Green Lantern FEAR 101 – Secrets Of Sinister House

Green Lantern FEAR 101 – Secrets Of Sinister House

Greetings comics lovers welcome back to casually
comics the channel where we chat all things comics from reviews of comics new and old
to history to anecdotes to really wherever our whims take us. I’m Sasha and horror
isn’t just for Halloween no this genre is always here to give you goosebumps or keep
you up at night all year round. Today we’re going to look at a story from a horror anthology
comic well a homage to rather from DC. Secrets Of Sinister House. Before we get started please
if you love talking about comics subscribe we’d love to have you join the party. Horror comics were a huge genre before the
silver age when they were largely crushed by the comics code authority. They would see
a slight resurgence in the bronze age when some of the bans were lifted for example the
oes against using supernatural creatures so you could have more wiggle room. However by
that point the superhero genre was once more a firmly established juggernaut and even if
horror comics were still enjoyed they never again rose to the same height of cultural
prominence though their legacies would linger. DC themselves actually tried their hands at
a horror comic in the 70s an anthology series called the secrets of sinister house though
it was initially called The Sinister House of Secret Love for 4 issues and focused on
horror romance that angle died hard. The series ran from July 1972 – July 1974 and lasted
18 issues it never really got off the ground. However in 2019 the name and concept were
mined for a new secrets of sinister house anthology for halloween but this time ft stories
starring dc heroes random one shots some from the main verse and others from outside it.
Some are solid a couple are bad and most are ok. There were 2 I really loved and of the
two I decided to share the green lantern one with you cause it has a whole Alien thing
going on. So we’re going to look at Green Lanterns
in Fear 101 written by che grayson with art by Miguel mendoca and colours by bill crabtree. It starts on page 63 this comic does this
thing where it doesn’t give the titles til the end for reasons. We open on jessica Cruz who is a new lantern
well relatively new she debuted in 2014 and was originally from Earth 3. Long story short
she wasn’t chosen like other lanterns instead a ring forced itself on her but she was able
to overcome it thanks to help from Batman and she would later because of her actions
be granted a real or rather proper green lantern ring. The thing is Jessica was an unlikely
choice and wouldn’t have been a candidate under normal circumstances because she suffers
from crippling anxiety to the point at times of agoraphobia and getting a ring doesn’t
magically fix her either it’s something she constantly battles with and can at times
actually make her incapable of using her ring. Jesica is really unique and if you’re anxious
be it a little or to an actual clinical level Jessica can be really relatable in way not
many superheroes are. She;s a good addition cause she brings something new is what I’m
saying. All that set up was to prime you for what’s about to happen. Lett’s do this. They have no name, just a singular voice.
Worthless Burden you weak pathetic thing. This is what it feels like inside my head.
Her lantern partner and best friend Simon Baz asks her to breakfast but she says he
can’t and he gets that so he doesn’t push he just brings over breakfast. What’s wrong. It’s just these new anxiety
meds aren’t working I got zero sleep last night I’m sorry. But Baz wont have any of
that and yes he has the same name as a rainbow rowell character. He not only got her breakfast
but something super awesome matching bracelets. Come on who doesn’t love a good matching
bracelet you can act like you’re too cool but I see the joy of your inner child in there
they want a bracelet. Also they’re green so they’ll match their uniforms. However then they get an alert for a lantern
emergency a distress call that is nothing but screams. Simon asks Jessica if she;s up
to it and she’s like yeah totally good to go but her rings power is only at 70% cause
the ring even if charged still needs to be powered by your own will. The rings charge
is well at this point it;’s more of a plot point than a rule which has it’s pros and
cons. The ship is on a collision course and they;re
looking for survivors but something is off. I think we;re going tio have to break rule
number one of being on a haunted space ship. What’s that? We’re going to have to split
up. I don’t really think that’s a good idea. Aghhh Simon vanishes and demons begin to come out
of the wood work , vanishing replaced with puddles of blood and jessica begins to panic.
I can;t do this…not without Baz. For as long as I can remember I’ve been crippled
by fear. My fear whispers to me and the anxiety kicks in. As she gets more and more anxious
her rings power level drains and the creature darts around her whispering the same taunts
as her own personal demons, They drag her down into a pool of blood. My
greatest fear is the thing that no one else can see. My unworthiness. Ahead of her she sees the demons feeding and
the ship fades away so they are now feeding on the corpses of her dead friends. They taunt
her telling her what she already thinks that she;s cursed that she got her powers to late
to save the people she loved. Her ring is nearly depleted however then her
bracelet is torn off and she sees Simon trussed up about to be killed. I don;t want to be the girl who’s demons
swallowed her whole. And the bracelet reminds me I don’t have to face it alone. Oh that;s
right you know what time it is not just bracelet time for friendship time…for adults. Friendship
is a magic space ring. She mages to save Simon and flee the ship now fully aware that whatever
was on that ship it wasn’t alive. It was corrupted with yellow lantern energy so it was making
their nightmares manifest. Baz has a thing about being alone and separate so that’s
why his thing was to vanish which narratively played well with Jessica’s anxieties. Also she saved the bracelet pieces to fix
my heart. Baz is able to convince her that they deserve to get pancakes. I like this story it’s to the point and
builds a decent horror atmosphere that manages to double up on the psychological aspect because
it is happening jessica though it does rely on you knowing a bit about her like the fact
that her friends are dead killed by mobsters. I like to imagine that’s where her crush
on Bruce came from mmm his parents are dead just like my friends. She also liked Barry I dunno what’s up with
that tho. Mostly I wanted to tell you about Jessica you know in case you missed her there
are a lot of green lanterns earth has a disproportionate amount. And they all spend way to much time
on earth they’re supposed to be patrolling the whole sector. There’s a lot of potential space horror
to be mined with green lanterns and I like the concept this story could have done with
more time to build its atmosphere but I really appreciated it. But if someone were to come
back and say it felt rushed I would get that too. So tell me things? How do you feel about horror
anthologies? Do you like the green lantern any of them like I said you have choices.
Share your thoughts down below. And while you’re down there please do all of the youtube
things. Like share comment subscribe and hit that bell notification so that you never miss
a vid. I’m Sasha and thanks so much for watching Casually comics I’ll see you again

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  1. Thank you Sasha!!!! You put in so much work, your dedication is the BOMB!!!! Especially the voice overs,……….superb. MAD LOVE woman, PEACE.

  2. Another video worth putting in The Vault… of Horror!
    I somehow missed the whole Sinister House thing. Thank you, Sasha, for bringing it to may attention, going to my pull list.

    Sasha's greatest fear… having to sit on her hands during a video.

  3. So Jessica is a Latina, has anxiety, annnd a crush on Bruce, well we’re even more alike than I realized when I read the first vol 1 of her & Baz’s GL series. I love Jessica, she’s my 2nd favorite Lantern. John Stewart has had my heart since JLU💚 also you should, when you have time or feel inspired, do a video about him cuz he doesn’t get enough love or attention
    Lastly, where is Jess’ crush on Bruce shown?

  4. I sought out and read this anthology after you mentioned it in a previous video. I'm glad I didn't pay much for it as I wasn't overly impressed.
    As far as Lanterns go I do really like Jessica, quite possibly due to the anxiety I have to cope with when my depression is particularly acute. The only other Lantern I really enjoy reading is Guy, but that has nothing at all to do with my own mental state. Honest.

  5. Ok, as someone with clinical D&A, I seriously need to read more about Jessica. What should I be getting from the library Sasha?

  6. Hey, Sasha! Do you have any plans to cover the new Green Lantern book FAR SECTOR?

    I grabbed it last week and it's an instant favorite!

  7. Im genuinely amused that there's a charater out there named Simon Baz. The fandom-ception is fun. This fact alone makes me want to check out Green Lantern comics.

    The only Green Lantern I've ever really experienced is Hal Jordan. I'm probably one of th 7 people who actually liked the film. I can probably pinpoint that film as the start of my love of cocky flyboys who use machismo to cover up their daddy issues.

  8. I've always really like anthology style comics whether the contents were connected or just stories that were too short to fill a 22 pg comic

  9. Can we please talk about Colonel slender being In DC comics? There was a lot of Hannah-Barbera characters and Looney tune character that crossed over in DC!

  10. So, I love horror movies and novels but never picked up a horror comic. I just got back into comics this year after a 10+ year hiatus. I am reading Justice League Odyssey so I like Jessica. How many Green Lanterns are on Earth? Hey, great video Sasha.

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