videos for you. As long as you鈥檙e enjoying what you鈥檙e doing, I think we will enjoy your videos as well. So, just do what you think is right and fitting! At the end of the day, it鈥檚 your channel and people come and go. I will continue to support you no matter the changes鈽猴笍鈽猴笍

  8. you work so hard joan!! it must be so hard trying to keep us happy and thinking of things u think we want to see and what not, but in reality we just love watching you live life. keep being joan!!! we love joan!!

  9. I was crying so hard. I watched your vlogs repeatedly and they helped me going through some hard times. I wanted to say thank you for this!
    And also thank you for sharing this personal part of your life. It might be little scary for you but for me personally it is the biggest motivation right now, and I can so relate to your past. It takes some wories away seeing you like this!
    Thank you Joan, for all this 鉂わ笍

  10. Honestly for me I actually loved the evolution from season 1 to 2 yes I saw the change others were talking about in her style of uploads etc but like people shouldn't be afraid of change… How is some one going to know if something works out or not if you won't let them try? Don't expect something fancy or perfect all the time rather than that please appreciate her growth through out the years. I appreciate all the effort and dedication joan put into doing what she's come to love. Shes currently the only YouTuber I can relate to, plus I learn from her about skin care etc which has been a concern for me for a while, its fun to see what its like to attend these events and do certain stuff because I'm interested in that so to me that was like an inside idea what its kind of like. I went to my first event at innisfree USA and from the tips i got from joan it helped me have an idea of what to expect and she was right. I've come to look up to her and be more inspired to try and increase my experiences and knowledge so I can also pursue my goals too. I thank feel very thankful for that Joan remember this quote from BTS leader RM "happiness is not something you have to achieve right away you can still feel happy in the process of achieving something" weather its your goals, dreams your passion. And the world is going to change it doesn't mean you have to only if you want to and at your own pace 馃挄馃挄馃挄 I really love you a lot joan it kind of hurts to see you cry tbh 馃槄 if only the water works were in this video I would've been balling my eyes out. Btw live in new York but if you do decide to move here and maybe do a meet and greet or if I see you I just want to give you a big hug and thank you from the bottom of my heart you stayed strong 馃挭 for all your efforts, fails, success, struggles Achievements etc. I'm proud of you 馃挄

    – divi Kay

  11. Changing is good, but if you could give something for the audience is much better, but you don't have to. Probably what they want to see is, something that you craft, either how you performed in radio, or to hone something along the 365 days. Probably that. But it's your life, you are entitled to live the life you wants however you wants it. I see you in your bio, you put it as public figure. I'm pretty sure everyone realise every consequences of being a public figures. Chin up, wear your tiara, and find something you're good at, one step at a time.

  12. I have to admit I missed your 365 vlogs b/c you just seemed more relatable like the "girl next store" and friend vibe. But with this new season of joan day you have definitely evolved on a social and professional level. I admire your transparency and courage. Tfs

  13. joan, I actually want to thank you for wholeheartedly creating such beautiful contents, the 365 vlogs, the structured vlogs, regardless any approach or format..everything is still beautiful and informative. Bottom line is, the gem of ur channel is you, your warm and bright personality. So no matter how you grow your channel or how people think things are still lacking here and there,..the star is still you, and the joanday spirit will always be something that I look up to. Cheer up! love from Indonesia.

  14. Joan! I just want to say you are my favorite YouTuber and you are so genuine like you always cheer my up as you are like i like whatever you do and I believe this is the same as many subscribers thinking and I really just wan to hug you!!!!

  15. You are a brave girl… At least you have courage to meet with people, smiling to them, talk confidence in front of camera … Depression is a silent killer which i go through before… Just Continue to cheer in your life… You are my support when i go through my depression 馃榿

  16. I'm crying~~ 銋犮厾 People really need to reflect first before commenting and talking bad on other people. Comments is everything.

  17. I legitimately feel that she is showcasing words and experiences from my own life. The only thing is i'm at the university + work stage that she was in. Working almost for free with extra hours just to keep up and do well. (because I'm a newbie at what I do) just because it's just enough, down to the very last penny, to pay for my courses each semester. My dream is the same as her's and for her to share this makes me feel like one day I could be the one looking back like she is now.

  18. We love you despite all those things. Change or not change, we enjoyed that. Everytime you did upload, we are happy. We are just grateful for your existance 馃檪 you inspires us

  19. I鈥檓 proud of you Joan! Life is full of ups and downs, and success never come easy. I truly admire your courage for being so brave. Your hard work is definitely appreciated. Here鈥檚 a shout out to the people who鈥檚 fighting a battle that no one can see.

  20. take it easy sweety. just be you. don't force yourself to do something that is stressful to the point you couldn't function properly in to your daily life. I have been watching your videos since late 2016 and I feel different(in a good-positive way). and will always be watching your videos. So just be you. do what you want, take control cause your are the ONLY ONE can CREATE and DECIDES your own DESTINY. I love you , will always be supportive.

  21. Be yourself stay true to yourself who cares about everyone else I鈥檓 referring to (haters). There will be haters in your life just ignore them we love you and support you. Do what makes you happy 馃槉 馃挄. God bless you!!!

  22. I can't imagine the hardship you must've gone through, and from one stranger to another – I am so incredibly proud of how far you've come. The struggle you went through was not easy and I wish it would never happen to anyone, but it made you to who you are today and I hope you realise that is something you should be proud of and to keep your head high with. Remember that you have overcome EVERYTHING life has thrown at you so far, and although it sucks a bit right now you'll get through that too. I haven't kept up since the beginning and even know I only come back now and then when there's a video I'm interested in. But that's got nothing to do with you, that's entirely my own preference. You're trying to keep the vlogs interesting and you are working so hard yet there are people who says they don't like the new content, that they prefer the old. I think this might even be a good chance for you to settle down more by perhaps mixing it together. Mix the hyped content with the chill, when there's a few days where it's just work and having time for yourself, film that. When there's huge events going on and you want to show us, film that. Perhaps it's the sky that looks gorgeous today, or perhaps tomorrow GDragon is suddenly having tea in your room. Who knows! But life is life and your subscribers and fans are more than accepting of that – that you have a LIFE, not something that's tailored to only other people's interests but yours too. I have no idea if you'd even see this comment but if you've read up to this far, I'd like to remind you that your channel grew because people loved you for you – they loved the spontaneity but they also loved just watching you rest at home and do chores. I have no idea why any of this is interesting to us but it is what it is. I wish I could meet you someday and just sit down and just have a chat, just to talk because sometimes a light-hearted but thought-provoking chat with a friend is all you need to let go a little and relax. Having YouTube never meant you had to sacrifice your own happiness for others, in essence it really just means you're a freelancer (I've never though of this occupation as a bad thing) so you get to pick your own times to work at! Please remember that you will always come first to yourself, above all of us. I hope you manage to make it to 100 with more success and I truly hope you're able to participate in vlogmas, not because I want to see it but it really seemed like you did so I am 10000% ready to support and watch it all <3 Hang in there, Joan! 馃檪

  23. I鈥檝e been here since day one, and ever since then, I鈥檝e loved your videos and you so so much. So stay strong, and keep making these amazingly amazing videos 鉂わ笍 Thank you for your hard work!

  24. You do you boo boo but thank you for letting us in 鉂わ笍 you make me want to keep visiting Korea again and again

  25. Your 365 daily vlogs really made my lonely days.. I never skip ur vlogs till now. No matter what. Keep up good work, beautiful. We love you so so so much!!! Love from indonesiaa 鉂も潳鉂

  26. Joan sweety. You don't have to be sorry for changing your lifestyle or your vlogging/youtube style. I will support you in any kind of way. Love you for your realness and not for trying to be one of the usual influencer who just try to be fames to get to that "rich" statue… Keep going, don't overwork. <33 with love, Arina from Germany 馃槈

  27. girl do what makes you happy. don鈥檛 feel guilty about anything. be proud of what you鈥檝e done, doing, and can do. if you like it it鈥檚 good enough. remember this is your life you must do what makes you happy and feel content. don鈥檛 feel bad your subscribers will appreciate you no matter what. haters don鈥檛 care enough if they鈥檙e hating! dismiss them and live your best life!馃挆

  28. awwww Joan I feel like giving you a mom hug. Everyday videos is EXHAUSTING (like for real I don't know how you did it although I appreciated it). You are an amazing woman, and you may have started YouTube for 1 reason but as you and your life, and goals evolve so to will your focuses and wants in life. People will evolve and move with you and if they don't your opportunities in life will continue to flow in and move you in the BEST direction for your life. Your family must be SO PROUD of you! I hope no matter what you move forward in a way that you feel happy and confident in. Rooting for you girl! Fighting!

  29. Joan, I follow your vlogs basically because of your k beauty routines. And from there I started to see your other activities and what you posted, were my go-to cafes/places to go and your kbeauty/makeup routines were my holy grail and my skin is so much better. Please know that whatever you posts now and the future, I will watch it. You need to follow your heart, and not care too much abt criticism on your personality. We love you. You just need to be you. Saranghaeeee 鉂わ笍

  30. Dear Joan, you make us happy when we know that you yourself are truly happy. Don鈥檛 ever change for anyone but yourself. You鈥檙e such a sincere, genuine and amazing individual it is very rare to find people like that nowadays. Thank you so much for trusting us enough to open up to us. We love you so so much.

  31. Joan, you鈥檙e beautiful and amazingly beautiful at heart. If there are many subscribers that aren鈥檛 able to support you and put themselves in your shoes, that鈥檚 truly selfish. You do you boo! Yes, it鈥檚 true you鈥檙e pretty awesome and we would like to be a part of your everyday life but, the reality is you have to live your life and enjoy yourself, your family and your friends. It can鈥檛 be all about us, we also should be mindful of you. I hope these words can be of encouragement to you!

  32. Sister I don't know that if you will read my comment or not but I really want to tell you that you need not worry much because your are doing a great job 馃槝馃槝馃槝 We are happy as long as you are happy 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍 If season 2 has given you a better personal life then we are happy for you 馃槉馃槉 love you forever from India 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍馃槏 馃槏 馃槏

  33. And thank you for sharing this video , it definitely will help other people who are going through the same struggles as you did and i am so glad that everything has gotten better for you 馃挄

  34. And posting this video just proves how strong you鈥檙e because it鈥檚 hard to post something like this to the public 馃挄

  35. I don鈥檛 think you should rush into this because it might cause you lots of stress , just take your time. I鈥檓 sure everyone else will understand , if they don鈥檛 it鈥檚 their lost because your health is more important 馃挄

  36. 3 weeks ago when I saw the title of this episode I know there's a big chance it's going to be tear jerking episode and I wasn't ready for it but now watching this episode still ended me up tearing by watching you getting so emotional and honest to all of your followers and thank you so much we really appreciated it.

  37. Those who went through hard processes will go out as a shining individuals. Keep shining & give positive impact as always. 馃檪

  38. I honestly cannot understand how people could think that anyone could be happy while vlogging EVERY day. It is impossible. It drains you physically and emotionally and I would never want you to be harmed by such a routine. Please don't change for such people, they see you as a product and not as a person. I love you and I love your vlogs and videos. You are so sweet and honest. Please don't think you are wrong in any way. You are super cool! Also thanks for sharing a bit of your personal life. You are strong and I wish you and your family the best. Never forget how precious you are and how beautiful and smart and funny! Best wishes

  39. i'm so happy you were able to share this with us, you are in inspiration to me and a lot of others. i cried with you and i'm happy you are so precious and have such a pure sweet heart. all the best in the rest of the year and all of your other endeavours. love you joan

  40. we love you ,your vlogs and on the top of that your personality .I personally admire you for being the real you, you are lovely and beautiful inside out for sure after watching this vlog…I literally see you as my elder sister and inspiration so please keep smiling and don't be depressed anymore 鈥 just do what you enjoy in life and trust your strong positive vibes for life….we love you and support you…. I wish to see you always happy… unnie saranghe!

  41. Hi Joan, I'm your new subscriber 馃檪 I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! I enjoy your video bcs of your originality & your positive energy <3 You don't need to be sorry 銋.銋 Just do what you love & may you find happiness in whatever you do!

  42. Joan鈥攖hank YOU for putting so much effort in everything you do and please, don't apologise!

    Back during my first summer vacations from university, I found your channel and I'd watch your vlogs regularly and honestly鈥攖hey got me through my monotonous (lethargic) routine. These days, uni has gotten super hectic and I missed your videos, so here I am trying to be inspired again. What I wanted to say was… you do you, girl.

    Never apologise for doing anything that's better for your physical/mental health, or anything else for that matter. You're honestly one of my favourite YouTuber's and I prefer your vlogs over many, many others because I feel you're so honest. Please, please, don't be hard on yourself! And don't worry about how a simple change in your vlogging style affects some of your viewers, it's YOUR life and YOUR channel; do what makes you happier! Not many people inspire me to be better, but you're one of them.

    Stay happy, love you.

  43. aww joan :(( I know i鈥檓 like a month late but your channel will be fun no matter what you post or what the format of your videos are! season 1 is different from season 2 but change is never a bad thing we鈥檙e still watching your videos even if it鈥檚 only 100 videos you don鈥檛 have to apologize and you can鈥檛 please everyone one your channel is amazing either way! you鈥檝e been working hard to get where you鈥檝e been thank you for like opening up to us bc that鈥檚 never an easy thing to do! and yes I cried when you cried you鈥檙e the sweetest person ever seriously don鈥檛 apologize for trying to do something new! love you joan i鈥檒l be here watching your videos no matter what you post 鉂わ笍

  44. Thank you so much for giving us the chance to hear your story and letting us try to understand what is up with u all this time, Joan. You are such an incredible figure, an outstanding woman and a role model. By seeing this video makes me realize that everything that are seems to be acceptable to us doesn't always feels right to other person, sorry if I messed up my words. But I just want to show you that there are many people in this world who will love and support you, Joan. And thank you so much for being such an inspiration. Since the day I started to watch your vlogs, I know all time I've spent will be worth.
    I know it's really late, but I hope you be happy with all the things you do, Joan馃挄馃挄

  45. Hi Joan, I just found you recently on your other channel, so I have no experience with your prior vlogs here, I started listening to this one because I saw your name pop up, and I really have enjoyed your videos on the other channel. So, my only comment is be true to yourself, and do what makes you happy. It's clearly working! You seem like such a genuine person, and a caring person, I think that's why people watch you folding laundry or making a plant shelf. Because it's you! That's why!! Hugs to you and please don't be hard on yourself. You have a lot of talent, and I know you'll continue to grow, in whatever direction works best for you!!

  46. Joan!! I started watching your show from season 2, and I almost binged the whole thing in a week! 馃槅 I just wanted to say – no matter what other people may say or if you're doubting yourself, you are so inspirational and have touched so many people. Every day that's a joanday is better because of you!! Keep chasing your dreams 馃

  47. Joan!!!! I know this is super late cuz i'm basically new to your channel. I've spent a few weeks catching up with everything on Joanday and this is where I feel like i must comment.
    I really enjoyed your 365 but how you are vlogging now is just as great! In my opinion you look more relaxed and you have a bit more time for you! And thats important girl! Just want to say you are inspiring, awesome and keep up the amazing work! As long as you are happy, then so are we! 馃槝馃槝
    (Btw Happy belated! I'm Nov. 8th! Scorpios Unite!!! 馃槃)
    Sorry for the long comment 馃槄

  48. You should never have to apologize for who you are and what you are doing with YOUR own life. Everyone else disagreeing either have to accept it or move on. Don鈥檛 let others dictate how you want to live/grow with your life. I love you Joan Unnie 馃挄馃挄

  49. Aww Joan…Im wishing you a happy life with your family and loved ones, sincerely… appreciate that you open up with us about your struggles. A lot of people would be able to take lessons from that, youre a great inspiration to a lot of your viewers.

  50. Joan you are an inspiration to me ,while I was having hard time your daily vlogs helped me alot. I didn't felt alone when I was watching your vlogs ,you made me felt like I had a friend . Please keep on uploading and we love you (joanday)

  51. Don't feel sorry for us! I follow you now for a while and I see random vlogs without an order. I really love your content and your passion for the things you do. So keep up what you're doing and think how you feel. Cause your mental health is the number one spot for yourself. So take care of yourself and keep up the good work 馃檪

  52. You are really doing great Joan Unnie鈥. You are the my first & only one vlogger that I started to watch & watching continuously. Yours's vlogging videos are really do matched with me. I'm really enjoying… There are will be lot of hard days & even we can't physically be there for you we always be with you in here.. So dear Unnie you are really amazing person…keep going forward.. we'll root for u. SARANHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  53. I actually recently started watching your videos n im obessessed with your channel n your style n stylenanda is awesome i love kpop now

  54. Joan I am a brand new subscriber and have spent all Christmas vacation devouring your 2018 vlogmas and then have moved on to start from all your past vlogs and videos. I am so amazed and HOOKED on following your journey. It is absolutely evident how much you pour into your work and your path and I am so appreciative of your content – no matter the frequency or the length or the content. It is all extremely interesting and engaging to me. THANK YOU for all you do. I look forward to more videos from you – but please do what YOU think is best — that is absolutely perfect for me!!!

  55. I love you Joan unnie and you will be my forever favorite vlogger/Youtuber in YT. No matter what happen, i will be supportive to you and forever grateful for inspiring me. 馃檪

  56. You are so nice…and stop apologizing for taking care of yourself. Fans don't pay anything but time…and the many gifts they give you. Youtubers are under rated some times. People who don't know the top ones think they are spoiled. But I have learned from you and others it is stressful. I just saw you about a month ago and said hmm I like her vids..I'm not into beauty stuff and no I'm not a perv but I like travel vlogs and yours are kind of cool. They could be better if you had more time but that's up to you and your management. I know you're young but stress does catch up with you. Just do you and take care of you.

  57. I鈥檓 a little surprised to watch this video and I admit I unsubscribed a while ago bc I wanted to simplify my YouTube life but I was really able to get the sense of responsibility that you have for your family which is something I have been thinking about for myself. I鈥檓 actually the opposite in that I still ask my parents for money and don鈥檛 feel particularly bad about it but hearing your story really gives me new perspective

  58. first of all, like many others have said, you don't have to apologize because you have nothing to apologize for. this is your channel and you can post whatever you want.

    as viewers we might feel like a part of your life, and you are (as far as I have seen) very inclusive and interacting in your style, so it's easy to get those feelings with you. the truth is, that as much as you vlog about, it's still only a small part of your life and your time and your personality and your history, and because of that, I think a video like this (even if it had been less emotional) will help bring down the number of future comments about The Change (and yes, I know my comment is late but whatever) because among the tears you managed to explain how your life has changed and what your thought processes about season 2 are. when people know you can have more of a personal life AND vlog when you do it more like season 2, well, then it's hard to argue with, and if people still aren't happy about it, are they really worth taking into consideration? I don't think so.

    also, I just wanna comment on the whole "why is it interesting for people to watch me fold laundry or get my nails done or walk down the street?? what do you all get out of it?". the short answer, you. it's because it's you and part of your life. for me, it's rare that I fall for someone's vlogging style, it's the vlogger themselves who catch my attention and who keeps me coming back. for that reason I also think that while some glamour and high-end life style and travels can be exciting to watch, it really is all the videos with truly daily life that are relatable to most, and it's relatable to see someone 'famous' doing every man things. if that makes sense? so if that's a significant change between season 1 and 2 (I haven't watched enough of either to know) then that might also be part of what people are missing idk.
    also, I think if you were just doing the little more everyday vlog things as your channel grew, then obviously that's what attracted people in the first place, so while I can understand the inclination, you shouldn't struggle so much with 'coming up with' content, cos what drew in the crowd to begin with was maybe/probably more spontaneous and 'boring'?

    anyway, sorry this became a novel. all I tried to say was 靾橁碃頄堨柎 鞝曤 瓿犾儩頄堨柎<3 頌橂偞!!

  59. Yes, life's temporarily tough, but what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger! ..maybe too much coffee makes us emotional as well! try hot cocoa instead! Positive, positive, positive thinking cuts the struggle!

  60. Woaaah I am very late, I somehow missed this but, always put your wellness first. A lot of your fans would stick with you because they like you, doesn't matter how often you upload.
    Just the idea of everyday vlog made me feel suffocated honestly and when you said you would stop that I personally applauded you. It's a common sense that you would be healthier with this pace of work than what you were doing before and when I watch your videos now I like it more and I feel like the content is better and I no longer feel suffocated (I am not kidding here).
    Work life balance is important and it will help you create better content in the long run ^_^
    I wish you all the best and will be there to support you no matter what because you are awesome 馃檪

  61. This video always come up as a next video while I was watching ur videos. And I just watched it.

    I don't know, I just wanna say thankyou for all the things you do. I enjoy both of ur channels. Have a joan day馃馃馃馃

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