Getting to Know Ann Arbor

[music throughout] “What’s Unique About Ann Arbor?” ALEX: I think what’s unique about Ann Arbor
is just how much diversity there is. It’s a small city, but there is so much to do. KYLA: I feel like Ann Arbor is unique because
it’s concentrated into this one city and there is so much – you can get into anything here
and if there is anything that interests you, there’s probably 20 other people who want
to do it, too, and you can make a group about it and you don’t have to feel like “I’m the
only one in town who wants to go and watch squirrels” – there’s a squirrel-watching club.
[laughs] DASHINI: I think something that people don’t
really realize is the number of great performances or cultural activities that somehow magically
turn up in Ann Arbor and it’s actually through the University of Michigan. KERRI: One thing great and unique to Ann Arbor
is the amount of green space around this town, so if you are somebody who likes to get out
and do anything outside, go sit in the park, ride your bicycle, go for a jog, take your
pets outside. It’s great. The number of parks here is unbelievable. PHIL: I think for me personally one of the
things that I enjoy the most about being at Michigan is that it is one of the oldest schools.
One of the things that I’m really interested in is the history of different things and
my own specific area is disability and rehabilitation research. For me, just being inside the Rackham
Graduate building where they announced the polio vaccine, carries a lot of weight with
me personally. “Getting Around Ann Arbor” DASHINI: One of the other things that I really
like about Ann Arbor is despite its relative size compared to big cities, it has a great
public transportation system, which is how I get around because I don’t drive. I’ve always
been able to take the buses to campus and the great thing is that the University of
Michigan when you show your student ID on the bus, you ride the bus for free, so it’s
free public transportation. Much of Ann Arbor is in fact really walkable. TIZOC: I really like Ann Arbor because it
is small, it’s very easy to get around. For me, I personally get around mostly by walking
everywhere. I walk to campus, I walk to the grocery store. Bikes are a great way to get
around, too. I’ve also used a bike. And everything by bike is 5 minutes away, so it’s very quick
to get anywhere. “Living Options in Ann Arbor” KERRI: You have all sorts of housing options
in Ann Arbor if you decide to be a graduate student here. The first thing I would do is
start on the University’s webpages and look at options both on campus and off campus. KAITLIN: I live in a house that has been converted
to apartments with three other people. One of which is a Pharmacy student, and two of
which are graduates from Eastern Michigan University. We live together and it’s really
nice. I ended finding them on Craiglist. PHILIP: If you are looking for quiet places,
I would suggest looking on North Campus. They have lots of cheaper housing that is in a
quieter area and the standard tends to be a little bit better than Central Campus. If
you are looking for houses, I would look at the Old West Side. A lot of times, people
like to live near Kerrytown. ALEX: The best place to live in my opinion
is Kerrytown. That’s maybe just because I live there. It’s close to campus and close
to the market and there is a lot going on around there. It’s a good escape from campus
life. KAITLIN: The closer you get to campus the
pricier it’s going to be. KERRI: Ask current students where they live
because a lot of times, they might have a house or a neighborhood they would recommend
and they can pass it along to you. ASHLEY: I think it really depends on what
makes you happy, what makes you content. It’s not just about getting an apartment for school,
it’s really about investing time for the next stage of your life, so you really have to
factor in what’s the best place for you when you think about where to live. “Must-sees and Must-dos” KERRI: There are so many must-sees and must-dos
in Ann Arbor. ASHLEY: My must-do is to go to Washtenaw Dairy.
I love Washtenaw Dairy. You can get a 3 scoop kids waffle cone for $2.75. KYLA: You have to go to a football game. You
have to walk into that stadium that seats however many hundreds of thousands of people. PHIL: The whole community feels it. Just walking
down State Street, everyone’s wearing yellow shirts. It’s just a different environment.
It’s almost like a holiday. TAEYJUANA: A must-do in Ann Arbor is eat.
Try just everything and anything. DASHINI: I would definitely check out the
Zingerman’s Roadhouse or the Zingerman’s Deli. Zingerman’s is a famous name in the country
for great food. TIZOC: They have great sandwiches, great desserts,
and you can go in there and you can just sample everything. They have great cheeses. ELAN: Check out Detroit. When a friend of
mine came to Ann Arbor for the first time, we went down to the first two original Coney
Islands, these are restaurants that are very native to Detroit and Michigan. We tried both
of their hot dogs and fries to see who had the best. Kind of Man vs. Food style. KYLA: Go to Canada. I’ve never been in a state
that was so close to Canada. You can go to another country and be back home for dinner. ASHLEY: In the spring, I have to go to the
Arboretum. I’m not a huge nature person, but for me, it signals, okay, winter’s over. EBONY: There are so many things for parents
to do with their kids in Ann Arbor. My son, for instance, loves the Hands-On Museum, and
if we ever have a rainy day, and my son just wants to get out of the house, I know I can
just go to the Hands-On Museum for free with my membership and let him play around. DYLAN: Ann Arbor is a very family-friendly
town. You have the Hands-On Museum, which is wonderful, especially for older kids, and
then you have lots of other things that you’re allowed to do for free with your MCard. One
of those that I love to do is go to the Botanical Gardens. You can do that throughout the winter.
They have a Conservatory where it’s heated and it’s lovely and it’s great because we’ve
gone there and allowed our son to crawl around and hang out and it’s just a wonderful thing
to do. KERRI: Walk through the Student Union. You
really get a feel for the history of the University. Then just wander downtown and check out all
the cool shops and restaurants and you’ll get a feel for this neat town. “Favorite Thing(s) About Ann Arbor” YUAN: My favorite thing about Ann Arbor – actually,
I like everything about Ann Arbor. KAITLIN: My favorite thing about Ann Arbor
is how easy it is to be healthy here. Not only do we have a great, fresh Farmer’s Market
that happens on Saturdays and Wednesdays, every Saturday and Wednesday during the summer,
but also everyone here is really active and it’s really easy to be active. There are bike
lanes in all of the roads, there are runners, joggers, skateboarders, walkers. There is
always something going on and it’s really easy and affordable to do so. TAEYJUANA: My favorite thing about Ann Arbor
is the summer weather and how everyone comes out and enjoys it. You have all the summer
festivals. PHILIP: Summertime is when the culture of
Ann Arbor really comes out and there’s several things that you can do. There’s Art Fair,
which happens every year. ELAN: My favorite thing about Ann Arbor is
the lack of traffic. I am from a major metropolitan area and so coming to Ann Arbor, I can get
to campus from almost anywhere in 15 minutes. TIZOC: I love the fact that Ann Arbor is walkable.
Everything is within a walking distance. I walk to my lab, I walk to the grocery store,
I walk to the Farmer’s Market, I walk to downtown. I really enjoy the fact that everywhere I
can get, I can walk. KERRI: It’s easily the coolest town I’ve ever
lived in and I’ve lived in other college towns before but Ann Arbor is bigger, it has more
to offer, it’s got more interesting people. It’s got a whole separate downtown that’s
next to the campus, but it’s got its own life and its own energy and I love that. You can
escape campus and there’s tons of restaurants and movie theaters, bars, art, art galleries,
all kinds of fun things. I was really looking for a grad program that had its own town,
a vibrant town with it and Ann Arbor fits that bill.

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