HIDDEN TEACHINGS of the Bible That Explain Manifestation, Consciousness & Oneness (POWERFUL Info!)

HIDDEN TEACHINGS of the Bible That Explain Manifestation, Consciousness & Oneness (POWERFUL Info!)

in 1945 some workers in Egypt
accidentally dug into an early Christian hidden teachings of the bible that explain manifestation, consciousness and oneness Gregg Braden Jesus law of attraction tomb inside they found a large jar
containing 13 leather-bound manuscripts which were composed of 48 separate works
practically all of these works are Gnostic meaning they teach salvation
through mystical knowledge and one of these manuscripts contains the Gospel of
Thomas in Gnosticism people are believed to be souls and material bodies only
through true knowledge can they ascend and according to this religion Jesus is
the Redeemer who came to communicate that knowledge and liberate man he
communicated this knowledge to selected disciples one of them being Thomas in
almost all spiritual paths or traditions that are followed eventually that which
is discovered leads to this same ascension and if
these teachings have been placed in the modern Bible the message may possibly
have been clearer and more focused on the power that is held within each
person the Gospel according to Thomas doesn’t tell a story it’s a compilation
of approximately 114 sayings attributed to Jesus the opening words of the
document read these are the secret words which Jesus the Living one spoke and
didymus Judas Thomas wrote down and he said whosoever finds the interpretation
of these sayings shall never taste death let not him who seeks desist until he
finds when he finds he will be troubled when he is troubled he will marvel and
he will reign over the universe the sayings themselves are not the secret
the secret lies in their interpretation when you find the true answers it will
trouble you because it goes against most of what you’ve been taught and when the
truth of it sets in it will marvel you and then you will know your power that
you have supreme reign over your life and everything in it that you truly can
experience heaven on earth the Gospel of Thomas has been eliminated from the
Bible and there are many explanations as to the reasoning some religious leaders
express that if you read it and compare it to what you see in the New Testament
it’s a very different kind of book presenting a quite different Jesus they
claim that these particular teachings hidden teachings of the bible that explain manifestation, consciousness and oneness Gregg Braden Jesus law of attraction about Jesus meshed with certain
philosophical principles that only grew in popularity but that they aren’t
necessary to the work of the Bible how many have heard of the lost gospel of
thomas the lost gospel of thomas some of you have heard of that text very very
powerful text the lost gospel of thomas is powerful because it is believed to be
the actual words of jesus as he was teaching those around him how to use the
power of human emotion in his life and if the indigenous people know it and if
the ancient people know it why don’t we know it what happened to our knowledge
well this is a very good question and the answer is this in our Western
tradition and I’m when I say Western I’m assuming that we are of the
judeo-christian tradition is what I’m talking about here there was a time when
this field and the language of emotion was part of our tradition it was in our
texts until the fourth century the year 325 AD in the year 325 something
happened our texts were edited and we lost
tremendous amounts of information the emperor constantine in the early
christian church with the early Christian Bible had to make decisions
what information do we include what information do we exclude and what we
know now is that at least at least 45 books were either completely taken away
or tremendously edited into what we call today our Western biblical tradition and
when those edits were made we lost the information that tells us everything is
connected we lost the information that tells us
the language that speaks to this field we know the information was lost because
we are now recovering the information in the Dead Sea Scrolls in the NAG Hammadi
library in the Coptic texts this is how hidden teachings of the bible that explain manifestation, consciousness and oneness Gregg Braden Jesus law of attraction we know this information was lost when we find writings belonging to Jesus
that are not recorded in our primary sources but are consistent with the ones
that are we are inclined to believe that they do indeed come from him however
when the saying seemed to be a bit inconsistent with other teachings we are
told they have been edited out due to validity rather than the fact that they
are the sacred truths intended to be passed into the hands of all people but
they have only been reserved for a few any spotlight on the belief that each
person is filled with the same higher power as Jesus rather than it being an
outside force to be feared would have changed everything we know about life in
our entire history because we are each different does not make us separate we
are all a part of the same one consciousness simply taking different
forms here are some of the sayings of Jesus from the Gospel according to
Thomas and their possible interpretations verse number 3 if those
who lead you say to you see the kingdom is in the sky then the birds of the sky
will precede you if they say to you it is in the sea then the fish will precede
you rather the kingdom is inside of you and it is outside of you when you come
to know yourselves then you will become known and you will realize that it is
you who are the sons of the Living father but if you will not know
yourselves you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty this
teaching refers to the consequences of believing that power is outside of the
individual if you believe that this ruling power belongs to someone or
something else then that thing will hold dominion over your life
however when the realization is made of who we each truly are the one
consciousness that moves through everything and that all power comes from
within we can live in an ascended and rich way the kingdom is inside of you
and it is outside of you you literally manifest your outside circumstances from
within if you will not know yourselves you dwell in poverty and it is you who
are that poverty the belief that outside events and people have control over a
person’s life keeps them from living the richness that is rightfully theirs they
manifest as they believe verse 27 if you do not fast from the world you will not
find the father’s domain if we do not turn away from the things that disturb
us and believe in the power within to change all things we will continue to
experience that reality in our lives verse 50 if they say to you where did
you come from say to them we came from “hidden teachings” of the bible that explain manifestation, consciousness and oneness Gregg Braden “Jesus” law of attraction the light the place where the light came
into being on its own accord and established itself and became manifest
through their image if they say to you is it you say we are its children we are
the elect of the living father if they ask you what is the sign of your father
in you say to them it is movement and repose the word light is used to portray
the origin of humans the light is the consciousness of each person manifested
as a physical being it is the all in all that exists as each individual
consciousness lives through us as activity and awareness
verse 77 Jesus said it is I who am the light which is above them all it is I
who am the all from me did they all come forth and unto me did they all extend
split a piece of wood and I am there lift up the stone and you will find me
there this explains that the one consciousness
lives within everything what lives in him also lives within all other things
first 113 his disciples said to him when will the kingdom come jesus said it will
not come by waiting for it it will not be a matter of saying here it is or
there it is rather the kingdom of the Father is spread out upon the earth and
men do not see it we have always had the power within ourselves but we have lost
sight of it it is not something that we have to wait to experience this
consciousness is already a part of all things including each person to unleash the force of the divine
matrix in our lives first we have to understand how it works and the science
tells us how it works secondly we must speak the language that
the divine matrix recognizes and science cannot tell us that that comes from our
past from our culture from our history from those who have learned and used
this language for thousands of years so this is what we’re doing right now we’re
learning what did Jesus and what did the great masters say about this this
language because it’s the same whether you’re talking Buddhist or Hindu or
Christian pre-christian traditions they’re all telling us that there is a
field of energy and that we have the language to use that field this is an
actual page out of the Gospel of Thomas so we know that this this ancient gospel
actually existed and you can you can see some of the letters these are Greek
letters you can actually read some of if you know Greek you can see some of the
Greek letters right here in the Gospel of Thomas two very important keys this
was written that right around 300 years after the time of Jesus in this gospel
okay so here’s what we’re doing we’ve been in the Buddhist monasteries in
Tibet and they’re telling us that we must that feeling is the prayer one two
that we must feel as if our prayers have already been answered okay and now we’re
in an Egyptian monastery with the texts hidden teachings of the bible that explain manifestation, consciousness and oneness Gregg Braden Jesus law of attraction hidden teachings of the bible that explain manifestation, consciousness and oneness Gregg Braden Jesus law of attraction hidden teachings of the bible that explain manifestation, consciousness and oneness Gregg Braden Jesus law of attraction that used to be our tradition before
they were edited and we’re going to look at the instructions that tell us how to
do that okay if we do that it’s a good okay
Gospel of Thomas if you have a copy of the Gospel of Thomas this is verse 106
translated from the NAG Hammadi library and if you do not have a copy it’s in
our books and you can you can go to any library and pick this up verse 106 look
at what the Lost Gospel of Thomas says it says when you make the to thought and
emotion 1 so the Gospel of Thomas is talking about thought and emotion it’s
saying when you make your thought and your emotion one look at what happens
you will say to the mountain mountain move away and the mountain will move
away saying that when you can marry your thought in your emotion into one single
potent force that is when you have the power to speak to the world secondly
when you make the two one what are they talking about what are the two let’s go
back to our image the two thought and emotion when the two become one in our
hearts we create the feelings in our bodies when thought and emotion become
one you’ll see how to do that in just a minute let’s go back to the Gospel of
Thomas another verse now this is verse 48
it says almost the same thing this was so important that it was recorded at
least three different times in the same Gospel look at what this says if the two
make peace with each other in this one house when Jesus is talking about the
house or the temple what is he talking about what is he talking about precisely
you you are the house you are the temple if the two make peace with each other in
this house if thought and emotion become one if they
make peace with each other in this house look what happens they will say to the
mountain move away and it will move away he’s telling us again in a completely
different verse how powerful it is to marry thought in emotion but they still
haven’t told us how how do you do this that’s the next piece in the early
Christian Bible your Bible today there is a passage how many have heard ask and
ye shall receive have you heard that before
ask and you shall receive you heard that I know people that asked and asked and
asked and nothing happens because the asking is not done with the voice the
asking is not done please please bring this to my world that’s not asking to
ask we must speak to the field to the divine matrix in the language that the
field recognizes and a language that’s meaningful the field doesn’t recognize
our voice it recognizes the power of our heart remember this morning our heart we
have a feeling creates electrical waves magnetic waves that’s the language the
field recognizes so when you create the feeling in your heart as if your prayer
is already answered that creates the electrical and the Magnetic waves that
bring that answer to you in the Bible hidden teachings of the bible that explain manifestation, consciousness and oneness Gregg Braden Jesus “law of attraction” that you have today the King James
Version John 16 23 24 what you have is the condensed version you have the
edited version the edited version looks like this this is the edited version
whatsoever he ask the Father in my name he will give it to you hitherto
have ye asked nothing in my name okay ask and ye shall receive that your
joy may be full okay this is the edited version this is
so amazing to me because they took out the two sentences that tell us how to
ask in the fourth century when the edits happened they took those two sentences
out would you like to see those two original sentences okay we’ll go back
into the original Aramaic and we’ll look at a new translation this is the
original Aramaic it begins it looks very similar so this is the retranslated
version with the missing pieces all things that you asked straightly
directly from inside my name you will be given it says so far you’ve not done
this because if we ask with our voice we have not done this now here’s the piece
that was edited here is what was lost look at these two very powerful
sentences ask without hidden motive and be surrounded by your answer be
enveloped by what you desire that your gladness be full look at what it’s
saying it’s not saying the speak a word it’s saying to be surrounded to feel as
if if you are surrounded you are feeling as if your answer has already happened
be enveloped if you want the perfect relationship in your life if you want
the healing in the body of your loved ones feel the feeling of what it is like
as if that has already happened be enveloped by what you desire because
that is when your thought in your emotion become one you think the thought
of the healing in your loved ones and you feel the love of that thought
they become one and that is the language that this field recognizes does that
make sense are you okay with that you’re going to see an example of this another
example here in just a moment hidden teachings of the bible that explain manifestation, consciousness and oneness Gregg Braden Jesus law of attraction ask without hidden motive what does that
mean hidden motive ask without judgment this is precisely what the Buddhists are
telling us ask without the judgment of the right or the wrong or the good or
the bad ask without the ego ask from the heart is this meaningful to you is this
helpful at all let me give you an example then because to be if it says be
surrounded that means to feel as if to feel as if now if that sounds too
religious because it’s from the Bible we smoked spoke this morning about Nevel
the the philosopher Nevel early in the 20th century his book the power of
awareness look at what he says it’s the same thing
Nevel says you must make your future dream a present fact now by assuming the
feeling of your wish fulfilled to come from the place that that’s already
happened now this is what those practitioners did with that cancerous
tumour I want to just elaborate on this a little bit when those practitioners
healed the woman with her tumor this morning they did not judge the cancer is
wrong or bad or right or good there was no judgment they accept that tumor as a
possibility one of many possibilities because in the quantum world all things
are possible so they didn’t say bad cancer you must go away
or we’re going to operate on you or we’re going to use radiation on you they
didn’t do that they accepted the cancer as it was without hidden motive without
judgment and they said now we’re going to choose a new reality by feeling
assuming the feeling as if the woman is already healed
so what they did was they felt the feeling as if the woman was fully healed
fully enabled fully capacitated already happened in the the chant that they were
using Wassa Wassa loosely translates into the
words already done already done and then when they got excited they said mate
mate mate means now now now not a year from now not a month from now not five
minutes from now now in the quantum world now and her body responded it must
physical reality must respond to the language that it understands so in the
Buddhist traditions they are telling us the quality of the feeling and in the
judeo-christian traditions they are giving us the instructions to be
surrounded to be enveloped how to create that feeling and when you put those all
together it’s something that happens in our hearts not in our minds feeling as
if the prayer is already answered with “hidden teachings of the bible” that explain manifestation, consciousness and oneness Gregg Braden Jesus law of attraction no judgment and no ego and feeling from
the result feeling from the result as if it’s already happened are there any
martial artists here in the room karate experts
I studied martial arts when I was in my 20s and 30s a little bit my 40s and 50s
have you seen martial artists when they demonstrate their focus
by breaking a concrete block have you seen that you’ve all seen that before
right okay here’s the secret here is the secret to breaking that block when the
martial artist is focused on that block the very last thing that they are
thinking is about their hand hitting the block because if they think about that
they know it will hurt so they focus on what happens after their hand has passed
through the block as if it has already happened they focus on a place below the
block and feel the feeling as if their hand is already in that place that is a
metaphor that is an equivalent for what we’re doing with the power of emotion
feeling as if the experience has already happened the Gospel of Thomas represents
our connection to consciousness and all that is it is the knowledge that
liberates man if a person does not experience this higher consciousness
they believe themselves to be separate alone and simply a victim of
circumstance to break free from any manifested reality that does not serve
what a person desires the false image of the self must be replaced with the true
knowledge of who and what we each are and the power that we each possess hidden teachings of the bible that explain manifestation, consciousness and oneness Gregg Braden Jesus law of attraction

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  1. Those are God’s words to all his prophets and you’ll find them in all his books from Torah , bible and Koraan etc., here ask without hidden motive in simple understanding means one shouldn’t have any doubts whatsoever just believe whatever you have asked will be answered back at the right time suited and strongly believing in that only God can give it to you and having your intentions honest with no ego that for sure your prayers are already answered because that is what God has promised us and Gods promise is always full filled only to the believers. Steps to attract what you want as follows-:
    1) Have an intention to what is it you desire
    2) Always pray by using Gods beautiful names of which he has many and all do reflect to our own needs eg The most merciful, the creator, the most beautiful, Most Kind, the ever expanding, endless abundant, Receptive to all etc then while your eyes are closed in a meditative situation visualize yourself having received already what you have asked for and make gratitude for the gift.
    3) Always repeat these prayers and visualization feeling without a single doubt knowing your prayers are already answered just awaiting the right time to be received.
    4) Remember All Gods ‘ names should also reflect to your character it’s important to creative to achieve what you want, be kind to others and most importantly clear away your egos this way only is the the entry way to receive what you have wanted.. Remember to promise to give charity to the needy before and after your prayers have been answered for the more you give the more you get.. God bless you all and I pray that all your good prayers are answered soon.

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    "Deny yourselves, take up your cross and follow me…"

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    It contains contradictions to the Apostle's doctrine.
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  37. It seems New Age Christianity was how Christianity started. To bad the authoritarian type utterly destroyed them all for being heretics. Much more mystical, much less rule obsessed.

  38. It is sad how easy it is to control the masses. You are all blind fools this is a fact. The churches are all lying to you also. PLEASE watch Wayne F Watley Jr on YouTube titled rethinking the institutional church and another video from someone different which is the time of the end titled all pastors being paid to preach are HIRELINGS. Get back onto the narrow path. Stop following wolves in sheep's clothing

  39. Oh my goodness yalk are really falling for this😂 You guys should pick up the book "The case for the real Jesus" it talks about these apocrypha scriptures and gives reason as to why there contains legend, and why they weren't included in the cannon scriptures. They are in and of themselves legends, not written by who the title actually claims, and at best all date to 2nd and 3rd century. There was room for embellishment and false teachings. It's only through faith, by true repentance and seeking God that you come to a relationship with Jesus. Obedience, acceptance of Chrsit= Son-ship. You cant live life on feelings, feelings are an ebon flow in life, they fluctuate, be word driven not emotionally driven.
    Feel free to comment as ya wish😉

  40. Revelation 22:18-19

    Removing and adding in the Bible is prohibited 🚫. The judgement of God is upon them, who adds and subtract from the Bible.

  41. why are you people doing it like this as if it is only few knows how to do what they want, if it is truth it should wok no matter what???…it don't nee your or other teaching, if it is God..they what is the problem…unless there i no God and it does not work then???..there was and is no such thing as christian…ask Jesus…he never mention any such names…

  42. The Word of God is hidden from the heathen. The heathen are the bad seeds in Matt 13:37-43. “Ears to Hear”. Only The Good seeds have Ears To Hear. The rest are for judgement. The Good seeds are growing and maturing and will be made perfect. It’s simple for those who love God as ABBA. 🙏🔑✌️

  43. Certain people (for example, with ASPD) don't feel emotion to the extent that is being explained here. Does that mean they are automatically shut out from knowing their Creator?

  44. its all a lie. the God in the bible was a different beings from different worlds. the creator of everything was not in the bible. not in your religion. its inside one of us already. we just need to transcend to evolve again. in peace without practicality. religions should bind us but if you look around you the truth was religions divide us. wake up people… bible was all a lie… i used to believed but remember we are not alone in this universe so the posibilities of God like beings was not questionable. they are watching us. religions divides us wake up!!!!

  45. Jesus said Heaven and Earth shall pass but my word shall not pass away, whatever holy words we have till today are God's will, and if we find him we find it all and the mysteries we have yet to discover he will reveal us at heaven, the most important is salvation through baptism in the name of JESUS, the rest is good but not primordial

  46. Gregg is a charlatan and new agers have no right to teach their muddy water doctrines of demons. He wears a garment of linen and wool

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