Halloween Haunted House Decor & DIYs | PlayWild Animated Adventures

Halloween Haunted House Decor & DIYs | PlayWild Animated Adventures

JAMMERS! PlayWild here, and it’s one of my favorite
times of year… NIGHT OF THE PHANTOMS. Or for all you earthlings out there, I believe
you guys call it Day of the Dead, Old Hallows’ Eve, or Halloween! Wow so many names for one spooktacular celebration. ANYwho, I wanted to make a fun little video
giving some tips and tricks to making your den, or house, into the spookiest place ever
(with just a few decor and DIY tricks). I know the items I’m using aren’t available
everywhere, but substitute them with things you find in your local toy, craft, and furniture
stores! Be sure to stick around till the end to hear
about an exciting Night of the Phantoms contest. As you can see, I started decorating in the
Phantom Fortress sitting room, filling it with a tight color scheme of purple and green. Classic for night of the phantoms, but you
can substitute orange and black for Halloween! Got some old outdoor furniture? Doesn’t matter the color, just get out the
spray paint (with parent supervision)! Everything matches when you paint it yourself. Next up, the entryway! It’s alright if you don’t travel by glowing
portal like I do, doorways are good to decorate too. I suggest bones, or spooky eyeballs that look
at you funny! Gives you those nice Halloween heebie jeebies
when you walk into a room. Spook up some plushies or figurines by adding
some cobwebs or slime – it’ll add some fun texture to your decorations. Now the moat!! Your house doesn’t have a moat? That’s silly, all houses need moats. Oh well, you can settle for a pathway as well
I guess. I think spook is all about the lighting – if
you want it to feel unsettling try lighting things from below! Makes for spooky shadows and fun glowing decorations. And what moat (or pathway) is complete without
a guardian? Add a little jumpscare to scare away unwanted
ghosts or phantoms. I hear the world of spirits gets pretty close
this time of year! And now for a cozy little reading room. Just cause it’s cozy doesn’t mean it can’t
be scary though! You can create temporary pillowcases for your
furniture to add a little spooky ambiance. I went with a purple and white spider-web
theme! Cause I love spiders, there so gosh darn cute. Now “The Scream” is a pretty classically
spooky painting, but I made it even scarier by adding a phantom! Phantoms are such rude little things, always
trying to steal candy in Jamaa. Be careful they don’t nab prizes from your
trick or treat basket! Even your bookcases could do with a spookifying! You can create spooky covers by gluing two
carboard covers to fabric, and then going crazy with painted details! Now making books that float… I hear gravity is kinda strong on Earth, so
that might be a trick that’s exclusive to Jamaa. You can also repurpose things that don’t
seem Halloween-y right away. Like white flowers! Just give them some water with black or orange
food coloring, and whala! Spooky flowers. It’s like they always say, it’s all about
the color scheme. Who is they? Uh… I watch a lot of home design networks. Hehe.. They sound like they know what they’re doing! And there we goo, I mean go– a perfectly
decorated haunted den! Be careful to only use pet-friendly materials
in your crafting! My spooky slime is pet phantom approved luckily. They actually quite like playing with it! Hard to make them stand still actually. Come back here Bubbles!!! Aaaaand there he goes again… What a goober. For those that stuck around to the end, I’d
love to see the haunted dens you create! If you have one you’d like me to visit,
mention your username in the comments below (and be sure to include whether it’s on
Animal Jam mobile or desktop). A few lucky Jammers will be featured in the
next Parade of Dens! But until then, happy jamming!

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  1. I have a spooky den on Play Wild and on the desktop version but I'd recommend the desktop one but you can visit either one 🙂
    User: ilovearcticfoxes11 (on both)

  2. Heya PlayWild! Wanna Check Out My Den On PlayWild? Users Playwildbuddy, I Still Have Yet To Be Your Buddy On PlayWild XD

  3. hello ajhq my game wont work on my phone pls help me i really love your game animal jam play wild my user is: ponygirl025

  4. *yay*!!
    i love play wild S O much, her animation is adorable! And her voice is so soothing!!
    this den is amazing!!

    i love you animal jam!!
    ~ missrose2008

  5. I’m getting this bundle today finally I convinced my mum enough to get me a membership I guess I never take down my goal

  6. I have a spooky phantom fortress in Play Wild that I made when it first came out!! I’m so happy you’re doing parade of dens again!! Jam on, and please check out my fortress!! I’m Kittykatlove99!

  7. Hey play wild my den might be a work in progress but its free to be checked out my user is Grammaisah on desktop leave a comment in my jammer wall of what u think :3 Also have a a good night of the phantoms :3

  8. Dear PlayWild and AJHQ, my animal jam username is MagicFoxfire8 and I have been playing for At least 2 years. I’m planning on quitting because Feral is coming soon and I’m growing out of Play wild. For all the time I’ve been playing I have tried to get ice dragon wings, black spiked collar, and a snow leopard. I have gotten the spike and leopard but not ice dragon wings. I don’t want to quit play wild without getting my dream items because then I will never feel accomplished. Could you maybe trade me ice dragon wings? I completely understand why you wouldn’t give them to me but I tried.

  9. Hi! I would love for my den to be visited! I'm not fully done yet, but by the time you check, it prob will! My user is Azure21 on ajpw!

  10. AJ HQ this is soooo bad ychloe scammed my masterpiece!!! She lied that she'll give masterpiece token to me if I give her masterpiece. Please!!!! I worked hard on my masterpiece!!! The masterpiece say 4iceskid.

  11. Cutesnowybunnyqueen plz visit my den btw i love ur vids and happy halloween to everyone! Sorry if u dont celebrate halloween maybe also happy days

  12. Hello! My user is jammydj, I would really appreciate if you would visit my animal jam play wild fortress, thank you! Have a nice day

  13. My user is fluffymonkey870 pls I have never been in the den videos I would love to be in one!!! Happy night of the phantoms!!!!

  14. Play wild says spiders are cute❤️
    Me says phantoms are cute because they just want candy
    Megana589 thats my user! <3

  15. Could I offer for someones blackout????? My offer is dizzy stars, double tail, rainbow spike and maybe an add

    My user is puffy29000

  16. This is Amazing!! night of the phantoms is my favorite time of the year!!
    I love your Den!!
    Here is my entry for parade of dens :3
    My user :Katye16
    My costume: Jeff The Green Goop Dragon XD
    ps i am entering my den on desk top :3
    I worked hard on my den, I hope u like it! :3
    ~ Katye16

  17. hi I like your videos can you be your girlfriend? … I have no friends at all I really …. want …. to be with you …. to be friends

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