hanging out with messy booktubers & crying over anime | summer vlog ☀️ part 2

hanging out with messy booktubers & crying over anime | summer vlog ☀️ part 2

Cindy: It’s okay, speak your truth.
Chanelle: I believe — Trey: Get it together sister, we’re live. Chanelle: This one is very hard to explain.
Cindy: I think it’s — Trey: I think it’s very straight forward, you fuck the animal or you don’t. ♪ upbeat music ♪ Before we get into the vlog I want to say thank you to Ana Luisa for sponsoring this video. Ana Luisa is a fine jewelry company that’s all about environmental consciousness and sustainability. They actually were the company that gave me three new beautiful jewelry that I gave to Melody back in the summer. and now they let me pick three new pieces to show off for the Black Friday discount. Which is a really good deal if you want to treat yourself or if you just want to give a gift to someone for the holidays, which is what I plan on doing.
They use 100% recycled gold in all their products and even their packaging is recycled too. If you want to participate on a Black Friday promotion and all you have to do is go to AnaLuisa.com/ReadWithCindy to get 25% off Alright now onto the vlog ♪ “It’s a Bittersweet Life” intro music ♪ Melody: I remember this! Cindy: Oh my god! OH MY GOD IT’S IN COLOR NOW!
Biiiitch! [laughs] Cindy: Your YouTube history is like “the fuck? You’re a fucking weeaboo” Melody and I are watching Both: [laugh] Cindy: Anime music videos of Ouran High School Host Club and crying. Melody: Ok, we have to look up now if there’s like an “Every Time We Touch” Melody: Was your anime even real if it didn’t have an “Every Time We Touch”? Cindy: Yo, if your OTP does not have a music video using Far Away by Nickel back Cindy: Your OTP ain’t even fucking real, okay? God, we’re such fucking nerds. Cindy: Alright, we are now watching a music video that I made seven years ago. Cindy: Oh my God! Melody: Oh my God! Cindy: Yo, she’s like “the fuck?” [laughs] Cindy: Oh my God! It cut to a black and white! Cindy: “Because…” Melody: “There’s no merit…” Cindy: Oh! The broken glasses. The symbolism though. Cindy: [laughing] Oh my God, yo, my editing was like, really good! Cindy: It matched with like the beat
Melody: You — you were on top of it. Melody: No, your editing was always on point. I gotta show you another one of your videos. Cindy: Awww! Cindy: Wow, I really timed everything to the beat! These videos just create seizures for people… Melody: [laughs] Cindy: [laughs] Wow this really matched. Oh my God, good job past Cindy! Melody: Was that from the last episode?
Cindy: Maybe. Cindy: Oooh, he showed up at her apartment. Cindy: They’re wearing their cop uniforms. The only cops I support! Cindy: He’s not my type, but I feel like since you love him so much I find him endearing now. ♪ You and Me by Lifehouse ♪ Cindy: Oh my God! He had her photos! Cindy: Today is Tuesday. Melody and I just got ready. We are gonna go to a café, right?
Melody: Ramen first. Cindy: Oh, right. I forgot. How could I forget food first? Melody: Jesus, Cindy, you’re losing it. Cindy: We are taking it easy because yesterday we hung out with Hannah and Rhiannon and they were a piece of
Melody: Super fun! Cindy: They were a piece of work! Oh, I mean, yeah, they were they were super fun. Oh my god. I love them so much Cindy: [whispering] Oh my God they were so fucking — Cindy: No, I’m just kidding I had a lot of fun with them, but I think that because we are both introverts Cindy: We kind of just want to chill today. We are just gonna take it easy, which is very ironic since I’m wearing a skanky outfit today Cindy: But in my defense it is very hot and Texas. I’m just gonna hoe it up because that’s how you survive out here in Tex-ass. ♪ upbeat music ♪ When I hung out with Hannah and Rhiannon yesterday they gave me this shirt. So what was supposed to be a productive day at the café resulted in us being very tired for some reason and I ended up “napping”, which was basically knocking out for several hours. and by the time I woke up it was like around 8:00 p.m I guess it worked out though, because we actually have to stay up a little bit later to like around 2:00 a.m. because Melody is waiting for a phone call because she needs to take care of a family emergency so we are gonna tough it out tonight and wait to get that phone call. But that also means in the meantime we can be weaboos and watch anime ’til 2:00 a.m. I feel like what’s gonna say something But I forgot to because I always forget what I’m about to say when I look at you Melody: Awww! Tomorrow I am hanging out with Trey and Chanelle. Chanelle isn’t actually in, Texas but she just happens to be here because her brother has a basketball game. So it’s like this very weird coincidental timing that we’re trying to take advantage of. Just now it sounded like a fart but I only leaned back against my chair. Anyway, we are gonna grab dinner in Irving with Rhiannon and Hannah again! And, you can also join too, if you want but it’s like in Irving so I don’t know if you want to like, yeah, it’s not worth it. Honestly these fucking people are not worth it. Look I don’t even know… oh, shit! Um, I mean, I love them. Okay, I think I think the cameras off now. They’re fucking like — oh, shit. Hello! It is Wednesday, my dudes. Melody and I are gonna grab sushi for a lunch. After that, I am gonna meet with Trey and Chanelle. Then, for dinner, we are gonna meet up with Rhiannon and Hannah. It also feels like a booktuber meetup that I coordinated as well like I’m the friendship matchmaker because those two groups have not really met each other before, but I am certain that they will get along. It’s always nice to make more booktube friends and said enemies like we’re so used to. We’re actually not I’m just saying that to cause drama. I’m also dressed uh — I mean I’m, you know, I’m trying a little bit more. Like, I’m not wearing all-black this time now I’m just wearing all brown. Baby steps, right? I haven’t read anything… The only bookish thing I’m doing is hanging out with booktubers and isn’t that really just BookCon in a nutshell? [gasp] Cindy: Chanelle and Trey and I are finally here in Chanelle’s hotel room. Cindy: The moment I sat in the car, Chanelle just told me her entire love life like right away. Cindy: So I think we’re very well appointed now.
Trey: We drove for like an hour and 45 minutes, so… Cindy: Thank you so much for picking me up.
Trey: We were good humans, we picked up the trash on the side of the road. Cindy: We are setting up some collab videos. Chanelle is pulling off some artistic vision with this lamp on the couch here Cindy: I don’t know how we’re gonna do it, but I trust your vision in this process. Oh! Cindy: Wow! Chanelle: This is like, 20 dollars and it came in two days and it like extends to like 6 feet. Chanelle: So my first answer is threesomes.
Cindy: Et tu, Guru? Trey: Sarah J Ass. Trey: Like, if we have like, a hot daddy like, Jamie Dornan out there, I would definitely be watching it but if we have a Tom Holland looking ass playing Rhes. Chanelle: My last answer is bestiality.
Trey: Could you define bestiality? Cindy: Please, go on.
Chanelle: Putting too much Beast and not enough Beauty. Cindy: A Curse so Dark and Horny.
Trey: A Cock is so dark and horny. Chanelle: Some authors are going to take story story film. Oh my god.
Cindy: It’s okay. Speak your truth Chanelle: I believe — [laughs]
Trey: Get it together sister, we’re live. Chanelle: This one is very hard to explain.
Trey: I think it’s very straight forward, you fuck the animal or you don’t. Cindy: What animal do you think will be the one that crosses the line do you think will be like a bear, a lizard, Trey: A fish…
Cindy: An ant, a possum, an arachnoid? Cindy: A naked molerat!
Trey: I really feel like it’s gonna be one of the — Cindy: I’m sweating! Trey: I feel like it’s gonna be one of the animals no expects, like a llama or something. Cindy: Oh, a llama?
Trey: Yeah. Cindy: The Emperor’s New Groove indeed! ♪ upbeat music ♪ It is Thursday almost 5 p.m. and I just woke up I don’t know why I was so tired that I ended up sleeping all day. It’s not like we stayed out that late last night anyway. I also gave An Enchantment of Ravens to Chanelle because I have the arc of the book Melody: Oh, my bad.
Cindy: Oh, no, it’s fine. It’s fine. Hi. Melody. You’re looking way cuter than I am. Cindy: We are actually gonna go to the airport to pick up your sister’s special friend. Cindy: And I’m gonna bring two books with me as well. ♪ upbeat music ♪ Cindy: It is Friday. Melody and I are just gonna take another chill day today. I am now halfway through mindfulness Which is part of the emotional intelligence box set from Harvard Business Review books. Basically it’s a series of essays from experts that know about mindfulness and do either research about the psychology of it or they are a teacher about it. I guess I’m just wondering what are the new takeaways from this that I don’t already know from watching YouTube videos or from listening to just talks about it. I kind of wish the essays were a bit longer or went more in-depth about it but I feel like I’m learning nothing new. So I probably will end up writing this three stars I guess it is a nice reminder though to practice mindfulness and I feel like when I get back home This is something that I need to implement more. For me, as a workaholic, I’m so used to being constantly productive that gets me burns out a lot A lot of the essays emphasized the importance of just taking 10 to 20 minutes per day to just slow down and meditate or do some kind of activity that makes you pause and focus and that’s another thing that they keep on emphasizing It’s this notion that when you practice mindfulness you also learn how to focus better something that I need to learn as well because I constantly get distracted. There’s a lot of research and studies that show that when you practice mindfulness, you actually improve your productivity even more it’s just a good reminder for me to kind of slow down every once in a while and just focus on the things that matter. But yeah, otherwise just gonna take an easy day today, watch Black Mirror, run errands and that’s about it ♪ upbeat music ♪ Cindy: When you die you see two doors, right? One door one door leads to heaven Cindy: And the other leads to hell.
Melody: I remember this! Yes! Melody: Oh God, that was quite the gulp. You like it? Cindy: That’s what she said! Melody: You can’t be a main character if you have parents who love you.
Cindy: That’s true. Melody: He has his own issues, and I don’t —
Cindy: Same. Cindy: Oooh!
Melody: I don’t like this texture. I don’t like this texture! Melody: Oh no, oh no. Melody: I don’t want to chew anymore! Cindy: What did you do? What did you do to us?! ♪ music ♪ I am back home and I wanted to give an update about the books that I read during my flight I finished the entire book of Make Time. It is basically a self-help book that teaches you how to reevaluate your priorities in life and make time to do more of the things that you actually want to do rather than just blindly follow your job and your routine. This is probably like a four star read it’s not five stars because I don’t feel like it’s necessarily life-changing I do think that it’s useful and it is inspiring me to just be more purposeful with how I’m spending my time. I just question the necessity of whether this needed to be a book. A lot of the advice is so simple that it could have just easily been a blog post. I switched over to a fiction book, which is Unwind by Neal Shusterman. I am almost half way through. This is a dystopian YA novel that is the book choice for the Papercut Book Club I, for some reason, think that this is a very light read despite the fact that it is this dystopian and covers essentially abortion and pro-choice versus pro-life. Due to the writing style and the fact that it is YA it’s very surface level to me. I’ve been traveling a lot so I kind of find it nice to give my brain a break by reading a lighter story but not so light that it basically makes me feel like I’m losing my brain cells. There’s still a little bit of substance but it’s not like super deep where it would hurt my brain to think about it. It is very simple, I do feel if I had read this when I was like a young teenager I would think this was fucking amazing and deep but you know as an adult now, I’m reading this and I’m like “ehh” I feel like Neil Schusterman is not necessarily taking a stance on either side. He’s trying to make this point that life is very complex and morally grey. While I do agree with that, part of me is like just take a fucking stance, you know? Like what is the message that you’re trying to convey? Other than, “life is really complicated!” I kinda wish he did more… I’m hoping that if Neil Schusterman knows what he’s writing he will make the book about how society often argues about politics and pro-life versus pro-choice but most of the time people don’t give a shit about about the babies who are actually born. Like I think society often debates about hypothetical lives but we don’t necessarily give a shit about the welfare of real people that are alive and exist And I guess that’s the end of the vlog too. Overall, I had a really good week! Last time I saw Melody was two years ago, but I am hoping that I can try to visit her again next year That’s the sucky part about long-distance friendships but at the same time I feel like it makes you value the time that you do get to spend with them even more. I guess it is kind of a nice thing to even have such friendships in the first place. I’m gonna stop now before I get too cheesy. Normally I would stay up to like edit a video or something but after a reading Make Time I am feeling kind of guilty if I do not do that, and I feel like I need to get my shit together. That’s about it. Thanks for watching if you’ve made it this far. Don’t forget to unsubscribe and Goodbye! 🙂 ♪ upbeat music ♪

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  21. Unwind is actually one of my favorite books! I read it for the first time when I was maybe 14 or 15, so that may be affecting my opinion of the books. I will say, the book is better if you don’t go into it thinking it’s a pro-life vs pro-choice book, precisely for the reason you stated (it doesn’t really take a stance on that). The book requires one to suspend reality in the way that most YA dystopian books do, in that you kind of just have to go with it and come along for the ride!

    To me, the book is less about the abortion debate and more about the nature of political compromise, greed/entitlement, and social inertia. How people were so unwilling to give any ground that they allowed the horrific act of unwinding to exist as their “compromise.” And how once it did, everyone was just okay with it because that was the norm. They justified it because unwinding saved lives. Their lives were better for it, so they looked the other way. They were able to delude themselves into thinking that unwinding was morally okay just because they didn’t want to have a difficult conversation. Once they were there, they couldn’t see a way out.

    There are a number of parallels to be drawn between this and our own world, and honestly, I could write an essay on Unwind, but I’ll just leave it at this wall of text lol

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