Haul from a Pre-loved Bookshop | Classics Book Haul

Haul from a Pre-loved Bookshop | Classics Book Haul

hello friends and welcome back to
another video. this video is going to be a book haul. last week I visited some old
book shops in Dubai. I only managed to find two, actually. they were two branches
of the same shop. the name of the shop was house of prose and I managed to find
a couple of gems in the first one and then I got some more books in their
second branch. without further ado I want to show you the books I got. so I have
two Shoppers here and I’m super excited to share with you guys what I got. so the
first one I got is the Red Pony by John Steinbeck. I think it’s a short
story and it’s about a young boy called Jody Tiflin and like most ten-year-old
boys he feels the urge for rebellion as well as he wants to be loved. in these
stories, Jody begins to learn about adulthood. he learns some painful lessons.
the point is, I have never read any John Steinbeck and I know his books are like
really, really big because there was of mice and men by John Steinbeck in the
shop as well but I was scared of picking that up because I wanted to see if I
liked his writing before I delve into his bigger works. so this is going to be
a good start for me because this book is only a hundred pages long. it is by
Penguin Classics. it’s a really cute edition. so the next book which I got
from the first branch is Voltaire’s Candide or optimism. this is also in
the penguin classics edition. this one has the black spine. I’ve never read
anything by Voltaire before. so he was a French guy and this is a translated book.
I had no clue about this book. I have heard about this
author before but I have never read anything by him so they’re just all new
authors for me. its a story about a young man who is told to be optimistic and then he
realizes that life is not about not all about optimism. that’s what I just found
out from the blurb at the back. I’m not sure how the book is but the cover is
just… I think this is the young guy and there is all these tragedies and weird
things happening in life. so he’ll discover a how life is through this. I’m
glad I chose the penguin edition because they usually have good translators and
this one is translated by Theo Cuffe. I’m not sure if I’m pronouncing that
correctly but this is another short book. it’s just 150 pages long. so that’s the
second book I got. the third book which I got is Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. now
I have somehow managed to stay away from all the reviews and spoilers of Rebecca
online because there are just so many. everybody kept talking about Rebecca a
couple of years ago and they’re still doing that. I was not able to find this
book in Peshawar Pakistan where I used to live. but when I found this perfect
edition of Rebecca in the Virago publishers Edition, I just had to buy it.
it’s perfectly brand new and there are no writings inside, so that’s great. it’s
a young adult classic, if I’m not wrong. it’s about a girl who is not called
Rebecca she’s the shy heroine who marries a handsome
widower. this guy’s first wife was named Rebecca and that’s all I know
because that’s what I found out from the blurb on the back. I don’t want to know
more. this book is 425 pages long.
so I’m excited to read this and I can’t believe I found this at a secondhand
bookshop. the next book which I got from the first shop was The Strange Case of
dr. Jekyll and mr. Hyde and other tales of Terror by Robert Louis Stevenson. this
is a book about a man or a scientist who discovers some chemical which then
changes him into an alter ego personality. This dr. Jekyll who then
changes into mr. Hyde and then he roams around London at night. so that’s all I
know about the book. this is another short book. it’s 158 pages long. I’m not
the kind of person who enjoys tales of horror or scary books but I did enjoy
reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and also Dracula by Bram Stoker. so I think
classics about this genre are a bit milder in language as compared to the
books written today. so I can deal with mild horror: nothing too scary. so the
next book which I got from the first shop and the last one I got from here was the
War of the Worlds by H G Wells. this is another classic which I kept hearing
about but I was not sure I would enjoy it, so I never picked it up. this is also
a penguin classics edition with the black spine and this is a story about
some alien race coming on earth. that’s all I know, I don’t want to know more.
it’s another short book with less than 200 pages. so these were the five books
which I got from the first shop. then I visited the second branch of a house of
prose which was in box square. I got two other books. the first one which I got
from this place was Bel Ami? not sure how to pronounce that by
Guy de Maupassant. I’m not sure, I’m sorry guys. I’m sorry. this is a French
classic. it’s a translated work. the translation is by Margaret Maulden. this
is Maupassant’s second novel. it was published in 1885. it is a story of a
ruthlessly ambitious young man making it to the top of Paris. so it’s a novel
about money, sex and power set against the backdrop of politics of the French
colonization of North Africa. this is the Oxford world classics edition. this is I
think the only Oxford worlds classics edition I own because the ones I have
are the old ones which do not look like this. I can insert a clip here or a
picture just to compare.. hold on a second let me show you. the old Oxford worlds
classics look like this and these are the new ones and their spines are a bit
different as well. so I got this one there is just one tiny break in the
spine here, a crack, nothing major. this book is almost 300 pages long and the
last book which I got was this beautiful Edition from penguin, it’s a short story.
it’s also I think translated from French yep and this was translated by Irene
Ashe and the author is Françoise Sagan I’m sorry
like I’m gonna check how to pronounce these names. I’m going to try. the name of
the book is Bonjour tristesse. so the author wrote this book when she was
18 years old and it was very controversial story, not your typical
romance. penguin published these 20 love stories. they are different types of a
love stories, not your typical ones. there are books in here from Thomas Hardy, Leo
Tolstoy, Anton Chekhov, F scott Fitzgerald, D H Lawrence, Vladimir Nabokov and I got
this one which is the sixteenth book in the twenty book series. so I just
realized I got three translated works from French. there is this one and then
Bel Ami by Maupassant and also Candide by Voltaire. if I’m not wrong all three of
these books are French classics. so this was unintentionally done. I didn’t
realize I was getting translated works from France and I don’t think I’ve read
any French literature before so this is going to be new for me. those are all the
books I got from house of prose and I was super happy to get these books. if
you have read any of these books, if you have any of these books on your TBR, if
you have any opinions whatsoever about these authors, let me know down in the
comments because I have not read any of these authors before. they are all new to
me and I would love to have some feedback about them. so that’s it guys I
hope you enjoyed this video. I will see you all in my next video and I hope I
don’t get any more books because now I have 50 unread books on my shelf and I
think I’m going to read them before I buy any new ones bye

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  1. What a great book haul! I've read three or four books by Steinbeck, but not The Red Pony. I want to get a copy of Rebecca. I haven't read it yet either. And on Monday I was at a pre-loved book store 😁 and found an adorable copy of David Copperfield and bought it because of your review on the book.

  2. I’ve only read one Daphne Du Maurier, My Cousin Rachel but enjoyed it. I think you’re right about Dr Jekyll, it won’t be that scary 🤞

  3. Always wonderful to see you and your videos, wonderful haul! I have read My Cousin Rachel and most of Rebecca by Du Maurier and sadly I didn't love either for different reasons (but I:m in the minority with that opinion I believe) but I still want to read her book Frenchman's Creek. You have the pronunciation correct, Bel Ami is pronounced like "Bell Amee" it means handsome friend 😀. I just read War of the Worlds recently because a new TV adaptation is coming out and it was so good! I hope you enjoy all of these. I empathize about the not buying books for awhile, I bought way too many after Christmas and I need to get rid of a few and definitely not buy more until maybe next Christmas lol. Great video!

  4. Such a good book haul! You did a great job in choosing your classic books and reviewing them, thanks for explaining it clearly!

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